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NO EXCUSES! At Every Home for Christ, our pioneer missionaries take risks on a daily basis. Every time they visit a home, they are faced with the reality that behind the door, there could be someone wanting to do them harm. In ministries in Creative Access nations (nations where it can be dangerous or even illegal to share the Gospel), our workers realize there are times for caution and times for courage. It takes wisdom and prayer to reach every home in these nations at the right time with the right strategies, but at EHC we are committed to reaching every home even in these most difficult nations— no matter the cost. In our Daily Prayer Watch from month to month you’ll frequently see requests related to these Creative Access nations. They are truly worthy of your prayers! In a restricted nation in the Middle East, the Every Home for Christ National Director organized volunteers into several teams that would reach multiple cities with the Gospel, home by home, during a single outreach. This nation can be very hostile to the name of Jesus, especially in concentrated, radical neighborhoods, and the National Director works diligently to utilize creativity while keeping his teams as safe as possible. Workers knock on doors in more open areas to proclaim the Good News, but alternative evangelism methods are used in neighborhoods that could become violent, even at the mere mention of the word Jesus. As the outreach began in one particular city, the National Director quickly realized the city was much more dangerous than he had thought. As some of the teams began experiencing harassment, the Director decided to relocate the workers to a different outreach location and return to that city at a later time with a safer and more effective strategy. The National Director began making phone calls and arranging transportation for the teams, but he could not reach one particular team. This team had no phone, and the Director soon discovered that they had entered an especially radical, hostile neighborhood. To make matters worse, the team was comprised of women from another nation who had little understanding of the cultural dangers in the neighborhood. “After three hours,” the Director recounts, “we were growing very concerned and felt that the situation could be serious. I decided to go into the neighborhood myself


Dick Eastman International President to find the women, and I searched for 45 minutes before finally locating them. When they saw me, they screamed and I thought they must be in trouble! It turned out that they were simply shocked to see me. They had no idea what kind of danger they were in. In fact, they only had two gospel booklets left of their large supply—they had reached every home in this neighborhood without incident! It was a miracle! This is the first time we have been able to reach this city. Normally we would not have used the home-to-home evangelism strategy in this neighborhood, but now we are receiving responses from the people there! We are so grateful to God.” Our EHC Regional Director for the Middle East says, “There are things that are possible for us, and we should always do what is possible—no excuses! When we obey and do what is possible for us, God steps in and does the humanly impossible, for with Him nothing is impossible! EHC moves forward with this conviction, and God always surprises us.” EHC teams around the world—especially in Creative Access nations—do everything that is humanly possible, and they rely on God to take care of everything that seems impossible. And He does, indeed, always step in and surprise us, just like in this dangerous neighborhood reached by a team of women when it seemed humanly impossible! The Bible says, “Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9, NASB). It takes courage and strength to be an EHC worker in a Creative Access nation, but God is always with our workers just as He promised and exciting, impossible things are happening as a result! In this issue, you will find more stories about the courage of our workers and the incredible things God does when circumstances seem impossible. I pray you will be encouraged as you read about the transformation of souls happening in some of the darkest places on earth, even when this comes at a high cost.



from the International President



by José Seisdedos


EHC International President | Dick Eastman Executive Director | Tim Middlebrook Editor | Dena Jefferson Designer | Drew Emmert Production Supervisor | Marie Housman Editorial Assistant | Jordan Middlebrook EHC Regional Directors | José Seisdedos (Latin America) Pierre Clément (Europe), Ondrej Garaj (C.I.S.) Edoh Fiozandji (French Africa), Tom Rios (Middle East) Jacob George (South Asia Rim), Samuel Hilel Lal (India) Manasa Kolivuso (Asia-Pacific)


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is arms and legs are covered in bruises and scars. A knife blade has left a lasting mark on the back of his neck. Puncture wounds are clearly visible on his head. His toenails have been ripped off. Walking is painful, each step reminding him of the day they broke his kneecaps. They broke his kneecaps for Jesus. They ripped off his toenails, punctured his head, slit his neck, bruised his arms, scarred his legs for Jesus. “I was a Muslim once,” he says, “but I was saved by Jesus. Now I desperately long for this salvation to come to all Muslim people.” He is the Every Home for Christ National Director for a country in the Middle East—one of the most dangerous places in the world today for Christian ministry—and his body is marked by this desperate longing for salvation; his scars bear witness to all he is willing to endure for the sake of taking the Gospel to every home in his Muslimmajority nation. “When I get to heaven and stand before Jesus, I don’t want to look away in shame,” he says, explaining how he can withstand such suffering. “I want to look confidently into His eyes, knowing that I gave everything I could for His kingdom.” This EHC leader is certainly giving everything, putting his life on the line day after day and home after home in order to see the Gospel advance to every tribe and tongue in his nation.

Risking It All This National Director is not alone. He is part of a team of EHC National Directors, staff, and volunteers in the Middle East who are risking it all to reach every home in this dark and dangerous region. Persecution of believers is a severe and daily reality here, and our workers regularly face fines, punishments, social rejection, prison time,


beatings, and even death for the name of Jesus. At EHC we refer to these as “Creative Access” nations because we must find creative ways to access them with the Gospel. These are nations where significant social, cultural, and legal obstacles to the Good News prevent EHC teams from openly proclaiming the message of Christ. Yet even creative strategies require significant risk in the Middle East. National Directors have been threatened, imprisoned, and beaten. Workers have been homeless, refused housing because of their faith and ministry. Team members have fled their homes for their lives. In one nation, three EHC pioneer missionaries lost their lives. EHC ministry in the Middle East is truly a matter of life and death as our teams press onward to reach the souls of their people with the news of the kingdom.

No Longer Serving the Grave For EHC workers, the stories of hope, love, reconciliation, and salvation make the death and dangers of the Middle East absolutely worthwhile. Seeing just one person find new and eternal life in Christ is worth a lifetime of risky ministry—and EHC teams in the Middle East have seen far more than one person discover Jesus. To date, 179,432 people in the Middle East have responded to Christ after hearing the Gospel from EHC workers! One of those 179,432 people was a man named Ali* who served as a watchman over the grave of one of his nation’s late presidents. During his time in the graveyard, Ali studied this deceased president and became increasingly devoted to the man, his ideologies, and even his family. “I grew so radical in my feelings about this president,” Ali recalls, “that I even abandoned my Muslim faith and worshiped the dead president rather than Allah.” Ali devoted


more and more of his time to worshiping the late president. After cleaning the grave and completing his shift in the graveyard, Ali would stand outside the graveyard and preach to passersby about the dead man he worshiped. One evening, though, an EHC worker approached Ali while he was preaching and handed him a small booklet. “Here, take this and read it,” he said. Ali stopped preaching and read through the booklet with the EHC worker still standing in front of him. Looking up from the last page, Ali asked, “Are you a Christian?” The EHC worker responded with a question of his own: “Who are you?” and Ali explained his devotion to the late president whose grave he kept. “I am a worshiper of God, who is Creator and Sustainer,” the EHC worker said. “You are full of sorrow because the man you worship is dead, and his teachings have filled you with hatred. I serve a living God. If you confess your sins and accept Him as your Savior, He will fill you with His peace and love and take away your sorrow.” After hearing this, Ali exclaimed, “I accept the Lord Jesus as my Savior! I am no longer a servant of the grave, but I am free in Jesus!” He was overjoyed and unconcerned that anyone might overhear his illegal proclamation. Ali was bound to the grave, living an empty life devoted to


a dead man, but he discovered new life in Christ because an EHC worker took the risk of speaking about the living God with a graveyard watchman.

A Follower of the 12th Another one of the 179,432 Middle Eastern people who have responded to the Gospel was Ghulam*, who had mixed his Muslim faith with the traditional beliefs of his village. He was a magician who attempted to solve the problems of his fellow villagers by making sacrifices and giving offerings on his shrine on the 11th of every month. Ghulam called himself “a follower of the 11th.” “One morning I was in the midst of reciting prayers and burning incense when there was a loud knock on the door,” Ghulam says. “I opened the door to see a young man smiling up at me, and he announced, ‘I have good news for you!’ I told him, ‘I do not need good news; I am a follower of the 11th.’ The young man paused for a moment, thinking, and then said, ‘I am a follower of the 12th, whose grave is empty. He defeated death, and now He wants to give you life.’ I was very intrigued by this, wondering who could be so much greater than the 11th, so I invited the man inside.” Of course, that young man was an EHC worker who had come to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with Ghulam.

The EHC worker told the story of Jesus and His 12 disciples. “Worldly gods demand sacrifices, but Jesus sacrificed Himself for the whole world—and that includes you!” After listening intently to the worker, Ghulam wanted to receive the salvation of Christ. He called his wife and young son into the room, and they all prayed together to accept the Lord. Even though knocking on doors with the Gospel could be deadly, this EHC worker faced the danger headon and witnessed the salvation of Ghulam and his whole family as a result!

Reaching Millions Stories like Ali’s and Ghulam’s are happening all over the Middle East—and the stories do not end with simple “yes” or “no” responses! EHC teams planted 600 new Christ Group fellowships for new believers in 2012 alone, and another 108 have been planted this year already! These Christ Groups are thriving communities where new believers are discipled in the Word of God and draw close to Christ and each other as they learn to reach out to others with the Good News. Additional creative strategies enable EHC teams to reach multitudes and then disciple them on a personal level, even where these activities are illegal. In one nation EHC workers have found that people are more open to their message at large events like concerts or parades. The team

seizes these opportunities whenever they arise, setting up groups of workers around entrances and exits—even lining parade routes!—to pass out gospel literature. At one recent concert, this team handed out 6,000 pieces of literature to those who were attending. “We have received many responses as a result,” the National Director reported after the outreach. “People are requesting more information about Jesus!” In some Middle East nations, EHC teams go door to door with government-approved “spiritual surveys” that provide opportunities for conversations about Christ. Some EHC teams use sports ministry to reach young people. Many EHC leaders are able to partner with local churches and mobilize church members to share gospel literature with their neighbors. In several nations EHC teams are laboring to reach refugee camps, sharing the hope and comfort of Jesus with people groups from nations that might not otherwise be accessed with the Gospel today. Using these strategies and more, EHC teams in the Middle East have reached over 3,995,000 homes with the Gospel to date. As a result, a total of 179,432 responses to the Good News have been received and followed-up by EHC offices in the region, and 933 Christ Groups have been planted for the discipleship of new believers.

Prayer Opens Doors Although it is one of the most difficult and dangerous places for ministry in the world today, the Middle East is also one of the fastest-growing regions of EHC ministry in terms of homes reached, responses to the Gospel, and Christ Groups planted. The Lord is truly at work, and we know this is possible because of the faithful prayers of believers who boldly ask God for open doors in these restricted nations. Please, pray for the Middle East. This region needs to be transformed by the Gospel. The people need the hope and peace of Christ. EHC workers are risking their lives on a daily basis to take this hope, peace, and transformation to every home in their nations, and your prayers make all the difference in their ministry. Pray that the hearts of the people would be open to Christ. Pray for strength and vision for EHC workers. Pray for creative strategies that will allow more people to hear the Good News. We praise God for all He is doing today in the darkest places of the Middle East, and we are honored to be part of seeing His kingdom come to this region. *Name has been changed for the security of this new believer.





n November 2012, erratic rains and a two-year dry spell in Malawi, Africa, culminated in a drought so severe that 1.7 million people were in danger of famine, including Every Home for Christ’s pioneer missionaries serving there. Panic spread and the government was in turmoil. As a result, aid in the form of food was not getting to the people who so desperately needed it. It became clear that EHC’s pioneer missionaries—restricted by their own hunger—simply could not continue the work but instead were forced to hunt for food! Those EHC workers who could continue evangelism efforts witnessed firsthand human suffering on a massive scale when they went home to home with the Gospel. Out of this grew a determination to feed Malawians as well as offering spiritual nourishment. It was determined that those families struggling the most would be given a week’s worth of food. Thus, EHC’s Feed Malawi project was born. While evangelizing door to door, EHC pioneer missionaries took note of families that appeared to be most traumatized by the famine. They then returned to 2,000 of them with 10kg (22-pound) bags of maize meal, enough to feed a small family for a week.

ALL TRIBES AND TONGUES During the Feed Malawi project many tribes of various beliefs were reached with the Gospel. These included the Chewas in Ntchisi (adamantly opposed to Christianity); the Yaos in Balaka (staunch Muslims); the Senas in Nsanje and Lomwes in Liwonde (bound by anti-Christian cultures and worship of the ancestral god, Mbona); and the Tumbukas in Karonga (associated with spiritualism and rituals that dissuade them from believing in Christ). Despite the diversity of tribes here, hunger does not discriminate; it speaks to all equally. Due to the vision and compassion of the EHC workers even in the midst of their own suffering, the Feed Malawi Project was a great success. In fact, the goal of reaching 50,000 homes was surpassed as a total of 64,343 homes were touched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord that 11,312 people responded positively to the outreach and over 1,000 decided to follow Christ on the spot! Hearts were more open to the Gospel than ever, especially as EHC volunteers and staff responded to felt needs. Over 2,000 volunteers were instrumental in the distribution of literature and food packages. In addition to the homes reached, the Feed Malawi project resulted in the planting of 67 Christ Groups where


thousands of people will be evangelized and discipled. Praise the Lord the project also resulted in 1,500 new baptisms!

THE IMPACT OF PRAYER We at EHC believe that it was not only the hard work of the pioneer missionaries that made the Feed Malawi program work. It was the prayers of God’s people that dramatically influenced the success of this project. The famine began in November— the same time prayer began rising up from Every Home for Christ’s headquarters in the United States. One EHC worker described the timeline: “The call for help with the Feed Malawi project began in January. We know people began praying at this time. Then a crazy thing happened: the rains came in February! By the time March KIDA came, crops were growing! Hope was arising! We prayed and so much rain came as a result after the drought, fields even washed away from all the rain! The glorious thing was that the drought ended as prayer was raised up. God brought abundant rain and an end to the severe drought in Malawi.” A miracle had occurred that no one could foresee; God brought water from the sky to transform the landscape of a barren and hungry land. But He didn’t stop there. Hope, too, had come to Malawi. And it especially impacted a blind farmer named Kida.

THE MIRACLE OF KIDA The little church was overflowing as 110 people gathered in the Malawian heat to celebrate the results of the Feed Malawi project with amazing worship and to receive food from several workers, including one from the United States, Erik Laursen. Erik observed several things on this visit to Malawi. First, he says, “it was interesting how many blind people there


were in the church. We discovered there is bacteria in the water that blinds the people—a bacteria that could be easily cured at the early stage with antibiotics. At least a dozen people in the church were blind.” But he also noticed how the hope of Christ had come to many in Malawi, including the moving story of one of those blind men, an elderly farmer named Kida. Other humanitarian organizations had been distributing ration cards to the people, but Kida was rejected because there was so

much need. Lost in despair, Kida stopped attending church even though he had attended for 15 years before that. Because of his circumstances, Kida lost faith in God. “Kida lost two wives to death,” said Erik. “He had given up all hope! He bought the traditional mphasa, a death mat, and even a coffin. He was waiting to die. But then one of our pioneer missionaries told him about the Feed Malawi project, and he decided to come to the church service to

receive food.” Erik continues, “Kida was going to die. He was blind. He was lost. He needed more than just a gospel message, he needed ‘Jesus with skin on’—someone coming to him with the love of Christ and making a difference in his life.” In fact, Kida did not just sit in the church and wait for his bag of maize. He suddenly stood up and walked down the center aisle of the church. After praying with an EHC worker, he began to sing. He had found hope in Christ again! He even began singing a song in English. He sang, “I cannot feel, I cannot see; yet my soul is finding hope in thee!” “There are times in life when evangelism requires action,” explains Erik. “At Every Home for Christ, we’re not just ‘literature bombers.’ We don’t just drop and run. We cannot do this when literacy is so low. Our guys go face-toface with literature in hand, they talk to the people, they find out what’s going on in people’s lives, then they leave literature with them, which often helps people learn to read!” When the service was over, a Malawian EHC worker told Erik, “That man Kida surrendering his life to Jesus again made this entire project worth it! It was a miracle! If no one else would have been affected, Kida, alone, was enough!” There is no doubt that Africa is a needy land. In fact, there’s no way any single humanitarian organization can possibly answer all the need that exists there. The only way to help the continent of Africa is to tell the people about the Savior of mankind who came to save them, Jesus Christ. “There’s times like when Jesus decided to feed the 5,000,” Erik says. “There are plenty of people hungry, and there are times God calls you to act. But the main focus is always to spread Christ’s love.”


OF EVANGELISM by José Seisdedos EHC Latin America Regional Director and Spain National Director


In times of crisis, a renewed desire for the second coming of the Lord sprouts in the hearts of many Christians, and many even ask why the Lord tarries in fulfilling His promise. The apostle Peter wrote, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9, NKJV). The Lord Himself said that the end would come when the Gospel of the kingdom is preached to all nations: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14, NKJV). So who is responsible for preaching the Gospel? The answer is obvious. By way of conferences, books, and seminars, millions of Christians all over the world are recognizing the need to become involved in spreading the Gospel. But the majority of them do not know how to go about it. They are not used to testifying about their faith in Christ. They have other habits, such as reading the Bible, praying, and meeting with other believers. But they do not have the “habit” of evangelizing. A habit is formed by repetition. When we repeat something over and over, it becomes a part of us, our lifestyle. It is impossible to acquire a habit without daily practice. There are good habits and bad habits. Some habits are acquired quickly, because they have to do with something we like; other habits require more effort to form, because they are not as enjoyable to practice. Parents know how important it is for their children to acquire good habits, even those that are initially rejected. If evangelizing is only a part of the annual church “program,” consisting of going out to testify once in a while, it will never become a habit, nor will it be incorporated into the members’ lifestyle. It is not surprising that many Christians feel uncomfortable or are afraid when they go out to testify. It is similar to asking a child to run when he has not yet learned to walk. It is a fact that habits make life easier. The assimilation of lessons learned through repetition makes concepts that initially seemed difficult become less complex. This is the key to making the Gospel of the kingdom reach every town and city in record time. Let all the programs be welcomed, all the united efforts, all the “special days” whose objective is to induce Christians out of their homes and the four walls of the church and out onto the street to share their faith. But just one day’s effort does not create a habit; daily repetition does. Habits offer us a sense of security.


PRAY FOR THE 7x52 PROJECT. Ask God that many churches will adopt it and that many believers may engage in it. Through seminars, workshops, letters, phone calls, etc., we are challenging as many people as possible. Pray that through 7x52 Project the habit of evangelizing may take root in many believers! EHC has formed in thousands of believers the habit of evangelizing, by suggesting easy-to-reach objectives and providing the adequate tools to reach them. Our end goal is that every home in a town, city, region, or country receives a clear presentation of the Gospel. But asking believers that have never gone out to testify to accept the challenge of covering a region, home-to-home, could be a dead-end road. Therefore, in the initial phase, we tell about our idea in Latin America called the “7x52 Project.” The 7x52 Project consists of each member of a specific church accepting the challenge to deliver a gospel message to a different home each day of the week, 52 weeks a year. Each Sunday, at church, the pastor or person in charge gives each believer an envelope with seven gospel messages inside—one for every day of the week; every believer commits to delivering the messages to a different family each day during the week. A message a day is not much, and this is precisely what makes it feasible for everyone to participate. The point is not to do a lot in one day and nothing the rest of the year, but rather for each believer to share their faith a little bit each day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. The participation of many every day, be it very little, is much more than the large-scale participation of a few in just one day. Our experience shows that after having participated in the 7x52 Project, many believers ask for more literature to give to more homes, because one a day seems too little. It is then that they are prepared to undertake more widespread endeavors.


This is what EHC teaches in Spain and other countries, too. This is what could produce a global transformation. If every church would acquire the habit of evangelizing with the 7x52 Project, the Gospel of the kingdom would reach everyone in very little time. Do the math yourself: if in your church there were 100 believers committed to handing out a gospel message per home, per day, how many homes would that be at the end of one week? How many a month? How about at the end of one year? In order for the Lord’s second coming to happen, the Gospel of the kingdom has to be first preached in the entire world. No missions agency, organization, or ministry can do it on its own. It is imperative that every believer occupy his place as a witness of Christ. Nothing can replace the personal action of every believer. This conviction is what moves EHC to collaborate with local churches in mobilizing their members. And every day, thousands of homes receive a clear presentation of the Gospel in Spain as well as in Latin America and around the world. Every day we see how people from all cultures and backgrounds experience the miracle of conversion to Christ. Our labor is possible thanks to those who have developed another essential habit for the work of God: the habit of praying and giving so that the Gospel continues to spread and so that more and more people enter the kingdom of God through faith in Christ. Thank you for your support. Together it is possible to fulfill the Great Commission and prepare the way of the Lord.


Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation’s population, the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition), and a number that corresponds with EHC’s 2013 edition of the World Prayer Map. At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |


The National Director requests prayer for his nation: “Pray for those who have been directly affected by a resurgence of car bombs and suicide bombers in the capital city. There has also been an increase in kidnappings. Pray for peace in our land.” (2 Chronicles 36:1-8; Daniel 1-3)





Pop. 600,000

33.3% SOLOMON ISLANDS WPM # 152 Villages that, in the past, were difficult to reach because of the influence of various cults are now more open to the visit of EHC workers and the presentation of the Gospel. Pray for open doors and hearts in these villages! (Psalms 109-111)


Several EHC pioneer missionaries in this nation have been sick in recent months. Please join us in prayer today for healing and for protection over these pioneer missionaries as they travel for ministry. Pray also for upcoming meetings with various church leaders. (Ezekiel 4-6)





Pop. 163,700,000

0.4% BANGLADESH WPM # 132 Pray today for the educational and vocational projects through which EHC teams are able to share the love of Christ by educating children and empowering those in poverty to earn a living. Recent evaluations have shown encouraging results from these projects! (Ezekiel 13-16) Pop. 93,900,000

19.6% ETHIOPIA WPM # 29 Well-trained pastors and leaders are in short supply in Ethiopia, and many who are trained leave remote areas for the cities. Pray for the efforts of EHC workers as they seek to identify, train, and mobilize leaders to meet needs in various regions of the nation. (Ezekiel 21-24)






Pop. 22,600,000

11.5% MADAGASCAR WPM # 4 In recent days, EHC teams took gospel literature to over 2,000 students living on the medical campus of the university located near the national EHC office. Pray today that the students who received the literature would be open to Jesus Christ. (Daniel 4-6)


Today, EHC staff and Intercessory Missionaries continue 18 hours of prayer and worship daily, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (MDT). Together we gather to pray for every nation on earth. Join us in prayer today for EHC’s global outreaches. (Daniel 10-12)



Pop. 11,200,000



Pop. 75,500,000



10.1% CHAD WPM # 34 As you pray for Chad today, pray against Islamic threats to the nation and to Christianity. We rejoice over several students from a local school who accepted Christ, completed Bible correspondence courses, and are now faithful disciples of Christ. (Ezekiel 7-9)

18.7% CONGO, DEM. REP. OF WPM # 19 The team reports that someone stole a carton packed with 8,500 gospel booklets. “Pray for this person,” National Director Asial Nyamuke says. “Pray that he will come to know Christ through the literature he stole from us!” (Psalms 112-114) Pop. 116,200,000

8.3% MEXICO WPM # 178 Please join us in prayer today for the EHC staff as they travel and minister. Pray for protection and traveling mercies, especially in more dangerous areas. Praise the Lord for a new translation of EHC’s discipleship curriculum in a local dialect! (Ezekiel 25-28)



Pop. 5,800,000


Pop. 25,200,000


Pop. 7,000,000

29.8% WPM # 183 During a home-to-home campaign in one Miskito village, the team encountered much resistance from people who practice witchcraft and sorcery. Even when God did miracles, several people threatened the EHC workers. Pray for this village! (Daniel 7-9)



24.2% WPM # 39 The team requests prayer for school children who have heard the Gospel from EHC workers during special outreaches in local schools. Pray that these children would understand the Word of God and receive Jesus in their hearts. (2 Chronicles 36:9-21; Ezekiel 1-3)



1.9% WPM # 77 EHC teams have been trying to reach homes in the south of the nation but have found these areas difficult to access because many people have converted to Islam. Today, please pray for open doors in this region and for open hearts to the Gospel. (Ezekiel 10-12)



Please pray for all those who recently received the gospel message after a four-day home-to-home outreach in one major city. Teams from another EHC Creative Access nation joined this team to prayer-walk and then evangelize this specific city. (Ezekiel 17-20)


Pop. 600,000

18.0% WPM # 158 Praise the Lord for EHC workers from Papua New Guinea who traveled to Samoa to partner with EHC teams here for extended home-to-home outreaches. The team requests prayer for other teams visiting from foreign nations— pray for fruitful ministry during their visits. (Ezekiel 29-32)


Pray for new believers in this nation who are thrown out of their homes when they choose to follow Christ. Pray for them to stand firm in the face of persecution. EHC currently supports these new believers with temporary shelter and food. (Ezekiel 33-36)



Pop. 42,600,000



Pop. 66,000,000





9.1% ARGENTINA WPM # 223 During one recent home-to-home outreach, every home in 36 small communities received the Good News from EHC workers. The team is hoping to start 36 new Christ Groups now—one in each community. Please pray for these small groups of new believers! (Ezekiel 41-44) 1.0% FRANCE WPM # 89 A special project called Operation Villages will mobilize EHC volunteers to reach remote communities with the Good News of Jesus. Pray for many laborers to partner with EHC and carry gospel literature door to door in these small villages. (Ezra 4; Haggai 1-2)

Pop. 143,000,000

RUSSIA—ST. PETERSBURG WPM #1.2% 106 Praise God for six new believers who were baptized after a Christ Group reached out to them! Recently EHC leaders had the opportunity to share the Gospel at evangelistic events. Pray for all those who responded to the Gospel during those events to grow in Christ. (Psalms 118-119:16)

Pop. 3,300,000

6.2% URUGUAY WPM # 224 Join the team in rejoicing over fruitful ministry happening among students at local schools and universities! A special gospel booklet titled “100% Adrenaline” has been very successful. Pray for this ministry to continue to be fruitful. (Zechariah 13-14)



Pop. 10,900,000

27.0% BURUNDI WPM # 18 The team requests prayer for safety for workers so that they will be able to reach as many homes as possible with the Good News. During recent outreaches, EHC workers have been encouraged by their ample supply of literature and evangelism tools. Praise God! (Ezekiel 37-40)


Pop. 43,000,000


Pop. 8,200,000


48.9% WPM # 27

Praise God for His care and protection as EHC workers evangelize from home to home in hostile communities. Please pray for continued protection, discernment, and courage for the volunteers as the work continues. (Psalm 119:121-176)


0.5% WPM # 80 A local ministry has partnered with EHC Austria to take EHC’s gospel literature to the “red light district,” where they will minister to women who are caught in prostitution. Please pray for the women to have open hearts to the healing of Jesus Christ. (Psalms 115-117)







Pop. 29,900,000

11.6% WPM # 217 Praise God for an opportunity to share In the inland cities of Iquitos and Cuzco, gospel booklets at the entrance of EHC workers recently met with various a cancer hospital! The team is also local churches to train them in evangelism rejoicing that the ministry has made new and discipleship and to encourage them contacts in more provinces. Pray today to reach their communities. Please pray for safety for the National Director as he that these churches will catch the vision travels to train new leaders. of reaching every home! (2 Chronicles (Ezekiel 45-48) 36:22-23; Ezra 1-3) MONDAY

Pop. 5,200,000

32.3% WPM # 25 “Pray for the people of the Baoro region,” National Director JoselynBrice Nyetobouko writes. “Muslims have gone into the majority of villages there, offering sugar, coffee, and clothing to people in exchange for their conversion to Islam.” (Zechariah 1-3)



Pop. 16,800,000



Pop. 81,200,000

19.6% MALAWI WPM # 15 Pioneer missionary Rhoda and her team reached every home in Machinjiri, knocking on 135 doors and sharing the Gospel with 1,250 people. Praise God, 25 people received Christ on the spot and 718 asked for more information about Jesus. Pray for lasting fruit! (Zechariah 7-9) 2.1% GERMANY WPM # 83 Currently EHC Germany is the only Christian ministry reaching out to the 2,400 inhabitants of the Isle Amrum. During a recent outreach in this area, teams carried gospel literature to every home. Pray for many hearts to be open to Jesus through this outreach! (Ezra 5-7)


During a recent outreach, teams revisited remote areas of a central province. This time, the churches were more involved and the people were more receptive to the Gospel. Praise the Lord! Pray for many people to receive Christ as a result of this outreach. (Zechariah 4-6)


Pop. 10,400,000

1.2% WPM # 87 A home-to-home evangelism campaign recently reached every family living in the Brussels region. Pray that these gospel seeds will find good soil in the hearts of many Brussels inhabitants and produce the fruit of salvation! (Zechariah 10-12)


In one recent month, 250 local church leaders from various denominations were trained to use EHC’s Be Fruitful and Multiply discipleship curriculum to disciple new believers. Pray that these leaders will use this tool effectively as they return to their communities! (Ezra 8-10)

& September 21, 2013

Colorado Springs, Colorado

COME JOIN US IN CELEBRATING THE VICTORIES AND TESTIMONIES COMING FROM GOD’S AMAZING HARVEST! • Share a piece of EHC history, celebrating the pay-off of our International Headquarters office with a good old-fashioned mortgage burning ceremony and down-home barbeque. • Hear the heart of Every Home for Christ's Regional Directors as they share what can happen when God unleashes resources to move throughout the nations, touching the untouched. • Enjoy a special evening treat! A private concert featuring Mark Lowry of the Gaither Vocal Band.


International President, Dick Eastman Every Home for Christ’s Regional Directors from around the globe David Green, CEO & Founder/Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Gary Kehr, Executive Vice President/Evangelical Christian Credit Union


Call 1-800-423-5054 and speak to our reservations coordinator for more information.

WILL YOUR CHILDREN STILL GET ALONG WHEN YOU’RE GONE? Even in the best Christian families, children fight over the details of their parents' Will or Trust. They sometimes stop speaking to each other for years. This is certainly not honoring to God and not the legacy we want to leave behind for our children. Here are three things you can do to help ensure your children are still hugging each other long after you’re gone: 1. Avoid naming one of your children as your executor and/or trustee. Even if they are mature and trustworthy, their siblings may still accuse them of wrongdoing as they carry out your wishes. 2. Chances are your children will fight over who gets grandma’s beat-up dresser before they will fight over $50,000 in cash. So, be sure to create a Personal Property Memorandum to accompany your Will or Trust that identifies who gets which family heirloom. 3. Although your children are probably quite different from each other, treat them equally, if possible. For example, if you have a daughter who is a missionary and a son who is a doctor, you may want to give your daughter more, based on need, and that's okay. However, if you do this, be sure your son is not going to be mad at his sister for receiving more of the inheritance. Treating them unequally is not worth damaging their relationship.

There are plenty of other things to consider as well. The good news is… we have a Will and Trust Planning Ministry to help you design your Will or Trust from a biblical worldview. Simply call our Director of Stewardship Ministries, Guy Burgo, at 1-800-423-5054. Guy has helped over 2,000 families design their Will or Trust from a Christian perspective. You can also learn by watching video clips online from the privacy of your home and it’s completely free and confidential. Simply go to


Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations... Matthew 28:19 (NLT) | 1-800-423-5054

EveryHome August 2013  

EveryHome August 2013

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