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From the President

A VOICE IN THE NIGHT A Fruit That Remains in Africa

>>> by Dick Eastman

In my book Look What God Is Doing! I told of the remarkable conversion of a young Muslim man in North Africa named Abdulai. Abdulai received a gospel booklet at his home from an EHC worker named Sanji, but he tore the booklet to pieces and threw it in Sanji’s face, threatening him with violence if he ever returned. Sanji simply moved on to the next home, then to the next, and on down the street until his work for the day was complete. Abdulai’s rejection was but one of many hostile reactions Sanji encountered on a day-today basis, so he went home that night a bit shaken but knowing such experiences were to be expected. Abdulai, on the other hand, fell into a deep sleep that night only to awake when he felt two powerful hands grab his shoulders in the darkness and shake him violently. Convinced a thief had broken into his apartment, he swung his arms violently to fend off the unseen intruder. But in the darkness he could find no body to go with the hands gripping his shoulders. “Who are you?” Abdulai shouted. “What do you want?” Suddenly a voice filled the room. “You have torn up the truth,” the voice said with authority. “The message you were given by the visitor at your door was God’s truth.” Abdulai was shaking. “But what can I do now?” “I will tell you where you may find another booklet. Take paper and pencil and write this address.” Abdulai took down the address and waited anxiously for the sun to rise. As soon as morning came, he rushed to the address given by the mysterious voice—an address that turned out to be the home of Sanji! There, Abdulai heard the Gospel and dedicated his life to Christ, soon changing his name to Abraham. When this new convert announced his conversion to his family, he was immediately banned from all family contact. They even plotted to kill him, but Abraham escaped with the help of Sanji and took refuge in the home of the EHC National Director many miles to the south. In


that home, he was discipled personally by our Director. Soon he was doing odd jobs around the EHC office and, in a few months, he began going out and witnessing house to house. Today Abraham is involved in evangelism in regions of his nation that are heavily Muslim. Abraham’s testimony is no isolated event! Across the earth, hundreds—even thousands!—are coming to Christ, experiencing true discipleship, and becoming powerful ministers of the Gospel. We’re seeing true “fruit that remains”! The EHC ministry is committed not just to initial home-to-home gospel literature evangelism, but to the making of lifelong disciples—whatever it takes! In this issue of EveryHome, you’ll read more about people, communities, and churches entirely transformed by the true Gospel and learn about the strategies EHC teams use to produce fruit that remains. I truly believe that all of these stories and strategies are a result of our prayers lifted up over the nations. When we pray, things happen that would not have happened if we had not prayed. The God of the universe is moved to action when we lift up the lost in the nations! Of course, then we must go with the Good News. Prayer is vital, but we must put feet to our prayers and go right where people live to share this Good News personally with the lost. We plant and water the seed of the Word of God, but it is the Lord of the harvest who causes growth (1 Corinthians 3:6-7); therefore, we must pray—and go! And this all happens because of friends like you who give to help make it all happen. As you read through the following pages, please join me in prayer and sacrificial giving so that as EHC workers around the world faithfully sow gospel seeds, those seeds will grow and produce fruit—fruit that remains!



from the President 2 A VOICE IN THE NIGHT Fruit That Remains in Africa 4 FRUIT THAT REMAINS

Making True Disciples Worldwide


A Miracle Among the Miskitos!


New EHC Works


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MAY 2013

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EHC is Harvesting

FRUIT THAT REMAINS “You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain…” (John 15:16, NASB). “Find the Truth!”

Asim was born into a devout Hindu family of a high caste in India. Though proud of the social status he enjoyed, he had always felt unsettled. “In all my life,” he says, “I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t restless. I had no peace of mind, no satisfaction in life, no answers to my deepest questions.” Asim spent many years researching the religious writings of his tradition, worshiping devoutly, and serving an increasing number of gods. “I thought that by doing all of this, I might find the answers to my frustrations and longings, but it was all in vain. Still I was searching for truth, for meaning.” Then one day in 1984, an EHC worker visited Asim’s home. “The man told me about Jesus and His teachings. He explained that we are all sinners and need the salvation of the one true God,” Asim recalls. Before he left, the EHC worker handed Asim a gospel booklet and a New Testament, saying, “Take these and find the truth.” Although Asim was not interested in


reading the Christian Bible, something about the man’s words haunted him, ringing in the back of his mind for several days. As Asim slept one night, a voice woke him. “Follow me,” it said gently. “Something prompted me to get up and read the book that the man from EHC had given me. So I climbed out of bed, took the New Testament, and opened it at random to see if there was anything meaningful written inside.” Asim’s eyes fell on Acts 4:12: “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” That very night, Asim received Christ as his Savior and Lord, just like the EHC worker had explained. “A strange peace dawned on me for the first time in my life at that moment,” he says. When Asim’s parents discovered their son’s new faith, they were very angry and turned him out of their home. For three years, Asim faced the problems of

the world with nothing but the strength of Jesus, following the leadings of the Lord. Finally in 1987, Asim arrived in Andaman Islands in search of work. “There, I saw many Bengali people. The Lord spoke to me, telling me to reach the Bengali in Andaman with the Gospel and make them disciples of Jesus. I obeyed the Lord, and the rest is history!” Today, Asim leads a fruitful and multiplying ministry in Andaman. He pastors two churches—one Bengali-speaking and the other Hindi-speaking. “I am grateful to God and to the EHC ministry,” he says. “Through EHC I came to Jesus, became a disciple, and began serving the living God on these islands.” Praise the Lord! Making True Disciples


Can lasting fruit really come from a ministry like EHC committed to taking the Gospel to every home on earth? Can a ministry with a vision so widespread—so global—really make true disciples of individual people in the nations? These are valid questions, for as believers we are called to make disciples, not just converts, and to bear fruit that remains. For 66 years, Every Home for Christ workers around the world have faithfully sowed the seed of the Word of God and watered that seed through follow-up. And the Lord has been and is continuing to be faithful to make the seed grow and produce lasting fruit—just like Asim! EHC workers around the world labor for fruit that remains in many ways. One way is through simple follow-up with everyone who responds to the Gospel as a result of EHC evangelism. When EHC workers leave gospel literature in a home, the literature includes a response card that can be used to express interest in following or learning more about Christ. Every time an EHC team receives a response card, they follow-up with a Bible correspondence course. To date, 124,171,719 responses to the Gospel have been followed-up by EHC offices worldwide! Each of those responses represents lasting fruit. Bearing fruit that remains requires faithful work through this kind of individualized followup, but EHC workers are committed to the task. EHC’s ministry strategy also involves planting local gatherings of the Body of Christ in areas where no other churches exist; we call these Christ Groups. In Christ Groups, the fruit of the harvest is sustained and begins to multiply. New believers are discipled by trained leaders, have fellowship with other believers, and learn to evangelize in their communities and beyond. To date, 221,598 Christ Groups have been planted in nations around the world. And each of those Christ Groups is a community of lasting and multiplying fruit! Furthermore, EHC workers serve existing local churches by providing training and resources for evangelism and discipleship.

>>>>>>>> 5

Especially in regions like Africa and Asia where such training is scarce, EHC is multiplying lasting fruit by equipping the Church to preserve the harvest. Through EHC, the lost become new believers, new believers become disciples, and disciples are gathered into healthy and multiplying communities of God. Often disciples even become pastors and laborers for Christ who have powerful ministries that all began with one gospel booklet in the hands of an EHC worker. Truly, the Lord is using Every Home for Christ to produce fruit that remains! A Fruitful Family

This was the case in the life of a young woman named Uma. Her father was employed in a ship company, but he spent his spare time practicing sorcery. In 1983, an EHC worker came to her family’s home to share about Jesus. “We liked his simple and loving approach,” Uma remembers, “but we were not convinced. My father still held onto his sorcery practices.” Over the next several months the EHC worker became a family friend, visiting their home often to share about Jesus. He read the Bible with them and explained more and more about salvation and the new life available to them. “It took us almost two years to understand the way of salvation, but eventually we all accepted Jesus as our Savior! Later the EHC Director baptized us, and the EHC office helped us connect with a local church.” Uma went on to attend Bible college, marry a pastor, and begin serving in a church with her husband and


two daughters. “I offer my heartfelt thanks to that EHC missionary who spent two years visiting my family to share Jesus with us 20 years ago,” Uma says today. “It resulted in a fruitful family serving God!” “God Causes the Growth!”

Sometimes, as in Asim’s story, all we must do is sow the seed of the Gospel and God does the rest. Using gospel literature in our outreaches allows us to continue proclaiming the Good News through “paper missionaries” long after EHC workers leave a home, which results in lasting fruit we may not even know about for years to come. Sometimes other believers, ministries, and churches come alongside EHC’s evangelism efforts in unity to do the work of watering the seed, just as Paul described: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth” (1 Corinthians 3:6-7, NASB). And other times, EHC workers are in a position to do all the work of planting the seed and watering it through follow-up and discipleship to see it bear fruit, just like Uma’s story. Whatever it takes—even if it takes two years to reach the hearts of one family— EHC is committed to ministry that results in lasting fruit. On an average day, EHC workers will plant the seed of the gospel message in over 107,000 homes across the earth. Today, we invite you to join us in prayer that each of those gospel seeds will result in fruit that remains!

HARVEST REPORT Worldwide Statistical Progress Report | 1953 to March 25, 2013




























































(Representing nations in most regions.)








*Countries where literature has been distributed, including: countries that no longer have an EHC office; countries that had distribution, but no office; countries that had literature sent to missionaries and nationals from 1946-1953.






When EHC first began outreaches in Nicaragua back in 1965, the original pioneer missionaries could not have imagined how vastly EHC would impact the local church to reach this Central American nation for Christ. To date, EHC Nicaragua, in partnership with local churches and other ministries, has literally taken the gospel message to 3,917,525 homes and received 265,905 responses to the Good News! In addition to strategic home-to-home evangelism, EHC teams in this region of Central America also continue to train believers in evangelism and discipleship through Mobile Training Centers to mobilize the Body of Christ in the task of the Great Commission. Through simple but effective strategies like these, EHC is serving the Church in Nicaragua to reach every home in the nation with the Gospel! So often as EHC pioneer missionaries take the Gospel into neighborhoods like those in Nicaragua, they are exposed to people in desperate situations. In Waspam City in the remote northern region, young students often suffer from a strange disease that


doctors have come to refer to as “Siknis” crisis. “Siknis” is an unexplainable disease that has affected the youth of the Miskito people group of this region of Nicaragua for many years. Those afflicted suffer attacks causing extreme anxiety and dizziness. It is common for those who are sick to fall into unconsciousness. To Christian believers it is clear they are under some form of demonic influence. They often become violent and vomit uncontrollably. When they regain consciousness they typically report unusual interactions with devils or evil spirits. Western psychologists and local doctors have tried to categorize the disease as a kind of psychological disorder induced by high levels of stress among these people, but they have no idea how to treat this anomaly. Christians of the area see it as an attack of Satan that can only be conquered by the power of Jesus Christ. A number of different Christian ministries traveled to Waspam City to try to reach the young people plagued by this disease, but with little success.

Community leaders and schoolteachers were openly frustrated that there was no apparent solution for the crisis. When local EHC leadership heard about the “Siknis” crisis among the Miskito Indians in Waspam City, they prayed fervently and planned a special outreach to the entire community. EHC leadership in the region decided to send teams of students trained through EHC’s Mobile Training Center (MTC) program in Nicaragua to complete a door-to-door coverage of the entire area, saturating the region with the Good News of Jesus. After the coverage was completed, teachers and local authorities reported that the disease had virtually disappeared! Young people were coming to Jesus in large numbers, joining Christ Groups, and being instantly healed of the strange illness. “We give all honor and glory and praise to our wonderful God for this amazing miracle,” EHC’s National Director for Nicaragua Isaac Estrada shares. “Our Lord is working mightily through the diligent efforts of EHC in the Waspam City region. It is such a joy to see salvation come to this community. Results like these have never been seen before among the Miskito people group!” Even the mayor of Waspam City expressed his thanks for the amazing turn of events. He also offered to provide the gasoline needed for a boat so that EHC workers might reach the Gracias a Dios Cape,

another area a good distance away where the enemy is using the “Siknis” disease to deceive and destroy many young people. Brother Isaac expressed, “We praise the Lord and thank Him for the EHC MTC students who were trained for such a time as this. We thank the EHC partners who make the MTC program possible.” Isaac added, “If the Lord miraculously provides the way to reach all of the city, we will be very happy to send teams there, full of the love of Christ, to reach every home for Christ in Gracias a Dios Cape!” Please pray for all who are sharing the hope found in Christ with those in Nicaragua. a

EHC National Director Isaac Estrada shares the Gospel with this Nicaraguan woman.





New EHC Works to Reach the World's Most Dangerous Nations for Christ!

Every year Open Doors U.S.A. publishes the World Watch List, a list of the top 50 nations in the world where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is most severe. When the 2013 list was released, we found that EHC is currently active in 24 of the 50 countries ranked this year. In fact, Every Home for Christ is laboring to reach the lost in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth today. Although EHC workers face significant challenges in these nations—even putting their lives on the line for the sake of the Great Commission—they are absolutely committed to the vision of reaching every single home with the Gospel, no matter the cost. Whether the obstacles are political forces, laws against evangelism or conversion, social pressures, religious fanaticism, or acts of terrorism, EHC is faithfully moving forward with the Gospel, one home at a time. Yet even with so much restricted work already underway, we believe God has something more in mind for the ministry of Every Home for Christ. As


EHC international leadership strategized recently for upcoming months of ministry, the Lord placed on their hearts a call to move into even more of these dark and dangerous places. “I found myself thinking about ministry in certain nations and writing it off as ‘impossible,’” explains International Director Scott Middlebrook. “We have ministries in some incredibly dangerous places already, and that has only been possible because God miraculously opened doors that far surpassed our natural understanding and capabilities. I couldn’t imagine what it would take to open ministry in places considered even more difficult and dangerous. I didn’t think it could be done.” But the Lord began speaking clearly to Middlebrook and the rest of the team about making the “impossible” nations a priority, reminding them that nothing is impossible for Him. With a burden for the lost in the most dangerous places in the world weighing heavy on their hearts, the leadership team began praying about the impossible

nations. “During an important meeting, God led us to identify six nations to target for ministry over the next year. They are six of the darkest nations on earth, one in each of the major regions of EHC’s ministry,” says Middlebrook. In radical obedience, EHC leadership made those six impossible nations a ministry priority. Already leaders from the international office have begun working with EHC Regional Directors around the world to strategize for the launch of ministry in these impossible places. Of course, EHC leaders know that though the Lord has clearly spoken, that does not mean it will be easy. By all human strength, beginning ministry in these six nations is truly impossible. Launching new ministry in any nation is a significant feat. The right leader must be identified; the church must be unified and mobilized; the funds must be in place for all necessary tools and resources; the plans and strategies must be drawn; workers must be trained; literature must be printed; and all logistical details must be considered. This process is exponentially more complicated in nations where the evangelistic vision of EHC is dangerous or illegal. Identifying a leader is difficult in places where believers must be “underground.” Sometimes there is no church in existence to mobilize.

Moving funds or resources across hostile borders can be impossible. Strategies require creative and innovative measures. The time and costs involved in launching works like these are simply much higher than in open nations, and every step of the process is a risk. But the EHC vision is uncompromising—every home on earth does not exclude homes in the most dangerous nations on earth. Every home in these six impossible nations must be reached with the Gospel, no matter the cost. No region, no country, and no home is exempt, no matter how risky. And so we will follow the Lord into the impossible places. However, we cannot go alone. We need your prayers! At EHC, we believe prayer alone will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling the Great Commission. There are so many seemingly insurmountable obstacles in these six nations—obstacles only God can overcome. It will be with prayer and the power of the Lord that these six impossible nations will be reached. With prayer the families of these nations will have the chance to hear the Good News of the love and salvation of Christ. Although we cannot share the names of the nations for the sake of security, your prayers are vital as we move forward in launching these six new impossible works. Please join us in prayer to reach every home for Christ in these six nations!

PRAY FOR MINISTRY IN THE IMPOSSIBLE PLACES! PRAY… … for open doors, open hearts, open minds, and open heavens in the six nations. … for God’s wisdom and clear direction to guide EHC leaders in the process of opening ministry in each of the nations. … for the Lord to identify key individuals who are well-equipped for the task of leading new EHC ministries in each of the nations. … for safety for EHC leaders during all preliminary consultation and planning trips into these dangerous nations. … for creative and innovative strategies for preaching the Gospel in hostile situations to be identified for each nation. … for laborers who are ready to carry the Gospel to every home in the six impossible nations. … for the provision of all resources and funds necessary to begin these six new works.



“Our Church Attendance Doubled in Days!”

Dear EHC Sierra Leone, I write to express my deep appreciation for the evangelism training you held for local pastors and leaders in our church located in the Port Loko District. We were thrilled to celebrate the launch of home-to-home evangelism in our area, and we are so excited to partner with EHC by doing evangelism and follow-up with your ministry. The Lord enabled your team to accomplish so much in the short time you were here, and now we are ready to take up this work and carry it on to all the villages of our region. Your ministry in our area was certainly an answer to prayer. Although we tried various evangelism programs in the past in an attempt to reach out to our people, we could not seem to make any fruitful breakthroughs. Our area is dominated by Islam and traditional animistic religions, and people hold tenaciously to their beliefs. They did not take us seriously since we had tried to reach them in so many ineffective ways. No matter what we tried, our church attendance never exceeded 30 people. That quickly changed following the initial home-to-home outreach when our church doubled to over 70 people! It happened in only a matter of days. More recently we have placed an order with a carpenter for new church benches to accommodate over 100 people because our numbers continue to grow every week! Your simple strategy of taking the Gospel systematically to every home is the first evangelism program to receive such a fruitful response in this area. We are finally reaching our people with the Gospel of Christ and lives are being transformed. I recently met with two other pastors in the area who are also partnering with the EHC campaign, and they too reported wonderful spiritual and numerical growth unknown previously in their churches. All of us are now implementing the strategies and skills you taught us, and it is a joy to work in unity to accomplish this task. It is yielding results we never imagined. All glory to God!

Your co-laborer in Christ’s vineyard, Pastor A. B. Kamara Bere Evangelical Church Sierra Leone, West Africa



Listed at the top right of each daily request is the nation’s population, the percentage of evangelical believers (Operation World 21st Century Edition), and a number that corresponds with EHC’s 2012 edition of the World Prayer Map. At the end of each prayer request is the assigned reading for the day to read through the Bible in a year. Every Home for Christ | P.O. Box 64000 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 | 1-800-423-5054 | |


Workers in this nation face significant hindrances to their gospel work, including targeted political force, religious fundamentalism, and even acts of terrorism like bomb blasts. Pray for the Lord to protect these laborers and to give them strength for this work! (2 Kings 11:1-14:25)









Pop. 20,100,000

9.0% CAMEROON WPM # 24 When a new Christ Group sprung up rapidly in Mayobanga, the head of the village granted a piece of land for the group to construct a church building. God provides in miraculous ways! Pray for the people of the Mafa tribe; many are bound in witchcraft. (Amos 4-6) Pop. 4,400,000

15.9% CONGO REPUBLIC WPM # 20 Teams are using creative strategies to communicate the Gospel effectively in every home, such as a special project to reach mothers of households and a ministry to drug addicts. Pray God will work through these strategies to touch many hearts in the Congo Republic! (2 Kings 15-17)

Pop. 16,300,000

19.6% MALAWI WPM # 15 We are thankful for special tools used to present the gospel message in Malawi, such as The Heart of Man chart (perfect for those who are unable to read) and gospel soccer balls (ideal for youth)! Please pray for areas where heavy rains are destructive after dry seasons. (1 Chronicles 1-3) Pop. 14,300,000

25.7% ZAMBIA WPM # 14 We rejoice over an agreement reached by the Scripture Union of Zambia, which regulates ministry activity in schools, and EHC, which will allow EHC to conduct outreaches in schools and disciple students! Pray for this ministry. (1 Chronicles 7-9)

JUNE 2013





Pop. 11,000,000

10.1% CHAD WPM # 34 Praise the Lord for 390 people who received Christ after one recent outreach! Today, please join us in prayer for steadfastness in the hearts of Christ Group members in the village of Touktourou who are experiencing persecution because of their faith. (Jonah)


In one recent month in this nation “closed” to the Gospel, 300 new believers were baptized, two new Christ Groups were planted, and 20 members of another Christ Group enrolled in Bible college to become pastors. Amen! Pray for even more fruit that remains. (Psalms 69-71)




Praise God for evangelism volunteers and intercessors joining the team to reach this nation! Pray over the intercessors. “There is such spiritual oppression in this country,” the Director says. Pray also for protection for volunteers who go door to door with the Gospel. (2 Kings 18-21)


Eight EHC workers recently visited a hospital for cancer patients to share the Good News. Praise God, many people were healed and many families were saved in Christ! Pray for resources as the team seeks to rent a large home to hold church services for new believers. (1 Chronicles 4-6)




Pop. 8,300,000

23.0% WPM # 182 In Quezalapa a Christ Group planted by EHC workers years ago has grown into a church of 200, and the pastor planted five more churches in surrounding areas! Pray for the Lord’s favor to be with this pastor as he mobilizes his church for evangelism. (2 Kings 14:26-29; Amos 1-3)





Today, EHC staff and Intercessory Missionaries continue 18 hours of prayer and worship daily, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (MDT). Together we gather to pray for every nation on earth. Join us in person at EHC headquarters or at home for EHC’s global outreaches. (Amos 7-9)



Pop. 161,100,000

0.4% WPM # 132 One home-to-home evangelism project in the north resulted in 15 families responding to Christ! Pray for these families to grow in their relationships with Jesus. EHC workers visit them periodically for discipleship and fellowship. (2 Kings 22-25)



Pop. 8,200,000


Pop. 15,000,000


0.5% WPM # 80 Pray for open hearts as workers take 36,000 booklets titled “Of My Heart” home to home in Vienna! One young girl wrote to the office: “I love to read this. In difficult situations it reminds me that there is someone who loves me.” (Psalms 72-74) SATURDAY

1.6% WPM # 138 Pray today for an EHC worker whose Please pray for safety for EHC workers home is surrounded by people involved as they travel from village to village, in spiritism. Often they gather around his and ask the Lord to give them favor home and chant to unseen powers day with local churches to establish and night. Pray that the light of Christ partnerships. Praise God for effective would overcome the power of darkness Christ Group leaders who are discipling in this nation! (1 Chronicles 10-12) new believers! (1 Chronicles 13-16)



Pop. 35,900,000

37.0% UGANDA WPM # 26 Praise God for the many leaders trained in evangelism and discipleship through the Mobile Training Center program! Pray that all who graduate from this program will be grounded in the truth of God’s Word and bear fruit that remains in their ministries. (1 Chronicles 17-19)


Pop. 42,200,000

9.1% WPM # 223

Two young men stole National Director Rino Bello’s car, but Rino was unharmed. Miraculously, Rino’s car was found and returned to him in three hours. Praise the Lord! Pray today for fruitful ministry in prisons. Recently 40 inmates were newly baptized! (Psalms 75-77)







Pop. 200,000

18.0% SAMOA WPM # 158 A second coverage of Samoa has been launched to take the Gospel to every home again, reaching a new generation for Christ. Already, 38 people have given their lives to the Lord! Pray for teams as they reach Samoa again and expand to surrounding islands. (2 Chronicles 4-6)

Pop. 7,000,000

1.9% BULGARIA WPM # 77 Recently the EHC team completed an outreach in which they took the gospel “seed” packaged with actual seeds door to door—praise God for all the volunteers who participated in the project! Pray today for spiritual fruit to result as Bulgarians read the message of new life. (2 Chronicles 13-15) Pop. 65,600,000

1.0% FRANCE WPM # 89 EHC workers took a gospel booklet titled “Finding the Hope” from home to home during a recent campaign, and 188 people responded by requesting more information or accepting Jesus. Pray that each of these 188 will grow in relationship with Christ! (2 Chronicles 19-22)


After a literature outreach in one town, many people came to know Christ. However, it is now difficult for them to meet together to learn more about serving the Lord. Pray for EHC leaders in the area to find creative methods for discipleship in this town. (1 Chronicles 20-22)


The Director reports, “Praise God for the strategy of literature evangelism because it is the most effective method here. Through recent campaigns 5,230 people accepted Jesus!” Pray for God to raise up leaders who will disciple these new believers. (1 Chronicles 26-29)


Praise God for a recent seminar where pastors and leaders were trained in EHC’s Be Fruitful and Multiply discipleship curriculum and method. Please pray as EHC teams translate the curriculum into three more local languages for use in this nation! (2 Chronicles 7-9)


Three districts remain to be covered home by home with the Gospel in this nation. EHC leaders are hopeful that the coverage could be completed by October of this year. Join us today in lifting this vision before the Lord so that every home might hear of Christ! (Psalms 78-80) Pop. 3,900,000 SATURDAY 14.6% LIBERIA WPM # 42 Pray for EHC leaders and workers as they move into new areas for ministry in this nation. Pray for other churches and ministries to catch the “every home” vision, for volunteers to be recruited, and for traveling mercies! (Joel 1-3; Obadiah)



Pop. 43,000,000


Pop. 10,400,000


48.9% WPM # 27

Praise God for His care and protection as EHC workers evangelize from home to home in hostile communities. Please pray for continued protection, discernment, and courage for the volunteers as the work continues. (Psalm 119:121-176)


1.2% WPM # 87 At the conclusion of a recent literature campaign in Wallonia, 200 people responded to the salvation message. Praise God! Pray for a new project currently underway which aims to reach every home in the province of Hainaut before the end of the year. (1 Chronicles 23-25)


Pop. 1,600,000

1.6% WPM # 46 The team invites you to join them in prayer for home-to-home ministry underway in Bafata; pray for a fruitful harvest! Praise the Lord for 42 new volunteers who have been trained and for six local churches partnering with EHC for the outreach in Bafata. (2 Chronicles 1-3)


Pop. 5,100,000

32.3% WPM # 25

The team is rejoicing over the mobilization of prayer in their nation! In partnership with other ministries, EHC launched concerted prayer efforts that have seen the participation of 1,250 believers so far. Join these intercessors on behalf of the harvest in their nation. (2 Chronicles 10-12)


Pop. 12,600,000

30.9% WPM # 9 In the Gokwe area, one of the most vicious chiefs had a sudden change of heart and came out in full support of the EHC workers trying to reach his people! Pray that salvation will come to this chief and the whole Gokwe community. (2 Chronicles 16-18)


Pop. 73,600,000

18.7% WPM # 19 Numerous churches and pastors have caught the vision of EHC and joined EHC workers for evangelism and discipleship. Praise God for unity in this nation! Please pray that many will be receptive to the gospel message and give their lives to Jesus. (2 Chronicles 23:1-26:8)

Are you headed to the beach, the mountains, or perhaps Israel for your summer vacation? Will you be flying, driving, or cruising to your destination? When people make vacation plans, it’s common for thoughts of mortality to come to mind—meaning, “What happens if the Lord calls me home while I’m traveling? Is my Will in good order or is it out of date? Did I properly plan for my loved ones so they will be well taken care of if something happens to me?” The good news is… you’re not crazy. This is a normal thought process people have and attorneys get lots of calls in the late spring to draft Wills. Unfortunately, when most people write their Wills they realize that writing their Will should be a scriptural and prayerful process before it becomes a legal process. Often, we simply visit an attorney and have a legal document

written without taking into consideration that God is the owner of all we have, and we are His stewards. This means our Will is the legal document that transfers stewardship of everything God has entrusted to us. You see, we should really seek the Lord and consider His Word when writing our Will. As a blessing to our partners, EHC has a wonderful Will and Trust Planning Ministry to help you in this important area of stewardship. There are two ways you can utilize this ministry: I can personally assist you by phone or you can choose from 35 different video clips to watch from the privacy of your own home on our website. These video clips will fully prepare you from a Christian perspective prior to visiting with your attorney. For assistance or further information, please contact me, Guy Burgo, Director of Stewardship Ministries.




EveryHome May 2013  

EveryHome May 2013

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