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“More than half the born-again Christians in the world testify that literature played a part in their conversion. I regard Every Home for Christ as the most globe-covering literature vision the world has ever seen. The vision is very simple, but its outworkings have had extraordinary coverage and impact.” —Patrick Johnstone, author of the definitive intercessor’s guide Operation World, speaking of the effectiveness of EHC’s literature evangelism


WHAT IS EVERY HOME FOR CHRIST? Every Home for Christ (EHC) is a 65-year-old evangelism and discipleship ministry serving the Church to reach every home on earth with the Gospel. Beginning in 1946, EHC has reached more than 1.4 billion homes by systematically taking the Gospel home to home in 208 nations. More than three billion gospel messages pointing the way to Christ and salvation have been distributed, with over 103 million decisions and responses resulting and being followed-up with Bible correspondence courses. In regions with few or no churches, EHC has planted more than 176,000 New Testament fellowships called Christ Groups. EHC abides by three unalterable convictions: 1. The Great Commission must be taken literally; 2. Without unity, finishing the task of world evangelization is impossible; and, 3. Prayer, alone, will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling the Great Commission.


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A Great Passion for Souls The Vision Unfolds EHC Timeline Ahead of Its Time A True International Ministry The Growth of the Gospel; The Power of Prayer Making Disciples and Embracing Partnerships EHC's Humanitarian Work Building an Army of Intercessors By Land, by Sea, by Air… We Will Get There! To the Last Home





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October 6, 2011 marks Every Home for Christ’s 65th anniversary. Following is a look back at how we got here, where we are now and what we plan to do in the years ahead. Thank you for your partnership with EHC; we are ever grateful for those who support this ministry as we continue our effort to reach every single home on earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

// A GREAT PASSION FOR SOULS It was midnight on December 18, 1946, and young pastor Jack McAlister had just gone to bed. His wife Hazel lay beside him, exhausted from a full day of signing 700 Christmas cards. Minutes later, a raging fire swept through their home! Jack and Hazel jumped out of the window in a panic, but then Jack realized his precious Bible was still among the flames. He ignored pleas from firefighters and bounded back into the smoke-filled home to retrieve his most prized possession. Only years later would Jack realize that the Lord had spared his life for a higher purpose—that of reaching millions of lost souls for Christ. Jack McAlister was born in western Canada in February 1924. As he grew, his grandfather would distribute literature on the street proclaiming “The Good News.” This made a lasting impact on young Jack, who soon cultivated a great passion for souls and the need to share the news of Christ through the printed page. At age 18, God called Jack into full-time ministry. He preached on weekends while attending Bible school in western Canada. At 22, Jack married Hazel Swanson and together they began a weekly radio program called “Tract Club of the Air.” Listeners donated to the ministry for “paper missionaries” to be sent to evangelists overseas. When Jack heard the testimony of how an African chief had brought his entire village to Christ after receiving one simple gospel message, he became convinced that God would use the printed page to reach millions for Christ. The radio ministry soon outgrew its name and in 1952, World Literature Crusade (WLC) was born.


EHC Founder Jack McAlister

// THE VISION UNFOLDS Turn the clock ahead to 1953. World War II has ended, leaving Europe in shambles. The Allied Forces are victorious, and millions of homesick soldiers are returning home to rebuild their lives. In Japan, people remain haunted by vivid and bitter memories of the war. Struggling to rebuild their lives and nation, broken hearts seek answers only God can provide. In the midst of this setting, Jack McAlister envisions a new concept for world evangelization. He joins forces with fellow Canadian and missionary to Japan, Ken McVety (pictured on p. 5), along with a handful of Japanese believers to launch the first Every Home Crusade—a systematic, home-to-home distribution of “paper missionaries” (gospel literature) to a people in great spiritual need.

EHC TIMELINE 1946—“Tract Club of the Air” (later to become World Literature Crusade and Every Home for Christ) begins in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada by young pastor Jack McAlister. Radio listeners are encouraged to sponsor literature distribution campaigns overseas. 1951—Ministry moves from Canada to the United States.


(L) EHC workers systematically map out homes to be reached. (R) Ken McVety, left, pictured with Japanese believers and gospel literature.

When Jack had arrived in Tokyo that year, it was one of the largest cities in the world. Japan itself was a vast, unevangelized nation of 83 million people. During this time, two out of every three people on earth lived in Asia. Together, Jack and Ken hit the busy streets to ask people if they knew about Jesus. This was made easier by the fact that Ken could speak fluent Japanese. The first man they approached had never heard of Jesus. Another said he read about Him only in a history book. An old man wanted to know where Jesus lived. “We couldn’t find a single person who knew anything meaningful about Christ!” Jack recalled. The vision they had to tell others about Christ, however, did not come without peril. “As the work unfolded,” Ken said, “problems and crises came with crushing regularity. We were treading an untried path and had to trust God for His answer at each turn.” Despite the challenges, Jack and Ken knew that in a literate country like Japan, it was possible to reach the people; but they knew it had to be done systematically, family by family, home by home or else millions of people might be missed. That night Jack and Ken met in an apartment in Tokyo. There they spread out a large map of the city and prayed for God to help them effectively reach every person with the Gospel in Tokyo, as well as in all of Japan. Reaching every home systematically, they were convinced, was the best way to make sure the job got done. In fact, it was the only way to properly measure the results. As the details unfolded, excitement filled their hearts. They decided to include a decision card with each piece of literature to ensure that all who responded would be sent a follow-up Bible course. By midnight the “Every Home Crusade” plan was in place and history was made in that small flat in Tokyo.

1952—The ministry assumes a new name, World Literature Crusade (WLC). October 1953—Japan: First “Every Home Crusade” is launched by founder Jack McAlister and fellow missionary to Japan, Ken McVety, who later serves as WLC/ EHC's National Director for Japan. 1957—First TV program airs with missionary statesman Dr. Oswald J. Smith. Smith visits the WLC office in Tokyo, Japan with Jack McAlister and Ken McVety and, upon examining tens of thousands of decision cards, declares, “There is nothing like this happening in the entire world.” 1957-1972—WLC conducts 707 Radio Missionary Conventions in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. Late 1960s—WLC’s World Prayer Map is unveiled. October 1972—India: The first Christ Group is established in Madras, India. To date more than 176,000 have been established worldwide in areas with few or no churches. 1975—WLC’s five-hour World Evangelism Special begins airing in hundreds of television markets in the United States, Canada and Australia. It is the first use of a multi-hour television special by any ministry to mobilize support for global missions. October 1975—Every month, an average of 70,000 decisions pour into WLC offices worldwide. There are now 2,058 full-time staff members worldwide placing the Gospel in tens of thousands of homes daily. At this time translation has been done in 59 major languages of the world spoken by more than 85 percent of the earth’s population. September 1976—Dick Eastman, newlyappointed director of prayer mobilization for WLC, teaches his first Change the World School of Prayer, held in Visalia, California. Twelve people attend. Soon, ten full-time instructors are conducting as many as 30 Schools of Prayer each month. To date, the CTWSOP has trained over three million Christians in scores of nations, sponsored by more than 120 denominations and missions groups.

That was in 1953. Today in Japan, more than 198 million gospel booklets have been distributed, yielding a harvest of 396,874 responses to the Gospel! What was birthed that night has become one of the largest home-to-home evangelistic organizations in the world celebrating over 103 million responses to the Gospel worldwide!



Jack McAlister and Oswald J. Smith

The leadership at WLC realized early on how modern technology could impact the work. Back in the 50s and 60s, television was a new and exciting medium; and because EHC began as a radio ministry, the move to television was natural just as it was in the entertainment business. By the early 70s, TV became the primary means to introduce people to the worldwide outreach of the ministry. To be sure, the idea of purchasing extended airtime on television on a major scale was untried in Christian circles. Even the model of the secular “telethon” was discarded early on. But after two

years of fine-tuning, God, in His marvelous way, brought the ministry into the world of televised programming. Though a monumental task, a five-hour television event entitled “World Missions Special” effectively communicated to Christians the pain of a world lost without Christ. Aired more than 300 times in five years, the special reached virtually every television audience in the United States, Canada and Australia. Even more amazing, World Literature Crusade experienced greater growth in two years than in its preceding 25 years of existence due to this one special alone!

// A TRUE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY In 1976, the ministry celebrated its 30th anniversary. By now, offices had been established in various regions of the world. The uniqueness of enlisting leadership from within the nations made WLC different from other missionary-sending agencies. There was no need for language study; often, leaders spoke more than one language. Also, having people native to the country overseeing the field operations meant they knew the culture; they knew how people in their land would respond; they understood the challenges; and they were familiar with the laws and religious tensions within their borders. The utilization of indigenous workers set this ministry apart and made the ministry as diverse as it was multi-cultural. In India, the one billion pieces of literature that had been distributed by 1976 had spawned a dramatic number of inquirers who wanted to become Christians. The State of Uttar Pradesh alone reported more than 600,000 conversions. The desire for follow-up materials increased rapidly. In response, a four-part Bible correspondence course was designed to help the new believers in their faith. Additionally Seekers’ Conferences were held for one-week intensive training, but it was not enough and people still wanted more. At a meeting in Madras, WLC leaders prayed for God's guidance. They decided to pursue a very simple idea—to organize converts into small home groups where they would get instruction in the Word and fellowship together. Thus the “Christ Group” was born. These small fellowships of believers now number more than 176 million and have been planted throughout the world.


A Christ Group in India “There are two things in the entire history of missions that have been absolutely central. One, most obviously, is the Bible itself. The other is the printed page. There is absolutely nothing else in terms of missions methodology that outranks the importance of the printed page. Meetings come and go. Personalities appear and are gone. But the printed page continues to speak.” —Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Missions

EHC TIMELINE (continued) October 6, 1976—30th anniversary of WLC. Operation Hope is launched in every country where WLC has works. This is a carefully-planned outreach to every university student, every prisoner, every hospital patient, every blind person, every seaman, every semiliterate person, every political and business leader in each country who cannot be reached through general house-tohouse distribution. 1977—The first presentation of "The Hour That Changes the World" (later to become a best-selling book by Dick Eastman) debuts in WLC's newsletter.

Pioneer Missionaries

// THE GROWTH OF THE GOSPEL; THE POWER OF PRAYER By 1987, World Literature Crusade had been renamed Every Home for Christ (see timeline at right). As the years passed other outreaches, ministries and discipleship programs became part of the Every Home for Christ landscape. Projects were implemented to reach out to the blind, to prison inmates and to patients and their families in hospitals. “Pioneer missionaries,” EHC workers who sacrificed their entire lives for the cause of reaching every home on earth with the Gospel, traveled night and day to villages and locales no one knew existed. Unreached people groups were discovered.

Churches were planted. Lives were changed. And souls were saved. The reason for all this progression, EHC’s founder believed, was due to EHC’s emphasis on prayer. In fact, Jack McAlister had been an ardent supporter of prayer, saying, “God puts Himself at your disposal to change people all over this world as a direct result of prayer. When you pray, spiritually blind eyes see a loving, forgiving Christ and lives are transformed.” The World Prayer Map, unveiled in the late 1960s, had become a popular prayer tool used by believers around the world to pray every month for each nation of the world. In 1976, Jack appointed a young pastor from northern California, Dick Eastman (pictured right), to become director for prayer mobilization. Dick would soon establish the Change the World School of Prayer, equipping believers to embrace prayer in their lives and communities. For the ministry prayer was and is the central focus; it is, in fact, our third unalterable conviction: Prayer, alone, will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling the Great Commission. Dick would later become international president of EHC in 1988 (see Q&A, p. 14). Prayer is essential to all the global work of EHC, especially when it comes to the more risky elements of world evangelization. EHC has works in restricted nations, called “Creative Access Nations,” where preaching the Gospel is forbidden and where one can lose their life if it is discovered that they are engaged in Christian activity. EHC has works in 13 such nations and without prayer as the cornerstone of EHC, it is clear the work could not continue in such difficult regions of the world.

December 1977—India: First Seekers’ Conference for the blind who have responded to WLC home-to-home ministry is held in New Delhi. 1980—Jack McAlister retires as president and is replaced by long-time overseas director, Korean-born Yohann (Johnny) Lee. April 26, 1986—Chernobyl, Russia: Nuclear plant explosion sends radioactive cloud of death over vast reaches of the former Soviet Union. Within a few years WLC would plant more than 33 Christ Groups within the shadow of Chernobyl. One fellowship, some 60 miles away, would ultimately grow into a congregation of more than 3,000 believers.

April 1987—United States: Because

most of the national works of World Literature Crusade overseas are known as Every Home Crusades, the U.S. Board of Directors authorizes a ministry name change from World Literature Crusade to the more appropriate Every Home for Christ (EHC). August 1987—EHC celebrates reaching 10,000 hospital patients worldwide in a single month with the Good News of Jesus Christ. August 1987—Zambia: EHC sends 22 tons of emergency food aid during a devastating famine. September 1988—USA: Dick Eastman is named International President of Every Home for Christ International, a position he holds to the present. 1989—Berlin Wall falls. Dick Eastman journeys back to see the wall come down where he had prayed a year earlier. Within six months of the fall of the Berlin Wall, EHC’s West German office follows-up more than 120,000 requests for Bible follow-up materials. 1990—Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, EHC launches its first work there, entitled “Operation Morning Star” in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. To date, more than 29 million households have been visited in the former Soviet Union. 1991—EHC headquarters office is relocated from Chatsworth, California to Colorado Springs, Colorado.


// MAKING DISCIPLES AND EMBRACING PARTNERSHIPS In more recent years, the need for training has increased globally as more and more baby Christians mature and wish to disciple others. Mobile Training Centers, a multi-media system including a video projector, solar panel, camera and other items in a compact device that easily fits on the back of a motorcycle, provide consistent discipleship and leadership training to new and existing Christ Groups, pastors and pastors-to-be. This is done by “taking the school to the student” utilizing the teaching of small groups of learners coming together to receive training in villages far away from modern conveniences. Through an MTC, EHC can train as many as 600 or as few as 100 leaders. At the end of the training, materials are provided to each attendee to help them progress even further in their theological education.

// EHC’S HUMANITARIAN WORK Every Home for Christ is involved in several humanitarian projects around the world. The EHC Overseas Aid Programme through EHC Australia, led by Eric Leach, exists to give assistance and training to developing countries by providing the skills necessary for sustainable development of themselves and their environment. This includes emergency relief in times of disaster. The program's philosophy is to help disadvantaged groups by working with national workers from EHC-affiliated organizations to reduce poverty in developing countries and to improve standards of living, giving the poor tools for self development. See more on these works in an upcoming issue of Every Home magazine.

Intercessory Worship at EHC headquarters

Discipleship Training

EHC has used other ministries’ discipleship materials in the past, but in recent years has developed a highly effective curriculum called “Be Fruitful and Multiply” (BFAM). BFAM seeks to disciple new believers by teaching them what it means to establish a holy and TIONSHIP ILED RELA RECONC worthy walk in Christ by encouraging them rnerstone 1 The Co to embrace life’s lessons found in Scripture. It does this by teaching precept-upon-precept, thus providing a solid foundation of primary biblical truths. This new training is now being used in several countries and has proven to be a huge asset to the workers on the field.

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Over the years, EHC has also continued to foster partnerships with other organizations to further evangelism efforts. These include World Missionary Press, Revival Movement Association, Global Recordings Network, Institute of Church Growth, Mission Aviation Fellowship, New Tribes Mission and Wycliffe Bible Translators. New relationships with Youth With A Mission and the International House of Prayer have the potential to expand into even greater partnerships in the future. This follows EHC’s second unalterable conviction: Without unity, finishing the task of world evangelization is impossible.

// BUILDING AN ARMY OF INTERCESSORS In support of EHC’s third unalterable conviction that prayer, alone, will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling the Great Commission, an EHC internship program has been developed at The Jericho Center, born out of a vision by Dick Eastman to build teams of prayer warriors called Intercessory Missionaries whose sole purpose is to intercede for the nations. These people have felt called by God to come on site for prayer and worship 24/7. Currently this is being done in EHC’s Watchman Training Center, a large sanctuary complete with a Watchman Wall, patterned after the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It has become obvious to those in EHC’s offices worldwide that as the prayer initiatives throughout the ministry grow, so does the impact of the Gospel around the world. And in nations where EHC has works, you can be sure the message of hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ is being proclaimed, village to village, family to family, home to home. See page 12 for ways you can partner with Every Home for Christ to reach 5,000 people with the Gospel this year.




// BY LAND, BY SEA, BY AIR… WE WILL GET THERE! EHC workers will use any means possible to reach every home


Called the rural Mercedes in places like India and Africa, the bike is the most common form of transportation in the world. Traveling by bicycle, an EHC pioneer missionary can often reach ten times the number of homes and villages that could be reached in a typical day by walking.


Not everyone is afforded the luxury of a motorbike. They are usually reserved for National Directors and zonal leaders who must travel long distances to help coordinate EHC campaigns.


With a 4x4 truck or SUV, EHC workers can transport workers and materials across great distances, tackling even the most rugged terrain. The use of these vehicles has accelerated the rate of EHC campaigns by a great margin. They are the dream of most field offices and add to the number of people saved exponentially.


Christian pilots serving with organizations like Mission Aviation Fellowship, who partner with EHC, help take workers and supplies into remote regions. This mode of transportation has another quality: pioneer missionaries can pinpoint villages from the air that need to be reached with the Gospel!


Because so much area to be reached is located among islands and on river banks, it is important for EHC workers to have access to boats to get from one locale to another. Boats help workers reach those hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies.


EHC TIMELINE (continued) 1992—EHC workers enter Kwaio territory, Malaita (Solomon Islands), South Pacific. Within months over 4,000 previously unreached people come to Christ where several missionaries had been martyred in the past. 1993—EHC’s first World Congress (for Regional and National Directors) is held in Colorado Springs at the Navigators, Glen Eyrie.

October 6, 1996—Every Home for Christ turns 50. At this time, EHC workers are reaching 50,000 families per day with the Gospel; 1.8 billion gospel booklets have been distributed; 176 nations reached; more than 22 million people have responded to the Good News; and more than 31,000 Christ Groups have been planted by EHC workers. February 1997—Singapore: 800 people attend Dick Eastman’s “Joy of Prayer” seminar. 1998—Hurricane Mitch devastates Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. EHC steps in with other ministries to care for the suffering and spread the Good News of Jesus. September 19, 1999—Groundbreaking for The Jericho Center takes place in Colorado Springs; key national and local Christian leaders offer words of encouragement and prayers at the consecration of the building site. August 2003—The Jericho Center for Global Evangelism is completed and dedicated. December 26, 2004—230,000 people are killed in Indian Ocean tsunami that strikes Indonesia and other nations. EHC launches a concerted effort to help rebuild entire villages while sharing the Good News with devastated villagers. 2005—First edition of EHC’s Kids World Prayer Map is released. 2006—60th Anniversary of Every Home for Christ. 2008—Dick and Dee Eastman celebrate 20 years as leaders of EHC.

Whether it’s a horse, a yak, a mule, a camel or a spitting llama, EHC workers use various animals to carry them and their materials from one place to another.

2009—Watchman Training Center is dedicated. EHC launches internship program enlisting prayer support for the nations through the aptly named Intercessory Missionaries.


July 2011—EHC reaches milestone

When the roads are washed away and the trails run out; when the jungles prove too dense for even a motorbike to pass through; when the climb up a mountain is so rugged a regular bike tire would shred upon impact; EHC pioneer missionaries rely on the one thing they can count on that won’t break down: their own two feet. Pray for these precious ones who give their all and sacrifice so much to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

of 100 million responses to the Gospel worldwide.

September 2011—EHC celebrates 65 years of ministry and 100 million responses to the Gospel!




EHC’S REGIONAL DIRECTORS ARE GENTLE GIANTS WHO WON’T STOP UNTIL EVERY HOME IS REACHED WITH THE GOSPEL Over the past 65 years, Every Home for Christ has been blessed to have leaders who seem especially anointed by God to reach the lost. Back in the 70s, Regional Directors (RDs) were referred to as “continental directors.” Some grew up in religious families. Some grew up having never heard the name of Christ. But all were and are committed to reaching the last home in their regions with the Good News. Every Home for Christ could not complete the task without their sacrifice and the army of faithful workers who serve under them.



Edoh Fiozandji joined EHC in 1994 and became Regional Director in 2003. Edoh, who grew up in Togo, was the son of a village witch doctor and was being groomed to take over that role. But after studying under a Christian teacher he became a believer. Now many in his village are also Christians thanks to Edoh’s testimony!

Many Europeans simply don’t feel it is necessary to have faith in “religion.” Pierre Clément, EHC’s Regional Director for Europe, is up for the challenge. After all, Pierre grew up in the EHC family; his father, Bernard, served six years and was the founder of EHC in France.

In French Africa there are many challenges. Edoh says, “Fanatic Islam and animism are rampant. Witch doctors make a living through other people’s sacrifices.” Often the roads are impassible as well. Despite the obstacles, Edoh says, “We must reach them. They need to be saved. We must reach every home! We are a movement, a vision, a lifestyle.”

Prior to coming to the ministry, Pierre served with the Billy Graham Association in France and pastored a church near Paris. Since joining the EHC ministry in 1976 as National Director of France, he has been instrumental in lending support to French-speaking African nations as well as heading up the Europe work. Although this region is a challenging place in which to preach the Gospel, Pierre and his teams find that the daily burden is outweighed by the pure joy of bringing the Good News to the lost.



José Seisdedos, a Spaniard, has been with EHC since 1976 and has served as Regional Director for Latin America since 2000. When he met the Lord at 14, he read in his Bible that the last command of Jesus to His followers was to go and preach the Gospel. “I didn’t know how to do it,” he says, “and that created within me great anxiety. I wondered what would happen to the lost. If what the Bible said was true, I realized I must find a way to tell them!”

Hennie Hanekom came to EHC in 1991 and became Regional Director for Anglo-Africa in 1998. One of EHC’s largest regions, it is made up of 23 active nations. Hennie says, “It is the greatest joy to serve the Lord in this capacity and to be a part of the EHC international leadership team. I am not just an EHC international ‘employee’ but I have literally become EHC—which is a sentiment shared by each person in the Regional Office. What we are doing is beyond mere employment. It is a blessing from Jesus!”

From early on, José reached the conclusion that the best tool for spreading the Gospel is the printed page. He says, “Latin America is a continent in deep social, political and economic crisis. These challenges can either be perceived as obstacles or, as opportunities to reach people’s hearts.”


Hennie believes prayer is vital for the ministry to continue its momentum. “Thank you for praying for our region and all the regions in which EHC works. We are so grateful to God for the phenomenal things taking place. We are literally ‘thrusting’ EHC forward as a ministry as never before!”

COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES (CIS) Ondrej Garaj, the newest Regional Director and the head of the EHC work in the Commonwealth of Independent States, is a unique individual. He speaks several languages, comes from a Communist background, and in 2010 was tasked to lead the C.I.S. region, which includes the nations of the former Soviet Union. As a young man, Ondrej was a part of a Communist youth organization in Czechoslovakia. A dedicated atheist, Ondrej began to seek information about Christ in order to refute Christianity. He soon discovered he was drawn to Christian ideals and accepted Christ as Savior. Ondrej would became an outspoken evangelist and in 1991, he was appointed National Director for Slovakia.

SOUTH ASIA RIM Jacob George has been with EHC since 1978. Since he became Regional Director for the South Asia Rim in 2000, Jacob has literally gone to the ends of the earth to proclaim the Good News. Jacob feels a special connection to the Christians in his region, saying, “They are not only worshippers, they are good givers. Most are poor, but in their poverty they are rich! We are seeing new converts daily and are preparing for an even greater harvest in the days ahead!” Even though great things are happening, Jacob describes the unique challenges that come from fundamentalists. “We need to be wise and do what needs to be done urgently,” he says. “We cannot take casually our responsibility to reach these nations for Christ!”



Samuel Hilel Lal, who has served with EHC for 29 years, has been Regional Director for India since 2001. India’s first nationwide coverage, “Operation Last Home,” occurred from 1965 to 1975. It took more than ten years to reach every accessible home in India with the Gospel. India EHC received more than one million responses and decisions from the outreach. Especially noteworthy during the first coverage was the discovery of 126 villages the government didn’t even know existed.

Manasa Kolivuso was born again in 1984 having an experience he likens to the apostle Paul’s on the road to Damascus. “Saul was confronted by a light from heaven,” he recalls. “For me there was a warmth in my room that I had never experienced before. It was the very presence of God Almighty. I could hear a soft, small voice saying, ‘You have been running from Me for too long. You are now in the valley of decision.’ I asked God to forgive me all my sins. That night I opened the door of my heart and invited Jesus Christ into my life.”

India has undergone recent intensive persecution of believers. “This work,” Samuel says, “is challenging and difficult. Yet, as far as I know, my God, Jesus, came and lived through impossible circumstances and He invites us to do the same. Pray for courage for the Church of Jesus Christ to grow and multiply in India.”

Ever since that night, Manasa has held various church leadership positions, then in 2000 became EHC’s Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific region. He says, “We are daily seeing God’s plan unfold and many miracles are happening before our eyes.”




Q: As we approach the 65th anniversary of Every Home for Christ and celebrate 100 million responses to the Gospel, what are your thoughts? DE: Milestones such as this are very important to a ministry like EHC. For one thing, it reminds us of the faithfulness of those who have gone before us. I am certain our founder could not have imagined all that was going to happen over these six-and-one-half decades. This celebration is especially meaningful since only a few weeks ago we passed the milestone of 100 million decisions and responses to the Gospel being followed-up with Bible courses during EHC’s 65 years of ministry.


I remember when I came into my role as president in 1988, we had seen about 12 million responses up to that date. It is clear that the harvest is increasing dramatically as the Church globally moves closer and closer to completing the Great Commission. Imagine the joy heaven must be experiencing as the result of 100 million people responding to our home-tohome campaigns over the years. Jesus said the angels rejoice when one soul repents. I think our workers are keeping the angels quite busy rejoicing. Q: You have been the president of EHC for more than 23 years. In so doing, you have traveled many times around the world. What kind of perspective has this given you as the international leader of the ministry? What has it taught you about the world and EHC’s role in the Great Commission? DE: If you add up the actual miles that both Dee and I have traveled they would easily total 100 times around the world. On more than one occasion, a pilot has come out of the cockpit before takeoff, walked back to our row, and thanked us for keeping them in business! Of course, traveling as much as we do allows us to see how remarkable the work of God is throughout the nations. My book Look What God Is Doing! documents just a tiny fraction of what really is happening. Our monthly magazine gives fresh updates to show how such a simple ministry can produce such profound results. I think especially of how a Hindu priest came to Christ through the EHC ministry on top of a mountain in Nepal about 17 years ago. (We only learned the full story about two years ago.) Now there is a church of more than 300 worshipers on that mountain; and they have planted at least seven more congregations in the surrounding area and started a Bible school. And it all began through a single 16-page gospel booklet.

The main thing that I have learned is that the task of world evangelization is achievable. Jesus did not give us an assignment that was impossible. According to our historical records, the very first home visited in our Every Home campaigns was in Japan. Imagine that since that day in 1953, more than 1.4 billion homes have now been visited personally. I’ve also learned that the Gospel, in printed form, can cross all cultural boundaries. Everyone, everywhere, has a longing to know why they have been placed on earth and what the future holds. Our workers go right to where these people live and give them hope, not only for this life but for the life to come. Most Christians can remember the account of Paul in Acts 16 having a vision in the night when a man from Macedonia pleaded for Paul to come and help him know the truth of the Gospel. There are yet millions of people in this condition who may not realize they are lost, but it is a universal cry of the heart to know why we are here on earth and what will happen when we die. I am certain that many tens of millions would come to Christ if we could simply go to them and show them the way. I rejoice that our global force of workers is now seeing as many as 200,000 families (or more) reached every day right where they live. Because as many as five people live in each home, this means about one million people daily have the Good News placed within hands’ reach. Q: What comes to mind when you think of EHC’s pioneer missionaries? Describe your impressions of our volunteers/ workers overseas. DE: The term “pioneer missionary” is how we describe our dedicated field evangelists. They remind me of those New Testament disciples who were willing to risk their lives simply to tell others about the love of Christ. We have approximately 4,000 supported staff around


the world and as many as 30,000 or more monthly volunteers who help reach these many thousands of families daily. The risks for these workers are many. I recall a dedicated young leader in a vast, remote region of Africa who lost not just one child to a snake bite, but two children to snake bites over a period of three years. When friends questioned why he and his wife stayed in the region, he simply told them that he had no choice but to continue the work until every village of that vast region had been reached with the Gospel. Indeed, out of 920 villages in his area, over 600 not only have been reached with the Gospel but now have a New Testament church fellowship planted in them because he and his fellow workers refused to give up. What challenges do those on the field face that need the most prayer? DE: As I mentioned, many of our workers in the more difficult areas risk their lives on a regular basis. The least we can do is pray for them and support them financially so they have all the tools they need to finish the task. I have seen young evangelists weep for joy and shout praises to God just because we were able to give them a bicycle. I have been told often that if they have to walk to the villages, they may reach one or two in a day. If they have a bicycle, they might visit ten villages. A bicycle and one of our Go-Packs full of literature in their language is a huge blessing to these workers. Most of them sleep on the ground at night, and if they are able to carry a tent with them, at least they have shelter from the rain and hot sun. There are other perils that we normally don’t think of in our culture today. For example, I remember the amazing testimony of a young female worker in Asia who rejoiced that when a dog bit her recently, he didn’t tear the skin off her leg like another dog had done about a year earlier.


In Africa, catching malaria is a common occurrence. I even recall a sad story some years ago of our National Director in Burkina Faso who died of malaria. Only later did we find out from his wife that he refused to use money given for literature to buy medication because he felt that people had given the funds for the Gospel and not for medicine. Of course, we only heard about this after his tragic death. But it does show the amazing dedication and integrity of those so deeply devoted to taking the Good News of Jesus to those who have never heard. You were on the ground immediately following the Chernobyl disaster at a nuclear facility. You also visited Berlin the week the Wall fell. You have prayed with several U.S. presidents and were present in the White House when President Reagan signed into law America’s National Day of Prayer. How have these significant moments in history impacted you and what have you learned from them as they relate to the work of EHC? DE: God has shown me clearly that He is the one who opens doors that no man can shut. I especially recall my trip to Eastern Europe three days after the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded. One of our board members strongly cautioned me against making the trip. I recall his words specifically: “How can you risk your life by going into a place where there is such heavy nuclear radiation?” I don’t know why I responded as I did, but my simple reply was, “Jesus touched the lepers, didn’t He?” The board member replied, “What does that have to do with it?” I then explained that in Jesus’ day leprosy was the most contagious disease there was, and yet Jesus laid His hands on lepers. He knew that His heavenly Father would protect Him. Of course, I went on that trip and have never experienced any adverse health issues as a result. While there I was able to launch our Schools of Prayer in Eastern Europe, where they are still being taught.

Following that journey other miracles happened as God opened doors into all of the Communist world. In fact, within just a few years of the Chernobyl disaster some 33 new house churches were started in the immediate area surrounding the now defunct plant. One of these fellowships, about 60 miles away, ultimately grew to more than 3,000 believers and is still a strong work today. Regarding the occasions of being in the White House, these were all in conjunction with my role as president of America’s National Prayer Committee. Although my specific calling and consuming focus of ministry is leading Every Home for Christ, it has been a joy to be a part of the National Prayer Committee since its inception in 1975. One of the main accomplishments of the committee has been seeing the National Day of Prayer become an official, annual national day. I tell the whole story of how this miracle came about in Chapter 28 of my recent book The Purple Pig and Other Miracles, entitled “Pray through the Window.” I can say that praying personally with some of our presidents has helped me recognize how much of a weight is upon their shoulders and, even if their politics are different than mine, Scripture tells me we are to pray for “all” those in authority.

Dick speaks at the National Day of Prayer.

You are known for your personal practice of prayer as well as teaching and writing on the subject. Explain how prayer is impacting Every Home for Christ globally. How has prayer made the difference in the ministry and in your own personal life? After all these years, how are you able to keep a daily prayer time even when traveling around the world? DE: When I came to the ministry of Every Home for Christ, I was the director of prayer mobilization. I quickly discovered that our founder believed prayer was as vital to the EHC vision as financial support and anything else required to send the Good News out to the nations.

Dick prays for the Berlin Wall to come down. (Mark 11:23)


Dick with the Pygmies in Zaire (now Democratic Rep. of Congo)

Of course, I was already convinced that prayer was critical to the fulfilling of God’s plan for the nations. Before coming to EHC, Dee and I had started a prayer center in Sacramento, California, where young high school graduates and college-aged students sacrificed a year of their lives to come live in residence at our Sacramento center and pray day and night for God’s work around the world. It was during those days that I became convinced that my most important appointment every day was with the Lord in prayer. It is true that there have been long airplane flights over the international timeline when we’re not even sure what day it is. However, I have learned that I can simply turn an airline seat into a prayer closet during a flight to the other side of the world that may involve 24 to 36 hours before reaching our destination. I don’t consider this to be a difficult discipline at all. It is simply a way of life. In the same way that I would eat a meal on the plane that is served (even as bad as airplane food can sometimes be) I can also take time to quietly go through my prayer list and read my Bible and do anything else that I might normally do in our prayer closet back at home. Of course, I do it quietly when on a plane. I can’t speak for others, but I know I need that quiet time in God’s presence every day no matter how rigorous the schedule may be. What makes Every Home for Christ unique in its evangelistic approach (i.e., the use of indigenous workers, volunteers, door-to-door, systematic evangelism)?


DE: I believe every ministry raised up of God has something unique in its makeup that contributes to the whole of God’s plan to advance His kingdom. Perhaps what makes Every Home for Christ unique is the manner in which a vast nation of many millions of people is broken down into villages, barrios, precincts, and individual neighborhoods with a determination that every single dwelling is to be visited with the Good News. I especially recall our work among the Pygmies in Africa where our director told us they couldn’t conduct an “Every Home Campaign” because the Pygmies all lived in trees. He joyously told me, “We have launched the Every Tree Crusade.” He then added an interesting revision to our long-stated ministry goal that “we will not stop until we reach the last home on earth with the Gospel!” He smiled and said, “We will not stop until we reach the last tree on earth with the Gospel!” So, I think the uniqueness in what we do is the systematic approach to keep going until everyone has access to the Good News. How important are partnerships with other ministries to fulfilling the EHC vision? DE: Over the past 65 years, one of the wonderful realities in seeing this vision spread has been the cooperation of so many denominations and mission-minded agencies. Well over 500 different groups in these categories have officially partnered with us in some way, at some time. In many cases these partnerships have continued for decades. For example, it is out of all these churches and groups that a vast percentage of our volunteers come. It is also out

of these groups that we often find our National and Regional Directors. Additionally, there are some ministries that supply us invaluable tools that save us hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. I think of ministries like World Missionary Press of New Paris, Indiana; and Revival Movement Association of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Both of these ministries print tens of millions of gospel booklets annually for many different ministries around the world, including Every Home for Christ. They provide us excellent literature free of charge because they know our workers will take these messages to places where their other contacts may never go. World Missionary Press, for example, has provided more than 100 million gospel messages since our partnership began with them in the 1980s. Revival Movement Association also has provided tens of millions of messages for regions like Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. I rejoice in these kinds of partnerships that help us reach so many more people. In these kinds of partnerships, we provide the foot soldiers and the followup teams and they help provide the salvation messages that introduce people to Christ. How can those who receive this magazine and are reading this interview become a part of this growing harvest? DE: We’ve all heard the age-old question and answer that comes from Africa: “How do you eat an elephant?” Of course, the answer is simply: “One bite at a time!” We want to challenge every reader to take his or her “bite” out of the harvest by prayerfully helping reach at least

5,000 people annually with the Good News. That’s like reaching five remote villages, each with 1,000 people, who have never heard the name of Jesus. Our experience is that as many of 200 of these people (and maybe more) will respond in some way to the Gospel coming to their home. These will then be followed-up with Bible courses. Often this ultimately results in the planting of Christ Groups in the villages reached. By joining our Reach 5000 family any partner can someday go to heaven with his or her own special harvest. I have never met an individual who personally led as many as 200 people to Jesus in a single year. True, some evangelists and pastors of larger local churches may see numbers like this, but for most believers it would be wonderful if they led one or two people to Christ in a given year. Imagine gathering in a personal harvest of as many as 200 each year for the rest of one’s life. That’s what our Reach 5000 program is all about. It costs just $35 a month and those funds include not only the printing and distribution of the gospel messages, but all transportation and follow-up costs and even all the costs of ultimately planting new Christ Group fellowships as the result of the home-to-home ministry. This is only slightly more than a dollar a day invested in eternity. I would encourage the reader to contact our office for more information on becoming a Reach 5000 partner. Of course, those uniquely blessed financially might reach 10,000, 20,000 or even 50,000 people annually. No believer should ever go to heaven without a personal harvest!

EHC’s International President Dick Eastman (providing leadership from 1988 to the present) is the author of 15 books on prayer and evangelism with more than three million copies in print. Dick also serves as president of America’s National Prayer Committee, made up of diverse Christian leaders who provide oversight for America’s annual National Day of Prayer the first Thursday of each May.


“Among the eternal resources available to the Church, the printed page stands first.” —Frank Gaebelein, former editor of Christianity Today

// EHC TIMELINE: INITIAL LAUNCH DATES OF NATIONS 1946—Canada 1951—United States 1953—Japan 1957—Luxembourg 1958—Argentina 1958—Italy 1958—South Korea 1960—Antigua & Barbuda 1960—Australia 1960—Austria 1960—Bahamas 1960—Barbados 1960—Cayman Islands 1960—Chile 1960—Denmark 1960—Dominica 1960—Finland 1960—Greenland 1960—Grenada 1960—Guyana 1960—Jamaica 1960—Marshall Islands 1960—Martinique 1960—Northern Marianas 1960—Palau 1960—Pitcairn 1960—Portugal 1960—St. Helena 1960—St. Kitts-Nevis 1960—St. Lucia 1960—St. Vincent & Grenadines 1960—Taiwan 1960—Trinidad & Tobago 1960—Turks & Caicos Islands 1960—British Virgin Islands 1960—U.S. Virgin Islands 1961—Belgium 1961—Dominican Republic 1961—Swaziland 1962—Anguilla 1962—Aruba 1962—Honduras 1962—Hong Kong 1962—Iceland 1962—Netherlands 1962—Netherlands Antilles 1962—Puerto Rico 1962—Vatican City 1963—American Samoa 1963—Brazil 1963—Guatemala 1963—Kenya 1963—Mexico 1963—Peru 1963—Vietnam 1964—Channel Islands 1964—El Salvador 1964—Fiji 1964—France 1964—Zimbabwe 1965—Costa Rica 1965—Democratic Republic of Congo 1965—Guadeloupe 1965—India 1965—Monaco 1965—Montserrat 1965—Nicaragua 1965—Reunion


1965—South Africa 1966—Panama 1967—Germany 1967—Norway 1967—Vanuatu 1967—Zambia 1968—Gibraltar 1970—Angola 1970—Bermuda 1970—Canary Islands 1970—Cook Islands 1970—Sri Lanka 1970—Tanzania 1970—Uganda 1971—Bolivia 1971—Chad 1971—Thailand 1972—Belize 1972—Cape Verde Islands 1972—French Guiana 1972—Singapore 1973—Bangladesh 1973—Malawi 1973—Mauritius 1974—Colombia 1974—Indonesia 1974—Micronesia 1975—Falkland Islands 1975—St. Pierre & Miquelon 1975—Western Samoa 1976—Ecuador 1976—Ghana 1976—Guam 1976—Nigeria 1976—Seychelles 1976—Switzerland (French-speaking) 1976—Switzerland (German-speaking) 1977—Botswana 1977—Paraguay 1977—San Marino 1977—Spain 1978—Creative Access 1978—Cyprus 1978—Suriname 1978—Uruguay 1981—Ethiopia 1981—Greece 1981—Myanmar 1981—Poland 1981—Creative Access 1981—Southern Sudan 1982—Burundi 1982—New Zealand 1982—Senegal 1982—Tonga 1982—United Kingdom 1983—Malaysia 1985—Lesotho 1986—Creative Access 1986—Mozambique 1986—Solomon Islands 1987—Papua New Guinea 1988—Equatorial Guinea 1989—Creative Access 1989—Creative Access 1990—Moldova 1990—Creative Access 1991—Armenia

1991—Benin 1991—Bulgaria 1991—Cote d’Ivoire 1991—Czech Republic 1991—Kiribati 1991—Nauru 1991—Russia 1991—Slovakia 1991—Slovenia 1991—Togo 1991—Ukraine 1992—Albania 1992—Hungary 1993—Belarus 1993—Cambodia 1993—Congo 1993—Croatia 1993—East Timor 1993—Estonia 1993—Sierra Leone 1994—Gabon 1994—Kazakhstan 1994—Mali 1994—Rwanda 1994—Serbia 1994—Creative Access 1995—Burkina Faso 1995—Creative Access 1995—Kyrgyzstan 1995—Macedonia 1995—Namibia 1995—Sao Tome & Principe 1995—Creative Access 1995—Creative Access 1996—Cameroon 1996—Niger 1996—Niue 1997—Bosnia-Herzegovina 1997—Gambia 1997—Guinea-Bissau 1997—Guinea, Republic of 1997—Mongolia 1999—Georgia 2000—Creative Access 2000—Madagascar 2001—Creative Access 2001—Liberia 2001—Wallis and Futuna 2002—Creative Access 2002—Creative Access 2002—Creative Access 2004—Belgium (Flemish-speaking) 2004—Kosovo 2005—Creative Access 2005—New Caledonia 2006—Romania 2007—Creative Access 2007—Tuvalu 2008—Central African Republic 2008—Creative Access 2010—Creative Access 2010—Creative Access 2010—Creative Access 2010—Creative Access 2011—Congo Republic 2011—Creative Access 2011—Creative Access 2011—Haiti

The dates listed above are original launch dates. Some nations have been relaunched and are on their second and third coverages.


Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation's population and the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition). At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |


Pop. 61,000,000


EHC Italy is the oldest EHC work in Europe beginning in 1958 where more than 11 million homes have been reached. Pray especially for EHC’s outreach to the blind as they receive both education and the gospel message from EHC’s efforts. (Esther 1-3)


Pop. 13,300,000


Praise the Lord for the open door that is in this nation! Pray for protection and safety on workers as they travel and that their use of The Heart of Man gospel presentation charts with their colorful illustrations would win many hearts to the Lord. (Esther 7-10)



Pray for new believers such as one man who received an EHC gospel booklet and accepted the Lord. He then talked to his friends about Jesus and many of them also believed. They now meet every week to strengthen each other in the faith. (Nehemiah 7-9)


Pop. 19,700,000


Pray for the Mobile Training Centers’ ongoing discipleship training that is taking place for Christ Group leaders to strengthen their congregations. Also, pray for a positive impact from the Be Fruitful and Multiply teaching provided to several Christ Groups. (Malachi)




The high-risk situation the EHC team labors under is stressful and exhausting. Pray that the Lord would give the workers joy and peace in the midst of an extremely hard situation and that the Lord would multiply their efforts to reach the lost. (Psalm 119:17-72)




Pop. 22,900,000


Praise the Lord for the fruitfulness of EHC’s Mobile Training Centers (MTCs) and the impact they are having in this nation. Pray now for the launch of the Be Fruitful and Multiply series within the MTCs that it would have an even greater impact on Christ Group leaders. (Matthew 8-10)

Pop. 113,700,000



Pop. 7,100,000


After years of a harsh Marxist regime, there is a great moral and spiritual vacuum in this nation and much ignorance about the Gospel. Pray as National Director Pavel Vilcov and his workers reach out to those who are lost and hurting. (Nehemiah 10-13)


Pop. 29,400,000


Praise the Lord for the new 4x4 vehicle recently provided which will speed up the work of home-to-home gospel literature distributions. Pray for God’s protection and fruitful outcome of all the various projects that are taking place in this mostly-Hindu nation. (Matthew 1-3)





Today, staff members and visiting intercessors spend a day in prayer and praise from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (MDT) at EHC headquarters. Pray with us in person at EHC’s Watchman Training Center or at home for EHC’s global outreaches. (Esther 4-6)


Pop. 21,300,000


Jaffna District is an area that was badly affected by the war. The Mid-year Advance targeted this district with EHC workers ministering to those in need of the Savior. Pray for many responses from this home-to-home effort. (Nehemiah 4-6)

Continue to uplift this nation as it battles the violence of drug cartels. EHC workers in particular need a covering of prayer for protection as they travel and minister to those in surrounding towns and villages. (Nehemiah 1-3)





Pop. 203,400,000


There are around one million street children in Brazil. Pray for EHC’s effort as it reaches out to them through a project called “Searching for the Little Ones,” which uses the gospel booklet “Father’s Love Letter” as well as philanthropy to touch their lives. (Matthew 11-13)


Pop. 1,200,200,000


Praise God for the successful completing of the Mid-year Advance in 11 cities in India. Pray for the followup to new believers that is underway and also that there would be more responses as people ponder the truth in the gospel messages they received. (Psalm 119:73-120)



Pop. 46,800,000


Pray that new EHC teams will be raised up in the region of Murcia where two earthquakes struck earlier this year. Pray that many Christians will have a burden to share the Gospel with the 92,700 inhabitants and that they would see the truth of the Bible. (Matthew 4-7)


Praise God for faithful, persistent workers who are sharing the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would open doors to give them more opportunities to tell others about Jesus and that they would be faithful, fruitful and multiply as they grow in the faith. (Matthew 14-16)



Pop. 7,300,000


Pray for the Lord to move in the Orthodox Church and that its leaders would proclaim the Gospel of salvation. Also, pray for Belgrade, Nis, and the surrounding areas reached in the Midyear Advance that many would find the Savior. (Matthew 17-19)



Pop. 158,600,000


Pioneer missionaries are working faithfully to reach every part of the country. In one month the workers reached 142,370 homes and received 6,399 responses. Praise the Lord! Pray for the political situation in this nation as there is much unrest. (Psalms 120-122)


Pop. 245,600,000


Two hundred new believers from Muslim backgrounds have come to the Lord and received water baptism. Praise the Lord! Pray that EHC workers would continue to have wisdom from the Holy Spirit as they share the message of Christ’s love. (Luke 1-4)





Pop. 42,700,000


The Mobile Training Centers have proven to be very effective in this nation in training Christ Group leaders to strengthen their congregations. Pray for an even greater increase in the planting of new Christ Groups as discipleship training is carried out. (Luke 13-16)

Pop. 5,000,000

Pray that God’s power would break the influences of the occult that are practiced in the district of Bouca. Pray for strength for the new converts in Bouca who have rejected their idols in order to serve the one true and living God. (Matthew 20-22)


Recently there have been 934 people who have responded to the Gospel. Pray that each will be established in their faith in Christ. Pray for 98 people who have requested prayer but have not yet decided to surrender their lives to the Lord. (Matthew 26-28)



Pop. 11,400,000

Many families cannot afford the school fees needed to send their children to secondary schools and universities. Pray that God would open doors for them so that they may know that nothing is impossible for Him to provide. (Mark 1-4)



Pop. 16,900,000


Praise the Lord for His grace and the many new believers who have accepted the Lord because of the home-to-home outreach efforts. Continue to pray for new pioneer missionaries that they would have the commitment and vision to reach this nation for Christ. (Mark 9-12)



Pop. 16,500,000


Pray for the village of Batage where people had never heard about Christ. Even after a home-to-home outreach was completed there were no responses. Pray for God to touch the hearts of the people that they would give their lives to Christ. (Luke 5-8)


Christians are outcasts in this nation. A new campaign is threatening believers to keep them outside of villagers’ homes. Pray for Christians, especially new converts, that the Lord would strengthen them and empower them to withstand the ostracizing. (Psalms 123-125)

Pop. 138,700,000


In the vast region of Siberia, Sergey Liahov is taking up the challenge to spread the Good News. Pray for the special youth magazine that has been printed to be shared with 17,000 young people. Pray that there would be many who would come to know the Lord. (Psalm 119:121-176) Pop. 200,000 WEDNESDAY



There is a great need for unity in the churches in Samoa for the vision of evangelizing the nation. Pray for the coverage of the remaining villages on the island of Upolu and for more workers who are needed to join the existing teams. (Matthew 23-25)


Pop. 7,600,000


In Ardon a new Bible study is beginning this month. Pray that many believers would be encouraged in the Word and their desire would be to reach their friends and neighbors with the truth of the Word of God. (Mark 5-8)


Pop. 2,100,000


Pray for wisdom, favor and good health for EHC workers as they reach Himba villages. Praise the Lord for the maturity of many of the Himba believers as they do not wait for outsiders to share the Gospel but are ministering the Good News themselves. (Mark 13-16)


Pop. 62,700,000


For several years the leader of EHC UK, Adrian Stone, has been sharing the vision of the ministry with churches for prayer and financial support. Pray that these efforts would result in a commitment to fulfill the completing of the Great Commission. (Luke 9-12)


Pop. 34,600,000


In a recent outreach 25,000 were reached with the Gospel of salvation. Because of this the children’s ministry has been greatly strengthened. Pray as training is being held every two months that many more children would come to know the Lord. (Luke 17-20)


WE’VE REACHED THAT AGE... BUT WE ARE NOT RETIRING! By Denys Blackmore It’s true. We’ve reached that age. EHC turns 65 this year. We’re going to celebrate, of course; but we are certainly not going to retire! This unique ministry, founded in Canada in 1946, has grown into one of the most far-reaching gospel ministries of our generation. In 65 eventful years EHC workers have delivered the Good News of Jesus to over 1.4 billion homes in 208 nations. And by God’s grace the work continues with more energy and determination than ever. Why are we not retiring? There are three compelling reasons: We have a work to continue. We have a message to communicate. And we have a world to reach.

WE HAVE A WORK TO CONTINUE. Our “job” is the same one that Jesus gave to His very first followers 2,000 years ago: To go into all the world, proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples among all peoples. Traditionally, we call this “The Great Commission” (even though that phrase is not in the Bible). It is “great” because of its scope. It is a “commission” because Jesus gave it not as a suggestion but as a mandate. It is the main thing that we must pursue as Christ’s Church today. Each generation is responsible to reach its own generation. We can’t proclaim the Gospel and make disciples retroactively, nor can we evangelize people yet to be born. Our focus is right here, right now, making the Gospel present to every person possible in every place possible. As we fulfill this task let us be encouraged in knowing that our Lord Jesus would not have called us to a job we cannot do. The task is doable. It can be done. Together, we can present Christ to every home!

WE HAVE A MESSAGE TO COMMUNICATE. Our message is not just any message. It is The Message— the one and only life-transforming Good News about the one and only way of salvation, Jesus Christ. He came to this earth, God in human flesh, 100 percent deity and 100 percent humanity in one person. He lived a perfect life, died

a sacrificial death, and then He rose again, triumphant over sin’s curse. To all who believe and receive Him, He offers the gift of His very life—eternal, abundant, and full of hope. Every person who trusts in Him is called to be His witness, to testify of His life-giving truth. The very last words that Jesus spoke to His followers, moments before He returned to heaven, were these: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8, NIV). Like our fellow believers throughout the centuries, we are Christ’s witnesses. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we declare the message that can change a life and redeem it for eternity.

WE HAVE A WORLD TO REACH. In order to fulfill Christ’s commission we must go to a vast number of places—even to the “uttermost” places on earth. However, our calling is not to travel but to testify, to bear witness for Jesus. The world we must reach is a world of people. We must tell them the Good News that can liberate their souls from spiritual bondage. We must confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. And we must never be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. From the day EHC was founded we have been compelled by the “all” and “every” factors—going into all the world, telling the Good News to every person, and making disciples among every people group. Researchers estimate that approximately two billion people have yet to hear the Gospel even one time. Countless people have never even heard the name of Jesus. We must tell them! There is no alternative. We are so grateful for those who have partnered with us over these 65 years. Our prayer is for an even greater number of partners who will pray and give so that the greatest number of people possible will hear about Jesus.

Denys Blackmore is the president of EHC Canada.


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