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room to teach. Next step was the invite, I wanted to incorporate my brand color, an aqua/mint in addition to pink (of course) and the feel of creating something. Ashtyn from Plum Box Express came up with a gorgeous chalk board based design with a fun font. I also used a larger version of the “mix, mingle and make” text and floral design as a larger print on the backdrop. With the invite out and my guests confirmed, the fun then began. Susan set off to select the best flower choices based on my request for shades of pink and blush and to test out arrangements that would work well for a group class. We settled on a foam based vase arrangement which is easier to work with, gives everyone a nifty trick to use at home and really looks impressive. I worked on the décor. I have a love affair with peg board at the moment. It is so versatile, you can push things into it, tie onto it and hang from it. A party planners dream really. I thought about how pretty it would look having the flowers attached to the peg board in little vases. The idea was born. I attached my Mix, Mingle and Make sign in the right position and then counted out the spots for vases. Susan came over early before the party with mini tubes that we then tied to the board with a gorgeous dahlia in each. All sourced and grown locally and bought here at the San Francisco flower mart. This gave me the backdrop for my first area of focus, the dessert table. The centerpiece for this table was the chalkboard cake. It was my birthday after all. The chalkboard design was based off the invitation

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