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Mardi Gras Earrings DIY by Everyday Party Magazine


ome years we really like to celebrate Mardi Gras with a party, good cajun food, friends, and good drinks. Other years, however, we just make a family meal and enjoy a quiet evening. This year we will celebrate quietly with family. However, my son wanted to make sure we all had something appropriately festive to wear, and he asked if he could make earrings for his aunt and cousin. (He told me I could make shirts for the boys.) I was lucky enough to find a DIY earring kit at Oriental Trading Company, and my son whipped up several pairs of earrings in no time! He started by laying out the pieces of the earrings and getting two pairs of pliers from his jewelry tool box. He started by hooking the mask to the pin, and closing the hook tightly. Next, he threaded the beads. Purple, silver, and then green. Finally, he threaded the straight pin through the earring hook, and made a loop with the pin and secured it tightly.

Photos by Everyday Party Magazine Earring kits provided by Oriental Trading Company

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