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Everyday Hero has always believed your brand, not ours, should be at the centre of the online fundraising and donation experience. The people supporting you are your fundraisers and your donors, not ours, and so the online fundraising experience should fully reflect your brand and your cause. We started this revolution with Heroix 2.0, fundraising software that allowed charities to create fully branded peer-to-peer fundraising microsites in minutes. Heroix 3.0 continues this approach with increased functionality to include:

Appeal microsites. Enhanced donor experience Broader payment acceptance Improved social media integration Dedicated hosting (custom microsite URL’s) Improved data reporting

With Heroix 3.0 you now have greater control and power over your online fundraising at a fraction of what it would cost to create your own fundraising event and appeal microsites

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Charity branded fundraising solutions



Heroix 3.0 includes a new Appeals Module meaning you can create fully branded appeal microsites in minutes. The Appeals Module includes enhancements to the donation experience, broader payment acceptance and improved social media integration. The Module provides you with superior flexibility to enhance your Appeal fundraising. The simplicity of the Module allows you to deploy a new Appeal with multiple pages in minutes without additional web development costs, meaning that in the event of an unplanned requirement (for example a natural disaster) there is no delay in providing your supporters with the means to donate.


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Charity branded fundraising solutions


CHOOSE FROM 270 MICROSITE TEMPLATE AND COLOUR COMBINATIONS. Heroix 3.0 gives you unprecedented control over the look and feel of your fundraising microsites whether they be an appeal or peer-to-peer event. The new range of templates and colour palates provides up to 270 different layout combinations so you can completely tailor your fundraising microsite to meet your campaign and branding needs.

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Charity branded fundraising solutions



THANK YOUR DONORS AT THE POINT OF DONATION Thanking a donor for their donation maybe the one and only chance you will get to communicate with them. Heroix 3.0 enables you to make best use of this opportunity to turn a one-off donor into a supporter. The enhanced donation experience inside Heroix 3.0 allows you to add videos at the end of the donation process to thank your donors and let them know more about the work you do.

CUSTOM DONATION FORMS Customise amounts, descriptions and include survey questions in the donation process.

INCREASED PAYMENT OPTIONS Give your donors greater choice in how they donate. Heroix 3.0 now includes Pay Pal and CAF accounts in addition to existing debit/credit card options of Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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Charity branded fundraising solutions



For some Fundraising events up to 74% of all donors will originate from facebook. Heroix 3.0 allows you to leverage the social networks of your donors and fundraisers by including share functionality on the fundraising page and at the completion of a donation. This enables your supporters to tell their social networks about their donation and inturn creates greater awareness of your campaign or event. Rich thank you videos further enhance the donor experience by showing donors how their donation has helped. Thank you videos increase the likelihood of repeat donations and are a great way to acknowlege your donors’ ccontributions.

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Charity branded fundraising solutions



The dedicated hosting solution means you can create a custom URL (web address) and associated e-mail address to support all fundraising activities. This provides your donors and fundraisers with a consolidated ‘giving network’ where they can view and select activities and events to participate in. Consolidating your fundraising to the one ‘network’ page helps grow brand awareness and provides your fundraisers with a simple and seamless experience.

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Charity branded fundraising solutions



Control and clarity of your fundraising campaigns is dependent on how effective and insightful your reporting is and how easily it is accessed. Our improved reporting gives you a single source of data across campaigns and payment method. The new ‘Report Builder’ tool allows you to drag, drop and rename reporting columns to match your import templates for your CRM system.

The enhanced functionality of the Report Builder in Heroix 3.0 now allows you to:

Customise reports to suit your CRM database structures View data by campaign, fundraiser, donor, source or date range perspective Add internal campaign and constituent ID’s API access Perform real time reconciliation

Please note for those clients who are happy with the predefined reports in Heroix 2.0 you will still be able to access and use these in Heroix 3.0

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Charity branded fundraising solutions

Heroix 3.0 Brochure  

Introducing Heroix 3.0, Everyday Hero's brand new giving platform.

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