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Guns or Glitter Gender Reveal Party by A Lively Affair


haring the excitement of finding out your new baby’s gender is one that many expectant parents are embracing by way of a now increasingly popular gender reveal party. So, when Dad is a super tough FBI agent and Mom is a self professed “girly-girl” a “Guns or Glitter” gender reveal is the only way to go. I was so happy to create a memorable event for second time around parents-to-be and a really excited big sister. Naturally, I used camouflage and glittery pink decor along with custom designed signage. To encourage friends and family to make their guesses a tally board was created and surprisingly, Team Guns and Team Glitter were evenly divided. Many gender reveals use balloons in boxes, confetti or baked good with a blue or pink center. In this case, I wanted to use silly string to reveal the gender. Silly string is a little unexpected and well, silly. Not to mention super fun! With festive scrapbook paper, ribbon and double-stick tape, the cans, with color-coded tops removed, were easily transformed to something befitting the theme. Tip: Be sure to leave the pink or blue tops at home so there is no chance to accidentally give away the big secret. I think the best part of using silly string is how much fun the guests had dousing Mom, Dad and Big Sister in what turned out to be PINK string! A pink sequin linen, camouflage toy guns, custom backdrop and balloon garland were used to carry the theme through to my party staple, a dessert station. The anchor of the dessert station was a fabulous tiered cake with pink icing ruffles and buttercream and fondant in earthy shades of greens and browns. To finish off the cake, a camouflage onesie and pink tiara cookies were used as a topper. Cookies in shapes of onesies and tiaras, green and pink shimmering cake pops and glistening cupcakes enticed guests and were the perfect ending to a super sweet reveal. With so much excitement for her arrival, this sweet Baby Girl is already loved beyond measure. Cheers for all things GLITTER!

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