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JUAREZ FOR CHRIST! “No Longer a Town of Ghosts!”

God is, indeed, moving in Juarez—not only among the innocent, but even among hardened criminals. One young gunman was so notorious that an EHC team member recognized him on a bus as they rode to another neighborhood for home-to-home evangelism. As the people on the bus sat in silence in fear of the gunman, suddenly one of the EHC workers bravely stood up, walked to the man and handed him one of the gospel booklets they were using in their distribution. The worker then returned to his seat. The EHC team breathed a sigh of relief when their stop finally came, thanking the Lord that there had not been an incident on the bus. But then their concerns increased as the known hit man followed them off the bus. They tried to hurry away when the man shouted, “Stop!” Afraid for their lives the team stopped in their tracks. Slowly the man walked toward them, still holding the gospel booklet. When he reached the group, he shocked the team when he said quietly, “Will you pray for me? I need to ask God for forgiveness of my sins.” Right there on the streets of Juarez, where this very gunman had murdered many, he received Jesus Christ as his Savior. Today, he is being discipled by a local pastor and working hard to protect his family from the

gang he left behind when he became a Christian. God is softening hearts like that of this former criminal in Juarez as the hope of Jesus infiltrates this city. Yet— there is much work to do to reach all of Juarez for Jesus. Over a year ago a team of EHC leaders passed through the deserted streets of Juarez, Mexico to a DUFOUR/AFP/GETTY IMAGES small church building. FRED The afternoon was so quiet it seemed like the middle of the night. Seeing no sign of life outside, the EHC leaders entered the church with no idea what to expect. To their surprise, they found 100 local pastors waiting expectantly for them. At the time, Juarez was considered the most dangerous city on earth other than declared war zones. Several years ago Juarez was overrun by drug cartels, gangs, and criminals as a wave of sustained violence swept the city. In 2010, for example, many months saw more than 300 deaths in this one city of 1.5 million people. In comparison, New York City saw 414 murders in the entire year of 2012, and it is nearly 6 times the size of Juarez with a population of 8.2 million. At its worst, Juarez was the site of nine homicides every day. Many murders involved those caught in the dangerous business of drug trafficking, but the violence also took the lives of many innocents. Corruption took over

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the police department. Morgues were filled. Resources for justice were exhausted and at one point, less than one percent of all homicide cases were actually pursued. As EHC leaders toured Juarez, they saw firsthand the toll this violence had taken on the city. Buildings were crumbling; shops were boarded up; homes were abandoned; churches were closed. Forty percent of Juarez was shut down. At the beginning of 2012, Juarez was not on a list of places to be pursued for EHC ministry. Although EHC’s work in Mexico was advancing significantly, ministry in the Juarez area seemed impossible—even unthinkable. Imagine going door to door in a city where drug lords and murderers live behind many of those doors! But early in the year, our international office received a call from a pastor in El Paso, Texas—just across the border from Juarez—who told us it was time to take Juarez for Christ. This pastor had assembled a group of Juarez pastors who were prepared to lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel in their city, and he invited EHC to partner with them. They also needed practical strategies, sound training, evangelistic resources and— most of all—our prayers. EHC decided to send a team of leaders from our international office in Colorado Springs to meet with a group of pastors in Juarez. As these men from EHC went to the church that day, they knew their task was a heavy one. If we committed to reach Juarez for Christ, it meant asking these pastors to lead teams to even the most dangerous of neighborhoods. It meant mobilizing believers in Juarez to knock on the doors of the very criminals taking so many lives. But when the EHC leaders presented the systematic home-to-home strategy, the Juarez pastors did not hesitate! “Someone must do something,” one pastor said. “It is time to take our city back for the Lord!” With similar passion and determination, the rest of the pastors agreed. So began the EHC ministry in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods on earth. Today, just one year later, hope has returned to Juarez. While still high on the list of dangerous cities,

Juarez is no longer considered the most violent city on earth. The homicide rate dropped by over 50 percent in 2012 compared to 2011. Businesses are returning and churches are reopening. Traffic has returned to the streets during the day. “It is different,” the mayor of Juarez told one news outlet. “Our city is no longer a town of ghosts.” “I was watching the news last night,” EHC National Director for Mexico Gloria Silva recently told us, “and they said that people in Juarez have started to feel a new sense of calm and peace. One government leader commented, ‘We don’t know what is happening, but religion probably has something to do with it.’” Gloria concluded, “We who serve Jesus do know what is happening in Juarez. Our brothers and sisters testify that even government authorities have approached pastors and church leaders to beg for their help to share the Gospel in schools, hospitals, prisons, and rehab centers. Leaders in all sectors of our society are becoming aware that our people need to turn their eyes to Jesus. God is on the move and transformation is coming to the city!” “We are not finished,” Pastor Lalo recently wrote to us, “for we have not completed the transformation of our city. There is still so much work to do, but today we are stronger than ever.” What a privilege it is for EHC to partner with believers who are willing to lay down their lives to see the Gospel advance to the most desperate neighborhoods on earth.

WE ARE SEEING IN JUAREZ... •more than 2,000 decisions for Christ; •more than 850 Christians partnering together from area churches; •more than 50,000 gospel booklets distributed; •the Gospel being shared at events with more than 5,000 children and adults!


Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation’s population, the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition), and a number that corresponds with EHC’s 2013 edition of the World Prayer Map. At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |






Pop. 9,900,000


8.3% WPM # 37


10.7% WPM # 38




In the village of Tohoukoue, many residents rose up against EHC workers to prevent them from taking gospel literature home to home. Please pray for an open door for an EHC team to return to this village and for open hearts among the villagers to receive the Gospel. (Hosea 10-12) Pop. 7,200,000 MONDAY

Recently EHC workers joined with volunteers from a local church to reach 63 remote villages. They trekked up and down mountains and hills to reach 9,086 homes with the gospel message. Pray for salvation to come to these villages! (Hosea 13-14; Micah 1)

One of EHC’s partner churches would like to start a Christ Group with new believers in a certain village, but there is significant opposition from a witch doctor in that village. Pray that the Lord will break the witch doctor’s influence and open the door to this village! (Micah 5-7) Pop. 24,100,000 THURSDAY

A Muslim leader who lived in the village of an EHC worker regularly persecuted Christians. When he was caught and imprisoned for two years, the EHC worker visited him regularly until he received salvation. Praise God, and pray for this new believer! (Nahum 1-3)

The team is rejoicing over the growing vision for evangelism in churches in Budapest, the capital city. A new evangelism project will reach the city of Tatabanya. Pray for the people of this city as EHC workers take the gospel message to every home! (Psalms 97-99) Pop. 47,400,000 SATURDAY

EHC workers are in the midst of doorto-door outreaches in Inchope Esta Sao, Rua Domingo, Metuchira, and Nhaufa. Join us in prayer today that every home in each of these villages will be open to receive the Good News and will find hope in Christ! (2 Chronicles 33-34; Zephaniah 1)

Please pray for three Muslim brothers who chose to follow Christ after EHC workers shared the Gospel with them during a home-to-home outreach. Already they are experiencing persecution from their families. Pray for grace and strength in their new faith. (Zephaniah 2-3; 2 Chronicles 35) Pop. 1,600,000 MONDAY

EHC Spain is gearing up to reach 650,000 people living in 200,000 homes in the region of Castile-et-Leon. Pray that the Lord would open doors, hearts, minds, and heavens in this area so that salvation would come to many families as a result of this outreach! (Habakkuk 1-3) Pop. 1,221,000,000 TUESDAY

Praise the Lord for eight Christ Groups of new believers who are meeting in locations around the capital city! Please pray for these groups, as well as for Christ Groups in more remote villages, to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. (Jeremiah 1-3)

For the first time in many years, EHC teams are carrying out a home-to-home outreach in South Tripura, an area that can be difficult for Christian ministry. Please pray today for divine protection for the workers and for many hearts to be open to the message of Christ. (Jeremiah 11, 12, 26)

EHC workers have been enjoying freedom to share the Gospel in this nation; pray for this freedom to continue so that every home will have the chance to hear the Good News! Pray also for EHC outreaches to refugees from neighboring countries. (Psalms 100-102)

Today, EHC staff and Intercessory Missionaries continue 18 hours of prayer and worship daily, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (MDT). Together we gather to pray for every nation on earth. Join us in prayer today for EHC’s global outreaches. (Hosea 7-9)




Pop. 67,500,000

0.5% WPM # 136

The team requests prayer for upcoming trainings for evangelism and discipleship scheduled to be held in local churches. Pray that God would raise up many leaders and volunteers who will partner with EHC for outreaches and Christ Group ministry. (Micah 2-4)




Pop. 9,900,000

2.8% WPM # 79


1.0% WPM # 60


2.2% WPM # 129




11.1% WPM # 8










Pop. 174,500,000

30.8% WPM # 35

12.7% WPM # 21

The team requests prayer for EHC workers who travel to more distant villages—especially when they must go on foot. Pray also for EHC Gabon pioneer missionary Cedrick, who has been experiencing chronic health problems. (Jeremiah 4-6)



Pop. 16,000,000

0.7% WPM # 49

We invite you to join us in prayer over the team in Mali as they develop outreach materials for prisons and hospitals. Pray that this material will address specific needs and will result in salvation as EHC workers carry it from cell to cell and room to room. (Jeremiah 7-9)



Pop. 14,200,000


Pop. 8,500,000


25.7% WPM # 14

EHC workers are currently responding to severe food shortages in the Gwembe Valley. “Some are forced to eat grass to survive,” EHC National Director Richard Kakuwa reported. Pray for many to find Jesus as their physical needs are met. (Jeremiah 16-18)


23.0% WPM # 182

Join us in prayer today for Carmen and Osmar, two new believers from the Lenca tribe. This tribe has been difficult to reach in the past, so pray that Carmen and Osmar will remain strong in the faith and become lights of Christ in their tribe! (Jeremiah 46-49)


Pop. 44,600,000

3.8% WPM # 101

Pop. 106,100,000

12.3% WPM # 169

Praise God for new partnerships with 32 pastors in Bohol! These pastors will mobilize their churches for hometo-home evangelism. Pray for more partnerships to form in the area of Baler, where a new outreach will take place soon. (Jeremiah 10, 14, 15)



Pop. 1,900,000


Pop. 13,300,000


12.1% WPM # 2

In recent weeks thieves broke into the local EHC office and stole two laptops and a motorbike, among other things. Please pray for resources to replace the stolen items and for protection for the office so that EHC workers can focus on spreading the Gospel! (Jeremiah 19, 20, 35) Pop. 55,200,000 WEDNESDAY

Please pray for the people of the village of Sehlabathebe and the six villages of Mok’hopha. With the help of a missions team from South Africa, every family in each of these villages was presented the Gospel in recent months. (Jeremiah 36, 45, 25)

Please pray for an EHC pioneer missionary who travels to distant towns for evangelism as his journeys take him through areas of tension between Muslims and Buddhists. Pray for safe travels and for much fruit to come from his ministry. (Psalms 103-105)

Thank God for a new Christ Group fellowship of new believers who are meeting regularly in Diourbel! Please pray for this Christ Group to grow in spiritual maturity. Pray specifically for Christ Group members Malick, his wife Fatou, and their son Aliou. (Jeremiah 13, 22, 23)


5.0% WPM # 135


25.7% WPM # 146


0.1% WPM # 36


1.6% WPM # 46


Pop. 6,400,000


0.2% WPM # 47


Please pray for the protection of EHC teams in this nation! Two pioneer missionaries recently contracted malaria; another team was rejected repeatedly due to racial discrimination; and another pioneer missionary was attacked with bush knives. (Jeremiah 29, 50-51) Pop. 16,900,000 TUESDAY

Today, join us in prayer for a young 18-year-old woman who was recently delivered from demonic possession during a home-to-home outreach. Pray that she will continue to walk in freedom as she is discipled in the Word of God! (Jeremiah 30-33)

After several successful evangelism outreaches in recent months, many new believers and seekers need to be followed-up and discipled. Pray for EHC workers and volunteers during this process, and pray for these new believers to grow in Christ. (Jeremiah 21, 34, 37) Pop. 30,400,000 THURSDAY

Today, please lift up in prayer three of EHC Niger’s pioneer missionaries: Assoumane, Ibrahim, and Gouzaye. Pray that the ministries of these three missionaries would be fruitful, and pray for protection as they work in areas dominated by Islam. (Jeremiah 38, 39, 52) Pop. 1,700,000 FRIDAY

A special piece of gospel literature relating to the celebration of the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, which ended the persecution of Christians, has been a relevant and effective tool for evangelism. Pray for all those who receive it to discover Christ! (Psalms 106-108)

Praise the Lord for recent trainings where nearly 300 local church leaders were trained in evangelism and discipleship through EHC! Please pray for these leaders as they have now been equipped and mobilized to reach homes and villages for Christ. (Jeremiah 40-42)

Prayer is needed for the provision of evangelism materials in Arabic for special outreaches to Arabic-speaking communities. Pray also for the family of an EHC volunteer who drowned while traveling to an island with his mother. (Jeremiah 43-44; Lamentations 1)

In one city, a newly appointed mayor has increased pressure on Christian believers. Authorities are regularly threatening Christian leaders and some believers have stopped gathering. Pray for the Lord to intervene and to strengthen the faith of believers! (Lamentations 2-5)

Today and tomorrow, EHC teams will participate in an outreach during a major event celebrating the nation’s independence. They will pass out gospel literature specially developed for the event. Pray for many to come to Christ as a result! (Jeremiah 24, 27, 28)



Pop. 3,200,000

1.2% WPM # 175

2.8% WPM # 133



Pop. 7,200,000


0.6% WPM # 71


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