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Professional Philly Movers Provide Apartment Moving Solutions in Philadelphia

EverSafe Moving Company provides people with a wide range of moving and storage solutions. Our fully licensed and insured moving services are able to be used for both local and long distance moves. In addition, we have storage solutions available for situations where you are downsizing from a larger home into a smaller apartment, or to store items temporarily until you apartment is ready. Using our Philadelphia moving company helps to keep your money in our community and support our local economy. Overview Apartment moves can be stressful because you have to work within a small time frame between the end date of your current lease and the start date of your new lease. Further complicating the matter are issues where your new apartment may not always be ready as promised. You do not have to feel stressed out about your next apartment move by hiring our professional Philly movers. When you use our services, we provide you with a free customized quote tailored to the exact moving and storage solutions you require. To make your apartment move easier, as well as help our Philadelphia moving company prepare the most accurate quote, here are a few tips: •

Take measurements of the spaces in between doorways, closets and hallways to verify

your large items will fit. Being able to provide details about items that need to be disassembled saves time and money on your moving costs. •

Lower stress by packing a little each day, rather than all in one day, while saving the

most used areas for the last. Another option is to use our optional professional packing services and allow us to do your packing. •

Label all boxes with the name of the room where you want them in your new home.

While our Philly movers have experience and offer outstanding customer service, they cannot read your mind, but are able to read the box and put your items wherever you want them.

We include many moving services as part of your local or long distance Philadelphia apartment move. These services are already included in the costs for your moving estimate and include: •

No hidden fees

Fully licensed and insured

Price lock guarantee

No rounding

Property protection


Pre-wrapping of property before moving

Assembly and disassembly of large items


Providing the proper moving equipment

Unloading items where you want them placed

Use of our moving truck

Customization and Special Needs Moves Moving from one apartment to another in Philadelphia sometimes includes special needs. You might move from a larger unit into a smaller one, where you have excess items and no place to put them. This is not an issue, as we are also able to offer storage services for anything you do not want to get rid of. Additionally, if your apartment move in downtown Philly requires any special parking permits, our movers will secure those on your behalf. Our professional Philly movers are able to customize your next apartment move to meet you exact needs and requirements. You are free to choose any of our moving services you want to use and are never under any obligation to use others. We have helped people in the past that had their own moving truck, but had us take care of all of the heavy lifting by loading unloading their truck. We have also provided full service moving in Philadelphia where we took care of every aspect including professional packing, loading, and unloading. In addition, we are able to help those with disabilities and seniors by supplying the necessary assistance to complete their move, with services matched to their specifications, at a pace which is comfortable for them. For more information visit

Professional Philly Movers Provide Apartment Moving Solutions in Philadelphia  
Professional Philly Movers Provide Apartment Moving Solutions in Philadelphia  

EverSafe Moving Company is a Philadelphia moving company offering experienced movers and professional services to custom tailor moves to fit...