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Version 3.0 What’s New?

Completely new platform • All new Web-based Silverlight interfaces for a highly dynamic and interactive experience

New simple advanced report designer

1. Select the fields to appear on the report

2. Choose sorting and filtering

3. Choose date range

4. Add a chart or timeline

5. Create scheduled reports

6. Name the report, save and run

View report in browser

Easy export to common formats

New timeline chart and improved bars and pies

New Data View for “playing” with data

Scan and Fax reporting

Endless possibilities for deeply insightful layered reports – all done with ease

New environmental Green Reports

New Helpdesk interface for support staff

• View history on devices or users • Refund failed jobs • Simple helpdesk interface with no client installation

New student self-service portal

Web interfaces support SSL

Integrated authentication • Create admin users in PWR, who will authenticate real-time against Active Directory/NDS/LDAP

Manage large amounts of data with new archiving capability.

Pcounter Web Report 3 What's New  
Pcounter Web Report 3 What's New  

New features summary in Pcounter Web Report 3