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Taking to the Lost Every Christmas, I have the privilege of reading the story of the first Christmas to my grandchildren. As a family, we gather around “The Big Bible” and Grandpa reads the Christmas story to the family. Last year, this tradition took on new significance as some of the older children began to understand the true meaning of Christmas for the very first time. Their eyes widened as everything came together—all the details of the story in light of the Gospel. They asked many questions about the birth of Jesus, the wise men and the shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and the message of the Good News. What a joy it was to witness this as a grandfather! To see the light in their eyes as the hope and meaning of the Gospel filled their hearts brought tears to my eyes. It is an experience I will never forget. As I think of this, I am reminded that EHC workers around the world are experiencing the same joy, door after door and home after home, as they share the story and meaning of this glorious day with the lost this Christmas. Through EHC’s Christmas outreaches, EHC workers in over 75 nations are carrying the Gospel to thousands of homes and families using special Christmas literature and evangelistic Christmas programs. In partnership with hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers, EHC teams have the chance to share the Christmas story across the earth through these outreaches. Imagine the excitement these teams feel as they see the eyes of the lost opened to the Gospel—as those who have never heard the Good News come to fully understand the story of Jesus for the very first time—during the Christmas outreaches! I am reminded, as well, of the joy the Father must feel this season as hundreds of thousands turn their hearts to Him. “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents,” Jesus said (Luke


From the President

15:10, NASB). The joy I feel as a grandfather watching my grandchildren discover Jesus must be multiplied many times over as heaven witnesses so many people hearing the Good News and turning to the Lord through the Christmas outreaches! I also realize how privileged I am to have my “Big Bible” and to be able to share this message of hope with my grandchildren. Thousands of people around the world have never had the chance to hear the Gospel. Many have never had access to a Bible at all—let alone a personal copy of the Scriptures! Some have never even heard the name of Jesus. Moreover, many Christians and churches in the nations have never experienced teaching or training that would mobilize them to share the Good News with others. They have very limited access to scriptural resources or to biblical teachings. They believe in Christ, but they don’t know how to follow Him or how to lead others to Him. At EHC, we are serving the Church in all of these areas— we are serving the Church to reach every home on earth with the Gospel. We are training leaders, equipping churches with resources, and mobilizing believers everywhere to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Starting on page 7 of this issue of EveryHome, you can read more about the tools, strategies, and programs we use to serve the Church and discover how you can get involved through our EHC Christmas Catalog. Also in this issue, you will find more information on Christmas outreaches (starting on page 4) and a special year-end feature on reaching “the least of these” (starting on page 10). I pray you will rejoice in these stories of all God is doing around the world and be encouraged to partner with us this holiday season to take the story of Christmas to the lost, one home at a time. Merry Christmas!




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CELEBRATING THE HARVEST! Amazing Stories of What God Is Doing through EHC Christmas Outreaches

Praise the Lord for another year of incredible harvest for the kingdom! At Every Home for Christ, 2013 has been a year of God-sized dreams, bold prayers, and big miracles. This year, EHC projects have launched (or relaunched after years of inactivity) in 11 new nations, including four Creative Access nations where sharing the Gospel is dangerous or even illegal. With reports only finalized through the month of October, EHC workers have carried the Good News to over 53.2 million homes around the world. Already over 8.8 million people have responded to the message of Jesus, and more than 18,800 Christ Groups have been planted for the discipleship of new believers—just this year! When focused prayer and faithful, fully-resourced “going” combine, the power of the Gospel is truly unleashed to transform the nations. Making an incredible year even more fruitful, EHC teams are finishing 2013 strong with special Christmas outreaches! These outreaches aim to reach thousands of families by taking


advantage of doors that are opened during the Christmas season. The outreaches are already underway, and EHC teams expect to reach thousands of homes with the Good News this Christmas. Following are stories from EHC Christmas outreaches— stories that remind us of all God has done around the world in the last year and all He is doing now during this Christmas season. Africa: Ghana On Christmas Eve last year, the EHC Ghana office received a call from a man named Richmond. “I received your booklet about Christmas and salvation when your worker brought it to my home,” Richmond said, “and this message could change my life. Please, can I meet with someone from your ministry to discuss this?” The EHC National Director, Karl Menyah, invited Richmond to meet him the very next day—Christmas. When Richmond came to the office, he told Karl he had read the booklet and wanted to accept Jesus. “But,” Richmond

asked, “is every detail of this booklet true? Will God really forgive all my sins?” Karl answered, “Oh, yes! Even if you are an armed robber or a murderer, God will still forgive you.” Little did Karl know, he was talking to just such a man. “I am an armed robber,” Richmond confessed, sharing his life with Karl. “I work for a gang leader and have done many terrible things, robbing businesses of thousands of dollars and even murdering people.” Karl assured Richmond that God would forgive him even of these things if he committed his life to Christ, and Richmond was so relieved! There in the EHC office on Christmas day, Richmond the robber committed his life to Jesus. After that day, Richmond left the gang and the EHC team helped him escape to a new city. Now he is studying an EHC follow-up Bible course and Karl stays in touch with him over the phone, encouraging him to stay strong in the faith. EHC workers also helped Richmond find a church near his new home. “I am praying Richmond will one day join our EHC team,” Karl says, “and preach the Good News to many more armed robbers so they will also be saved!” Central Asia: Russia-Novokuznetsk Last Christmas, EHC teams in the Russia-Novokuznetsk region reached the inmates of two women’s prisons. The special Christmas outreach involved several visits to connect with the women and their families. On the first visit to the prisons, EHC

workers met the women and learned about their lives. The workers talked with the women about their children and then helped each woman choose and purchase Christmas gifts for her children. The EHC workers then personally delivered these gifts— along with children’s Bibles—to the children, sharing the love of Christ with their families and caretakers. After delivering the gifts, the EHC workers helped the children write letters and take photos for their mothers. Then the workers took the letters back to the women in the prisons. During these second visits to the prisons, the team held gatherings to share the Gospel with the women. “We have done this for two years now in different prisons,” EHC Director, Sergey Kostuskin, says, “and almost all the women accept Jesus at the end. This outreach is so effective because it reaches people on so many levels—the women, their children, the families, and beyond.” Praise God for the opportunity to take the hope of Christ to these women and their families! India: Bangalore-Karnataka When EHC India workers arrived in Thandagole Village during last year’s Christmas outreach, they knew it could be a challenge to reach the people because the village priest might stand in their way—so they decided to start by reaching the priest himself! The priest’s name was Patil, and when the workers knocked on his door he gladly received them. One of

To support this year’s Christmas outreaches, please use the enclosed form or give online at


the EHC workers gave Patil a gospel booklet and began sharing the Gospel. When Patil heard that Jesus had come to the world to die for the sins of the people, he was eager to learn more. “I believe this,” he said when the worker finished, “and I want to receive Christ! Please, come and share this with all the people in my village.” After sharing the Good News with the rest of the village, the EHC workers began training Patil in the Bible so that he could lead others to Christ. Praise God, this village priest became a minister of the Gospel! East Asia: Myanmar In the nation of Myanmar, EHC teams reached an astounding 193,945 homes with the Gospel during last year’s Christmas outreach. Over 1,300 people responded to the Good News, and 30 new Christ Group fellowships were planted as a result. “The work was challenging,” the National Director said. “There were clashes between ethnic groups; people were being killed and houses burned. There was also strong tension between Muslims and Buddhists, and some extremist youth gave our workers trouble—following them and stopping them from sharing gospel booklets. But the local authorities did not ban our work, so we were able to complete it.” Despite the challenges, the Lord allowed the EHC Myanmar team to reach thousands of homes with His love. Workers reported signs and wonders of healing, open hearts and minds, provision of transportation and meals, willing volunteers, and miraculous travel through extreme weather and dangerous roads. Praise God for making a way when there seemed to be no way, opening doors to reach thousands with the Christmas story in Myanmar! South Asia: Nepal “Christmas is the best time for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in Nepal,” EHC Nepal National Director David Lepcha says, “because now Christmas day is granted as a public holiday by the government! There are two important Hindu festivals celebrated by the Nepalese every year, and they celebrate these festivals wholeheartedly. Now, because Christmas is considered a holiday, the people think Christmas is the ‘festival’ of the Christians, so they are very interested in and open about it. We can go from home to home and offer to explain the meaning of this holiday.”


During EHC Nepal’s Christmas outreach last year, teams reached 74,218 homes with the Gospel—sometimes trekking through mountainous areas to visit distant villages. In addition, workers shared over 8,500 special Christmas gospel booklets in schools, 11,345 booklets on college campuses, and 735 booklets in prisons. Through the Christmas outreach 475 people responded to the Gospel, and nine new Christ Groups were formed. Praise the Lord for this incredible harvest! Caribbean: Haiti Letters From the Field Dear EHC Haiti, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing in Haiti! I accepted Jesus Christ many years ago, but soon after I felt very discouraged and stopped going to church. But when your team came to my house at Christmastime, they took time to talk with me and encourage me. Since that day I have begun attending church again, and my heart is full of joy. Thank you for coming to my home! Your sister in Christ, Mrs. Edouard Dear EHC Haiti Staff, I greet you in the marvelous name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am very grateful for the work you are doing in Haiti. I had never heard of Jesus, and I would not have known how to accept Him if it were not for you. I met your worker and he gave me a Christmas gospel booklet. From that day I received Jesus into my life. Now I know my life has changed—I am a totally new person! Thank you! Your friend, Junior Ocean Dear Friends at EHC Haiti, Yesterday I attended the special Christmas service that you held, and I want to say thank you so much. I grew up in a nonChristian family and never wanted to accept Jesus. But at your service, I felt like someone was pushing me, saying, “Go, go, go to Jesus!” After the service I spoke with the preacher and he prayed for me. Now I am free in Christ! Sincerely, Marleine

Christmas Catalog 2013

A. Global Christmas Outreaches: Your Golden Opportunity to Reach the Lost The Christmas season provides a unique opportunity to share the Gospel around the world. People’s hearts are more open, family members are home for the holidays, and the Church is more motivated to go out and reach the lost. This makes the Christmas season the ideal time to tell those lost in darkness WHO the Christ of Christmas is. Your gift toward the global Christmas outreaches will provide gospel literature (often themed with Christmas messages), additional resources to train a large army of Christmas volunteers, and discipleship materials to cultivate those who respond to Christ.

Suggested Gift: $500 to reach 1,500 families $150 to reach 450 families $50 to reach 150 families


Put a BFAM Discovery Bible in a New Believer’s Hands

Every single believer not only needs a Bible, but they also need to know how to read the Bible and properly apply its principles. Every Home for Christ has created the BFAM Discovery Bible to address the need for God’s Word as well as discipleship in a single Bible called the BFAM Discovery Bible. This Bible includes the full New Testament plus the book of Genesis along with three full months of BFAM discipleship curriculum. The BFAM curriculum guides the new believer through foundational biblical passages while also teaching them to discover biblical truths for themselves. With the BFAM Discovery Bible, you not only give the precious gift of a Bible, but you also provide keys to discovering God’s truth.

Suggested Gift: $5 for 1 BFAM Discovery Bible $50 for 10 BFAM Discovery Bibles $250 for 50 BFAM Discovery Bibles See enclosed form to give an EHC Christmas gift, or give online at


C. Overcoming Language Barriers: BFAM Translation

All around the world, millions of new believers are gathering in Christ Groups every week to grow in Christ. Often these Christ Groups are in poor, rural areas where the people are illiterate or have no written language. This makes reading and knowing God’s Word extremely difďŹ cult. EHC has found a solution to this problem with the Be Fruitful and Multiply (BFAM) discipleship curriculum. We have already translated BFAM into over 40 languages. With your help, we can translate BFAM into the following languages this year: Mongolian, Pidgin, Motu, Melpa, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Thai, Karen, Lahu, Nahuatl, Zapoteca, Tzeltal, and seven Creative Access languages.

Suggested Gift: $1,200 to translate 1 language Share the Gift: $100


D. Make God’s Word Accessible

In villages with limited electricity, no church building, and no access to written language, solar audio players loaded with BFAM curriculum fill a desperate need for training in God’s Word. These solar audio players contain 52 BFAM lessons— one for every week of the year—as well as audio New Testaments in up to ten languages. Geared for both private listening and small group listening, these audio players never run out of power as long as the sun is shining. You can provide this priceless and inexhaustible resource to new believers so they might be strengthened in God’s Word.

Suggested Gift: $35 for 1 solar audio player

E. Motorcycles: Speed the Gospel to Impossible Places

There are journeys too far to walk, too hazardous for a car, and too important to give up on. When we confront the challenge of a village in need of the Gospel, yet seemingly beyond our reach, motorcycles often provide the only possible solution. Agile and inexpensive, motorcycles are small enough to traverse winding dirt paths and powerful enough to conquer difficult terrain—and sometimes they’re the only hope of delivering the Gospel to an unreached village. Speed pioneer missionaries on their way to reach the seemingly impossible places of the earth.

This EHC worker balanced his motorcycle for two hours on a small canoe in order to reach a remote village for Christ.

Suggested Gift: $3,000 Share the Gift: $100


Provide Safe Passage for the Gospel

Suggested Gift: $10,000 Share the Gift: $200 See enclosed form to give an EHC Christmas gift, or give online at

In Creative Access nations, the transportation of gospel literature is an extremely dangerous enterprise, especially when it requires crossing hostile national borders. Currently, one Middle East Director repeatedly enters into vulnerable situations as he boards public transportation, loaded with gospel literature to supply the underground Church in his country as well as surrounding countries. This Christmas, we would like to supply him with a reliable vehicle to make these trips. This gift would dramatically increase his safety, while also multiplying the number of cities he is able to reach each year. This is but one example of how a vehicle would greatly expand and fortify the work in a nation. Will you help provide safe passage for the Gospel this Christmas?


EHC is reaching the Least of These.” ”


hen we speak of the “Macedonian Cry” (Acts 16:9) we often think of the unreached and those who have never had a single chance to hear about Jesus. At EHC we have learned that more “least reached” people than we think fall into this category. We recall how Jesus told His disciples, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, NIV). He was speaking of feeding the hungry, comforting the stranger, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and those in prison. This too was part of “the Gospel of the Kingdom” that Jesus spoke of (Matthew 24:14). The “least of these” likewise fall into a category similar to “the man of Macedonia” who cries out “please don’t forget me—I too need the Good News of Jesus!” These lost souls live in every nation on earth, often forgotten in the darkest corners of society. As EHC workers carry the love of Christ from home to home—including nontraditional homes like hospitals, prisons, orphanages, and even street corners or sewers—they encounter the “least of these” and seek to care for them as they would care for Christ Himself. Special EHC outreaches and projects seek to reach these lost ones “right where they live!”

The Least of These Living in the Sewers and Slums of Mexico In Mexico, much of society would like to forget that the “least of these” are among them. EHC Mexico National Director Gloria Silva Lopez explains, “Common people— even Christians—don’t go to the places where these people live because they believe that if we can forget them, they will no longer exist. But they do exist, and they are waiting for


someone to bring them the hope of the Gospel!” Gloria and her teams have made reaching Mexico’s “indigent” populations a priority. “The idea is to immerse ourselves in the depths of our society,” she says, “where no one else wants to go. We find people with drug addictions and with mental health problems. These are people who aren’t even aware of reality. They aren’t able to buy clothes or food, so they rely on people to give them basic necessities. Their homes are streets, gutters, bridges, railways, slums—and yes, even sewers.” EHC Mexico workers will truly go anywhere people call “home” to share the Good News! Gloria and a team of EHC workers recently completed a project designed specifically to reach sewer-dwellers. “We were invited to visit a network of drains, sewers, and underground passages where entire families are living. Amazingly, up to three generations of indigents sometimes live together in just such a situation!” Society may have forgotten this community of people literally living beneath them, but EHC has not. Even when homes are in sewage drains, EHC workers will take the Gospel to every such non-traditional dwelling. Although it was dirty and disease ridden, Gloria took a team of workers who together climbed down into a network of sewer drains to share the hope of Jesus with families living there. What a joy it is to be able to reach those no one else will. And as usually happens, a harvest of results awaits our teams wherever they go. Rarely would our workers go to such lengths and not see souls come to Christ as a result. This is exactly why Every Home for Christ exists! In another area of Mexico, an EHC Mobile Training Center leader named Luciano followed the leading of the Lord into dangerous mountain areas located just outside a major drug trafficking route.

“For three months,” Gloria said, “Luciano trekked through mountains and jungles to find people who have very few roads into their communities. These people live in fear and hiding because the lands are filled with guerrillas and warfare. Others seldom dare enter such areas, but Luciano had the power of God on his side and entered these places with a goal of reaching every home!” Luciano’s outreach was incredibly fruitful, and he was able to establish several Christ Groups in these dangerous areas. Although he encountered gangs of criminals, drug addicts, and even a convicted murderer, Luciano pressed on to reach the “least of these” living in impoverished fear. One man, named Marcos, was particularly touched by Luciano’s home-to-home ministry. He had recently been released from prison after serving an eight-year sentence for dealing drugs and for murdering his own brother. “I killed my brother in a fit of rage after discovering that he had become a Christian,” Marcos told Luciano mournfully. “I was so angry; I mixed together several drugs and alcohol and hardly knew what I was doing when I shot him.” His brother had a wife and three young children. As Marcos spoke with Luciano, he confessed that he recognized how much evil was in him. Luciano led Marcos to repent before the Lord and accept Christ into his life, explaining that Marcos would become a new creation in Jesus. Not long after, Marcos was baptized! Today, he is studying the Bible and learning how to walk with Christ through prayer and fasting as he is being discipled by several leaders in a local church. Marcos is clearly one of “the least of these,” but Luciano’s willingness to trek through dangerous lands and preach to a convicted murderer resulted in this miraculous conversion!

The Least of These Among the “Hungry, Blind, and Shoeless!” Africa is a land riddled with needs of every kind. In addition to meeting spiritual needs, EHC teams seek to meet physical needs in strategic ways and places that often open hearts and doors to advance the Gospel. For example, in

Malawi and Zambia EHC teams recently completed special projects that offered food to the most destitute of families in famine-stricken areas. This is always done in relation to sharing the Gospel, our first priority. These projects, like the recent “Feed Malawi” outreach, were highly fruitful as many thousands responded to the Gospel and joined local churches and Christ Groups as a result! Many people had given up hope until EHC workers came to their doors with a simple bag of maize (ground cornmeal) and the Good News of life in Christ. In Mozambique, Tanzania, and Burundi, EHC workers partnered with a ministry called Soles for Jesus (a key partner ministry with EHC in Africa) to offer shoes to those who have none. “In some nations, shoes are to be worn; in others, shoes are tools for evangelism!” said EHC Burundi National Director Evariste Harerimana. EHC teams helped Soles for Jesus place shoes on the feet of the poor, and everyone received a gospel booklet along with their shoes. In almost all cases, these were the first shoes these people had ever worn. But it was also the first time many had ever heard about Jesus. “The power of the printed page was evident as the shoes were being distributed,” Mozambique National Director Anacleto Ferrao reported. “As the people would find somewhere to sit after receiving their shoes they would begin to read the gospel message. The booklets helped them understand that knowing Jesus personally was at the center of the shoe distribution, and it was Christ’s love that caused us to give them the shoes.” All these shoes, and even the costs of shipping them from America including customs fees, was covered by the ministry called Soles for Jesus. Soles for Jesus was founded by the daughter of a longtime EHC donor from Holland. What a wonderful example of how partnering together can yield an even greater harvest while meeting a great need among “the least of these” in distant places like Africa. This unique shoe distribution accompanied by a gospel outreach in Mozambique was so successful that local schools had to shut down for the day because parents pulled their children out of classes to receive a new pair of shoes while hearing the Good News. “When the Lion of the tribe of Judah roars,” EHC Director Anacleto declared, “even schools are forced to close!”


At the end of the day, the multitudes that came joined in a time of joyous praise and worship, singing and dancing in their new shoes before the Lord. Few in our western context understand what it means for so many in rural Africa to have his or her own pair of shoes. One young boy told EHC workers, “I had been praying to God for my very own pair of shoes because I have never had a pair of my own. But I did not know if God was real or if He would listen to my prayer. From now on I know that God is real and Jesus cares much for me. I will now pray to God for all my needs and for my brothers too!” Literally hundreds committed their lives to Christ through these “shoe-distribution” outreaches in Africa because of the simple gift of a pair of shoes given with the Gospel to “the least of these.”

The Least of These Among Orphans, Widows, and the Afflicted Around the world, special EHC outreaches and projects like these mentioned in this update are clearly advancing the Gospel among the “least of these,” in obedience to the words of Christ to care for these less fortunate. Additionally, EHC teams are bringing hope to prisons, healing to hospitals, and much, much more. In Moldova, for example, (a region of the former Soviet Union), an EHC summer project reached 250 orphans through specially designed summer camps. In Togo, West Africa, an EHC medical clinic built with EHC funds sent from France and a local church in Colorado, continues to provide health care to children and new mothers while giving each of them the Gospel. In several nations in Africa EHC teams provide education on malaria (including the provision of protective mosquito tents) along with HIV/AIDS training in addition to providing them the Good News of Jesus. In Bangladesh, sewing training programs (accompanied by the sharing of the Gospel) are enabling impoverished women to provide for their families. It’s the holistic Gospel in action! Praise God—EHC workers, while spreading the Gospel home to home everywhere, are taking food to the hungry, comfort to the homeless, clothing to the poor, and hope to the sick and imprisoned as they go! Thankfully, most of these “gifts” of a humanitarian nature are provided by other ministries free of charge. This spirit of love and compassion through partnerships often open doors for EHC to reach “the least of these” with the love of Christ!



Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation’s population, the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition), and a number that corresponds with EHC’s 2013 edition of the World Prayer Map. At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |







0.8% WPM # 48


12.1% WPM # 2



Pop. 1,200,000

20.2% WPM # 209



19.6% WPM # 15



26.3% WPM # 218


Pop. 16,800,000

Happy New Year! Join us today in prayer for this Creative Access nation. The team has been strategizing to increase and expand the ministry’s reach and effectiveness in 2014. Pray specifically for an increase in church partnerships and in homes reached. (John 1:1-18) Pop. 38,400,000 SATURDAY

Please pray today for strategic partnerships to be developed between EHC Trinidad & Tobago and other ministries and churches in the nation. Pray for the Lord to make key connections and establish relationships with the right organizations. (Genesis 1-4) Pop. 1,900,000 SUNDAY

Praise God for EHC pioneer missionary George Mkwize and the team from Zambezi Evangelical Church. Together they reached 100 homes in Naluso village, and 26 people received Christ on the spot! Pray for these new believers as they learn to follow Christ. (Psalms 1-3) Pop. 201,000,000 MONDAY

“There are around ten million homes in Poland,” says National Director Michael Trzcionkowski, “and we have reached 200,000 so far. Please pray for wisdom to make strategies and for many laborers to reach every home in the nation.” (Genesis 5-8)

Join us in prayer today for the Fulani people of Gambia, who are very hostile to the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would open their hearts and minds to receive Christ. Pray for the EHC pioneer missionaries who reach out to the Fulani people—for safety and encouragement. (Genesis 9-12) Pop. 1,900,000 WEDNESDAY

EHC Brazil recently launched a new Intercession Group. The Intercession Group will pray daily over the ministry, its leadership, special projects, and the nation. Please pray today for these intercessors who have dedicated themselves to EHC ministry through prayer. (Genesis 13-16)

With the help of eight volunteers, pioneer missionary Simon Waii reached the Baiyer district of Western Highlands Province, one home at a time. Praise God for laborers for this outreach! Pray that many in the Baiyer district will respond to Christ as a result. (Genesis 17-19) Pop. 44,000,000 FRIDAY

Recently members of the Full Gospel Church partnered with EHC to reach four rural villages with Heart of Man charts, gospel bracelets, and gospel literature carried from house to house. Many people received Jesus; pray for the new believers in these villages! (Genesis 20-22)

Today, EHC staff and Prayer Corps Missionaries continue 18 hours of prayer and worship daily, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (MST). Together we gather to pray for every nation on earth. Join us in prayer today for EHC’s global outreaches. (Job 1-4)

The team requests prayer for ongoing ministry in Maasailand in Kenya. Pray for new believers to become committed disciples of Christ, firm in their new faith. Pray for EHC pioneer missionaries, for protection and strength for the work of the Lord. (Psalms 4-7)

Pray for a man who accepted the Lord through EHC’s home-to-home outreaches, completed the Bible correspondence course, and is now training to be a Christ Group leader. Pray that he would mature spiritually and become an effective leader. (Job 5-8) Pop. 116,200,000 TUESDAY

EHC Switzerland is printing 50,000 “evangelistic magazines” to be used for outreaches. These magazines tell about the work of EHC and include testimonies of what the Lord has done in people’s lives. Pray for these magazines to be an effective outreach tool. (Job 9-12)

Pray for peace in this nation, where riots and protests have interrupted ministry in recent days. Pray also for Pastor Gomez’s church (a partner of EHC Mexico). Their church was flooded, and they lost all of their furniture and Bibles. (Job 17-20)

In order to reach this restricted nation, the team has launched a new radio program. The program highlights social issues in light of biblical perspectives as a tool to preach the Gospel. Pray for many to hear and understand the Word of God through this program! (Job 21-24)



0.3% WPM # 84



Pop. 6,400,000




25.7% WPM # 146

48.9% WPM # 27

Pop. 20,500,000

9.0% WPM # 24

Praise God for a new Christ Group in the village of Mallan-Pettelle, which was formed when three families committed to Christ. Pray that these families will grow strong in the Lord and become witnesses for Him in their village. (Job 13-16)








8.3% WPM # 178

Pop. 8,000,000


4.4% WPM # 62



Pop. 48,600,000


Pop. 10,400,000


Pop. 25,200,000


21.1% WPM # 1

Praise God for the provision of an affordable vehicle for Herbert, an EHC leader in Western Cape Province. Herbert coordinates evangelism and discipleship trainings for local church leaders. Pray for multiplied ministry through this vehicle! (Psalms 8-11)


1.2 % WPM # 87

Pastor Serge Jacobi and his church recently partnered with EHC to take 200,000 Flemish and French gospel booklets home to home in Brussels. Praise the Lord for these volunteers! Pray that many who received these booklets will find Jesus. (Job 37-39)


24.2% WPM # 39



Pop. 174,500,000


Pop. 10,900,000


Pop. 29,900,000


Pop. 22,400,000


30.8% WPM # 35

Praise God for a training in evangelism and EHC’s Be Fruitful and Multiply discipleship curriculum held in Evboriaria village. This village is known for high levels of occultism and juju activities. Pray that this training will result in powerful ministry for Christ! (Job 25-28) Pop. 8,500,000

23.0% WPM # 182


27.0% WPM # 18

Brenda, a psychologist who works in a cancer center, received a gospel booklet when EHC workers reached every hospital room in the center. Brenda was so inspired, she painted a mural in the center of the booklet! Pray for the salvation of many hospital patients. (Job 29-32) Pop. 11,200,000 TUESDAY

Praise God for two Muslims who accepted the Lord in Gitaza. Now they have joined an EHC Christ Group fellowship. In Kagogo, EHC teams reached 3,000 widows and orphans with the love of Christ. Pray for many to come to know Him as a result! (Job 33-36)

The EHC team in Guinea is praying that the Lord would allow them to reach homes in more remote places with the Gospel. Join the team in this prayer. Pray specifically for provision of resources and laborers, as well as for peace in the nation. (Job 40-42)

EHC Peru is challenging churches to reach 2,240 homes through a strategy to reach Lima and Cusco called the Jerusalem Project. Already, over 150 churches have committed to this goal! Pray this Jerusalem Project will result in salvation across Lima and Cusco. (Genesis 23-26)



0.7 % WPM # 45

Pop. 81,200,000

2.1% WPM # 83



11.6% WPM # 217

10.5% WPM # 41

Recently a partner church near the Baltic Sea invited a leader from EHC to teach a seminar on how to speak about Jesus with others. Pray that the members of this church would grow in their faith and be encouraged to reach their communities for Christ. (Psalms 12-14) Pop. 14,200,000 MONDAY

Pray for the people living in the cities of Dikodougou and Boron in the north of the country. EHC pioneer missionary Boni Antoine is laboring in this area to mobilize churches for home-to-home evangelism. Pray for laborers and for fruit! (Genesis 31-34)

Praise the Lord for safe travel for the National Director in recent days! Pray for an EHC worker who has been receiving threats as some have discovered his faith and ministry. Pray for safety as the National Director travels to comfort this worker. (Genesis 35-38) Pop. 106,100,000 WEDNESDAY

An EHC team reached out to 600 schoolchildren by praying with them before they took writing exams. Praise God, 250 children committed to Jesus during this outreach. Pray for these children to grow in Christ and for many more to come to the Lord as well. (Genesis 39-42) Pop. 93,900,000 THURSDAY

The team requests prayer for the people of the towns of Surcin, Jakovo, and Boljevci. Pray also for an EHC volunteer, Miodrag Ramadanovic, who has moved away from his home for the winter to reach distant towns and villages with the Gospel. (Genesis 43-46) Pop. 5,500,000 FRIDAY

EHC Schools of Prayer were recently held in the province of Bohol (with 35 pastors and leaders) and on the island of Polillo (with 60 pastors and leaders). Pray that these leaders will now mobilize their churches to pray for the nations. (Genesis 47-50)

Pray for the outreaches in Deneba, Merayana, Weja, Bete Hore, and Ala Masa. This region is known for witchcraft activity and had not yet been reached with the Gospel. EHC workers are laboring to reach 12,000 homes here with the Good News. (Exodus 1-3)

EHC’s Be Fruitful and Multiply discipleship curriculum is in the process of being translated into the Slovak language. Please pray for wisdom for the translator and for the curriculum to be a fruitful tool for discipleship of the Slovak people. (Psalms 15-19)

Praise God for Isaac, a new believer who was reached with the Gospel during a prison outreach. He was in prison for assaulting his business partner, but now he has surrendered his life to Christ. Pray for Isaac’s life to be totally transformed in Jesus. (Genesis 27-30)



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