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Let’s Get This Party Started $50 Cinco de Mayo Americana Picnic Design Challenge *with printables by Chickabug Flaired Affairs Pirate ‘N Mermaid Party Fanciful Events Fair Winds...Nautical Party Lauren McKinsey Sailboat Birthday

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April 2013 Issue 2


Features: Cinco de Mayo Budget Bunco Party Page 8 Good friends, good food, good drinks all on a budget! Let’s Get This Party Started! Americana Picnic Styling Challenge Printables by Chicabug Page 51 8 talented stylists, 5 judges, 1 winner

Pirate ‘N Mermaid Twins Party Page 47 Two themes, one beautiful party Flaired Affairs Fair Winds... Page 41 Fair Winds...fine friends. Nautical Party Fanciful Events

Sailboat Birthday Page 86 Sailboat races, back yard fun, make your own sandwiches Lauren McKinsey Go Baby Go! Operation Shower Page 72 Graphic design by Hostess With The Mostess

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contents * pg 8 ~ Cinco de Mayo $50 Budget Party Let’s Get This Party Started! * pg 12 ~ Sangria Recipe Let’s Get This Party Started!

* pg 28 ~ Wedding Jennifer Lynn Events

* pg 90 ~ Spongeballs DIY Lizard and Ladybug

* pg 33 ~ Lucky 13 Scavenger Hunt $100 Budget Party Let’s Get This Party Started!

* pg 94 ~ Patriotic Letters DIY Charming Touch Parties

* pg 14 ~ Modern Mother’s Day A Blissful Nest * pg 72 ~ Go Baby Go Operation Shower Graphic design by Hostess With The Mostess

*pg 18 ~ Ruffle Cake DIY earth & sugar

*pg 37 ~ Vendor Spotlight Lynlee Beckett Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

* pg 78 ~ Mario Cart Birthday Two Sugar Babies

* pg 101 ~ Happy Bee-day Little Honey Real Mom Party

* pg 41 ~ Fair Winds... Fanciful Events

* pg 104 ~ Southern Sips Recipe Dreamin’ N Details

*pg 47 ~ Pirates ‘N Mermaids Flaired Affairs * pg 51 ~ Americana Picnic Challenge Printables by Chickabug *pg. 24 ~ Graduation Party Real Mom Party

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* pg 65 ~ Vendor Spotlight Courtney Whitmore Pizzazzarie

* pg 96 ~ Bubblegum Blowout Birthday Oh Godie Designs

* pg 106 ~ Ice Cream Party! Happy Wish Company * pg 83 ~ Boys of Summer Lizard and Ladybug * pg 86 ~ Sailboat Birthday Lauren McKinsey

* pg 110 ~ A Little About Studio DIY with Kelly Lanza

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Cinco de Bunco $50 Budget Party By: Jessica Roe Let’s Get This Party Started!

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hen my girlfriend suggested that I style her next Bunco party, I was a little skeptical....I mean, what is Bunco? Who even plays Bunco, how do I style that with out it looking like a scene from Liberace’s house? {No offence to my Bunco peeps} But, I am always up for a good challenge, and just to add a litle more challenge, I decided to make this a $50 budget party. So, I researched Bunco a little, and discovered that it is often reffered to as a drinking game women play socially. I can do this! I chose to style this Bunco party as a Cinco de Mayo party! Since guests typically bring a dish to share, and it is not usually played during a meal time, it is easy to stay within a budget. Because it was a Cinco theme, we served mini Mexican style foods, mini tacos, mini empanadas, mini 7 layer dip with homemade chips, homemade churros, and homemade margarita cupcakes garnished with lime wedges. We served Sangria, lemon infused water, Corona with limes, and frozen maragritas. I always have a stocked liquor bar, so I didn’t need to purchase alcohol, but if you don’t have a full liquor bar, you could skip the alcohol or purchase inexpensive alcohol. One of the guests brought the Corona, and other guests brought some of the food. Since this party was at my friends house, I packed up easy to carry goodies in my baskets and set up a few hours before the party. I tend not to sketch out my table designs ahead of time. I feel like I need to see the blank table in the setting before I can fully decide where

everything will be placed. I talked about the need for white seriving plates in the last issue, and I utilized them again for this party. But, I also used my Crate and Barrel nesting bowls in bold colors to bring in the festive Cinco style. I also used a pitcher that I found at a yard sale several years ago for more color. It was the inspiration for the printables I created as well. Fresh fruits , veggies, and flowers also provided a pop of color. Because of all of the bright colors in the foods and serving dishes, I chose a simple white backdrop, and a patterened black and white table cloth. I use a cheap white sheet as a backdrop pretty regularly, I usually get them at Wal-Mart for around $4, and I made a frame out of PVC to hold it. The table cloth was a clearance find at Target last summer. I chose very simple decorating elements for this party just to keep it more mature looking. I purchased a simple Mexican style paper bunting banner to hang

used leftover mixed colored paper plates and plastic cups. The party hostess had a large sombraro that we placed on the table as well. Finally, I purchased a small, inexpensive bouquet of bright colored flowers from my local grocery store for just $3 and used my, now empty, Jose Cuervo Tequila bottle as a vase. I centered it in the back of the table on a kitchen canister for added height. Since table top space is a hot commodity in Bunco, I chose to place my Margaritaville frozen drink mixer on the food table off to the side. Because of the shared expenses, this party cost under $40. I had all the supplies on hand to make the churros, chips, cupcakes, Sangria (recipe found in next article), and margaritas. I purchased some of the food that was prepared the night of the party for about $15 (cheese, oil, empanada shells) I also purchased fresh flowers, and decor for just under $25

against the backdrop, several colorful napkin styles, and mini maracas from the party store for $10. I Everyday Party Magazine 9

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Sangria Recipe By: Jessica Roe Let’s Get This Party Started! Ingredients: 1 full bottle of red Spanish wine 2 shots of Brandy Various fresh fruit slice (apples, oranges, lemons, limes) 1 two liter bottle of giner ale Sugar to taste Slice fruit into thin slices and place aside. I use whatever fuit I have on hand, and it is perfectly ok to use even if it is too ripe to eat. Pour red wine into a pitcher, add brandy and fruit. Then, add 2 table spoons of sugar at a time until desired sweetness is achieved. Place in refrigerator for 2 or more nights to allow flavors to mix together. Just prior to serving, strain the fruit from the pitcher, add ginger ale and fresh fruit slices. Serves 4-6 people. Everyday Party Magazine 12

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A Modern Mother’s Day Celebration by: Rebekah Dempsey A Blissful Nest

Everyday Party Magazine 14


fter recently moving to Texas I wanted to celebrate with my new mom friends Mother’s Day. Though the main day is dedicated to being with my family, ahead of time I wanted to have a nice relaxing afternoon with my closest friends wining and dinning in my backyard. Mother’s Day is about us mom’s being slightly pampered (just a little!) so I set up a frilly ruffle dressed dining table under one of our trees and used these gorgeous gold chiavari chairs to add some glam. Oversized tissue paper flowers were attached to the chairs for a garden feel and a hand painted parchment table runner dressed the table. Of course being a party stylist I had to have matching paper decorations

to coordinate every last detail. Each lady got her name on a table card for her special spot at the table and her very own printed menu. As a party favor, I hand painted each ladies monogram on her dinner napkin. She received a set of 8 monogrammed napkins before heading home. Mimosas are a personal favorite of mine and these were served with fruit infused ice cubes. Topped with a pink stripey straw and flag to add a fun touch to her drink. Yummy and simple brunch foods were served consisting of cinnamon rolls topped with mini tulle picks, an egg frittata, citrus salads served on our fun preppy raspberry monogram lucite tray and an orange/ raspberry trifle for dessert. Beautiful hydranEveryday Party Magazine 15

geas mixed with raspberry pink roses were placed in an old iron stone pitcher. Bowls of mini cutie oranges were placed around the table for a citrus flare in decor and for a casual snack. Ladies were encouraged to kick off their heels, put up their feet and enjoy the luxuries of a quiet afternoon outside.

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Ruffle Cake DIY By: Janderyn Makris earth and sugar

Supplies and Equipment crumb coated cake swiss meringue buttercream (about 5 cups) food coloring (for this cake you will need Americolor Dusty Rose and Peach) 4.25 inch offset spatula pastry bag pastry tip (for this cake I used an Ateco #104) cake decorating turntable Directions A) I chose a 6 inch cake to do this tutorial, but the technique can be used on any size cake. You will need to crumb coat your cake with a thin layer of buttercream, just enough so that the cake does not show through. Since you will be ruffling the cake, it is not necessary to do a thick layer of frosting. Everyday Party Magazine 18

You can make your favorite recipe the day before and let it soften at room temperature for about an hour before coloring. Use a paddle attachment when whipping the frosting and add a few drops of each color at a time until the desired color is reached.




B) Take your prepared cake and place it on the turntable to smooth the edges one final time. Use your offset spatula to smooth your edges by gently pulling in from the outer edges in one sweeping motion. Cleaning your blade in between each motion will help in creating a clean and smooth finish on your cake. I chose not to ruffle the top of the cake as I like the look of this technique on the walls of the cake the most.

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C) Refrigerate your cake until the crumb coat has set and it is firm to the touch. Upon removing it from the refrigerator take your spatula and run under the cake and carefully lift the cake while supporting the opposite side with your hand and place on the board or cake stand you will be using for the display. Your will add your ruffles to this base so be sure to do this first, if you try to move the cake after the ruffles have been placed you may risk breaking some of them. C.




D) Fit the pastry tip onto the pastry bag and fill with your swiss meringue buttercream or any frosting you prefer most. The tip used here is a smaller petal tip which will give you more control of the thickness of the ruffle when applying it to the cake. You can use a wide range of petal tip sizes, but start off with a small tip if this is your first time trying this technique.

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E.) Hold the piping bag at a 90 degree angle while piping from the bottom of the cake to the top, release the bag once you reach the top edge of the cake and repeat this step all the way around the cake. E.



F.) Once you have finished your last column of ruffles place any decorative edible items to accent your cake, I love adding ruffled fondant flowers cascading down one side. I hope many of you will try this tutorial and make a wonderful cake for your loved one!

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Notes *Your cake can be crumb coated for up to 3 days before and placed in the freezer, defrost in the refrigerator for a few hours before applying the second crumb coat and let firm up again in the refrigerator before applying your ruffles. *Be careful not to allow air pockets to sit inside of the bag as it will cause a break in your ruffles. If this happens carefully pull back and start again where you had to leave off. *Apply firm pressure to the piping bag when you start ruffling. You can practice on the side of a glass before you begin on the cake so that you will know how much pressure to use to achieve the size ruffle you want. Janderyn E. Makris Founder, Earth and Sugar

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Chelsea’s Grauation Party Class of 2012 By: Robin Hill A Real Mom Party


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y daughter, Chelsea, graduated high school last year. We asked her what she wanted as a graduation gift. The only thing she asked for was "A special party with all my friends." So, I was determined to give her that! What mom doesn't want to give their children a "special" party? For me, it was even more important to try to make her wish a reality. You see, Chelsea isn't like all of her other graduate friends. Chelsea was born at 25 weeks gestation, weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces, and was one of triplets. Her brother, Bryant, passed away at 5 months old, and her sister, Courtney, passed away at 6 months old. Chelsea spent the first 5 months of her life in the NICU, and then spent the next few years in-andout of the hospital. She was on oxygen for 5 years, and had a feeding tube for 6 years. When she was 2, she couldn't crawl, walk, or talk. We were told she would be a vegetable, and we would have to do everything for her, for the rest of her life. Chelsea decided the vegetable life wasn't for her, so she proved them all wrong! Chelsea started school at 7 years old, and we quickly realized she couldn't keep up. She was tested, then eventually placed in special education classes, where she eventually thrived! Last year, at 19 years old, Chelsea was able to "graduate", just like all of her other classmates! Even though her diploma says "Certificate of Attendance", in our eyes, it's just as much of a high school diploma as

everyone else's! Because of that, I wanted her to have the perfect graduation party! Chelsea really didn't have a preference of a theme or colors for the party, so after a lot of thought, I decided to use her high school colors of red, white, and gray, and their mascot, a mighty lion. Once that was decided, the party started coming together! I started scouring Pinterest for ideas, and started looking for any and everything I could use that was red, white, gray and silver. I spent weeks looking for "blank" items, and then decorated them either with vinyl, cardstock, or ribbon & tags to make them go with the theme. I had a great time figuring out how I could personalize everything! I was able to find the red & white fans, the red, white, & silver paper lanterns, the red & silver swirls (that are hanging from the light fixtures}, balloons, and cups, plates, & napkins at Party City online. I designed and purchased her senior portrait sign-in book from The red metal sign behind the sign-in book came from Hobby Lobby. The red plastic bowls, the silver serving trays, and the red & silver water bottles all came from The Dollar Tree. The glass containers holding the bubble gum balls and the Hershey's Kisses came from TJ Maxx. The square container holding the "class rings" was a reused Ferrero Rocher container. The fabric for the tablecloth came from Hobby Lobby. As far as all of the graduation decor...the banners, cupcake toppers, marshmallow treat toppers, chocolate nugget labels, wreath, signs, labels, and tags were all made by myself, using my Silhouette Cameo. I purchased the majority of the supplies I used (scrapbook paper, cardstock, ribbon, and deco-mesh) from Hobby Lobby. My husband worked for weeks to complete our back deck before the party. We spent a lot of time trying to decorate outside, only for it to end up being 95 degrees that afternoon! Not too many people braved the back deck during the party. He also worked for hours planting red and white flowers in containers on the front porch. Even the front porch looked festive! My favorite part of the decor was Chelsea’s graduation cap, gown and diploma. They added a lot to the decor!

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Wedding By: Jennifer McAdam Jennifer Lynn Events

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really that important to her. Her Mom disagreed and Amy was so grateful she suggested their florist (The Flower Girl Weddings in Southington, Connecticut). Kelly was amazing from the first meeting and the flowers on the day of were beyond what anyone could have imagined! To Amy, those flowers, her bouquet especially, helped transform her vision to a reality. People still talk about the flowers (and the food!) and pictures just help bring her back to that day. There are very few things Amy and Mike would do differently if given the change. Every vendor was


my and Mike met and fell in love in Boston, but chose to have their wedding in Amy’s home state of Connecticut because it was close for both families (Connecticut for Amy and Western Massachusetts for Mike) and gave them a greater flexibility in terms of venues (compared to Boston). The couple was together just over six years when they were married and for Amy even that was too long! When it came to planning, Amy took charge but shared the decision making with Mike, in fact, it was Mike that had final say on the venue (The Riverview in Simsbury, Connecticut). Both loved it, but it was Mike who said it reminded him of the city and the country and thought it was perfect for them. Amy was sold! The theme of the wedding was a subtle peacock, brought out more in the colors of deep purple and teal with gold accents, and peacock feathers. When asked the theme during planning, Amy would respond with “it’s peacock, but not overly bird.” They wanted it to be sophisticated and classy, yet a little funky and fun. This theme seemed to cover that. When planning begun, Amy said flowers weren’t

Vendor Credits:

Photography: HK Photography - Hubert & Alka Wedding Planner: Jennifer Lynn Events Ceremony: The Riverview Reception: The Riverview Portrait Locations: Hartford City Hall Florist: Kelly Daly - The Flower Girl Weddings Dress: Anjolique C109 Makeup/Hair: Liz & Diana LA Styles Unionville, CT DJ: Jae Palermo

beyond what they expected and helped make the day what they had hoped it would be. While Mike thought Amy was crazy with some of the details she wanted, they really helped guests have a good time and the wedding was an overall amazing time. From the small Boston touches with a Boston wordseach and vintage city postcards to the flowers and uplighting and the candy heart favors from a favorite store on Cape Cod; every detail helped make their wedding day unforgettable. Everyday Party Magazine 29

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Lucky 13 Scavenger Hunt By: Jessica Roe Let’s Get This Party Started!


rececntly had the pleasure {task} of planning a 13th birthday celebration for a young lady. I’ve known the birthday girl since she was five, and we have adopted her as our own in many ways. She is not a prissy girrly girly, but she does like some girly things...she requested pink, silver, and black with glitter accents for her colors, but let me choose the rest of the theme and style. Her mom agreed to host a sleep over, but they still wanted a memorable and fun activity prior to celebrating at home. I decided on a scavenger hunt in our local mall. My husband and I went to various stores within the mall and asked them to be a part of the hunt. Several were unable to work with us, but ten locations were more than excited to be a part of the girls’ adventure. Prior to the party, I made pins for each player to wear while they were in the mall. To make them, I printed word bubbles with print on them, laminated them, and hot glued a pin to the back. If you don’t have a laminator, you can use laminating sheets and a flat iron to laminate. The girls all arrived at the mall, and we explained the rules- be respectful, as these are businesses trying to conduct business; you may phone a friend for help, please text me with photo clues, post on IG with #lucky13scavengerhunt, etc.- broke them up into goups of two, and handed them their first clue. The girls were sent to ride a dollar ride and text a photo to me for their next clue, they were then sent to Red Robin to count the American Flag baseballs, the manager on duty then handed them the next clue. Their next location was Chick Fil A in the food court, the manager had the girls yell, “I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!” He then asked them to eat an ice cream cone completely before giving them their next clue. After Chick Fil A, the girls went to Origins , and then Build A Bear and were asked to recite the BAB Promise before they were given their next clue. The clue they were given at Build A Bear had a temporary tattoo with instructions to find that tattoo. They ran to the tattoo parlor and flipped through the ink art to find the match and were then given their next clue. Their next location was at the movie theater, where they had to dig through the basket of 3-D glasses to find their clue. They were sent to a hat store and had to find a specific and rare hat, we did not indicate which hat store though. From the hat store the Everyday Party Magazine 33

girls went to Peach Mac and looked for their next clue. We were given permisssion to hide the clue on several ipads in the “NOTES” app. After their hunt, the girls were taken to the birthday girl’s house for an evening of fun. Prior to meeting the girls at the mall, I set up a dessert table in shades of pink and black. The birthday girl and her mom made pink frosted upckaes, and hot pink macarons . I made hot pink marshmallows, and brought candy for the table display. I also wrapped Sprite cans in pink glitter vinyl from JoAnn’s Fabrics, and attached a pink striped paper straw with black ribbon. I sent a bubble text image to Staples to be printed as an engineer print (only available in black and white shade) for just under $4 and used that as the focal piece of the backdrop. I asked my very talented friend to sew me a simple word bubble banner with the birthday girl’s name on it to hang on the table front. I made each girl (and the birthday girl’s younger sister) a custom favor bag. The bag was made with a glitter sparkled pencil pouch cfrom Walmart for $3 each. I customized each bag with the guests name, and filled them with sunglsses and jelly bracelets from Oriental Trading, candy, jewelry from Claires’s on clearance, and hand sanitizer from Bath And Body Works. I was able to add vinyl to most pieces to make it more custom. I purchased the vinyl at JoAnn’s and cut it with a punch or my Silhouette machine. This was a very fun, non-traditional party for a difficult age group, but including favors for 7 girls, I spent less than $75! I did not hire any outside vendors for this party. I was able to create custom tattoos with a photo I took on my iphone and simple editing tools on my computer. I do order special tattoo paper online though. Many photos were taken with my iphone in the mall during the party.

Everyday Party Magazine 34

Custom made scratch off style invitations set the theme and color scheme for the party.

For more photos please follow me on Instagram and search #lucky13scavengerhunt

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Everyday Party Magazine 36

Vendor Spotlight! Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

1. When did you realize that you were an amazing fondant designer? LOL! I’m still waiting for the day! There is always more to learn, practice and perfect, especially when you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Fortunately, there are so many resources out there, including classes, but also with tutorials available on-line by the most amazing bakers and decorators! 2. What started your love for creating fondant designs? I realized my love for fondant when I wanted to step up my baking game for my daughter’s third birthday and decided to make fondant horses for her cowgirl party. It was love at first touch! 3. What is your favorite detail for a party? The desserts, of course! The cake or cupcakes inevitably become the center of attention when theguest of honor and party goers gather around the sweets to celebrate. I just adore seeing their faces upon being presented with a personalized dessert, catering to the theme of the parties and their personalities! 4. What do you like least while planning a party? Having a budget! Like most people, I don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on eachparty and therefore, have to be very selective with what I decide to invest in that will get the most bang for my buck. But at the same time, I think that it pushes you to get more creative, brainstorming new ideas for recreating or repurposing items. It practically becomes a challenge! 5. When you set up for a party, where do you usually start first? I usually start with the most difficult or time-consuming set-up, which usually consists of the dessert and food tables. But it also depends on the weather conditions, which can adversely affectthe tables and their contents (i.e. wind knocking decorations over or excessive heat melting sweets). I inevitably run out of time and am rushing right before the party begins, so I make sure the most important aspects are done first so if anything doesn’t get done, I can live with it or am able to finish as guests arrive. 6. What color schemes do you think are popular and will stay awhile? Everyday Party Magazine 37

Oh, I that’s a tough one! I think color schemes are so specific to particular motifs and styles, that it truly depends on the theme of the party. 7. Once you pick a theme, what is the first thing you start with? The first thing I start doing is research. I have no idea how party planners did it prior to the invention of the internet and most importantly, Pinterest! I get so much inspiration on-line, whether it be from party sites and blogs or stores! I also take full advantage of my local craft, home and value stores, as I will browse the aisles in the hopes to be inspired or finding THE perfect detail! 8. If you could have anyone famous design a party for you, who would like it to be? I would have to choose Tori Spelling because besides being sweet and hilarious, I think she is super talented and does a lot of DIY projects that make her and her style extremely relatable and doable! And it helps having great taste! 9.What is your favorite color? Black! 10.What is your all time favorite party you’ve done? What was your favorite design element in it? That’s a tough one, but I would have to say that my daughter’s “Finding Neverland” party for her 4th birthday is one of my absolute faves! It had the perfect amount of eye candy and decorations partnered with fun and imaginative play for all the children. 11.Congratulations on your new book! What is going to be about? Merci beaucoup! While I am unable to divulge too many details, I can say that it will most definitely be SWEET!!! 12. Will there be any tutorials in your book? Yes, it will be full of tutorials! 13.When can be expect your book to come out? Spring 2014 14.Will you still be accepting orders for fondant creations? Not at this time, as I devote the majority of my time to the book, but cannot wait to share my journey and sneak peeks! 15.Any other exciting news happening for Lynlee’s Petite Cakes? I am excited to be working once again with Michele of Intrigue Design Studio on a blog re-design and upon its debut, will be devoting a lot of time and effort to keeping it current with inspiration, tips and tutorials and will also be opening it up to sponsors! Also, when the book is released, I hope to be visiting various locations Everyday Party Magazine 38

around the country to meet up with readers and fans to spread the love and show appreciation for the immense support I have been to fortunate and grateful to receive! Thank you so much Lynlee! ~Suzanne & Jessica

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Everyday Party Magazine 40

Fair Winds... By: Suzanne Olvey Fanciful Events

Everyday Party Magazine 41


hen you think of summer, who doesn’t think of the beach? And when you think of the beach, naturally it begins to include all things nautical. So when it came time to begin my research for this next event, it occurred to me that using Navy and Coral colors with a touch of Gold was the way to go. To make things “pop” I wanted to use an anchor motif throughout the design process as well. Adding a few other nautical touches are the little details that really completed my vision. I had so much fun designing this party. Finding unique ways to bring my colors and styles together to create this memorable event was such a joy. I truly love the beach and the ocean. And my colors really work to bring out that sense of a Nautical Getaway. There’s no place like the beach! For my dessert table, it really is fun to find the right place for the right treat. Using some of my favorites, like my Cupcake Boats, really provided that special touch. For my Catch of the Day display, finding the tiny pails, and designing it to appear as though they are still carrying today’s fresh catch was just amazing! It was all in all a fun theme to do! Vendor Credits Jenny from Craft That Party created the beautiful nautical knot ruffled garland to be used throughout the theme and also provided the rope that you see throughout the design. Cathy from 505 Design + Paperie to design a nautical collection that would draw inspiration for the whole theme and she did a great job and was super sweet to work with! Maria from Love & Sugar Kisses was contacted to design and make some pretty nautical chocolate covered oreos as well as some fondant toppers. Kim from Cake Pop My Heart made some matching and coordinating cake pops to use for our dessert table. JoAnne from Oh Goodie Designs, made some beautiful and shiny nautical cake toppers. The Beautiful Nautical Chalkboard sign was made by Elizabeth from Moulage Collection Rachel from Printed Ink designed and made the beautiful Anchor backdrop. Party Decor and some Candy came from Martha Stewart, Celebrations Collection All party supplies came from Shop Sweet Lulu Desserts and Cakes came from my local grocery store Design and Styling by Suzanne from Fanciful Events Photography done by Suzanne from Fanciful Events Everyday Party Magazine 42

Everyday Party Magazine 43

Everyday Party Magazine 44

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Everyday Party Magazine 46

Pirates ‘N Mermaids Twins 5th Birthday Party By: Christie Skerski Flaired Affairs

Everyday Party Magazine 47

* INSPIRATION: I was contacted by a fabulously bubbly and funny Mommy who wanted to throw a great birthday party for her twins who were turning 5. She was telling me that this was going to be the last ‘big’ party for their birthday and she wanted it to be one to remember – no pressure! The challenge upfront was coming up with a theme that would be fun for both of them since we were talking about a boy/ girl party. After a few suggestions and tossing back and forth – Pirates And Mermaids ended up being the winner. But no ordinary pirates and mermaids – we were looking for something unique.. we eventually

a simple cream cake with chocolate sea shells and sand while the pirate cake reflected a cool treasure map from the Old World.. included in the ‘sea’ of desserts were chocolate suckers of sea shells and pirate flags, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, Hershey bars and plenty of other goodies that flooded the table.. * PARTY FAVORS: With so manysweets on the dessert table, the guests were encouraged to fill up their goodie boxes to the brim!

decided on a vintage yet whimsical version. Now onto the paperie ~ I knew exactly what I wanted to share with this adorable family so on the search I went until I came across Luc and Lilah --- Gorgeous Work! * DECOR: The paperie from Luc and Lilah served as the foundation for the colors, the feel and overall theme. Stephanie listened for what I needed and delivered just so.. The decor consisted of the traditional elements you would find at a mermaid and pirate party; the sea shells, the pirate booty, fish net and star fish.. muted colors of sage greens, steel sea blues, coral and gold filled every nook and cranny of the dessert table.

Everyday Party Magazine 48

* FOOD/DRINKS/DESSERTS/CANDY: Of course there were 2 cakes; one for each birthday child! I mean, isnt that normal?? The mermaid cake was

Vendor Credits:

Concept & Styling:Christie Skerski of Flaired Affairs Photography: Dyal Photography Printables Designer: Luc annd Lilah Events

Everyday Party Magazine 49


Everyday Party Magazine 50

Americana Picnic Styling Challenge Printables by: Chickabug

Everyday Party Magazine 51

W Styling by Kylie Jenkins Made By A Princess

hen we here at Everyday Party Magazine began laying out this issue, we felt that we wanted to introduce a Styling Contest for this issue and perhaps subsequent issues as well. For this contest, picking the design theme was easy. After all, this issue IS all about Summer. The only challenge we ran into was picking which Summer event to use. We decided that allowing each of our 8 Professionals give us their interpretation “An American Style Picnic” would be challenging and competitive, yet fun for everyone! Of course, the fun is seeing how each Stylist would translate what the typical American Picnic meant to them into a finished Party. Our starting point for this contest was contacting Heather Dalton from Chickabug. Heather is amazingly talented, and her printable designs had the right Americana touch we were looking for. The rules for the contest are simple. Each Party Professional had to utilize Chickabug’s Printables through out their design, and use only $150 total for 6 or more guests. But how they chose to use them was entirely up to them. Our eight Professional Stylists were Stefani from La Belle Parties, Kylie from Made by a Princess, Blanca from Creativities Galore, Gemma from Party Style, Stephanie from Madeline Lewis, Courtney from Simply Radiant, Pamela from D&P Celebrations, Melanie from Once In A Lifetime As you’ll see, each and every contestant did an amazing job. As easy as it was for us to pick the style for this contest, picking the winner for our three Celebrity Judges could not have been easy. Our Celebrity Judges were: Heather Dalton from Chickabug, Aimee Broussard from Aimee Broussard & Co, Kori Clark from Paper & Pigtails.

And, the winner is...........

Everyday Party Magazine 52

Styled by Kylie Jenkins Made By A Princess Printables by: Chickabug

WINNER!! Everyday Party Magazine 53

Everyday Party Magazine 54

Styled by Blanca from Creativities Galore

Everyday Party Magazine 55

Styled by Courtney of Simply Radiant

Everyday Party Magazine 56

Styled by Dawn & Pamela of D & P Celebrations

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Styled by Gemma of I Love Party Style

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Styled by Melanie of Once in a Lifetime

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Styled by Stefani of La Belle Parties

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Styled by Stephanie of Madeline Lewis

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We would like to sincerly thank all of our stylists for their amazing work, you presented us with a very difficult challenge. We also want to thank our amazing judges for their support. We would like to thank Heather for designing such a fun theme to work with and providing our contestants with the printables. Finally we would like to thank Aimee Broussard & Co. for donating one of her highly coveted aprons to the winner! Congratuations to everyone for a job well done! The printables will be availble in Chickabug’s shop May, 2013

The winner will recieve this adorable apron courtesy of the fabulous Aimee Broussard, from Aimee Broussard & Co. Thanks Aimee! Congratulations Kylie, you are the envy of many party chics! Everyday Party Magazine 62

Thank you to our designers: Blanca of Creativities Galore Courtney of Simply Radiant Dawn & Pamela of D&P Celebrations Gemma of I Love Party Style Melanie of Once in a Lifetime Stefani of LaBelle Parties Stephanie of Madeline Lewis And our WINNER Kylie of Made by a Princess Additional thanks to our fabulous judges: Heather from Chickabug Aimee from Aimee Broussard and Co. Kori from Paper and Pigtails Everyday Party Magazine 63

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Vendor Spotlight Courtney from Pizzazzarie! Q Tell us more about your 3rd and new book? My new book is Frostings and it’s full of delicious recipes for frostings, ganaches, and glazes! It’s truly the “icing on the cake” for dessert books. Some of my favorite recipes in the book are Banana’s Foster Frosting, White Chocolate Ganache, and Spiced Cookie Frosting! Delish! This book is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Q. How do you come up with all these sweet and wonderful desserts and treats? LOTS of hours spent in the kitchen and a bunch of taste-testing friends! I do taste-test myself too, perk of the job! I invite some of my best friends over (who love sweets) and get to work trying batch after batch with tweaks until I get the flavors exactly how I want them. There were some in this book that took me weeks and some just a few hours. It’s truly a labor of sweet love! Q. How did you get started in this? As a little girl, I grew up coming home from school to see my Mom have tablescapes set up all over the house for “shoots” but I had no idea what it meant and was pretty uninterested. She did some work for various craft magazines, etc. It wasn’t until after college when I lived in a place with a dining room that I decided to throw my first party. I was probably subconsciously following my Mom’s footsteps! Q. Out of your 3 books, which one was the most fun to do? Frostings, easy! I had my feet wet with the first two so I knew what I was doing. It was also shot in Tennessee (my 2nd book was shot out of state which made it hard) and I had a fabulous team to help. So I felt at home and totally in control of how everything was going. Push-Up Pops was also a blast but getting them to stand up for the shots was tricky. I enjoyed playing with the large cakes for Frostings. Q. If you were to design a kids theme for yourself, what theme would you pick and why? I would probably choose SPRINKLE theme! I think it lends itself towards super cute decorations (almost confetti-like), lots of colors, and of course – sweets! So it truly has it all. In fact, I don’t think it has to just be for kids either! Q. What are you favorite color palettes for parties? Everyday Party Magazine 67

Anything! Truly, I think almost any color palette can work for different scenarios. Right now I’m loving gold/white, mint/pink, black/white! Q. If you could design an event for someone famous who would it be and why? I’d probably say Tori Spelling. I was very lucky to have a small part in a shower she hosted a couple of years ago and truly loved her “party style”. It would be very fun to design an event for her. Q. What’s your favorite thing about designing an event? decorative element? My favorite thing would have to be the menu/food served. I love designing the tablescape and centerpieces, etc but something about deciding which sweet treats will be served up is “icing” on the cake! Q. Aside from your gorgeous wedding, that was recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, what would be your dream event? This might be quite simple, but I would say my “dream” event would be my own children’s birthdays that I look forward to planning! I’ve done a lot of kids party styling but – of course – never for my own since I don’t have children yet so being able to see my own kids’ light up with excitement will be very sweet! Q. Who would you want to design that event? Well, I’d have to say myself because I plan to do my own kids’ parties but if I wasn’t able to, I would definitely say Kelley Lyden of The Party Dress because I love her preppy and colorful style! Q. What can’t you go a day without using? My laptop and phone! When blogging is half of your business, you’re pretty well connected 24/7. Besides that, I’d say my camera! *what are your top 5 songs on your playlist? “Further On” – Bronze Radio Return “Carolina” – Eric Church “All For You” – Sister Hazel “Cupid Shuffle” – Cupid “I Will Wait” – Mumford & Sons - I have a very odd taste in music.

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“Courtney’s inventive combination of cake, frosting, and a few yummy odds and ends is the most fresh and accessible take on the subject I’ve seen in a while.” —duff goldman, chef/owner, charm city cakes “Frostings has a permanent slot on my kitchen bookshelf.” —joy the baker Courtney’s new book, Frostings, is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Everyday Party Magazine 69

Thank you Courtney for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for us! Best of luck with your newest book, I can’t wait to get my copy! ~Jess and Suzanne

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Your ad could be here! email:

for more information

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Operartion Shower Go Baby Go

Graphic Design by: Hostess With The Mostess Photography by: Nicole Benitez Photography & Jackie Culmer Photography Everyday Party Magazine 74


s our faithful readers will recall, one of Everyday Party Magazine’s recurring features will be to highlight and promote Operation Shower. Operation Shower is about celebrating and honoring military families and providing joyful baby showers to ease the burden of deployment. Each issue, it is our pleasure to continue to support such a tremendous organization.

support from other expectant mothers. Most of these women having to face the task of child birth with their husbands serving overseas. As you are enjoying these pictures you can truly see delight, happiness, awe, and the labor of love to produce such an incredible shower. If you ever have the opportunity to volunteer for Operation Shower at one of your local events, we would encourage you to donate your time and energy. It is such an amazing organization.

When Operation Shower landed in San Diego, California for a shower honoring the local military wives and mothers in that area, we couldn’t wait to see how it turned out! The “Go Baby, Go”-themed event, the 17th shower hosted by Operation Shower in partnership with Birdies for the Brave, featured a Design ChalRead more about this amazing event on Hostess With The Mostess’ or Operation lenge in which local event stylists were selected to design a table incorporating Shower’s wesites. the theme. This is definitely one of the more unique designs that we have seen Operation Shower create! A lot of heart and thought from each stylist went into each table. The passion that drives not only Operation Shower, but the local stylists for each event is clearly visible in these pictures. For this event, each local stylist was provided with a graphic design set created by Hostess With The Mostess. Given that we here at Everyday Party are such huge fans of Hostess With The Mostess, we couldn’t wait to see the finished product. And no one disappointed. This event was held at Torrey Pines Golf Course, on January 22, 2013. In addition to Operation Shower’s signature gift - the “Shower In A Box” - each expectant mother was treated to lunch, and more importantly, the chance at fellowship and Everyday Party Magazine 75

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Fondant Cupcake Toppers for All Occasions Custom Cake, Cupcake, Brownie, and Cake Pop Decorations

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Mario Cart by: Charynn Olsheski Two Sugar Babies Everyday Party Magazine 80


or his 5th birthday, my son Keaton wanted a Mario Kart party in the worst possible way. I’ve always wanted to do a Mario-themed dessert table, so I happily agreed. For this party, I wanted to use the familiar characters, but I also wanted to include some colorful, simple patterns to accent all of the paper goods. I also wanted to create some easy DIY projects that everyone could recreate at home without spending a ton of money. I designed all of the paper items myself, and had them printed at a local print shop. The brick patterns I found on google images (and they were huge!) so I had them printed on cardstock as well. The boxes in the display are actually priority mail boxes (free!) that I glued together to make them a little more sturdy, and then covered them with the bricks. The pipe plants are simple PVC pipes with joint attachments that I picked up at Lowes and then covered with green foam sheets from Michaels (so much easier than spray painting a million coats of green). I covered a dowel rod in foam, and then used the green foam to cut out leaves to attach to the stem. I used a smooth styrofoam ball painted red with white felt pieces glued on for the teeth, dots, and mouth. The filling is shredded paper from the gift wrap section at Michaels.

My favorite part of doing my kid’s parties is designing the cake, and this party was no exception. I did a 3 tier cake: the bottom was a checkered pattern that I carried over from the paper goods, and then created a race track that held miniature Mario Kart race cars. I used simple fondant cut-out decorations for the clouds and stars on wire and also for the “5” trophy piece on top.

overs I used to fill up the tops of the pipes that held the cake pops and chocolate mustaches. I found awesome white gable boxes from the TomKat studio that I customized with a sticker and a circle name tag for each child invited. is a great resource for Mario Kart themed candies and small favors; I stocked up on Mario fruit snacks, B-Bomb candies and “?” cubes. The kids LOVED them (and I’m pretty sure the parents are going to save the containers for themselves!) I’m notoriously horrible at sending Thank Yous (sad but I created simple Mario-themed treats for the dessert true) so I designed a cute flat card to stick in each table, including: white chocolate “Yoshi Eggs” with box, and Keaton helped by signing each card. Each green fondant dots I made with an easter egg candy of the other guests also received a small white paper mold, “Mushroom Mallows” using large marshmal- bag customized with a sticker that contained a card and some Mario-themed magnets I made. lows dipped in red candy coating, dark chocolate mustache pops (I coated the back with sprinkles--a cute detail!), and “Power Star” cake pops. I also made the birthday boy his favorite cupcakes, vanilla cake with vanilla italian buttercream and used round paper cupcake toppers, and yellow and white star cupcake wrappers that I designed. The candy tubes were clear tubes from TomKat Studio’s online shop, and I glued some miniature characters on top and filled them with solid-color candies. The leftEveryday Party Magazine 81

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Boys of Summer by: Staci Golden Lizard and Ladybug Everyday Party Magazine 85

Everyday Party Magazine 86


e are a baseball family! My father-in-law played baseball, my husband played baseball so it only seemed natural that our son would also play baseball.

Putting together a ‘baseball’ themed party doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive). Jessica of Let’s Get This Party Started created adorable Boys of Summer printables for me. I chose our very own little league field to set up this party. I set up while the boys were practicing, and we all enjoyed some after practice snacks and fellowship! My baseball party consisted of 4 things: Homer Dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Root Beer. To add a little cute, I had Championship Ring Ring Pops for each player to take home. This Boys of Summer party can be adapted for birthdays, playdates, team parties, cook-outs or random weekends. Style and design: Lizard and Ladybug Photography: Lizard and Ladybug Printables: Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Sailboat Birthday By: Lauren McKinsey

Everyday Party Magazine 88


hen I started my design company three years ago I knew instantly that their bread cut into sailboat I wanted my designs to be whimsical, colorful and most of all CUTE. shapes. I also provided I love designing for children and enjoy helping my clients celebrate the marshmallows and choceveryday! olate chips as sandwich The sailboat collection is one of my favorites. This collection is an adorable way extras. This was a tremento celebrate your little one “sailing” into their new year of life. dous hit as you can imagine. I was delighted to style this shoot for Jessica and her new Everyday Party MagaAnd then there were the zine. I do have one “rule” when styling a children’s shoot. The children, who are Rice Krispie sailboats. Uspart of the shoot, must have a wonderful time and be rather unaware that they are ing a large circle cookie participating in a photo shoot. I can tell you that the seven little boys that were a cutter I cut the Rice Krispie part of my special day had a blast. treats into large circles and Décor: cut each circle in half. I I knew immedi- dipped the bottom of each “boat” into blue chocolate and then used the food topately that I want- pers from the printable collection to create the “top” of each little boat. ed a “float your The food toppers were also used to decorate the delicious cupcakes and create the boat” station. I sail in the apples that floated in the blue jello. And no sailboat party would be would fill several complete without goldfish crackers. metal buckets The homemade cake came to life with a gorgeous fondant sailboat cake topper with water and from Edible Details. Brittany’s work continually amazes me. Each fondant piece have sailboats is a work of art. I used red gumballs to decorate the bottom of the cake. floating in them. The adorable sailboat cookies were from the amazing company Dream Day I ordered the Cakes. I am so fortunate to live in the same town with such amazing talent, and sailboats from Yeni once again knocked it out of the park with such cute cookies! Oriental Trading Favors: but decided to I love the idea of sending home favors with your guests that are special and someuse cute scrapthing that will be treasured. Each little guest left with their very own personbook paper for the sails in lieu of the sails that came with each boat. This would alized sailboat mini canvases. The four inch by four inch canvases can be puradd color to the boats and coordinate with my theme. I then hand painted a chased at a craft store such as Michaels. Using Mod Podge I attached the design cardboard sign to label the station. to the canvas and added a colorful ribbon for that extra special touch! On the buffet table I would use colorful pieces and continue the nautical theme. Vendors: From colorful lanterns to a fantastic wooden anchor the table came alive. I purFondant sailboat toppers – Edible Details chased mini lanterns and hung them with colorful ribbon on the back of the Sailboat cookies – Dream Day Cakes chairs. I am a big believer in using lots of color and fun patterns. Sailboat vinyl – Ten 23 Designs I was so excited to work with Lauren at Ten 23 Designs as well. She so graciously Red gumballs & blue polka dot party cups – TomKat Studio provided the adorable sailboat vinyl that I just couldn’t get enough of. I added the Red Chevron Straws – Sweet Shop Lulu vinyl to everything that I could. I love the extra touch it added to the décor. Printable design – Lauren McKinsey Food: Photography – Lauren McKinsey As I thought about the food I would serve, I knew that I wanted the children to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had this brilliant idea to fill piping bags with peanut butter and jelly allowing the children to “decorate” Everyday Party Magazine 89

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Sponge Ball DIY By: Staci Golden Lizard and Ladybug

Everyday Party Magazine 92

Sponge Balls are a super simple and super FUN idea to get your family outside! Supplies: 10 Pack of Dollar Tree Sponges Rubber Bands Scissors Bucket of Water Kids  

I cut each sponge in half. Then in half again.   Giving you 4 even pieces from each sponge.  

Everyday Party Magazine 93

I took 3 sponges (12 pieces) and twisted.   It would help to have an extra set of hands for this step.

Next, I wrapped a rubber band around the pieces several times.   Then 'fluff '.   Add a bucket of water to make a fun (wet) game of catch. They are perfect for the pool too!!! DIY Spongeballs are a simple (and inexpensive) craft that can lead to hours of outdoor fun!

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Patriotic Centerpice DIY by: Valerie Gimre Charming Touch Parties


f you are hosting a Fourth of July party and want something beautiful yet casual AND super easy to display on your island, kitchen table or picnic table -- this is IT. This project took literally just 5 minutes to whip together and was pretty economical too.

Everyday Party Magazine 96

Materials: Galvanized or metal bucket (found this at Hobby Lobby for just $2) Pretty flowers (could use white, red or blue -- got mine at Trader Joes on the cheap) Patriotic ribbon (I went a little non-traditional, which I LOVE to do -- just adds a little interest) Burlap ribbon American flags Patriotic stickers (I got these fun patriotic ribbon-inspired stickers from Michaels, but you could use anything fun you find) Wooden dowels (mine were too long originally so I just broke them in 1/2) Directions: * Wrap burlap ribbon around metal pot and secure with glue * Wrap patriotic ribbon around burlap and tie a pretty bow * place flowers in pot * stick flags in pot * Attach patriotic sticks to dowels with glue and place in pot That’s it. Doesn’t get a whole lot simpler, but it really does look FUN! Adds the perfect patriotic touch to any table setting!

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Bubble Gum Blowout By: JoAnn Wuneburger Oh Goodie Designs

Everyday Party Magazine 98


he bright and colorful birthday party is perfect for celebrating your special day. The bubblegum mix color pallet is easily done for a boy or a girl. At our party we used lots of bubblegum pink but easily done in bubblegum blue accents for a boy.

I chose the bubblegum theme because I wanted a cheerful and colorful event. It doesn’t get more colorful than a box of bubblegum. Besides its fun to work with, readily available and fairly cheap! I wanted my party crisp and clean and a touch of chic. Using acrylic frames as trays I added a touch of whimsy to the day. I love the patterns made by the gum balls and this is my favorite part of the party. I set up the party using a children’s table. For a small in home party this is easy to do but for one involving more guests I would have incorporated a sweets bar at a different table. Here I wanted to keep things child friendly, easily accessible and use the colorful items as decor. I just kept finding things to glue gum balls on. From the spoons to the cake topper to sweet gumball garlands for the chairs. It was so fun! I played off lots of polka dots and circles for accent. Using the tissue paper balls in gumball colors on the wall behind made for the perfect backdrop to our table. I loved this idea! Framing our Happy Birthday banner it was super happy! Cake, cupcakes and of course bubblegum ice cream was served. Cupcakes were green, pink blue just like the layered cake. Adorable fondant gumball machines topped off some of the cupcakes and the others were dotted with colorful gumballs. Bubblegum wish wands also towered over the cupcakes. Guests could wave these wands for fun with colored ribbon steamers. Blue colored juice in plastic drinking jugs with red chevron straws was sipped up. Chevron was fun to incorporate in the design because of its modern flair. So I was so excited to use these red chevron straws! What is fun to do with gum? Pop a bubble, blow a bubble and chew! These ideas were incorporated with blowing our party horns, popping bubbles and chewing gum for favors! Bubblegum jewelry made great favors and bubblegum necklaces in a box were perfect and chic. Bubblegum bracelets and rings too! To keep the littles busy bubblegum art was a great activity using gum and glue. Make a masterpiece on a canvas! Our birthday girl was so cute in her bubblegum tank top and bubblegum bows! The bows were easily made by attaching a glue dot and gumball to the bow, easy!! Another fun activity was guessing how many gumballs in the jar. Our birthday girl counted 404 to be exact!

Everyday Party Magazine 99

Thanks to Harper Gray our new Bubblegum collection is now available. From invites to banners, straw flags even placemats and melamine plates. Your party will be complete! Vendors: Party design and Styling: oh goodie designs Graphic suite: Harper Gray Tank top: Modern Frills Fondant Gumball machines: Edible Details Photography: Lauren Jones Photography There are great ideas for bubblegum parties on my Pinterest board as well as bubblegum jewelry tutorials! *Gumball corsage inspiration from She’s {Kinda} Crafty *Gumball ring tutorial via Shop Sweet Lulu

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Everyday Party Magazine 102

Happy Bee-day Little Honey! A Real Mom Party by: Linda Lincks


had this Bee Bash for my youngest Granddaughter’s second birthday. We call her Kendra B a lot and she is certainly busy as a little bee so the theme just seemed to fit. I made all the paper party goods with my new Silhouette Cameo. In fact, this was my first project! It was a lot of fun! The bee theme was easy to pull together with the black, yellow, and white color scheme. I made the invitations in Photoshop Elements with digital paper and clip art from (etsy shop). I always scan the internet and Pinterest for inspiration. I had the invites printed as 5 x7 photos at Wal-Mart. I bought envelopes at Michaels. I bought cardstock and paper at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby for the banners, cupcake toppers, and signs. I used black and white polka dot wrapping paper to cover the kid table and a couple of boxes used to add height to the food tables. The tissue paper poufs, bee dessert plates, cupcake liners, and mints came from Birthday Direct. The other plates and napkins came from Wal-Mart. The birthday girl’s older sisters made cute bee antennae headbands for the little guests to wear. I found bee fabric at Wal-Mart to use as the table runner on the food table. We kept the food pretty simple. I got sandwich trays from the local Harp’s Grocery store Deli. I Everyday Party Magazine 103

Everyday Party Magazine 104

added in chips, a veggie tray and some fruit. The dessert table featured cupcakes from a friend’s restaurant bakery. I made a small beehive cake for the birthday girl. We also had candy dipped pretzels and flower pops, and Bit-O-Honey candy. I made a citrus punch and iced tea. Activities included lots of bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the girls love playing my old piano. The take home favors included bubbles, Honeycomb, honey grahams, and these really cute little honey bears from High Desert Farms. Such a fun party! Digital paper and clip art: Sweet Papers Party supplies: Birthday Direct

Everyday Party Magazine 105

Southerin’ Sippin’ Lemonade By: Cineca Newburn Dreamin’ N Details

Everyday Party Magazine 106


his adult lemonade would be a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer day! It’s the perfect addition to a backyard BarB-Q, a day sitting by the pool, or for a girl’s night. And can be a delicious non-alcoholic punch for the kiddos as well. The beauty of this drink is that it can be made for individual servings or for a a large crowd. Simply follow package directions to adjust serving amounts. And if you’re feeling extra frisky, substitute a flavored vodka, such as Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry or Pineapple. The sky is the limit with the vodka flavor combinations. Use

your imagination and think outside of the box...your taste buds will thank you! Southern Sippin’ Lemonade Ingredients: 19 oz container Country Time Lemonade Mix 1/2- gallon of good quality Vodka (Absolute, Skyy) 2- 2 Lliers of Ginger Ale Lemon slices for garnish Directions: In a large beverage dispenser or punch bowl, use enough Country Time Lemonade Mix to make 1 gallon of lemonade. Add water according to package directions Mix well Add Vodka and Ginger Ale Mix well Float lemon slices or use to garnish glasses

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Ice Cream Party! by: Alicia Johnson & Betsey Hodges Happy Wish Company

Everyday Party Magazine 108


scream, you scream, we all scream for this delightful ice cream party! With summertime just around the corner, an ice cream themed party is absolutely perfect for a simple birthday or a “just because it’s hot outside” celebration! There are so many sweet-tooth enticing details to admire – that this shindig is sure to leave partygoers with a creamy mustache smile. As two busy, working moms (like many of you!), our Happy Wish Company styling concept is to create parties that are lovely, yet easy to implement. Our model sticks to the prettiness in keeping things clean, classic and simple – like we’ve done here with this ice cream party.

Ice cream cone shaped sugar cookies frosted with multi-colored scoops are placed on a white serving platter atop a bright fabric table runner for an extra pop of color! White milk glass cake stands are stacked with white-frosted cupcakes adorned with colorful paper wrappers.

the kids choose their favorite ice cream flavor and then they can have a blast adding syrups, toppings, whipped cream and – of course – a cherry! Another great option for those who prefer to lick their ice cream are chocolate-dipped and sprinkled cones that they can top with their favorite scoop flavor. And to quench the thirst after all that sweetness is a mason drinking glass filled with the orange punch and a stripey straw placed at each chair! To continue the theme, send party guest’s home with an ice-cream cone shaped container of scented bubbles (like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) for some outdoor fun.

The simple backdrop is covered in bright horizontal striped fabric that incorporates the party’s color scheme. And it wouldn’t be a Happy Wish Company party without our signature coordinating fabric pennant banner hanging above!

The adorable ice cream cone invitation that comes in both boy and girl versions served as the inspiration for the party’s color scheme of orange, lime green and chocolate brown for the boy party and pink, lime green and yellow for the girl. To set the sweets-table stage, we filled a pedestal beverage dispenser with orange punch and filled three old fashioned glass jars with scrumptious sweets, including ice cream cone shaped candies, lime green gumballs and vanilla-flavored salt water taffy. Party-goers can fill clear mini gable totes to take home as a special treat!

The kid’s table is where the ice cream social creations are born! It starts with lime green or orange polka dot paper placemats at each setting. In the center, we’ve placed fun-striped paper cups atop a cake stand filled Kids are sure to have an “ice-screaming” time at this to the brim with all kinds of toppings, from sprinsimple soiree! We hope this party has provided some kles to marshmallows to crumbled Oreo cookies. Let inspiration and ideas for your own sweet, summertime celebrations! Happy Wishes!

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Everyday Party Magazine 110

RESOURCES: All party supplies & dĂŠcor available at Happy Wish Company Invitations available at Tiny Prints Photography by Tammy Hughes Photography

Everyday Party Magazine 111

Studio DIY with Kelly Lanza

Everyday Party Magazine 112


’m an east-coast transplant living in Los Angeles. I’ve been a DIY-er since birth, an entrepreneur since age fifteen and a freelance blogger and crafter for the past five years. Studio DIY is the culmination of everything I love and live for, with a hefty side of confetti. We never threw huge parties in my house as a kid, but we always celebrated every birthday, holiday and event worth celebrating. I started Studio DIY in 2011 because I wanted to help inspire others to create and celebrate the holidays, and the every day, the DIY way! And that’s just what I’m doing. A few of my favorite craft projects are my piñatas, my party hats and my “surprise” DIYs. I have a special place in my heart for this DIY giant gold heart piñata and these fresh flower party hats (My first venture into crafting with flowers.) But I think my most favorite project to date is my DIY Balloon Surprise Box. I’m virtually impossible to surprise, myself, but I love surprising other people, so this big box of balloons is my ideal celebratory DIY! Summer is my favorite season, so I love crafting for it! A few highlights from my summer crafts would be my DIY beach ball garland, my easy DIY star streamers and my ice cream sundae cakes!

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Everyday Party Magazine 114

Everyday Party Magazine Issue 2  

EPM Issue 2 Summer 2013