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{MEDOWS GARDEN HOUSEING PROJECTS 9 AM} (Camera shows)-Nugget is eating a giant size breakfast plate while reaching inside the refrigerator grabbing what is left of some orange juice; also rushing his brother who is supposed to be taking him to school because he’s late. (As camera shows) Dream throwing on his shirt and lighting his blunt Dream- “Nigga it’s not going to be many more of these trips to school I’m not your chauffer, it’s too damn early for this nugget man” Nugget- I over slept man come on. In a minute I’ll be at U.C.L.A., Wisconsin. Dream- “Nigga you like working out, shit you need to throw a spare set of clothes in that backpack and jog your ass up to the school for now on, because this right here is getting out of hand little bro.” Nugget-“Yeah right, (ha-ha) Momma you hear your son? “Momma you alright?” Mother-“Y’all know how I am in the morning. Just hurry up and finish your plate, it’s a quarter after and you better not drink all the orange juice again.” (Camera shows)-Nugget pouring out the last of the orange juice as she says that to him. Next- Dream comes out of his room and gets offered a plate and says. DREAM-“Nah ma I’m good with this breakfast right here,(Then he picks up the frying pan, moves it to the side and relights his blunt that went out.) MOTHER-“Boy! Do it again!! Dream you know I don’t play that mess in my kitchen! Now go on now…..And while you go drop your brother off, you should see if it’s not too late to enroll your damn self.” (Camera shows)- Nugget gives her a kiss and exit) DREAM- “I go to school every day momma, school of hard knocks you know that.” (Camera shows)- Dream reach in his pocket and pull out a few dollars and give it to his mother, kisses her on the cheek and heads for the door, when his mother stops him and says, MOTHER- “Let me get one until later baby?” DREAM- “I don’t have it mom, plus I told you …..”

MOTHER- “It’s too early for the bullshit Dream! You know I need it, now come on boy or I’ll get it from the Puerto Ricans up the Ave, come on now, please son, please.” DREAM- “Damn ma why you making me……” MOTHER- “Hurry up for your brother come back in here for something stupid” (Camera shows)- Dream looking out of the window to see if Nugget is still in the car eating, which he is .Then he goes into his back pocket and pulls out some dope bagged up and gives it to his mother. Once his mother takes the dope she quickly rushes over to the kitchen cabinet, grabs everything she needs to get her fix for the day while Dream shakes his head and pulls his fitted down and exits his crib. Then Dream serves another two feens in the hallway before getting to his car to take his brother to school. While Dream is making his sales Nugget finds a gun in the car while looking for a CD to put in, but his brother catches him. DREAM- “What are you snooping around for? Give me that boy, are you crazy?!” NUGGET- “Was that a nine, Dream?” DREAM- “You don’t need to know what that is little bro. All you need to know is how to be a quarter back, and read the play nigga, you hear me? Don’t let me find out you out here playing with these guns…..Is this a nine? (ha-ha –ha) stay focused nigga NUGGET- “I asked because the paper said two nights ago Miss McNeal son go shot with a nine and …” DREAM- “and I didn’t do it, and this is not a nine, so let’s ride.” (Camera shows)- Dream and Nugget pulling up to the school and as they do pull up Nuggets girl, Marcy and her group of cheer leader friends spot Nugget and Dream from a distance. Then back to the inside of Dreams car where he and Nugget are NUGGET- “You didn’t forget did you?” DREAM- “Oh yeah here, and don’t be giving my money to them groupies you got either boy, here take this $20 and be out little bro.” NUGGET- “You know all this big brother little brother shit is going to stop too ; because off the record every body, even momma know I’ll whoop that ass boy.” DREAM- “Yeah alright, ha-ha-ha” (Camera shows)-both of them laughing for a few seconds, then they both ride off to Nuggets school

{Next Scene}\

NUGGET-“I wasn’t talking about the doe, but shit I’ll take that, I was talking about tonight.” DREAM- “Tonight?” NUGGET- “Come on Dream! Damn man the game, tonight we play central, East Side vs. the Best side? Come on, you still coming right?” (Dreams phone rings and he is listening but counting money at the same time) DREAM- “I’m here; you just make sure you be there. Meaning, have your own transportation you dig?” Now go on now, get that education boy. You late and rub some of that oil on you too, as a matter of fact, take the bottle!” NUGGET- “be safe man, and I’ll see you later on tonight right?” DREAM- “ Close my door please.” (Camera shows)- Nugget rubbing on the Muslim oil and heading towards the school. As he gets toward the doors Marcy leaves from her group of friends and greets Nugget. Nugget puts his arm around her shoulders and she takes his arms off her and says MARCY- “Ewww you smell like weed. Let me find out, since when you start smoking weed boy?” NUGGET- “stop that you know I don’t smoke ma” MARCY- “you didn’t call either, what happened?”

NUGGET- “oh boy I see what type of day this is going to be.” MARCY- “and you late…..that’s twice this week too.” (Camera shows)- The two of them enter the class and take their seats in the class, and the bell rings to start third period. As soon as Nugget comes in the class a few of his classmates and football team mates all show him love and somebody behind him rubs on his nugget as soon as he takes his fitted hat off and pulls out his books from out his bag, while the teacher says to the class. TEACHER- “ Well class as you know, I have been really hard on homework so tonight I’m going to give you a break, only if you guys can promise me two things.” (the classroom sighs and gets ready to hear his proposition) TEACHER- “First I want you guys to promise me that you can team up in groups of fours and work on the assignment on page 8 out your text books and…..” (some of the students complain and close their text books, and make sad faces) TEACHER- “come on now, can’t we all just get along? Check this out no homework for two nights in a row if y’all can work together for the next 35 minutes, deal?” (the classroom calms down) NUGGET- “What’s the second thing we got to promise you teach?”(Someone in the back throws paper at Nugget) TEACHER- “That you and the rest of y’all West Side Warriors beat the breaks off the Bulldogs tonight!” (Camera shows)- Nugget gets up first and move his chair over next to Marcy and then gets the rest of the class to cooperate with him. The classroom begins doing the assignment but the camera zooms in on Nugget and Marcy passing each other wild love letters back and forth. Two other girls look from a far and one of the girls who’s sucking on a lollipop rolls her eyes at Marcy on the low and says under her breathe, “I hate that bitch” (Camera shows)- all the students exiting the classroom once the bell rings. As Marcy and Nugget are seen together talking on the way out the teacher pulls Nugget to the said and says TEACHER- “ Hey Terrell can I have a word with you right quick?” NUGGET- “Hey Marcy Ima holler at you later, what’s up teach?” TEACHER- “You alright man?” NUGGET- “I’m always alright, you know that, why you ask me that?”

TEACHER- “That’s not what im hearing, im hearing on the field you are doing alright but academically you are about to sit the bench.” NUGGET-“Nah im good I’ll bring my grades up trust me, I’m saying I’m doing my thing in here right!” TEACHER- “yes sir, but you definitely are one of the best students but in order to stay on your team, or even advance to college or the pros you got to have your academics up to par feel me?” NUGGET- “look man all I know is ….” TEACHER- “ look I’m not trying to get into you, all I’m saying is a lot of other people are concerned about you and don’t want you to ruin a good thing.”

Every Hood Has A Hero  
Every Hood Has A Hero  

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