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ISSUE 29 SPRING 2014 £3.99 UK

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Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:43

Help to end domestic violence with every step Did you know that the police receive a domestic violence related call every 60 seconds in the UK? Shocking, isn’t it? At Refuge we’re doing everything we can to reach out to women and children who experience domestic violence. On any given day our services are supporting 3,000 women and children. But we wish we could do more. Run for Refuge and raise money to help us provide life-saving and life-changing support to women and children. We have guaranteed places in the 2014 BUPA 10,000, the British 10k, the Silverstone Half Marathon or Run to the Beat. Every step you take will make a positive difference.

Run for us now Call 020 7395 7713 or email

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24/02/2014 13:43



Front cover image Model: Ellie Jenas Photographer: Alan Strutt Art direction and styling: Fay Hill Photographers & image credits UK Model Folios, Alan Strutt, Fay L. Hill, Dave Wise, Ruthie Deane, Ed Taylor, FTV, Shutterstock Editorial & production Editor: Ruth Deane Tel: 01536 512624 Beauty Editor: Deanna Bailey Events Reporter: Laura Coleman Proof reader: David Alban Lingard

CONTENTS 07 modelling advice 07 drop the attitude 10 your model book 12 ellie jenas 16 show off your size 18 a catch up with kayleigh 24 healthy eating with alize 28 the beauty guide 30 body boosters

Columnists: Fay L Hill, Isabella Lombardini, Alize Mounter, Anastasia Smith, Laura Coleman Design: Model Media Ltd Advertising: Nicole Shipp EM Online: Mukesh Randev Publishers: Model Media Ltd Tel: 01536 521126, 1st Floor, Tailby House, Bath Rd, Kettering NN16 8NL. Printed by: Lance Print Ltd, Tel: 01480 492183 Š EM Magazine is published by Model Media Ltd. Copyright: EM Magazine, Model Media Ltd. Reproduction of any part is prohibited except by prior written permission of the publishers. The contents are considered accurate at the time of printing and we cannot accept liability for omissions, errors, or loss of materials. Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily endorsed by EM Magazine. All competitions and free gifts are run in conjunction with independent suppliers and fulfilment of the prize rests with the prize donor with no alternative provided by the owners of EM Magazine or Model Media Ltd should the donor fail to honour the related prize.

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Every Model Magazine


24/02/2014 13:43





hen something is consuming your thoughts, you suddenly notice it everywhere. This time last year all I could see on the roads were brand new Fiat 500s. This year it’s FOOD. Everywhere I look I see food. The hole punch on my desk looks like a cream cake, my car a chicken nugget and my mobile phone a bar of dark chocolate. But why? For the first time in my life I have entered a new world of ‘calorie consideration’. Waaah. I have clearly been an annoyingly lucky, stick thin over active metabolic nuisance for too long. My time is obviously up and I too, must now take note of what a calorie actually is. I realise sympathy isn’t going to be in abundance and I’m sure that some will be smirking at my new found ‘wobbly bits’. Despite wanting to gain weight for


the best part of thirty years, now I actually have I am not entirely sure I like it! I could reel off a list of medical reasons as to why my body has decided to give up on my ‘eat whatever

“I have clearly been an annoyingly lucky, stick thin, over active metabolic nuisance, for too long.” I want and nothing happens’ diet. I could also blame my age. Or anything really, just as long as it isn’t myself. But I won’t. So my body seems to have changed without my permission,

well, right back atcha to the backside I thought I had always wanted. I have invested in some scales. They aren’t accurate. They lie on daily basis. I mean they must be wrong? I have NEVER weighed that much before. I’ve hardly eaten anything for a month and it still says I’m the same weight. SOS text to best friend... mate, you know when you are on a diet, does the weight start coming off straight away or do you have to wait a bit? I literally have no idea about these things. People keep telling me I look great, healthier, younger and fitter. But all I hear is, fatter, You look FATTER. Disguise your words as much as you want, but what you mean is I LOOK FATTER. All I need to be referred to now is as having a very bubbly personality, and I will declare myself as owning

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:43

the full set of insults. The grass is always greener. I know that. But I didn’t think that meant full of broccoli, spinach and LEAVES. I want a ‘cheat day’. I want a takeaway. I want my body back! All the things I thought I was immune to are staring at me head on. The times I thought I wished I could be on a diet. How I mocked the afflicted and demanded that I would prefer a bowl of carrot sticks to a bag of chips. Or a rice cracker to a door stop sandwich loaf. Easy to say when it makes no difference to your life or indeed arse, thighs or bingo wings. So here I am totally flabbergasted at how many calories are in my favourite foods. Literally EVERYTHING I like has a ridiculous amount of calories in it. Cheese, my absolute passion, is now the devil in disguise and I have to consider it before shoving it down my neck. Yes CONSIDER. It may seem like a rather flimsy tale of woe to you. But if you have been a size 6-8 all your life and always been able to eat what you want when you want, you too would be mortified by this new found necessity of CONSIDERATION. I didn’t care what a calorie was let alone how many were in my dinner. But now I am starting to feel the benefit of eating a really healthy diet. And that isn’t all down to wanting to keep my ‘new’ bits to a minimum. It is as

much to enhance my energy levels, skin and overall health. Being thin has quite possibly been inadvertently bad for me without even knowing it. Now that is a worry and one that needs to be shouted about to the very many in our industry who also take their metabolism for granted. When I look back at the rubbish I’ve eaten over the years its a wonder I’m still standing. Being thin isn’t a ticket out of the ‘high cholesterol’ or ‘blood pressure’ club. No one person is immune believe me. But because I didn’t gain weight no

“Being thin isn’t a ticket out of the ‘high cholesterol’ or ‘blood pressure’ club”. matter what I fed myself on, it didn’t seem to matter. But take note oh natural skinnies - your time will come. And a healthy ‘diet’ does not mean a DIET. The team at Every Model Mag have been sampling and trying out a number of health kicks including delicious options for the foodie in all of us. See our feature pages from Alize along with our product reviews and where to buy guides. My personal favourite new

finds are hemp oil, goji berries and The Super Skinny Snack Box from Saviour Snacks. NOT because it is entitled SKINNY, but because it really is packed with gorgeous foods that I know are also good for me. Take up our reader offer and try one for yourself. See our website for more details and a direct link. A completely packed box bursting with natural goodies for less than a FIVER! You would be a fool not to. Also in this issue we bring you loads of modelling related advice. How to present a professional portfolio, the importance of cleaning up your makeup bag and a behind the scenes look at the ITV studios. It is also that time of year again when we launch our annual model search. We introduce you to our fabulous finalists on page 50. Lots of love,

Ruthie x Follow me on Twitter @ruthiedeane Please do write in to us and let us know your best and worst work related issues. For every letter we feature we will give you a free annual subscription to

Follow us on Twitter @everymodelmag #everymodelmag

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:43






a healThy snaCk doesN’t

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The Grea GreaT


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diary What has she been up to?


Beauty Fashio FashioN & shoppinG lisT shoppin

ISSUE 27 AUTUMN 2013 £3.99 UK

Informative features, advice, guidance and inspirational interviews are just some of the regular editorial topics covered. The aim and philosophy of Every Model Magazine is to bring together professionals and those wishing to be part of the industry. Every Model magazine acts as an independent tool to converge with other businesses at a professional and high level. The editorial content is designed to provide maximum benefit to our readers and a medium for businesses to gain knowledge to enhance their own organisations. Anyone wishing to learn about a model’s view and perspective will find it in Every Model Magazine. Models, actors, presenters, dancers, can learn about the goods and services offered by the industry. What makes a good agency? What do agencies look for in their models? What are the negatives within the industry from a model’s perspective? How can the industry accommodate them better? What can be learnt and subsequently developed in order to stand out from the rest? Read, learn and enjoy Every Model Magazine.


9 772041 926007

what Not to do on a professional photo shoot

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EVERY MODEL MAGAZINE IS THE FIRST MODELLING INDUSTRY PUBLICATION DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO REACH THE DIVERSE PROFESSIONALS WITHIN THE BUSINESS. we would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years by reminding you of some of our favourite covers since our very first edition back in 2007

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:44


So you think you have what it takes to win a model competition? Britian and Ireland’s Next Top Model? The Face of Every Model Mag? Miss England? Here are the EM top tips to achieve your dream...

why you are there?

your opinion?

no entourage!

There is simply nothing more off putting to a selection panel than a contestant who has no idea what the competition they have entered is. Research as much as you can before you walk through that door. If they ask you a question about their brand and you are clueless, you will not be chosen. It is as simple as that.

It may matter to you, but that does not mean everyone will either care or share your opinion. At base level you should probably keep them to yourself. By all means express an educated (research again) opinion. But whatever you do do NOT argue with the panel or judges.

Even if you have had prior success, know a few professionals, or your mum is a hair dresser. Do not bring them all to audition with you. You haven’t made it yet at this one so don’t give the impression that you think you are something special. It will immediately go against you.

no arrogance!

get real!

relax and smile!

Yes there is a fine line between the two. But you need to know what that is. Just because you think you are confident, doesn’t mean you won’t be perceived as arrogant. So ask people who will be truthful about how you come across. Listen and adapt accordingly. If you can’t do that then the likelihood is that you are arrogant and therefore will be sussed out before you begin.

It is highly likely that a selection panel will be monitoring you at ‘play’ as well as during a formal interview. Do not underestmate being observed at all times. You may come over well in a formal presentation, but if you are bitching about the one sitting next to you, be prepared to be sent home. It is far more important to be genuine than able to put on a performance. A Diva is sooo 1980’s!

Just because you see a model pout in your latest glossy does not mean you need to adopt that look at all times. Relax, be you and smile. Unless you are directed to do otherwise, be yourself. You can’t be anything more or less, so why even try? The selfie pose is for fun, and to be avoided by those who think they have acheived a celebrity status by Instagramming pictures of themselves. Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 7


24/02/2014 13:44

drop the attitude

Fay Hill talks ego, hype, bully boy tactics and self belief. The importance of keeping your personal feelings private to achieve success...


Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 8

24/02/2014 13:44


sometimes wonder if creatives in our industry deem professionalism as important as those who are in a more corporate environment, for example, a law firm or investment bank. I personally find it difficult to judge when it's appropriate to let your guard down with a client, particularly when on a trip abroad under the influence of alcohol (I no longer drink!). Furthermore, one has to adapt professionalism to an atmosphere, which is completely different to your average 9-5 job. In an industry that relies heavily upon clients booking you for your talent, there is always an underlying vibe of, be nice to the main guys on this shoot, I've got a mortgage to pay. I totally get it. I am guilty as charged, however, there are ways of getting booked without sacrificing your dignity and professionalism. My ultimate personal nonoes for example, are to develop an ego, and believe my own hype. Unfortunately others do not follow these same commandments. Having a big ego can be disastrous both on a professional and personal level. For example, if said ego is introduced to another creative who shock, horror may also be just as, if not more talented, then the result can be a war zone of insecurity, which unless dealt with professionally by the individual, can be delivered in a cringe worthy and catty

social networking status. I have spoken about the impact of social networking a lot recently in my columns and the various ways it affects our lives. The verbal bashing from one creative of another has to be top of my list of social networking cringe though. In any environment it is wrong. I frequently have to delete my harsh replies to the snotty creative posts

“Most bad behaviour comes from insecurity� for fear I will stoop to their level but remain frustrated at the sheer arrogance of these people who feel they have the right to criticise others for trying to make a living. Equally as pathetic are the pack of wolves supporting these huge egos, jeering them on with 'likes' and 'retweets' glorifying this cyber bullying that realistically belongs in the playground. As a victim of school bullying I have grown up to be very defensive toward anyone who I feel are getting an injustice or mistreated. I detest people that use a platform to mock or bring others down. That's not to say I'm perfect. I have a lighthearted gossip but I'll never publicly criticise someone because they are proud of a picture they have taken that may not be of Vogue standard or an amateur

model who celebrates being published in a magazine despite not being paid. In light of the above, I realise behind the arrogance and supposed confidence are insecure people who need the support of others to make them otherwise feel superior in a cut-throat industry. It's natural to feel a little down at times and worried for your career. But the way you deliver those feelings says so much about you as a creative and professional. For example, there are days I go to work with PMT, feeling bloated and spotty, open the studio door and am greeted by a fresh-faced beauty who tells me she's just come from her bikram yoga session. The insecure Fay wants to scream and go and cry in the corner, but my professional reaction says, 'And, don't you look beautiful!' It strangely makes me feel better that despite how I may be feeling about myself, I am strong enough not to let that affect how I treat others. So my message to these individuals who make catty comments, accuse other photographers of copying their style because of course, only they invented it. Grow up. Keep your feelings to yourself and concentrate on growing as a creative. It's a small industry to create a bad reputation but a large industry to actually redeem that rep and get booked. Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 9


24/02/2014 13:44

Your model book

A model’s portfolio is the every day tool they need to be able to work. Your ‘book’ as it is known in the business should be well thought out.


ou do not need to spend a fortune if you are starting out, but you do need to have some insider knowledge of how best to present it. For every agency or client that you contact, your photos, comp card or modelling portfolio will always go in the door before you. First impressions matter. So ensuring you have the best book available is crucial.

the one day shoot? You really shouldn't put together a book with images taken on the same day, in the same studio and by the same photographer. It's a great idea and seems like a fabulous time saver. But in the long term it will do you no favours. Think about it; the way you look, feel and come 10

across on that one day is not representative of your complete self. Even if you feel great that day, no photographer will capture you completely in a day’s shoot. You also need a variety of shots. Changing the colour of your lipstick and backdrop won't achieve that. You may think you look different but to the experienced eye you will look exactly like you've changed your lipstick and backdrop. Include a few location / outdoors shots as well as styled studio images.

be critical

You should use a very critical eye when selecting any images to put in your book. Make sure that the pictures that you show have the ability to wow agencies and potential clients.

Also remember that how you see yourself isn't necessarily the same as others do. Recruit an honest friend, relative or fellow model to give you their feedback on your images. You are only as good as your worst image, and believe me, photographers, agencies and art directors will remember the bad one above all the great ones you have. There are about four kinds of pictures that you will potentially have available to you. Bad, Good, Great and amazing pictures. Your modeling portfolio should consist only of the great and amazing ones. Delete the bad and store the 'good' in a file of 'memories'. Place the 'amazing' pictures on the right hand pages of your book and the great pictures on the left hand side.

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 10

24/02/2014 13:44

how many?

Less is most definitely more! You will not impress with quantity but you will make a lasting impression with quality. Six to twelve shots for a new model is more than adequate to showcase to an agency. An experienced model seeking more work should have around twenty shots along with examples of work done / tear sheets, at the back of their book.

versatility The purpose of your book is not just simply to show that you are attractive but to demonstrate your ability to portray different characters, age ranges and personality. A versatile model gets more work. Fact. Never put the same shot in your book in black and white and then again in colour. That doesn't show versatility it demonstrates laziness!

branding Some agencies like you to use their branded model book (which is fine) but if you are not signed then a plain black leather (or faux) A4 wallet book is perfect. Something comfortable to hold that keeps your pictures safe and protected is all you need. Leave the stickers and selfie shots for your diary. Remember this is a professional working tool, not a best seller in the fiction charts! Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 11


24/02/2014 13:44




Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 12

24/02/2014 13:44

Model: Ellie Jenas Photography: Alan Strutt Art direction & styling: Fay Hill

with model

Ellie Jenas

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 13


24/02/2014 13:44

this spring we caught up with model, mum and wag Ellie Jenas.

How old were you when you did your first modelling job and how did that come about? I was 14 and I was joined to a child modelling agency , my mum used to take me to all my jobs and stay with me. How do you keep yourself fit and does healthy food feature in your beauty regime?

I work out three times a week with a personal trainer , I try to eat healthy but I eat most things and try work it off in the gym .

What modelling genre would you say your work fits into?

What would you say to young girls looking at pursuing a career in the modelling industry?

Now you are a mother how important is it to you to return to modelling work?

It can be a harsh world but keep at it and don't get too upset about rejection.

Lingerie and swimwear.

My daughter is the most important thing to me but it is also important to work and to be able to be an independent woman as well as a mother . Have you found it harder or easier to keep in shape since becoming a mother? It's obviously a lot harder since I became a mother as you can't just drop everything and go to the gym when you fancy it. You have to be organised when you have a child and plan everything around their routine. Which of the current models we all see in the public eye do you believe are aspirational to the younger generation? Candice Swanepoel as she is curvy and healthy looking. Kelly Brook, again she is curvy and healthy looking. I really think that it is so important for girls to know

EM Spring 2014.indd 14

24/02/2014 13:44

that they don’t necessarily have to be skinny to be a model. What is the one beauty product you couldn’t manage without? My body moisturising cream and radox bath I love to relax in the bath. Your favourite perfume? At the moment I'm loving Jimmy Choo Flash but I'm always changing, it's nice to wear different scents .

“It can be a harsh

“When I was 14 I joined a child modelling agency, my mum used to take me to all my jobs and stay with me”

world, but keep at it and don’t get too upset about rejection”. Secret healthy hair tip? Treat your hair to a hair treatment every couple of months or buy a hair mask and you can do it yourself at home .

And finally, your all time guilty pleasure? It has to be crisps and a glass of wine.

Model: Ellie Jenas Photography: Alan Strutt Art direction & styling: Fay Hill Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:44

show off your size Make the best of how you look, feel, and present yourself with our guide to dressing for your body type.













EM Spring 2014.indd 16

24/02/2014 13:45

fuller bust


For the fuller bust it’s all about what you wear underneath you clothes, a well fitting bra is paramount. A bra too small brings attention to your bust as being squashed, and too large does not offer the correct support or shape. Again, tight fitting clothes or loud prints exaggerate larger areas. Long sleeves and a high neckline work wonders providing great shape.

Horizontal stripes and sharp colour boundaries between your top and bottom make you appear shorter by creating a break up the line of your overall look. Knee-high boots will also shorten a long leg. Be proud to be tall. If you are conscious of it, you will bow your head and devalue your appearance. Walk tall and show yourself off.

Small Bust Fitted shirts with detail at the bust line, like pockets and frills, create a larger illusion. Layers also add fullness. Avoid V neck tops and low necks. High necks, rounded and square neck tops enhance the smaller bust.

hippy For larger hips avoid tight fitting trousers as they accentuate the difference in width between your hips and legs. A boot-cut leg balances out a wider shape far better. Avoid trousers and skirts with pockets or detail around the hipline. For hips wanting a little more width, go for detail, vertical blocks of colour also expand width and add shape. Wear a well fitted belt around a slim waist to extend the size of your hips. Remember it is all about balance.

Short A short shirt can make your legs appear longer whereas a long skirt will give the appearance of a shorter frame. Vertical stripes can also help to lengthen a look. If your legs are shorter than your torso; Wear jewellery, scarves and clothing designs that draw the eye up towards your shoulders and face.

Curvy Darker clothing reduces the appearance of size for most of us which provides a visual slimming effect to your body. Tight clothing and loud prints accentuate size. Make sure that your clothes fit properly. If you are size 16, wear a size 16 outfit. A baggy top does the exact opposite of disguising areas you think you are hiding. It just draws much more attention to them. Vertical stripes are also a great way of creating a slimmer shape whilst maintaining your natural curves.

feet Heels make your legs look longer. Knee high, mid calf and ankle boots break up the line of the leg to make it appear shorter. Good old fashioned flats can be worn by any shape or size.

top tip If you want to showcase an area of your body wear it loud and proud. If you want to detract from an area keep it calm and simple. Go on‌ show off your best bits!


EM Spring 2014.indd 17

24/02/2014 13:45

© image by Alan Strutt as seen in Every Model Magazine 2010

catching up with kayleigh

miss every model magazine 2010 kayleigh fay has recently appeared on itv’s ‘take me out’ prime time saturday evening dating show. Winning the title of Miss Every Model Magazine back in 2010, Kayleigh Hewitt has worked as both a successful model and brainbox accountant ever since. More recently, after quite a lot of pursuading by the ITV recruitment team, she agreed to take part in their Saturday night show. So Kayleigh, let the pen see the paper (straight face), and tell us all about it... 18

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 18

24/02/2014 13:45

Sitting on the train I took a deep breath, wow this was it... I actually didn’t know when I would next be home or what to expect. What was I thinking? A dating show... really? I’ve never been single for any length of time and after nine years of relationships without a break and I found myself having ten months of no boyfriend and en route to film Take Me Out, exposed to millions of ITV viewers as a single girl looking for a date. When I arrived at the hotel, the nerves set in. But this was the beginning of ‘Girls World’. Nerves passed as the meeting and greeting commenced with wine and nibbles, a small introduction to the girls and then it was time to socialise, my favourite part of thirty plus girls mingling in a small room chatting and giggling. The feeling of being in a room like this is daunting at the best of times but I’m used to it after competing in Miss England Pageants and the hundreds of castings I’ve been to. At first glance you are judged on your appearance (me in a tracksuit from travelling and no makeup). I probably looked like a right plonker but I wasn’t there to look like a beauty queen. I got up, moved around introducing myself, sipped wine and chatted to everyone. Men seemed to be the main

“Pre filming meeting” topic of conversation. By the end of the night I’d seen everyone’s brief and knew that 75% of the girls were there because of bad

“We were given our own wardrobe stylist from the This Morning team”

“Owns over 250 pets!”

experiences with exes. Not to prove a point to the men but to themselves. Onwards and upwards I guess. We had a call time every morning at about 7:30am. Then a bus journey which was great fun, with all us girls being so excited, yet nervous, with the anticipation of not knowing what was going to happen next. The buzz was unreal when we arrived at the studio. We all had dressing rooms, with four to a room and our names written on the wall. Then we were introduced to the hair stylist and make up team where we were all allocated our personal stylists. My hairdresser ‘Bambi’ was absolutely amazing and we got on so well that we have become friends since being involved in the show. My makeup artist ‘Tori’ was an absolute legend, we had such a laugh together even though I know I am a nightmare. I don’t sit still, I’m always pulling faces, talking and making them laugh. Before long it ended up with Bambi hitting me with a hair brush and Tori shouting at me. Even though that sounds terrible, it was all in good fun. The rehearsals were so professional and seemed to turn me from an ugly duckling to a swan every time. We also had our own wardrobe stylist who were the team from This Morning. I was in awe, as I absolutely love these guys and have watched them many Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 19


24/02/2014 13:45

times dressing celebrities. I was very fortunate to have such an amazing team. They treated us like celebrities throughout. I wasn’t always happy with my outfit choice, but you’re given a kind of character on the show which you are asked to stick to so you become familiar to the audience. Our daily routine went like this: Hair Makeup Styling Dinner Rehearsals Hair Makeup Outfit on Check/ prep talk The show Hotel/ ‘Girls World’ The show/ dress rehearsal We had many introductions to everyone in the studio but the person I was really eager to meet was the legend that is ‘Paddy McGuiness’. I absolutely love him! When we were all ready we were escorted to the actual studio. The feeling was unreal with nerves kicking in, the first glance of the purple lights, and those ‘please do not let me trip up on these’ STEPS. I was given the number “30” and described as ‘that tall girl on the end’. Yep. Thats most definitely me at 5’11”. But that meant I always walked on first. Eek! And

EM Spring 2014.indd 20

“my dressing room” oh my god... those steps! Standing behind the set, we were given instructions and when the music kicked in “bring on the girls” so it began. I added my own wave in (definitely a trait I picked up during my experience at Miss England) and pranced down the steps, along the stage and took my place. This was it! Then Paddy came on stage to a mass eruption of claps and shouts from the girls. He is the most lovely, genuine person and so friendly to all of us making

“hair and make-up”

us feel at ease. It was very nerve wracking having a microphone connected to such a small dress and hearing your voice echo through the studio, but I just went with it. I chatted for England and just enjoyed it. The rehearsals went quickly, but were so much fun. The actual show was very much the same as the rehearsals as you would hope, but it was real and you could feel the tension with the girls. Men were about to arrive via the ‘love lift’, in front of an audience of 500 people with cameras filming every movement and every word. We were prepped in what ‘standard’ things to say, and what not to say, which was greatly needed. So for instance when commenting on the guy, we had to talk about what we were seeing round by round. First round was to comment on his appearance, his song choice, his attitude, his location. Second round involved a video with his hobbies or a friend chatting about him. Then it was his talent round, so for instance you couldn’t turn your light off in this round if you thought he was too short (my big turn off). The comments had to relevant to the round and you couldn’t be nasty to the guy either (not that I would) but in the end these guys are in the same position if not more daunting than us girls, with thirty of us, watching him,

24/02/2014 13:45

judging him, commenting on everything. These guys had confidence to do this and respect to them for it. So with prep finished high fives down the line of girls, we were ready, and wow I was nervous! I could hear Paddy, then the music and this was show time. Striding up the stairs nervously grabbing hands with one of my new bezzys we stood at the top, took a deep breath and walked. The audience went wild, the energy was amazing, and it was exhilarating. ‘I should be used to this with the catwalks I’ve done’, I remember thinking. But this was different, this was the goofy, say what I think, Kayleigh. I stood at my podium and glanced over the audience, smiling and clapping for us, which was great but my heart was jumping out my chest. The rest was a blur, I got spoken to quite a lot, my answers were always very honest. There was no time to think though. I always say it how it is (that’s the hardest part though, trying to come up with something witty) my brain didn’t function quickly enough to say something clever. It’s not scripted and I think that’s what’s so great about the show, but I do think that it portrays girls in a different light to their actual selves. It is amazing how a show can make you come across so differently after

the final edit! The wittiest and best answers are often replaced with the sillier,

“The studio became a sort of glamorous girls prison by the end of it.”

“Girl’s World” comical replies, but we were all aware of it being an entertainment show. We we there out of choice to enjoy it, provide entertainment and of course to get a date. We were never told to leave our light on but in the end we were there to see if we could bag a date. So if you like a guy, leave your light on. It was so much fun just to get involved. When a man comes down in the lift that’s the best moment of the show. With thirty man eating girls eagerly

waiting for the first look of the guy, the reactions to the girls, is just a great feeling. I’m on the show throughout, every day merged into one really, the same process of the girls leaving to go on their dates and then new ones arriving daily. After the show we all shared rooms, had sleep overs, wine was involved every now and then. The studio became a sort of glamorous girls prison by the end of it with early morning, long nights but all in all... what an experience! I got my light turned out a few times but I was never disheartened or offended. In the end I just enjoyed the show so much. I made amazing friends who I still talk to daily. It was unlike anything I’d ever done, so intense but I would do it all again in a shot. Now a month on, watching it back is unreal, I don’t like watching myself, and I cringe every time I hear myself talk. I’ve never laughed as much, at the girls, with the girls, with the audience and at Paddy. I would highly reccommend any single girls wanting to meet new friends and try a totally different dating experience to apply for the show. Obviously a personality is a must, its not how good a girl can look its all about the banter , which is refreshing. I didn’t meet the love of my life on the show but I was just looking for someone to have a laugh with and I certainly found that, in the girls! “No lighty, no likey!” Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 21


24/02/2014 13:45

Not forgetting male models. Take care of your skin this winter with Bluebeards. Available from Products pictured priced at ÂŁ9.99 each.


EM Spring 2014.indd 22

24/02/2014 13:45

Take the challenge or promote the challenge you decide. • simple • affordable • tastes great • and it works

Contact:Linda Bradley Mobile: 07951 710655 Website:

EM Spring 2014.indd 23

Contact: John Bradley Mobile: 07742 389093 Website:

24/02/2014 13:45

healthy eating... natur ally Alize’s top 14 detox tips for 2014

It’s the usual start to the New Year, many people feel aware of how much they indulged over the Christmas holidays. At Christmas we are constantly being told to eat and enjoy ourselves, then when January comes it’s ‘get on that diet and detox you greedy fat pig!’ It comes as no surprise that many people go to extreme lengths to try and shift the excess weight they feel guilty about. But what is a detox? And does it actually help you lose weight and feel great? I have purposefully researched the questionable “detox diet” and taken my very own detox experiment

EM Spring 2014.indd 24

to let you know how I think the best way to do it is. Detoxification is the process, real or perceived, of removing toxins from the body. From my research it is an unsupported belief that a change in consumption habits can remove toxins. The most important thing to remember is that your body already naturally detoxes itself. Celebrity nutritionist, Erin Palinski-Wade supports this by saying, “Your body already detoxes itself as food passes through the liver and kidneys.” That said, eliminating added sugar, artificial chemicals

and processed foods from your diet is shown to make you look and feel better. “Fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean proteins - such as fish. Limit excess sodium, foods with artificial ingredients, and refined carbs,” suggests Palinski-Wade. “It’s not about ridding so-called toxins from your system, but about eating foods that promote improved health, weight loss and increased energy.” With this in mind I have stayed away from extreme celebrity detox regimes and instead I have added natural

24/02/2014 13:45

detoxifying foods to my diet to see their effect. I've found out that even if you drink just juices for two weeks and shed pounds more quickly than ever before, as soon as you start eating again you will put the weight straight back on. Many of these fad detox remedies can be highly dangerous as you are starving your body of the vital nutrients your body needs to gain energy. Including natural and healthy drinks into your daily diet is a much more effective way of helping you shift the unwanted pounds. There appears to be lots of evidence supporting the inclusion of detoxifying foods into your diet being a way to help you lose weight. ‘The Gabriel Method’ is shown to focus on nourishment of the body rather than dieting. Founder Jon Gabriel explains, “After I had lost about 180 pounds I started doing a lot of research about toxins and how the body processes and deals with toxic chemicals. It turns out the body uses fat cells to store excess toxins. I realised that the last 40 excess pounds that my body was holding onto was because it was a storehouse for accumulated toxins. I started living what I call a “detoxifying lifestyle”. Basically, I started flushing my body with lots of alkalizing liquids, like water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, green juices, super greens and lots of salads and sprouts.

EM Spring 2014.indd 25

That did the trick, because I lost the last 40 pounds much more quickly than I lost the first 40 pounds, so the rate of my weight loss continued to accelerate to the very end.”

fresh & healthy

Lets talk a little about the newest health craze and that is juicing. I have researched this method and personally I think it is worth investing in a juicer. I have just ordered mine and I just cant wait for it to arrive. As I mentioned it is not healthy to just drink juice for long periods at a time. However it is a great way of including essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. “The Gerson Miracle” believes that juicing is the first step in the protocol to “Gerson Therapy” a successful cancer therapy that has been approved by the FDA (food and drug administration). It explains that “when you juice fruits and vegetables, all available nutrients and living enzymes flow out, giving you a potent concoction of nutrients. They can enter the blood stream almost as fast as alcohol.” Using this method of naturally flushing my body combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle I started my January detox. So far so good. I instantly felt better and lost the Christmas bloating straight away. I promise that this is a great way to kick start the New Year to a healthier you by consuming foods that help cleanse and most importantly nourish the body.

24/02/2014 13:45

x e Aliz here are my top 14 tips for a healthy & natural detox

Drink lemon water Add freshly squeezed lemon and lemon slices to your water. No more junk Get rid of the processed foods, refined carbs and sugar from your diet. You’ll find that as you release toxins from your body you’ll crave these kind of foods less and less, but you have to give them up in order for this to happen. Cut the caffeine and go herbal; Cut the coffee! Switch for organic green tea, lemon and ginger or detox teas. Healthy drinks really are amazing. Stop overeating Overloading your digestive system leads to things moving sluggishly, and can lead to an accumulation of toxins. Instead eat less but more regularly throughout the day. Little and often!

EM Spring 2014.indd 26

Add detox superfoods These can naturally cleanse the body, try the following; flaxseeds, nuts, apples, grapefruit, dandelion, burdock, milk thistle, fennel, nettles, wheatgrass, lemongrass and manuka honey. EAT your greens Eat fresh veggies and add the following greens to your diet; artichokes, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, cabbage, kale, seaweed, spinach, sprouts, watercress, green and runner beans . Add antioxidants Think bright colours to help flush out and restore your body. Try acai berries, beetroot, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, goji berries, raspberries, pomegranate and tomatoes.

24/02/2014 13:45

Keeping drinking water If you’re not drinking at least two litres a day, you are not on a detox. Cut out alcohol It has a very toxic effect on the liver, and will undo all of your hard detox work. Try to eliminate or at least drastically cut back. Sweat it out Exercise is a great way to naturally cleanse the body. Not only by helping the body to shed fat but you can also get rid of unwanted toxins through sweat. Get juicing Invest in a good juicer and try adding some of the detoxifying foods explained above for an extremely healthy concoction all in one glass.

eat fresh

Spice it up Add some of these for a detox; garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Go organic Organic foods help you avoid the toxins that can be harmful to your health. This is a simple way of detoxifying the body by simply making good choices when you’re food shopping.

Don’t forget to sleep Rest your body. Deprived sleep can make it harder to lose weight, lead to a weaker immune system and lack of natural energy.

This is a little juice recipe to get you started that is shockingly good.

The Cucumber Apple Detox 2 stalks of fennel ½ cucumber ½ green apple 1 handful of mint 1 inch of ginger root

EM Spring 2014.indd 27

24/02/2014 13:46



FROM face...

TO feet... Footner Exfoliating Socks are priced at £19.99 available from Boots. These are amazing. Tried and tested by #everymodelmag we LOVE this product. Simply put them on, take them off, and over the course of a few days your feet will transform from rough and ragged to silky and smooth. Gorgeous.

Nanshy synthetic MakeUp Brushes as used by MakeUp Artists to achieve a flawless application. As the brushes are synthetic their fibres are not porous, so do not absorb bacteria or the pigments from your make-up. Synthetic brushes rarely shed and there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction. A brush set for foundations The 4 brush set is priced at £29.95 and a 5 brush set at £34.95. An eye make-up 7 piece set is £34.96, and a luxury 13 piece brush set priced £29.95. Available from www. nanshy, Ebay and Amazon.


nanshy brushes for a cleaner finish

star buy ive .. . g

lf rse u yo

t! rea t a

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 28

24/02/2014 13:46

White Velvet Cleansing Mousse - £26


Stockists Marks & Spencer

Marine Collagen & Neroli Anti-Ageing Moisturising Cream, 50ml (£12.00) available from Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy and online at

Luscious lips

at! tre Available from and priced at £2.95 each.

EM Spring 2014.indd 29

24/02/2014 13:46

body boosters New Image Hair, Skin & Nails is available from £7.99 x 30 capsules, 1 a day

Jojoba Oil available from 30ml £12.99,85ml £19.99

Functionalab Body Toning Beauty Dose Available from Boots stores and £33, 90 caps, 1 month supply

Functionalab Collagen Formula Beauty Dose Available from Boots stores and 90 capsules £30.00 30

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 30

24/02/2014 13:46

Healthspark's Green Coffee Complex retails at £24.99 for 60 veg caps and is available from selected independent health stores nationwide and online at

Manuka Honey can be used for digestive health, sore throats and building immunity. Fresh Olive leaf as an overall very well regarded health tonic. Research has shown this to stabilise blood sugar levels along with many anti-fungal, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant benefits, from eczema to boils, sweating, body aches and pains. The medihoney range which is used topically for sensitive skin, burns and wounds.

Available from Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado and independent health food stores as well as via our website www.goodhempnutrition. com. The oil retails at £6 for a 500ml bottle and the milk is £1.49 for 1 litre.

fresh olive leaf

manuka honey

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 31


24/02/2014 13:46

999 treatments make sure your hair is in sync with the season. winter weather needs warmth and protection. treat your hair to one of the latest must have products tried and tested by #everymodelmag. also listed are our favourite emergency treatments for hair, hands, body and teeth.

The hair detox Treat your colour Make a clean transition to a greener gentler hair care routine with the Surya Brasil Colour Fixation Single Application Intensive Hair Treatment. This vegan product has been specially formulated to care for coloured hair.

Mark Hill, Big Night Out, Only Takes a Minute 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment 150ml Priced at £5.99 Available at Boots

Priced at just £2.99. and available from

Feeling a little thin? Hair Today is available at Rowlands Pharmacies nationwide or online at This ingenious product seems to fill any bald spots and enhances your hair style by adding thickness and volume. Great value at £14.99 and available in the following three shades: Black/Dark Brown, Medium Brown Light Brown/Dark Blonde


Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 32

24/02/2014 13:46

Emergency SOS

Don’t neglect your gums!

With this new hair mascara option you can now create superstar under lites the semi permanent way. Priced at £9.50 it is available from selected chemists nationwide. Or if you need a quick fix to those annoying grey strands this is the perfect, hassle free way to do it. Emergency SOS crisis averted.

Dentek triple clean floss picks are priced at £5.10 and available from Boots stores nationwide. A really easy and convenient way of flossing and cleaning the hard to reaches areas of your teeth and gums. Looking after your teeth should be a major part of your daily beauty regime.

Great for dry and sensitive skin for all the family. Rehydrate and prevent dryness by using Dry2Alive available at

999 assistance from Cloud Nine

Does it take you AGES to dry your hair? Need 999 assistance? Try this magic hair potion from Cloud Nine. Not only does it drastically shorten your drying time but helps to leave a healthy sheen on your hair. Oh, and it smells gorgeous too. Priced at £17.95 for 200ml this fab product is available from

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 33


24/02/2014 13:46

the healthy snack never has it been so important to look after our body. from the inside out we are what we eat. try some of our snacks and meals as part of your daily health kick.

reader offer Carrot, Mango, and Herb Smoothie 2 cups frozen mango chunks 1 cup fresh carrot juice 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice 1/4 cup fresh herbs, such as mint, tarragon, or basil Combine all ingredients in a blender; blend until smooth. Serves 2 Per serving: 225 calories 0 g saturated fat 0 g unsaturated fat 0 mg cholesterol 56 g carbs 36 mg sodium 3 g protein 5 g fibre


quote model at the checkout The Super Skinny Snack Box from Saviour Snacks www. includes 14 delicious snacks at a 120 calories or less. Each box includes an ever changing variety of snacks and menu card which highlights key nutritional facts. Expect to find products, from roasted hazelnut & apple to Incan berries & cashews as well as popcorn, raw chocolate & baked fruit crisps. The boxes can be enjoyed weekly, fortnightly or monthly and deliveries can be paused or cancelled at any time. The Super Skinny Snack box costs just ÂŁ14.95 or quote at the checkout and receive your first box for just ÂŁ4.95!

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 34

24/02/2014 13:46

Str awberry & Cream Cheese Sandwich 1 tablespoon reduced-fat cream cheese 1/4 teaspoon honey 1/8 teaspoon freshly grated orange zest 2 slices very thin whole-wheat sandwich bread 2 medium strawberries, sliced

If you really are struggling with your food intake and feel you just aren’t satisfying your hunger levels then maybe this product is for you. Full & Slim is available from Boots stores and and priced at £1.65. We tried it out and it does actually work. If you drink it an hour before your usual evening meal you will start to feel fuller quicker. We tried it and it cut our usual meal serving sizes down by half! This must obviously only be used is conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet.

feel full & eat well

Combine cream cheese, honey and orange zest in a bowl. Spread bread with the cheese mixture. Place sliced strawberries on 1 piece of bread, top with the other. Serves 1 Per serving: 128 calories 4 g fat ( 2 g sat , 1 g mono ) 8 mg cholesterol 18 g carbohydrates 2 g added sugars 4 g protein 3 g fiber 191 mg sodium 63 mg potassium. Nutrition Bonus: Vitamin C (25% daily value) Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 35


24/02/2014 13:46

Brilliant Beetroot An acquired taste, but a good one. Very fresh and gives the feeling of goodness when you drink it. It is available at Tesco, Waitrose, Whole Foods and Ocado as well as independent fine food and farm shops. RRP £2.49.

drink fit

juice club cocktails An innovative fresh-pressed juice bar with pure and healthy juices are based in Selfridges London and Fortnum & Mason. Enjoy smoothies, shots, fresh juice, green tea and coconut water. Prices from £1. Try an Aloe Vera shot or a fibre boost smoothie. Delicious.

EM Spring 2014.indd 36

Functionalab COLLAGEN 10 is available in Boots and www. priced at £3.59 per 60ml. Each bottle is packed with 10,000mg of high-absorption, hydrolysed collagen which is deemed the highest concentration available on the market today and delivering double the amount per shot than its nearest equivalent.

24/02/2014 13:46

FTN is the worlds first wholefood nutraceutical stem cell recovery drink. Taken every day the potent blend of five key ingredients has been shown to work with body’s own natural repair and renewal systems, allowing the body to slow down the ageing process, speed up recovery times from training and also protect against degenerative diseases. Completely natural and free from any chemical or stimulants, the unique properties of the blend have already been documented in five published independent research papers.

The brand is already able to count Sir Elton John and his partner as fans along with model and actress Agnes Deyn. FTN is currently being sold online at and FTN Super Berry Drink for Radiant Looking Skin FTN Drinks ÂŁ1.99 Available at Win Naturally H&B (in Feb) FTN Fitness Drink

feel fit

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 37


24/02/2014 13:47

feel clean and lean with Laura Coleman

“Who would have thought my addiction to instagram could increase my energy levels and make me feel fitter?” I’m a bit of a sucker for Instagram. I love looking at life through photos. As I was sifting through on my daily prowl, health guru James Duigan who created the popular ‘Clean and Lean’ Diet, popped up on my feed promoting two revolutionary health products , Berry Burn and Beauty Food. They are available online and from Space NK, although a little pricey at £55 per bag, for only 150g (works out at £2 per helping.) I was quite shocked 38

at the price/size ratio. I’ve tried many similar products before, but I must say these taste great. They are powder based which you mix with water or choice of soft drink. I’m not sure how long or how many you must take until you really see the benefits, but I have been having Berry Burn before the gym, mixed with water, and I do find I have more energy than usual to really max out at the gym. Berry Burn contains acai, green tea and amino

acids which are all natural fat burners. It also contains Pea Protein which helps tone muscle without bulking. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished the bag I will have noticed the difference. Beauty food is a product used by all sorts of celebs including Rosie Huntingdon Whitely and Elle McPherson and contains many superfoods including super greens and marine collagen peptides that are proven to help make your hair, skin and nails more

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 38

24/02/2014 13:47

healthy over time. Beauty Food can be added to your smoothie, morning juice or simply mixed with water as part of a balanced diet. Both products are great and taste fabulous. Give them a try! Also, along the healthy option route I visited The Juice Club which has recently opened in the heart of London’s fashion capital, Selfridges on Oxford Street after a storming success with their first stall in Fortnum & Mason. Founder Dan Thomson has used his past cocktail making experience to create some tasty, healthy, non alcoholic and zesty

concoctions that not only taste good, but are also super healthy. So, I popped along to have a taste, and a chat. I didn’t realise that the art of fresh juice making is actually quite scientific. The choice of ingredients you mix together makes a cocktail with a different benefit. For example, The Juice Club ‘s ‘Detox Cleanse’ juice contains spinach, cucumber, celery, lime and apple. All of these green ingredients are packed with rich antioxidants that help cleanse your body and rid it of toxins. I was lucky to try 4 of the juices. All made on the

spot. Purple Rain, Detox Cleanse, Strawberry Zing (very zingy) and Healthy Beast. I have to say that Healthy Beast was my favorite as it contains Kale, Beetroot, Ginger, Carrot and Spinach. Absolute vitamin beast! Anyway, you should go and try for yourself at the stall just inside the food hall at Selfridges. A suitable sized sip of organic fruit goodness comes in at £3.95, and there are also boosters, vitamin and beauty shots available to add to your chosen juice such as Liquid Collagen to help plump the skin! Ooooh errrrr.

Laura x

Berry Burn

Beauty Food

is available from Space NK stores

is available online

and online at

at and from Space NK stores

RRP: £50 for 150g (£1.67 per serving)

RRP: £60 for 150g (£2 per serving) Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 39


24/02/2014 13:47

CLEAN UP YOUR BEAUTY BAG There’s nothing like a good clear out, but it’s not just your house or wardrobe that needs a spring clean.

How long have you had that blue eye shadow in your make-up bag? What about that body lotion lurking in your bathroom with dust all over it? A lot of people keep skincare and makeup way past their use by date but old products are a breeding ground for bacteria which you are then transferring to your skin. Yuk! Follow skincare expert & facial therapist Amanda Elias’ DOs and DON’Ts to ensure a clean beauty cabinet this Spring. DO use a marker pen to note the date you’ve opened the product. Most skincare products only have the months in which they should be discarded after use rather than an actual date. By noting

EM Spring 2014.indd 40

the date you’ll know when to discard it if left unused.

DO follow the life expectancy of cosmetics.

DON’T keep make-up or skincare “for best” because there’s a good chance they’ll pass their expiry date before you use them. If you’ve splurged, reap the benefits by using your products regularly and while they’re at their optimum.

Mascara – 3 months. Change regularly to avoid infection.

DO wash your hands or use the end of a spoon as a spatula before scooping product out of a jar to prevent the spread of bacteria. DON’T use product which has separated, changed colour, changed in smell or has started to irritate your skin; take this as an indication to replace it.

Liquid foundation & concealer – 12-18 months. Lipstick & gloss - 2 years for lipstick and 1 year for gloss. A good sign that a lip product has gone off is that it can leave the lips irritated or tingly. Nail Varnish - 2 years. If the product separates and doesn’t combine when you shake it, it’s time to replace it. Eye & lip pencils – as these are sharpened you are constantly removing any bacteria so they should last for at least 2 years.

24/02/2014 13:47

Powders such as Eyeshadow, blusher and face powder generally last 2 years, if you notice the product is dryer than it used to be, replace it. DON’T ignore your makeup brushes; these should be cleaned once a week. Clean a foundation brush daily as bacteria can grow quickly. If you clean your foundation brush and an extra brush every time you put your make-up on, it guarantees all the brushes you use are always clean and free from bacteria. If you’ve bought make-up and skincare within the last 6 months that you don’t like or use, why not have a swapping party with your friends? There’s a good chance they’ve also got recently purchased, unused products in their make-up bag or beauty cabinet. For any skincare or makeup products or accessories that are in great condition but aren’t being used, why not donate them to this worthy cause? Highly experienced within the industry, Amanda Elias is the brains behind effective yet affordable skincare brand, Bravura London

EM Spring 2014.indd 41

24/02/2014 13:47

Irina Nikolaeva for Exit Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 photogr aphed by Jens Langkjaer

EM Spring 2014.indd 42

24/02/2014 13:47

a model Intern our very own columnist isabella was lucky enough to gain an internship with top london model agency, premier. read all about her exciting experience working at the heart of fashion, editorial and all things catwalk... Words by Isabella Lombardini, Pictures supplied by Premier Model Management

From picking up Wasabi Peas, to embarking on an adventure to locate ‘Yellow Daffodil’ hair dye for Premier model Chloe Norgaard, being an intern is never dull. It’s fabulously FABULOUS darling!   Apart from the initial obstacle of entering a new professional work environment, particularly one with flamboyant, fantastic and dedicated to their job characters as those in the Premier office, I always find the first day the most anticipated. Once my internship at Premier Model Management had started, I quickly learnt the ropes and felt involved. I don't know about you, but I work best visually. Therefore, I tend to visualise an area or person before being introduced. As always, it is never how I imagine. In Premier's case it was even better. As I sat in a plush black leather seat, and yes, I did sit there for approximately 15 seconds pretending I was a model, I looked around at a newly furbished white

dreamland. Premier was featured in a Channel 4 ‘fly on the wall’ documentary, exposing the hectic and dynamic life of a model agency. As a wholehearted

fan of the show, I instantaneously recognized the white energetic fluffball approaching me. This being one of the agency’s most prized possession,

Pictured above is Chloe Norgaard for The Kooples Sport

EM Spring 2014.indd 43

24/02/2014 13:47

Charlie the dog. I’d never seen anything with so much fur! It was like he had slept in the candyfloss of Katy Perry’s California Girl video set. I rocked up in my newly purchased suede heeled ankle boots  which actually turned out to be not the most appropriate choice of footwear. If only I’d known I’d be racing around London like Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada - cue some Nike Air trainers please! Rule number one, when you work as a model agency intern, think practically as you will be completing errands – exciting ones though I must add. Unless of course, you have somewhat mastered nine hours in six-inch heels . That 44

Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 44

being so then I salute you. Agents work incredibly efficiently, and as an intern you quickly learn that they expect you to work just as hard. But I must highlight they are grateful for everything that you do. No good deed goes un-noticed. That to me was the difference between working for Premier who make you feel like part of their close-knit family, as opposed to large corporates who hire multiple

employees with no real connection or desire to know you as a person (reminiscing on my previous internship). So, lesson learnt on day one re: sensible shoes. Introducing day two. So, I’d borrowed some black Nike Air trainers from the friend I was staying with which were practical and acceptable in the model office. Every day at Premier brought something new. I felt a rush of excitement each time I entered the famous blue door, even on my final day! Maybe it’s knowing how famous the agency is, or of the amazing models who regularly pace the office. I was eager to learn or do something new all the time. I think you

Pictured on this page is Marine Deleeuw for Zara

24/02/2014 13:47

need ambition to survive, as it’s no use not wanting to learn or improve yourself. Of course, I can’t discuss working at a model agency without mentioning the models. For some people, and I count myself among them, catching models off duty is quite a bewildering pleasure. When we see those endless limbs and high angled cheekbones rivaling a Donald Judd cube, an overwhelming surge of admiration pushes us to head straight towards the gym. Every time these magnificent creatures floated through the entrance completely carefree, greeting everyone in all kinds of sensuous accents attempting the British language but somehow making it sound

exotic and fascinating, my eyes and ears were fixed. I chaperoned Givenchy infused models from New York City with enough experience to be grateful for how fortunate their lives are. I introduced and escorted young Russian models, new to Premier, around London to castings. You can see the clear differences between professional experienced models, and the beautiful innocent ones, new to the industry. My first encounter with the boss, Carole White was amazing. I remembered her distinctly from the documentary. A former model, I immediately recalled

Pictured above Rag and Bone Fall/Winter 2014 RTW Show 3

EM Spring 2014.indd 45

her husky feminine voice that made every word of the British language somehow sound charmingly mesmerising. I only ever had a few requests from her, one being to buy a dark chocolate Bounty bar and some cigarettes. Not exactly the demanding boss you’d expect her to be. What I think is being misconstrued and manipulated about our industry is the illusion that models don’t eat enough or nutritiously. Well, right this minute I’m setting the record straight. Maybe there are some models who break the rules, as in any industry, but I genuinely believe the models at Premier have a

Every Model Magazine


24/02/2014 13:47

Pictured below Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2014 RTW Show

thorough understanding of the importance of health and living well. Successful models are the ones that have quick metabolisms and are born naturally thin. It’s genetics. That’s science. And you can’t argue with science! As a model, you can be attending up to 10 castings a day across all areas of London, maybe doing 2-3 hour long test shoots and sometimes a couple of those a day. Lets not forget the fashion shows, campaigns, early 4am starts, late pm finishes and

those long haul flights that are all squeezed into each working day. It’s not easy. The models at Premier have stamina and are certainly wise in terms of drinking enough water, exercising and eating healthily.

I remember taking one model who arrived at 1am from New York for lunch in Kensington to a beautiful delicatessant. She ate a whole chicken and leek pie washed down with a hot chocolate. In that same week, just after a casting, we ate lunch in Shoreditch . “Could I get a chicken, pesto and mozzarella Panini, a bottle of water, a bag of ready salted crisps, a banana and some pistachios please?” she requested politely. Meanwhile, I was living off my daily fix of the new Pret A Manger green smoothie and a


EM Spring 2014.indd 46

24/02/2014 13:47

Pictured below Sasha Luss for Vogue Japan

chicken and cucumber wrap I’d whipped up that morning. I felt that if I was going to be in the presence of models all day every day, I should at least follow their lead and eat well.

When I wasn’t working directly with the models, I was given tasks in various areas of the office. I loved arranging the magazine archive in the digital and photographic room.

“I spotted Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista” Premier have a superb array of one-off publications and magazines from all countries. The three most up to date must be filed and I couldn’t help but flick through a couple that I’d never even heard of before. Downstairs stored near the studio, are the supermodel archives – I spotted Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. It just makes you realise how established an agency is when you see how they nurtured the careers of the famous supermodels in the late 1980’s. I have to admit how much I loved working at Premier. I must confess, before I started, I expected everyone to be in

their own zones and unwilling to give advice, or even be polite. Yet again this is a result of the media’s impact. It couldn’t be more further than the truth. I learnt so much within such a short space of time and if you were ever going to consider interning, I’d highly advise it. It’s worth investing that time into an area you want to pursue a career with. Spectating and understanding the ins

and outs is a key criteria to know if it’s really for you. I know I’ve found my calling. Do follow the agency on Twitter @PremierModels

Isabella x Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 47


24/02/2014 13:47

miss every model magazine charlie machin

Hey guys. My final diary entry for you all, as Miss Every Model Magazine 2013. So what have I been up to? I attended the World Trade Market in London with the reigning Miss and Mr England. We stood proudly on the Mauritius stand promoting their fabulous island and talking to people about our beautiful stay there. I had a great day, having photos taken, meeting new people and giving exclusive interviews. It was a great day and I was 48

happy to be there alongside the Miss England Team. I also went to the Clothes Show Live with the one and only Ruthie, where I experienced the full VIP treatment alongside many celebs from shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea. It was great attending this event as Miss Every Model magazine, especially because it had been a while since I had been to the show. I watched the catwalk show directly from the front row and it was fabulous. It made me want

to push my career that little further, and aspire to one day be in that show with such amazing models and dancers. I was also lucky enough to have a photo shoot with Jordan Williams, Mr England, for Every Model Magazine. It was a relaxed portrait theme, and we had lots of fun outside in the freezing cold weather. The final images were great and it was a pleasure working with Jordan as we get on so well. So it has come to the end of

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:47

my year in pictures

my reign as Miss Every Model Magazine 2013. It had been a great experience and since entering the competition I have achieved and done so many life changing things that I will never forget. Meeting Ruth and being a part of the magazine and of course the Miss England pageant has given me so much confidence

and mapped out the kind of life I wish to continue with from now on. I will be so sad to hand my title over but I know that the next deserving winner will have the best time of their life. I would like to thank all of the EM readers, followers, friends and family. But most of all 'My Manager' Ruth you

have been a fab role model, we have had so many great experiences together, and oh so many laughs and fun memories I will never forget. Thanks again. See You all soon and I'm sure you will still all hear from me and the things I'm getting up to.

Charlie x

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:47

meet the 2014 finalists The finalists competing for the title of Miss Every Model Magazine 2014 have been selected. As always we have embraced the Every Model Magazine philosophy of ‘every kind of model’ having a place in our industry. Finalists cover the modelling genre range from petite to plus size, fashion to editorial and commercial to catwalk. So who will take over from the wonderful Charlie? The final will be held on April 11th in Leicestershire. For regular updates visit the website








Every Model Magazine

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Kirsty B

Kirsty K


Melissa M

Melissa P





Sarah S Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:48

Sophie H

Stephanie G


2014 miss every model magazine is sponsored by and in association with

O in fl s


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out and about

Instagram is a fun part of the working day for a model. Every Model Mag brings you the best of the shots we have seen over recent months. If you have a similar snap then send it in to us at Our winning shot will receive a free subscription! #models #casting #working #fun #modelbehaviour #backstage #sneakpeak #modeltruth #reallifemodels #whatmodelsreallydo #loveourjob

winning shot!

Charlotte Holmes shooting for Inanch hair extensions with ‘Strictly’ star Olga Jordan 54

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:48


#everymodelmag Beauty Editor Dee on set with model Emily

Fashion shoot preview with #everymodelmag reporter, Alize

Backstage at LFW

Let us not forget the hard work put in by staff and crew every year. Photo: Camila Jurado

#everymodelmag reporter and model Laura. Backstage pre catwalk for Nicole De Carle

#everymodelmag LOVES x

The reality of shooting backstage. Photo by Spencer Douglass for a Khalil Fong album cover in Hong Kong


Ariel Perez J Melange @Jmelange ARTIST: Kae Ingram @facesofkae


Model: Akshit Brar Make-up and Hair: Dhaniya Raghavan Stylist: Aparna Netaji Location: Bangalore, India.

EM Spring 2014.indd 55

brings you some of our favourite models shots from the past few months. The models or professionals you see pictured are agency signed or commissioned. No Instagram ‘agency’ here! From captured funnies to seriously disturbing occupational hazards, we hope they make you smile. If you have a quirky, funny or a simple snapshot of you hard at work, then send it in to us at Check out Charlie Machin (bottom left, this page). We ‘think’ this was a dead jellyfish spotted on location during a beach shoot. We absolutely love the use of signs such as ‘models only, very fragile, please move carefully.’ Why not see what you can come up with out and about? Be it a casting, shoot or fashion show, look around you during those long ‘wait’ times, and be creative. We can’t wait to see what you send us for the next edition. We know there will be some side splitters!

Every Model Magazine


24/02/2014 13:48

Photography by Gavin Harrison. Photography assistants, Chris Tilley, Andy Beck, Carl Lickman. Stylist, Amma Key. Stylist assistant, Emily Petherick. Make up by Martin Carter using Givenchy Le Vernis & Givenchy men. Grants Hair Pomade by Models, Laura Brown at Alan Sharman. Ultan & Andy Barnett at Model Union. Special thanks to Chip Mead Motors, Leicester.

From left side to right: Ultan wears Jacket by Scotch & Soda from Pilot Leicester, Shirt by Saint Laurent Laura wears jacket by Hunt No More from Pilot Leicester Andy wears jacket from Reiss, Shirt Hermes

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24/02/2014 13:49

the em spring photogr aphic submission

if you want to kick start your photogr aphy career and need to see your work published in a national magazine, send it in to us at

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24/02/2014 13:49

Andy wears sleeveless jacket by G-star, Jeans by Rufskin from,Tshirt by Modus Vivendi, Scarf Bolongaro Trevor ( Laura wears jacket & shorts by Bologaro Trevor, blouse by Reiss, shoes by Irregular Choice.


Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:49

Andy wears vintage denim, comb & Grants hair styling pomade from

Pictured below, Andy wears white shirt by Riess, tie by Reiss, glasses by Specsavers style Osiris model no B76 & vintage driving gloves.

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:50

Images by Every Model Magazine Š 2014



The annual Clothes Show Live event held at the NEC, Birmingham last year in December saw models and dancers take to the stage wearing both high street and designer labels. 60

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:50

Celebrating its 25th year, the Clothes show live 2013 gave us Becca Dudley, Henry Holland, Peter Andre, Union J, Kingsland Road and Scott Innes amongst the presenters and acts supporting the event. Our favourite models and dancers gave us a top class performance in the fashion theatre. Stepping out to 2013 anthems such as James Arthur, You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You and Naughty Boy, Get Lucky, it was a toe tappin’, eyes buzzin’ and fashion a walkin’ show. Five days of catwalk shows, celebrity designer guests, makeovers, champagne bars, chocolate fountains and bargain shopping. Who wouldn’t want to a part of this annual fashion fiesta? As always Every Model Mag took their place in the press pit to bring you some shots of who, what and where, direct from the catwalk. Also frequently used as a scouting ground the Clothes Show Live has found new talent and many of Britain’s best models’ famous faces have been plucked from the shows. Erin O’Connor, Nina Porter and Erin Fee were all spotted by Susannah Hooke from Select Model Management. Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Jodie Karen and Caprice have also walked the Fashion Theatre Catwalk. Also supporting the show are the Fresh and Miss England team, also searching for their next big name. Every Model Magazine

EM Spring 2014.indd 61


24/02/2014 13:50


Every Model Magazine

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EM Spring 2014.indd 63

24/02/2014 13:51

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photogr aphs by every model magazine Location ❘ Maurtius Model ❘ charlie machin beach beauty prize winner for miss england

Every Model Magazine

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24/02/2014 13:51

career choices Model and Every Model Magazine reporter Anastasia Smith has spent the past few years looking at the various career paths available to her. So which direction has she decided to take? Ana tells us all‌


fter working for Bobbi Brown and as a runner for Channel 5 I realised that my passion was very much within the makeup industry. So, my first step was to gain a qualification at the legendary Greasepaint in London. I decided to go for the 5 Star course which covers TV, film, theatre, fashion and airbrushing.

EM Spring 2014.indd 66

The course is extremely fast paced and a huge amount of fun. All the tutors are working professionals and I have gained invaluable advice from each of them. Greasepaint was established by former BBC make-up artist, Julia Cruttenden. People were always asking Julia where they could train in make-up and hair and she saw the

opportunity to establish her own school - the first of its kind in the UK. The first course was run at the Questors Theatre in Ealing in West London. At the time Greasepaint offered just one course, run three times a year, a 6 week training in makeup and hair for Film, TV and theatre. The teachers were Julia and Joy Mulvey, both former BBC make-up artists.

24/02/2014 13:51

The two brains behind the Greasepaint school are Christine Vidler and Liz Tagg. I grabbed 5 minutes out of their hectic schedule to ask them a few quick fire questions...

Christine Vidler Christine is a BBC-trained make-up and hair designer. She has spent many years working in the fashion and film industries (including heading up make-up and hair for the BBC’s ‘The Clothes Show’ and ‘Style Challenge’). She continues to work regularly for the BBC and independent television companies.

liz tagg principal of greasepaint Liz was awarded the prestigious Hollywood Guild Award for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp). She has been nominated for both BAFTA and EMMY awards and her work has featured in magazines such as OK and Vanity Fair.

Ana: Do you have a number one favourite product you cannot live without?"

Ana: Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion hair makeup artist?"

Christine: You must have a perfect base, primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the base your putting on. My favourite is the Estée Lauder mattifying primer. I used it all last summer because it was quite hot and it kept the bases on a lot longer.

Christine: If you want to get into fashion hair and makeup you need to have an end goal,you have to have someone you aspire to that you really admire their work, I would think that is my goal and I will achieve that because anything is possible.

Liz: Moisturiser I could not put makeup on without a moisturiser. I don't use an expensive one, I use oil of Olay. My kit number one is the Bobbi Brown concealer palette you can do everything with it.

Liz: Get as much practice as you can.Makeup your friends and go help out at your local amateur dramatic centre. The more hands on experience you can get the better!

Pictured above Christine Vidler (top) and Lizz Tagg (bottom)

EM Spring 2014.indd 67

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24/02/2014 13:51


Every Model Magazine

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miss england ROCKS

in 2014

Photograph by Arvind Mattadeen


he Miss England final will this year be returning to the beautiful seaside resort of Torquay, South Devon on the 14th – 16th June . For the third year running the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority will be sponsoring the event and the ultimate winner will be given a VIP trip the beautiful island of Mauritius during her year like the reigning winner “Kirsty Heslewood” who placed 6th in Miss World .

the winner will be crowned on stage on Monday 16th June at the RICC Torquay . “The Torbay council made us feel so welcome last year , the resort had banners up on the roundabouts in the town and flags on the promenade , and its such a lovely English resort, perfect for the Miss England finals “ says Director of Miss England Angie Beasley.

Heats are now being held around the nation to find the 60 finalists who will get the chance to sample Devon’s delights and a chance to win over £30,000 worth or prizes including a place in Miss World and a trip to Mauritius . Visit the website for more details or to apply for a heat suitable for you.

The event will be held alongside a rock concert in the resort and finalists will have the chance to strut down the catwalk alongside rock bands and artists from around the country. The finalists will get the chance to stay at the Imperial hotel, and Every Model Magazine

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Industry Directory If you would like to be

Directory please contact us at:


Bizzy Kidz

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Tel: 020 8303 2627

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Celeb Agents

KG Model Management

Lipstick, Powder & Paint

Tel: 08448 123456

Tel: 020 7434 1180

Š every model magazine

accredited and listed in the Every Model Industry

Every Model Magazine

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DK Models

BMA Management

Samantha Bond

Tel: 0114 2573480

Tel: +44 (0)1442 878 878

Tel: +44 (0)2070130918

I-Star Management

Model Union


Tel: 01733 244674

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Girls 020 7352 9496 Men 020 7352 4886

Tel: 020 7734 1051

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Premier Model Management

Oxygen Models

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Tel: +44 20 7333 0888

Tel: 0207 351 2000

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Bespoke gowns & bikinis by

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