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FAQs about  Every  Mother  Counts     What  is  Every  Mother  Counts?     Every  Mother  Counts  is  a  campaign  to  end  preventable  deaths  caused  by  pregnancy  and   childbirth  around  the  world.  Every  Mother  Counts  informs,  engages,  and  mobilizes  new   audiences  to  take  action  to  improve  the  health  and  well-­‐being  of  girls  and  women   worldwide.     Who  founded  Every  Mother  Counts  and  why?     EMC  was  founded  by  maternal  health  advocate  and  model  Christy  Turlington  Burns  in   2010.  After  suffering  a  complication  following  the  delivery  of  her  first  child,  Grace,  in   2003,  Burns  learned  about  the  shocking  global  statistics  related  to  pregnancy  and   childbirth.  Once  she  knew  that  hundreds  of  thousands  of  girls  and  women  die  from   similar  complications  she  committed  herself  to  learning  all  she  could  so  that  she  could   contribute  meaningfully  to  a  cause  she  connected  with  so  deeply.  Soon  after  the  birth  of   her  second  child,  Christy  returned  to  graduate  school  to  pursue  a  Masters  in  public   health,  and  began  working  on  NO  WOMAN,  NO  CRY,  the  documentary  she  directed  and   produced  about  the  global  state  of  maternal  health  from  2008-­‐2010.       Every  Mother  Counts  was  founded  in  2010  after  the  completion  of  NO  WOMAN,  NO  CRY   in  order  to  give  audiences  who  were  energized  by  the  film  a  way  to  further  engage  on   the  issue.  It  started  as  a  campaign  in  2010  and  then  incorporated  as  an  independent   501c3  organization  in  2012.     What  is  EMC’s  goal?     Our  primary  goal  is  to  raise  awareness  about  maternal  health  issues  around  the  world   and  to  encourage  people  to  take  action.  We  believe  that  actions  speak  the  loudest  and   so  we  measure  our  success  in  raising  awareness  by  how  many  people  are  so  moved  by   the  information  that  they  choose  to  get  involved.  In  2012,  we  helped  generate  5  million   actions  and  hope  to  surpass  this  level  in  2013.  These  actions  can  be  anything  from   helping  to  spread  the  word,  to  showing  up  at  an  event,  to  purchasing  a  product  that  will   help  generate  awareness  and  resources  for  programs  around  the  world.  People  want  to   get  involved  and  our  job  is  to  educate  them  and  provide  opportunities  for  them  to   contribute  in  meaningful  ways.       Why  is  EMC  raising  money?     EMC  initially  started  solely  as  an  advocacy  campaign.  Our  main  objective  was  to  raise   awareness  about  maternal  health  and  the  barriers  to  care  that  women  experience   worldwide.  We  quickly  realized  that  people  didn’t  want  to  just  hear  there  was  a  

problem-­‐ they  wanted  to  get  involved.  And  not  just  individuals,  but  companies  and   organizations  wanted  to  provide  support  too.  Rather  than  turn  those  investments  and   that  energy  away,  we  decided  to  broaden  our  mission.         We  began  creating  partnerships,  generating  resources  and  investing  in  effective   programs  around  the  world  that  allow  us  to  be  more  directly  involved  in  being  part  of   the  solution.  We  are  committed  to  keeping  those  partnerships  alive  through  regular   storytelling  on  our  blogs,  videos,  and  other  traditional  and  social  media  outlets  about   what  those  funds  are  doing  and  the  impact  they’re  making  in  the  lives  of  women  around   the  world.       What  types  of  products  can  people  purchase  to  raise  funds  for  EMC?     We  partner  with  many  different  organizations  including  corporations,  NGOs,  and  media   partners  to  raise  awareness.  Some  of  these  partnerships  involve  products  you  can   purchase  to  help  support  EMC.  For  example,  by  downloading  tracks  from  our  Every   Mother  Counts/Starbucks  compilation  CDs  or  from  ReverbNation,  or  purchasing  fitness   DVDs,  scarves,  maternity  clothes,  yoga  classes,  clothing,  and  more  from  our  partners   who  donate  a  portion  of  the  proceeds  to  Every  Mother  Counts,  you  can  help  support   our  mission.  See­‐action/every-­‐purchase-­‐counts    for   the  full,  updated  list.    We’re  always  adding  new  partnerships  so  make  sure  you  check   back  for  the  latest  list.     What  does  EMC  do  with  funds  raised  through  partnerships  and  events?     EMC  is  funded  through  the  generous  support  of  the  Gates  Foundation,  the  Bloomberg   Foundation,  individual  donors  and  through  speaking  fees  donated  by  our  founder,   Christy  Turlington  Burns.  EMC  dedicates  100%  of  what  we  raise  through  product   partnerships  and  events  (including  walks  and  marathons)  are  invested  in  programs   around  the  world.       We  have  established  a  small  portfolio  of  grants  with  a  global  reach  that  address  the   barriers  to  maternal  health.  Current  programs  that  we  support  include:  supporting   Commonsense  Childbirth’s  efforts  to  improve  access  to  prenatal  care  and  education  in   Florida,  helping  Baylor  Uganda  to  provide  women  with  vouchers  for  transportation  to  a   health  facility  to  deliver  their  baby,  supporting  the  training  of  15  midwifery  students  in   Haiti  through  Midwives  For  Haiti  and  helping  midwife  Robin  Lim  to  rebuild  a  clinic  in   Indonesia.       How  much  have  you  raised  so  far?       Since  January  1,  2012,  we’ve  collected  more  than  $1  million  to  be  directed  to  programs.         What  countries  are  you  working  in?  

The majority  of  our  day-­‐to-­‐day  advocacy  work  takes  place  largely  in  the  U.S.  amongst   American  audiences.  However,  we  highlight  maternal  health  challenges  in  every  country   through  our  website.  Since  becoming  a  501  c  3  last  year,  we  have  been  building  a  small   portfolio  that  currently  includes  Uganda,  Haiti,  Indonesia  and  the  US.     What  is  the  state  of  maternal  health  in  the  US?   Maternal  health  is  truly  a  problem  we  ALL  share.  Certainly  there  are  parts  of  the  world   with  higher  burdens  than  others—99%  of  deaths  take  place  in  the  developing  world— but  that  does  not  mean  the  US  is  immune.  The  US,  for  example,  ranks  50th  in  the  world   in  terms  of  maternal  health.    That’s  why  we  feel  it’s  important  to  communicate  about   how  universal  maternal  health  problems  are  and  reflect  that  sentiment  in  the  variety  of   programs  we  support.  .       How  do  you  decide  which  countries  to  focus  on?     The  countries  and  locations  we’re  focusing  on  now  carry  some  of  the  highest  burdens  in   terms  of  maternal  mortality.  We  work  in  partnership  with  local  organizations  to  address   barriers  that  prevent  mothers  from  getting  the  critical  care  they  need  to  insure  a  safe   delivery.  With  that  said,  since  this  is  a  global  tragedy,  we  want  to  support  vulnerable   moms  wherever  they  are.       What  else  can  people  do  besides  raise  or  donate  funds?     Every  Mother  Counts  is  measuring  its  success  based  on  the  number  of  people  we  reach   who  are  inspired  enough  by  our  message  that  they  want  to  get  involved.  That  may  be   through  raising  money,  but  it  also  might  be  through  raising  their  voices  or  walking  a  5k.   We  say  Every  Action  Counts  and  we  mean  it.       Every  month,  we  present  new  opportunities  for  our  supporters  to  take  action  and  get   involved  in  our  mission  to  reduce  preventable  maternal  deaths.  We  maintain  an  active   ‘Take  Action’  page  as  a  clearinghouse  for  ways  you  can  get  involved.  There  are  ways  to   use  your  voice  (sharing  on  Facebook,  writing  a  blog),  ways  to  get  actively  involved  using   your  own  time  and  energy  (by  volunteering,  signing  a  petition,  walking  or  running  with   us  or  collecting  used  cell  phones)  and  ways  to  raise  resources  by  buying  a  product  or   fundraising.  You  can  also  get  involved  by  getting  informed  and  for  those  interested,  we   offer  a  series  of  education  modules  that  target  challenges  and  solutions  we’re  facing.   We  are  always  looking  for  new  avenues  for  people  to  engage  that  don’t  require   economic  resources.       Bottom  line,  we  believe  everyone  has  their  own  unique  set  of  skills  and  resources  to   contribute.  We’d  love  to  work  with  you  to  figure  out  how  you  can  use  yours.  We’ve  had   an  artist  paint  pictures  and  auction  them  off.    We’ve  had  writers  use  their  platforms  to   write  about  these  issues.    We’ve  had  runners  dedicate  their  miles  to  us  too.    Every  

Action Counts  and  we’re  grateful  to  everyone  in  our  Every  Mother  Counts  community   for  showing  us  new  ways  to  get  involved.     We  hope  that  our  actions  as  a  community  will  send  a  message  that  larger  scale  change  is   needed  and  possible.  Ultimately,  we  need  to  change  policies  in  the  U.S.  and  abroad  to   support  women  and  that’s  going  to  take  real  advocacy.  We  stand  committed  to  working   with  our  partners  on  these  efforts  when  the  time  comes  to  support  specific  policies  and   legislation,  but  for  right  now,  our  goal  is  to  build  a  community  of  people  similarly   motivated  to  take  at  least  one  step  in  support,  then  another  and  another.       Can  I  volunteer  for  EMC?     We’d  love  to  have  every  single  one  of  you  who  want  to  volunteer  march  over  to  our   office,  roll  up  your  sleeves  and  get  involved.  While  we  don’t  always  have  jobs  to  hand   off  to  volunteers,  we  are  eager  to  help  match  volunteers  with  the  right  outlets.  We  try   to  keep  abreast  of  opportunities  through  some  of  our  favorite  partners  and  have   compiled  a  list  here  (­‐action/volunteer-­‐ opportunities-­‐here-­‐and-­‐abroad).  If  you  have  other  ideas  to  share  please  let  us  know.     We  do  bring  on  interns  in  our  New  York  and  Boston  office  fairly  regularly  so  if  you  are  a   student  interested  in  an  internship,  make  sure  to  send  your  info  to  us  at         Does  EMC  endorse  any  candidates  or  specific  political  party?     No.  EMC  is  strictly  nonpartisan  and  does  not  endorse  candidates  or  political  parties.  We   firmly  believe  that  keeping  our  mothers  safe  is  not  a  political  issue,  but  can  be  one  that   all  parties  can  unite  upon.