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from the President

TRAVEL LIGHT By Dick Eastman

This past year I celebrated what I believe to be my 45th year of working my way through the Scriptures. I feel it is so important to continue this annual habit of “praying my way through the Bible” each year. Let me first comment on the habit itself. As I reflect on my journey in Jesus, I can say with certainty that this specific habit is, by far, one of the most significant decisions I’ve made since becoming a follower of Jesus. Of course, there was another vital decision made during those same early years—that of keeping an appointment to meet with Jesus in prayer for at least one uninterrupted hour each day. What I’ve learned over all these years of meeting the Lord daily in His Word is that there is always fresh “manna” on every page of the Bible for each and every day. In the past few days, for example, I found myself growing concerned that we, as believers, not become like the world in our work, even if we are convinced that what we are doing is fully focused on taking the Gospel to people who have never once heard it. This week in my daily prayer time I came across the passage in the Gospels where Jesus was selecting His disciples (Matthew 10). Because I’ve been reading from The Message Bible for several years now, I will highlight thoughts from this particular translation. Chapter 10 of Matthew in The Message begins … “Jesus called twelve of his followers and sent them into the ripe fields. He gave them power to kick out the evil spirits and to tenderly care for the bruised and hurt lives.” Following this introduction to the chapter, Jesus names those He has chosen. My first impression regarding this calling is that everywhere we go the fields are ripe. That means we should anticipate a “daily” harvest. Then, when it comes to dealing with “evil” the Lord is pretty ruthless. He says “kick” it out. Notice He doesn’t suggest that the disciples “tenderly” kick out the evil. What He says implies force. We must never tolerate any form of sin in the camp. However, when it comes to handling those who are hurting and bruised, we are to carry out this assignment “tenderly.” Of course, sometimes those


who are living in sin are doing so because they have been bruised and are hurting. That’s why we need much discernment in handling such matters as we do the Lord’s work. But there is more to what I saw regarding Christ’s calling of the 12 as He launched the work that we are continuing on so many fronts around the world. Notice especially these words (vs. 5-8): “Jesus sent his twelve harvest hands out with this charge … Go to the lost, confused people right here in the neighborhood. Tell them that the kingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons. You have been treated generously so live generously.” When I read these particular words I recall hearing about a young preacher just out of Bible school. This man was trying to model his favorite preacher, many years his senior, who preached with unusual authority and unction. The young preacher’s sermon was centered around the calling of the 12 from Matthew 10. With all the authority he could muster, the novice preacher declared: “Today the calling of Jesus is just as true.” He then shouted enthusiastically: “We must heal the demons, cast out the sick, and raise the devil!” (I think I’ve made a few mistakes like that during my preaching over the years.) But it’s the following admonition of Jesus that I wish to highlight here (vs. 9-10). He says, “Don’t think you have to put on a fund-raising campaign before you start. You don’t need a lot of equipment. You are the equipment, and all you need to keep that going is three meals a day. Travel light.” We must not let “things” bog us down in life and ministry. So I’ll say it again—“Travel light.”

“When we work, we work. When we pray, God works!” —J. Hudson Taylor

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The church in europe is persevering Field Report


The land of the rising son



Field Report 12 MOLDOVA Reaching hearts and minds 13 MARCH Daily Prayer Watch

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Bratislava, SLOVAKIA


Europe has been the face of Christianity and Western civilization for the last 2,000 years. The Church grew from the streets of Europe and spread to the four corners of the earth. Empty cathedrals now share the streets with a wildly secular culture, largely abandoning the churches. Faith has been replaced by materialism and vices of the flesh. Churches are no longer attended; they are toured. Many who have given up on faith are still searching


for something true. In a stark contrast to its history Europe has become a dark continent that desperately needs Jesus. But hope is not lost! As believers in Europe continue to pray for the nations, the Church is rising up to reach their people for Christ. Many leaders and volunteers are joining in the cause to tell everyone about the Good News of Jesus.


Prague, Czech Republic

EHC’s Central Europe Campaign is a new push to reach the capital cities of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. While large urban cities can be hard to reach, EHC is using whatever means necessary to make sure every home has an opportunity to receive the Gospel.

workers take time to share the Good News, to pray and to be a positive influence on every person. However, sometimes a home cannot be reached in person. For these homes EHC is using specialized messages in the mail, advertisements, and web pages to provide additional ways to share the Gospel.

EHC is partnering with local churches to conduct home-to-home campaigns using modern and upbeat gospel literature. The

Starting in Slovakia, teams have created a stunning set of websites in multiple languages designed to provoke thought.


These websites can help someone begin to think about the bigger questions of life. As they engage online they can connect with a local church via a team of volunteers who respond to emails and other messages within the site. This provides another chance to reach people where they are, and to begin the follow-up process to disciple those who have received the Gospel.


Through this common project we have already begun to distribute thousands of gospel messages and have seen thousands visit the websites. We are beginning to see the fruit of this work as we send Bibles and gospel literature to some, create online and personal relationships with others, and work to make disciples of all nations!


CZECH REPUBLIC - 284,771 SLOVAKIA - 137,401 AUSTRIA - 124,456 HUNGARY - 36,059 Left page: Peter Sztano, National Director of Hungary, shares the Good News over the fence (above); Ondrej Garaj, National Director of Slovakia, displays EHC gospel literature inventory (left, middle); Vladimir Ksikal (pictured right in photo below), National Director of Czech Republic, in Prague with his daughter and two men from the EHC international office; and Gerti Holzer (right), National Director of Austria, along with Ondrej navigate through the subway system (right, bottom). Right page: The detailed documentation regarding homes reached with the Gospel (above); and the team members involved in the online web project (three photos above right).


JAPAN The Land of the Rising SON

<< Field Report

Editor’s Note: Since the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami, several EHC offices helped raise significant funds for the East Japan Relief effort. EHC Japan is also printing one million gospel messages for its “Love Japan” campaign. Following is a special report from EHC Asia National Director Curtis Jones regarding the efforts there. We set out from Shinjuku Shalom Church in described the March 11 earthquake. The tsunami Tokyo at 11:30 p.m. and drove through the night it generated, he said, reached the Miyagi coast at in order to arrive at the Tohoku disaster area by 3:10 p.m. “The waves were so high!” he recalled. daybreak. Our team of 12 immediately visited the He and his family of nine fled to a hill and watched local grocery store to purchase loads of eggplant helplessly as the waves picked up their house and and citrus fruit, along with boxes of soap, tissues, swept it away. “When the tsunami occurred,” towels and other needed supplies for those impacted Yakahashi said, “it was like the war all over again.” On our first day at the disaster site, we invited by the tsunami. After coming to a temporary housing area about 20 neighborhood children for an afternoon of food, games, gospel songs, in Hesenomori, we filled and fireworks. They had gift bags with the supplies Surprisingly, we found and placed an EHC gospel fun and the brief interlude the Japanese people of normalcy helped lift message in each one. We to be more open to had picked up the literature their spirits. from the EHC Tokyo office for The following afternoon, the Gospel than ever! we invited a group of distribution and had prayed that each “paper missionary” would bring hope housewives to a sashimi lunch and fellowship. Our to the hopeless, penetrating hearts with God’s team cooked up a great meal and made shaved ice for dessert. As we ate, the women took turns agape love. Distribution was conducted over two days. introducing themselves. After telling us their names Surprisingly, we found the Japanese people to be they shared about the family members they had more open to the Gospel than ever! Everyone who lost in the tsunami. It was such an emotional time received a gift bag was so grateful. Some expressed for all. Keiko was the last to speak. She told about her amazement that foreigners had not only heard about their plight but had taken the time to come sister who had been washed away, her body never and help. found. Although the Japanese are usually stoic and Yakahashi, an 82-year-old grandfather, told unemotional, Keiko sobbed as she related her tale us about his experiences in World War II. He of loss. The wife of one of the pastors hugged her was a teenager when the war broke out. He also and prayed with her.


What was interesting was that at the beginning, all of the women expressed how depressed they had been after the tsunami. But now, they told us, because of the love and help of Christians, they had hope! Please pray they will all accept Christ soon! After the day’s outreach we drove through Kesennuma ghost town (that’s what the Japanese call it now) on the way to our lodgings for the night. As we navigated the dark, empty streets, passing heaps of debris and the dim outlines of what had once been homes, it was difficult to imagine the area as a thriving community. Now it looked more like a war zone. Next we met Pastor Minegishi. His congregation was meeting in a print shop because their church building had been swept away. The EHC Japan team visited him in August and donated two boxes of books from its Gospel Box van to replace the large library he had lost. Like Pastor Minegishi’s church, many other churches in the area had been damaged or totally destroyed. One pastor told us, “Since our church was three miles from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, we had to evacuate. And we have been like vagabonds ever since, moving from place to place. But church is in our hearts; Jesus is residing in our hearts, and we expect God to do greater things through this.” In response to the disaster, EHC Japan has launched the “Love Japan” outreach. This involves printing one million gospel messages as well as networking with local churches to distribute them. The goal is to distribute 500,000 messages each year.

An evangelist from a church in Sendai handed one of these messages to a woman. Instead of simply accepting it, the woman looked at it and exclaimed, “Oh, I got this the last time. Please give me a new one. I really like to read this kind of material!” The Japanese are very reserved and will usually never ask for anything. But after the earthquake and tsunami, they are much more open. I believe this is the hour for the Body of Christ in Japan to arise and shine. It is time to bring God’s love and compassion to the lost and hopeless. It will take time for the scars left by the disaster to heal. “Let us pray there will not be a repeat of the 30,000 suicides that occurred after the Kobe earthquake in 1995,” says Pastor Elmer Inafuku of Shinjuku Shalom Church. Experts have already projected that 180,000 people may commit suicide as a result of the 2011 earthquake! EHC’s presence among this tragedy is so important to tell people of the hope found in Christ. Before we left the temporary housing area, a young brother on our team prayed a blessing over the elderly. To our amazement all of them present bowed their heads and clasped their hands in prayer! When he finished praying, they responded with an enthusiastic, “Amen!” It is ironic that Japan was the focus of EHC’s first door-to-door gospel booklet distribution back in 1953. Our prayer today is that this nation will become the “Land of the Rising SON!” Let us rise up to the urgency of the hour and work together to see 126.5 million Japanese won for Christ!


“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20, kjv).

Every Home for Christ International (EHCI) is committed to following the Lord’s command above in regards to making disciples and training believers. An important way to do this is to establish Christ Groups, churches made up of new believers in areas where there are no churches. In April 2010, EHCI held a consultation at which a committee was formed to explore the current needs of Christ Group curriculum as it relates to the unprecedented harvest we are experiencing. The primary question submitted to the committee was, “Do we have the necessary curriculum in place and a model to properly disciple new believers and train leaders in the 18,000 new Christ Groups formed in 2009?” Christ Groups are most often formed in poor, rural areas where there are no churches and the Gospel is virtually unknown. In these areas, many languages have no written counterpart and illiteracy is the norm, which compounds the challenge of rapid growth with a lack of leadership to disciple these new believers. EHC workers had to find a way to multiply strong leadership quickly and with good results. In response to these wonderful, albeit daunting problems, Scott Middlebrook, EHC’s International Administrator, brought together the committee made up of four Regional Directors representing their areas of the world; the EHC International Department; five volunteer writers; and four outside consultants with knowledge of the most effective ways to conduct discipleship and plant new churches. As this faithful group sought God’s leading, continual prayer was undertaken at EHC’s


headquarters in Colorado Springs. The stage was set for the Holy Spirit to bring to fruition His plans and to make them plain to the committee members. Throughout the consultation the committee members sensed the Lord’s evident divine guidance as they focused on meeting the urgent need of properly discipling the 50+ Christ Groups being birthed daily. Following are the needs that brought them to this point and the solution they uncovered. Imperative #1: The curriculum, which has come to be known as Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM), must be easy to produce and distribute. Every facet of the translation, modification, duplication and distribution process must be as straightforward as possible. EHC closely evaluated areas of concerns, including translation time (which has been reduced from years to weeks); cost of printing and storage (the BFAM training manual and lesson sets are significantly less expensive to produce than previous teachings); and copyright restrictions that can stifle growth, cultural adaptation and a quick response to discipleship needs. Imperative #2: The curriculum must be broadly useful. Because of the diverse cultures and languages, EHC needed to develop a curriculum that flows easily and adapts from region to region, nation to nation, tribe to tribe. The new curriculum needed to be transferable into any culture; friendly with unwritten languages; accommodate a precept-

upon-precept approach, thus providing a solid foundation for new believers while addressing current needs and issues. Imperative #3: The curriculum must produce a lasting and fruitful follower of Christ. We are not interested in only teaching new believers information, but rather, we desire new believers to encounter God in a personal relationship that transforms them into a new creation. The BFAM curriculum has been designed with six characteristics that we have not been able to find in any other existing curriculum. The following six characteristics address each of the EHCI curriculum needs and thus create a solution to the dilemma: the curriculum will be Bible-story based; encourage discovery of Bible themes; be easily translatable; be obedience based; focus on discipleship; and be centered on fruit and multiplication. Recently, a 21-year-old BFAM trainee in Sierra Leone said, “The Lord has imparted zeal and courage to me through understanding His Word through BFAM. I am now prepared to go to any lengths in evangelism and soul winning!” This trainee also has goals to establish a Christ Group and reach out to the youth of his community. In many nations, new converts within the Christ Groups are enthusiastic about the training, regularly coming to participate at the meetings, determined to memorize the Bible stories in order to share them with others. For certain ones, it is the first time learning these basic spiritual truths and consequently, they desire to know more of God.

In the district of Dedemokouba in the Central African Republic, our leaders report, “The new believers who are in BFAM Christ Groups have enthusiasm to regularly come and listen to biblical lessons. They are always eager to hear more stories in order to know them by heart. These same members show much zeal as they engage with people as they visit homes and retell the stories they have learned.” What is most amazing about BFAM is that in less than two years, God has birthed this new method and curriculum that has already been translated into 20 languages, with ten languages that are currently in the process of translation. Additionally, thousands of Christ Groups are now using this curriculum and bearing fruit and multiplying more rapidly than ever before. Much of this is happening in places where people can’t read, where the Bible is not yet translated into their language, and where there are languages with only oral traditions. Leaders and new pioneer missionaries are being strengthened, and His Word is running swiftly and being glorified! If you want to check out BFAM, or use BFAM yourself with your family or small group, visit our website at to view and download all 52 lessons as well as watch videos that provide instruction on how to utilize BFAM. If you would like to give to this project in order that every active Christ Group around the world would have access to BFAM, please use the enclosed envelope and response device, or go online at


Field Report >>

MOLDOVA Reaching Hearts and Minds

Located in Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. The three nations are not only geographically close, they are also similar in several aspects, including culture, history, and tradition. The former Soviet Union controlled Moldova from the 1940s until it emerged as an independent republic after the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991. However, the effects of Soviet control still permeate Moldovan society today. Nicolae Sili, EHC National Director of Moldova, is excited to report what is happening in his nation and is grateful for all the Lord is doing among its people. He writes, “We thank you that you’ve persevered in prayer for us. We are praising God because He has been working and answering many prayers. We know the Lord answers when we ask Him and He opens doors no one can close. He pierces hearts and transforms minds!” Indeed, God is truly at work in the hearts and minds of the people of Moldova. Through the years, Moldova has endured both political and economic instability. Recent presidential elections have failed, leaving the nation’s Speaker of Parliament to serve as its acting president until new elections can be held. Economic tensions with Russia over the last decade have left Moldova one of the poorest countries in the region, with a large foreign debt and a high unemployment rate. More than 25 percent of the nation’s population lives below the poverty line. While the economy has made a modest recovery in recent years, it remains vulnerable to political uncertainty and a weak administration. Moldovans are Orthodox. Under Soviet control, the Eastern church was strictly limited. During that time, most churches and religious buildings were torn down or converted for other purposes. Oftentimes, church clergy were punished for performing religious services. Believers were largely driven underground. However, Moldova expressed a commitment to religious freedom when it emerged as an independent state. The 1992 legislation guaranteed religious freedom, stipulating an individual’s right to profess his or her religion of choice and restricting the government from interfering in religious organizations and activities. Moreover, the same year heralded the reconstruction of more than 200 Orthodox churches. Today, the nation’s religious climate is marked by friendly relations among religious groups, although most of the population remains Orthodox.


(continued on page 15)


Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation’s population, the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition), and a number that corresponds with EHC’s 2012 edition of the World Prayer Map. At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |

Pop. 10,200,000

0.7% WPM # 82 It is very important to reach the younger generation with the Gospel. Pray for the gospel booklet being prepared. It is a bilingual version of the Gospel of John where young people can improve their English skills while reading Scripture. (Numbers 11-12)





Pop. 1,900,000

12.1% LESOTHO WPM # 2 Praise the Lord for answering prayer in bringing unity to His church in Lesotho. Pray for good results from the Mobile Training Center ministry as the leaders disciple the next generation of believers into a closer walk with the Lord. (Numbers 19-21)

Pop. 41,800,000

9.1% ARGENTINA WPM # 223 The evangelization of the Wichi Indian tribes on the Bolivian border led by EHC pioneer missionary Francisco Mendez has resulted in at least 2,000 new converts! Pray for the four new Christ Groups that have been formed and for more workers. (Numbers 25-27)



Pop. 9,300,000



Pop. 16,900,000

8.3% BENIN WPM # 37 During a recent home-to-home outreach 15,891 families were reached with the gospel message of salvation. Pray for those who have not yet given their lives to Christ that God will direct their hearts toward Him. (Numbers 34-36) 18.4% CHILE WPM # 220 Pray for God’s supernatural protection over new converts as the enemy attacks their minds and tries to turn them back to their old ways. Stand in prayer with EHC Chile on the promise of God’s Word that says we are more than conquerors through Christ. (Psalms 33-35)

MARCH 2012





Pop. 7,500,000

0.4% ISRAEL WPM # 116 There is a team going home to home with the Gospel. The workers have found the residents hospitable. More workers are needed. Pray that the Lord would protect them as they minister for the Lord. Also, pray for open hearts as the Gospel is shared. (Numbers 13-15)

Pop. 7,600,000

4.4% SWITZERLAND WPM # 62 Gospel seeds patiently spread through the systematic home-to-home distribution of literature will be sown in the towns of Estavayer-le-Lac, Payerne and their 20 surrounding villages with 24,000 inhabitants. Pray for much fruit from these efforts. (Numbers 22-24)


Pray for spiritual awakening in this nation. Pray for EHC outreaches using tribal language gospel booklets, visiting remote villages, training leaders, using evangelistic campaigns, and sharing the Gospel with theological students. (Numbers 28-30) Pop. 15,500,000 SUNDAY 0.7% KAZAKHSTAN WPM # 107 Citing the threat of terrorism, a new law on religious activities was recently adopted. The Christian community sees this legislation as a restriction of their freedom. Pray that EHC workers will be able to continue sharing their faith in Christ freely. (Deuteronomy 1-3)



The local government has toughened laws regarding the distribution of religious literature, and penalties have been increased. Pray for EHC workers who have been called by God and feel compelled to share the Gospel that they would be bold in their witness. (Deuteronomy 7-9)




Pray for the children of EHC workers who often suffer with the absence of their loved ones who spend long periods away from home sowing the Gospel. Pray as well for EHC’s ministry among refugees from a neighboring country. (Numbers 16-18)


Today, EHC staff and Intercessory Missionaries continue 18 hours of prayer and worship daily, from 6:00 a.m. to midnight (mst). Together we gather to pray for every nation on earth. Join us in person at EHC headquarters or at home for EHC’s global outreaches. (Psalms 30-32) Pop. 1,200,200,000 FRIDAY 2.2% INDIA WPM # 129 Praise God that He is moving among EHC workers and their families in the midst of great opposition and tribulations in many areas. Pray for the entire EHC team as they take the Gospel home to home in this Hindudominated nation. (Numbers 31-33)



Pop. 29,400,000

2.8% WPM # 133 At the end of a recent Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM) training with 42 Christ Group leaders, the BFAM graduates went home to home in 18 villages reaching 4,424 families and sharing 7,537 gospel booklets. Pray for many to respond from this campaign. (Deuteronomy 4-6) Pop. 10,200,000 THURSDAY 27.0% BURUNDI WPM # 18 The work continues to accelerate as more workers are being trained through the Mobile Training Centers. In a recent month 23 Christ Groups were planted. Pray for all the Christ Groups that they would be rooted and grounded in the Word of God. (Deuteronomy 10-12)



Pop. 203,400,000

26.3% WPM # 218

EHC Brazil plans to distribute 1,500 food baskets to needy families along with the Gospel. Boats are also used to reach hundreds of river communities on the Amazon combating malaria and spreading the Gospel. Pray for the success of both of these outreaches. (Deuteronomy 16-18)


Pop. 1,400,000

25.1% WPM # 3

Pray for this nation in a time of difficulty that there would be adequate food, education and health care. EHC workers want to thank the Lord for His hand of protection over the pioneer missionaries as no one has gotten sick nor been attacked. (Psalms 36-38) Pop. 1,600,000 FRIDAY 1.6% GUINEA-BISSAU WPM # 46 This nation is one of EHC’s new works. Pray for the newly-appointed National Director and ministry team that God will give them good health, strength and wisdom. Pray for churches to partner with EHC with the vision of reaching every home with the Gospel. (Deuteronomy 31-34)



Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM) training has made it possible to share the Gospel with the blind and illiterate. Pray for more opportunities to facilitate BFAM as it makes it easier to share the Gospel without carrying a Bible which oftentimes results in punishment. (Joshua 7-9) Pop. 21,900,000 THURSDAY 5.4% ROMANIA WPM # 78 Unemployment is rampant in the region of Oltenia. EHC Director Samuel Tutac says, “Many families are very poor. While many claim to be Christian, few have a real knowledge of the Gospel.” Pray for EHC teams to be able to share the truth of the Gospel in this area. (Joshua 13-15)





Pop. 16,500,000

Pop. 3,100,000

1.2% WPM # 175

In Khentii province 45 EHC volunteer brothers and sisters from two churches visited 1,500 homes and personally shared the Gospel with 230 individuals. Pray for the 30 people who accepted the Lord and pray for the others that the Holy Spirit would touch their hearts. (Deuteronomy 25-27)



Pop. 14,700,000



Pop. 4,300,000

1.6% CAMBODIA WPM # 138 Praise God for the good political situation in this country. Pray for EHC Christ Group leaders that they would be faithful in ministering to the members of their congregations and sharing God’s love with others in their communities. (Joshua 1-3)

3.7% MOLDOVA WPM # 102 Serving the Moldovan churches for over a year, EHC has reached nearly 100,000 homes with the printed page! Pray for the provision of transportation and the volunteers needed to systematically take the Gospel to 15,000 homes in Hincesti. (Psalms 39-41) Pop. 5,400,000 FRIDAY 3.9% SIERRA LEONE WPM # 44 Pray for the continued impact of the Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM) program in areas where it has been presented. Various denominations are coming together to implement what they have been taught as they return to their churches and communities. (Joshua 16-18)



Pop. 65,300,000


Pop. 10,800,000



Pop. 11,400,000


Pop. 5,700,000

1.2% WPM # 106

Us’t-Ordinskiy is a difficult area in Siberia where witchcraft and shamanism are engrained in the lives of the people. Recent home-to-home visits resulted in ten people coming to the Lord. Pray that they would remain strong in the faith and share their testimony with others. (Deuteronomy 13-15)

0.1% NIGER WPM # 36 An EHC worker met Anni Bawa who was very ill. He had always gone to native healers. When he heard that Jesus heals, he gave his life to Christ. As a result, three others came to Christ and a Christ Group was formed. Pray for these new converts. (Deuteronomy 19-21) WEDNESDAY


Pop. 138,700,000



1.0% WPM # 89

EHC France thanks the Lord for the 150,000 families reached last year. One EHC worker, Eric, walked for miles reaching 7,000 families with the Gospel. Pray for faithful EHC workers that they would be strengthened in their efforts to reach every home in France. (Deuteronomy 22-24)


10.1% WPM # 34

Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM) curriculum has been having an impact on the members of the Christ Groups in Moyen Chari. Pray for the BFAM participants as they are eager to live according to the Word of God and be able to share the Gospel with family and friends. (Deuteronomy 28-30)

26.9% WPM # 17 Pray for the provision of Bibles as the majority of new converts and Christ Group leaders have no Bibles. Also, pray for provision of additional Mobile Training Centers as many churches are eager to have training sessions for their congregations. (Joshua 4-6) WEDNESDAY

29.8% WPM # 183 Praise God for permission to present Teachers Reaching Teachers seminars in 121 schools this coming year! Pray for resources for these seminars that EHC could obtain a new video projector and a replacement camera that was stolen from the ministry vehicle. (Joshua 10-12) Pop. 4,700,000 SATURDAY 7.8% SINGAPORE WPM # 141 “Taste and See” and “How Far?” are gospel booklets printed in the Tamil language. Over 80,000 copies of each have been printed. Pray that as these booklets are shared in Tamilspeaking communities many would repent and come to know the Lord. (Joshua 19-21)


(continued from page 12)

The Lord is moving in many exciting ways in Moldova through EHC. In recent days, EHC workers have encountered God’s favor in reaching the Eastern Orthodox population in Moldova. In one instance, two EHC workers were going home to home when they came upon the home of an Eastern Orthodox man to whom they shared the Gospel. On this man’s wall hung an icon of the Bible story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. The man asked the EHC workers to identify the characters in the icon. “Who is this?” he asked. “If you answer correctly, I will listen to you!” God gave wisdom to the EHC workers, who were able to identify Jesus and the Samaritan woman. The man then listened with rapt attention as they proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ despite his Eastern Orthodox viewpoint. In 2000, the Moldovan Parliament passed legislation to make moral and spiritual instruction mandatory for primary school students. Some schools even hold classes specifically on religion. God is using this as an open door for EHC Moldova. In fact, EHC workers have been invited to primary schools to teach courses about the potential negative influences of mass media on the younger generation. One school principal asked EHC leaders to teach first grade students as well as to provide information to parents to help them understand the hidden dangers of the Internet in the lives of their children. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide opportunities for EHC workers to reach the hearts and minds of Moldovan children in their schools. Last month, EHC Moldova held an evangelistic training in which for two days, participants were trained through seminars followed by three days of home-to-home evangelism. The weather during the training was so cold that EHC workers literally prayed for warmer temperatures. “Although it wasn’t 70 degrees,” National Director Nicolae Sili said, “the temperature rose. We also were able to use space heaters for the night, for which we were very grateful!” EHC workers had hoped to see at least 100 participants attend the training, but the Lord brought 40. Nicolae said, “The Lord spoke to us from the story of Gideon, that He would work through a few to reach a large number of people. Bless the Lord, we went to three cities and reached over 12,000 homes!” This was the same work they had planned to do with 100 participants, but it was accomplished with just 40 very passionate people. Because of the cold weather, Nicolae says, “The Lord knew we could not host more people because the electric cords could only keep heaters running in five rooms, something we could not have foreseen. We thank God for His wonderful ways as He knows things even we do not!”

PRAISE THE LORD • For allowing EHC workers to evangelize the cities of Cimislia, Besarabca, and Abaclia. The Gospel was shared with families in more than 10,000 homes! • For bringing 40 people full of zeal to the evangelization training! God used these people to spend three days spreading the Gospel in three cities. • That He is opening hearts to the Gospel. • That He is protecting workers as they go home to home in Moldova.

PRAY • For the evangelization of the Hincesti region. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people there. • For available funds to repair the car used for ministry. • That God will meet the financial needs of the team members in Moldova. • That God will send more volunteers to help take the Gospel to every home in Moldova. • That people who have heard the Gospel will be open to know more about Jesus Christ!



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