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19 SPRING 2018

Originality 戊戌之新

To Be a 100-Billion-Level Moutai 茅台,下一個千億

Interview with Werner Herzog 專訪德國電影大師韋納·荷索

A New Map of Taipa Village 澳門氹仔舊城區的新風貌

Andy Warhol



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Spotlight 聚焦

MAR 2018

Forever builds on improvement. ---The Great Learning The updates keep coming after reaching the year of the Dog. In Moutai Magazine issue 19, we will: Review the stories and custom of Chinese year of the Dog; Taste the best liquor of Chishui people; Reach a 100-billion-level Moutai; Interview with the great German film director Werner Herzog; Explore a new map of Taipa Village; Enjoy the food in Shangri-La London; Participate in two marvelous art exhibitions in Hong Kong; Feeling the connection between drinks and music, Make improvement in every new day.

苟日新,日日新,又日新。 —「大 學」 戊戌已至,新鮮氣息持續撲面而來。 本期 Moutai Magazine,我們將帶您 : 回顧關於生肖狗年的風俗 ; 尋訪赤水人的女兒紅 ; 衝刺千億茅台 ; 與德國電影大師韋納 · 荷索暢談 ; 探索澳門氹仔舊城區的新風貌 ; 品味倫敦香格里拉大酒店里的饕餮 ; 欣賞香港藝術三月的兩大藝術展 ; 體會音樂與美酒的關聯, 在日新月異的新氣象中更進一步。


Broader Horizon

天 地  廣闊

Sincerity 赤 誠以待



ISSUE #19 2018



2018 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, and it is also another year of the Wuxu. The cover of this issue implies that we continue to explore and discover the future in the universe.

2018 年是中國十二生肖中的狗年,也是又一個戊戌年。本期封面寓意著我們 繼續在浩瀚星辰中探索和發現未來。



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Traditions for the Year of the Dog in China 戍狗以降,福澤泱泱:中國狗年風俗


Year of the Dog: How Are Luxury Brands Ushering in Chinese New Year 看奢侈品牌如何呼应农历狗年


To Be a 100-Billion-Level Moutai 茅台:下一個千億


Moutai for the Year of the Dog 茅台狗年生肖酒





Moutai, the Best Liquor of Chishui People 赤水人的女兒紅


A Sane Madman: Interview with Werner Herzog 理智的「瘋子」:專訪德國電影大師韋納 · 荷索


A New Map of Taipa Village 氹仔舊城區的新地圖


Food in Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard of London 從市集到餐桌,如此鮮甜! Music in Cups 觥籌交錯間的樂和音


58 66

Feast for Art Lovers 藝術珍饈 2018 Art Basel HK 和 Art Central


Moutai on the World Map 茅台在全球



MAR 2018



MOUTAI Magazine

Traditions for the Year of the Dog in China 戍狗以降,福澤泱泱 ——中國狗年風俗


MAR 2018



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Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection,  companionship roles. The influence on human society has given them the sobriquet "man's best friend". 犬者,人之友,善解人語。眾人之不能者,皆以犬行。人以其牧、驅賊捕鼠、 守家護院。可辯味于萬種之間,聆音於千尋之外。

The History of Dog

Kingdoms period of China, a man had a dog named Black

which forms part of the wolf-like canids, and is the most

too drunk to get back home, so he lay in the forest to have a

Dragon, and they were very close. One day, the man was out

The domestic dog is a member of the genus canines,

of town for drinking and kept his dog for company. He was

widely abundant terrestrial carnivore. The dog is the

rest. Coincidently, the mayor set fire for hunting there. Black

first species to be domesticated and has been selectively

Dragon tried to pull the man away from fire, but the drunken

bred over millennia for various behaviors, sensory

man was too heavy for a dog. Then, Black Dragon found

capabilities, and physical attributes.

a creek nearby and dipped himself in the water so that he

Ancient Chinese record shows that in nomadic societies,

could spray the water onto the man for cooling off. Sadly,

dogs were used as protector and hunter. Therefore people at

Black Dragon died in that fire. When the man woke up, he

that time had to keep a dog for their convenience. The Rites

was so afflicted and cried out loud. The mayor heard of this

of Zhou said that there was official position for selecting

story and held an elaborate funeral for the dog.

and looking after the dogs in Zhou Dynasty. Moreover,

An official Chinese historical text from AD 265 to AD 420,

two thousand years ago in Han Dynasty, there was also

The Book of Jin, also covered a story of a loyal dog. At Jin

as the “dog hut” in Tang Dynasty for keeping royal hunting

One day, Lu Ji had an urgent need to notify his family who

specialists for taking care of emperor’s hunting dogs, as well

Dynasty, a nobleman named Lu Ji had a dog called Huanger.


lived hundred miles away, but there was no trustworthy

man to deliver the letter. Suddenly, he saw Huanger was

The Stories of Dog

hanging around and had an idea that he could let the dog play the carrier role. Lu Ji finished the letter and tied it up

A Chinese compilation of legends, The In Search of the

on Huanger and the dog immediately began his journey.

Sacred, written and compiled around AD 350 has recorded

Huanger was afraid to cause any delay and kept running,

a story of a loyal dog. Two thousand years ago, in the Three

seeking food from leftovers on the streets. After Huanger's 13

MAR 2018



MOUTAI Magazine

leaving, Lu Ji was worried about the dog all the time. 50

days later, Huanger came back and looked thin and pallid. The dog’s life was ended once he had got back. Lu Ji was

so sorrowful and set up a grave for Huanger near his home. Afterwards, the story of Huanger became a well-known legend.

Dog, a Critical Symbol in Art In the late 18th century, a number of European

Jesuit painters served in the Qing court of the Qianlong

Emperor who was interested in employing European Jesuits trained in various fields, including painting. The Ten Prized Dogs painted by Giuseppe Castiglione, as known as Lang Shining, was one of the master pieces of dog portrait in

ancient China. These dogs were all from European breeds and belonged to the emperor who favored dogs for their loyalty. Castiglione had very good knowledge of animal

anatomy so that all the dogs he drew were precise and vivid. Dog also played an important role in Western art, such

as in The Arnolfini Portrait by the Early Netherlandish

painter Jan van Eyck. The painting depicts a couple, both

from the largest banking families in Lucca, convening in a parlor of French fashion. The couple is warmly and finely dressed, their garments are made with fur, even though

the fruit outside the windows on the tress suggest that the pair were rich. The husband’s gesture suggested that he 15

MAR 2018

was swearing for his loyalty in love. The holding of hands

by moving her to an indoor setting, engaging her with the

decorations, such as clogs, candle, mirror, are symbolized

straight at the viewer, unconcerned with her nudity. In the

viewer, and making her sensuality explicit. The Venus stares

is thought to represent a marriage contract. All the interior

near background is a dog, often a symbol of fidelity. In a

the happiness of their marriage, as well as the dog. The little

different space in the background two maids are shown

dog represents fidelity and loyalty of the couple.

rummaging through a chest, where clothes were kept. Titian

Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-

effectively created a painting that fulfilled the purpose of its

century Venetian school, Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) was also a

commission by depicting the ideal Renaissance woman and

dog lover. His art works, for instance, the Venus of Urbino,

her most important attributes. As the goddess of beauty and

and the Venus and Musician, include many portraits of dogs.

love, Venus accompanied with a dog indicates that Venus is

In The Venus of Urbino, Titian has domesticated Venus



MOUTAI Magazine

going to bring the pure love.

19th-century English painter and sculptor Sir Edwin

Henry Landseer also liked to add dogs in his works of art. He

almost depicted all breeds of dogs in his paintings, and all of them are dynamic. Landseer was used to entitle the painting with a humanistic name in order to highlight the emotions of dog. In the Old Shepherds Chief Mourner, a dog rests its head on the simple wooden coffin containing the body of its human companion, the “old shepherd”. This painting highlights the close relationship between them.

The Memorabilia of the Years of the Dog 2018 is the Year of the Dog and it also can be regarded

as the year of WuXu( 戊戌 ). Wu and Xu are the traditional

terms used for reckoning time in the sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches of China. The Stems-

and-Branches combination has a cycle of sixty years. The

year of WuXu 120 years ago, was a remarkable beginning of the reform of modern Chinese society.

The Hundred Days' Reform was an ephemeral national,


MAR 2018

cultural, political, and educational reform movement in

submerged transit of the North Pole in the history.

1898. It was undertaken by the young Guangxu Emperor and

1970 The Aswan Dam was completed.

his reform-minded supporters. This reform led Chinese

1982 The American science fiction fantasy film E.T. the

society and the form of government to a new stage.

Extra-Terrestrial directed by Steven Spielberg was released

Besides the Hundred Days' Reform, there are the

on June 11, 1982 and became an immediate blockbuster.

Memorabilia in every Year of the Dog after 1898.

1994 The rail tunnel linking the United Kingdom with

1922 Sir Frederick Grant Banting discovered the insulin

France, the Channel Tunnel, opened.

and its therapeutic potential and they were able to produce

2006 The year of Mozart, to commemorate the 250th

large quantities of highly refined insulin. Insulin was offered

anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Mozart.

for sale shortly thereafter.

1934 Donald duck was created and first appeared in The

Wise Little Hen.


the public on the evening of February 14, featuring


was designed and coined in 1946 by Parisian engineer Louis

狗具靈性,其聽力是人的 16 倍,聽力距離是人的 400 多倍。


1946 The completion of ENIAC was announced to

現代狗的祖先約在 1.1 萬至 1.6 萬年前開始在西歐被人類馴化。

demonstrations of its capabilities. At the same year, bikini

其嗅覺靈敏度約為人類的 1200 倍,能從眾多混合氣味中,嗅



1958 USS Nautilus was the first vessel to complete a 18


MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018












隻毛茸茸的小灰狗。這並不是二 人的寵物或是單純的裝飾,而是


















「晉書 · 陸機傳」載:魏晉時代,有一個有名的士人名叫



























愛與美的女神,維納斯身邊的小 狗既有陪伴之意,也預示著維納



19 世紀,英國畫家愛德溫 •

















關重要的作用。畫家描繪了阿爾諾芬尼這個在 1420 年被菲力 浦公爵封為騎士真實人物,在畫上拘泥而彬彬有禮地和他新婚

2018 年是戊戌狗年,戊戌則是中國古代天干地支紀年的

妻子在洞房中迎接貴客:他舉起了右手,表示一種儀式,象徵 矢志愛情;新娘則伸出右手,放在新郎的左手上,宣誓要永遠




一個週期,循環往復。而 120 年前的戊戌狗年,是中國變法




MOUTAI Magazine


啟用。同年,法國機械工程師路易士 · 雷德在法國巴黎推出了


1958 鸚 鵡螺號核潛艇抵達地理北極,成為世界上第一艘

(1898 年 6 月 11 日- 9 月 21 日,戊戌年)的短暫政治改革運動,





1970 埃及阿斯旺水壩竣工。

1922 這 一年的夏天,加拿大科學家班廷和他的助手研究

1982 史提芬 · 史匹堡「E.T.」發行日,故這一天被定為片


子中那可愛善良的小 E.T. 的生日。

藥物 - 人造胰島素。自此,糖尿病有法可醫。

1994 橫 跨英倫海峽,連接英國及法國的英法海底隧道正

1934 美 國動畫片畫家華特迪士尼塑造的「唐老鴨」在電



2006 莫札特年,紀念奧地利作曲家莫札特誕生 250 周年。

1946 该 年 2 月 14 日世界上第一台電子電腦 ENIAC 正式 21

MAR 2018


: g o D e h g n i r Year of t e h s U s d n a r B y r u x u L e ow Ar




For Chinese New Year, Bottega Veneta doesn't disappoint

with a range of wallets, pouches, phone cases and key

holders. The canine-inspired collection features various dog

breeds such as poodles, German shepherds and chihuahuas embroidered, handwoven in nappa, or printed in white and gold.

為 慶 祝 2018 年 中 國 農 曆 狗 年 春 節, 葆 蝶 家 隆 重 推 出

Canine 系列新品。這一獨家膠囊系列精選柔軟細膩的皮革,


錢包,採用復古 Nappa 小羊皮純手工編織而成的臘腸犬圖案, 鑲嵌在精緻小巧的包身,鮮活靈動而質感細膩。德國牧羊犬、 臘腸犬、吉娃娃、拉布拉多和貴賓犬等犬類設計項目同樣也被

應用到了繽紛刺繡錢包系列之中。以標誌性 Intrecciato 皮革

編織成的小狗形狀鑰匙包,更為日常裝扮增添了一抹活潑趣味。 另一組錢包和手拿包系列則採用了絹網印花技法,讓精心雕琢 而成的金色或白色小狗圖案綴滿包身。 22


MOUTAI Magazine

年 狗 歷 農 如何呼應

牌 品 侈 奢 看

? R A E Y EW



Celebrated by the Chinese all over the world, Chinese New Year this year falls on the Year of the Dog. As China's importance continues to grow for luxury brands, various international labels have released festive collections to capitalize on the season. Focusing on the zodiac animal of the year – dog, here are some of the many ways luxury brands have incorporated adorable and ferocious canines in their designs this year.

By creating a cartoon canine mascot -- based on the

Japanese Shiba Inu breed -- for Chinese New Year, French

luxury giant, Louis Vuitton created a range of pup-inspired

collection perfect for the festivities. From bags to key holders and jewelry, the range offers an adorable solution to jazz up outfits this year.

法國奢侈品巨頭路易 · 威登創造了一個根據日本柴犬描繪

的卡通圖案以迎接中國農曆新年的到來。這只狗出現在了 LV

全球華人都慶祝的農曆新年在 2018 年迎 來了生肖狗年。中國消費者作為世界奢侈 品行業增長的重要推動力,如何滿足中國 消費者的喜好也是各大品牌的關注焦點。 今年,各大奢侈品牌將目光聚集在了生肖 狗上,希望通過對各自品牌特色的詮釋加 以狗年元素的設計來吸引消費者的目光。


系列小包還以經典 Monogram 的圓形十字圖案做狗狗的大眼 睛,加上 LV 的「V」字倒轉做小嘴,看起來像極了八哥犬。


MAR 2018


Designer Alessandro Michele has always had a penchant

for incorporating animal prints or elements in his designs for Gucci. This time, he's taken the adorable route with an entire collection dedicated to the Year of the Dog in

celebration of Chinese New Year. The pup-inspired garments and accessories in fact feature two dogs -- the designer's Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso.


Gucci 品牌設計師亞力山卓 · 邁克自一開始就非常熱衷於

將動物圖案加入他的設計中。適逢農曆狗年,他更是將整個系 列都變成可愛風以慶祝狗年的到來。這次的設計靈感來源於設

To usher in the festivities, Italian luxury fashion label,

計師自己的兩隻波士頓梗犬 Bosco 和 Orso。農曆新年限定系

Dolce & Gabbana, released a special collection dedicated to

列包括男女服裝及配件,可愛的 Bosco 與 Orso 搭配上粉紅色

the man's best friend. From shirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers


and accessories, the entire range features dog prints and

配飾材質則運用了 GG Logo 帆布或皮革,皆為充滿童心的設

embellishments. Besides the adults, there's also a canine-


inspired collection just for the little toddlers so the entire family can go for Chinese New Year visiting in style.


衣,衛衣,外套,褲子和配件全部都配有卡通狗的印花或者刺 繡。除了成人款,杜嘉班納同樣推出了幼兒狗年特別款,這樣 整個家庭都能穿上同一系列的衣服迎接農曆新年。



MOUTAI Magazine


For the sixth time, Chopard has once again teamed up

with Japanese Living National Treasure Master, Kiichiro Masumura and Urushi Grand Master, Minori Koizumi to

create the LUC XP Year of the Dog timepiece. On the dial

itself is an Asian Akita crafted using the ancient lacquering

urushi and maki-e techniques. As with previous editions, the timepiece is limited to only 88 pieces.


提供新的詮釋,今年已是第六年了。蒔繪,是一種源自日本的 古老工藝。2018 年是中國農曆狗年,狗在十二生肖中排行第

十一,代表慷慨和忠誠。蕭邦決定選擇亞洲秋田犬作為代表, 錶盤上一隻秋田犬目視遠方,周圍環境鬱鬱蔥蔥,點綴盛開的 野生蘭花,又有蜻蜓翩然飛舞,象徵幸運符,預示好兆頭。 蕭 邦邀請增村紀一郎指導錶盤創作,增村紀一郎是公認的漆藝大 師,在日本被譽為「人間國寶」。錶盤繪製則由蒔繪大師小泉 三教親手完成。限量發行 88 枚。


MAR 2018


Unveiling Pudge, Betty Boop's faithful little wide-

eyed puppy as the star of their Chinese New Year capsule

collection, MOSCHINO is pulling out all the adorable stops. The iconic character appears on a sweater, t-shirt, dress,

backpack, key-chain, scarf and an iPhone case. With Jeremy Scott at the helm, trust that every collection will have a hint of pop culture reference.


的是貝蒂小姐的角色設定其實一開始並不是人。 貝蒂小姐角

色在 1930 年創作之初為一隻法國貴賓犬,以狗頭人身的方式

擬人化登場,直到兩年後才被定調為人類。MOSCHINO 品牌 總監 Jeremy Scott 抓準性感與個性的象徵,融合農曆狗年元 素,推出 MOSCHINO 首款 2018 農曆新年特別款。

以貝蒂小姐以及她的寵物狗 Pudgy 為設計靈感,設計主


曆新年限量款包含了多樣化的商品選擇,包含 T-shirt、洋裝、 外套、後背包、鑰匙圈、絲巾、手機殼等等,全系列充滿濃厚 喜氣時尚風格。



MOUTAI Magazine


Montblanc has released a pair of Limited Edition

fountain pens to commemorate the Lunar New Year as part of the Signs & Symbols collection. First introduced in 2015,

萬寶龍自 2015 年開始每年都會推出固定的生肖系列,今

the collection is made up of the Legend of Zodiacs. Since 2018 is the year of the dog, The Dog Limited Edition 512


stamped on the rhodium-coated Au750 solid gold nib. To

18K 金筆咀上同樣鐫刻著戊狗圖案,栩栩如生,精妙絕倫。圓

龍將於今年推出全新生肖系列狗年限量版書寫工具 512,鍍銠

has a sterling silver cap, black lacquer barrel, with the dog


up the luxurious ante, the cone is also set with a brilliant


cut diamond, the birthstone for the Year of the Dog, with


the Montblanc emblem in mother of pearl, on top of the

512 共發行 512 支(8x8x8),靈感源自漢語中音近「發」的

cap. And, since superstition is prevalent when it comes to

Chinese culture, this limited edition is a celebration of the

number 8, which is traditionally perceived as an auspicious number, with 512 which is the sum total of 8x8x8. Besides

the fountain pens, there are also dog year special edition ink and notebooks.


幸運數字 8,有為新的一年增添幸運美好之意。除了筆之外, 萬寶龍還推出了狗年特別墨水和筆記本。

MAR 2018

To Be a 100-Billion-Level Moutai 茅台:下一個千億



Moutai Group Chairman Yuan Renguo said that "stable" was

he past 2017 was a truly remarkable year in the

the main keynote, with "nice figures" for main indicators;

history of Moutai development.

"advancing" was the main direction, with "rapid growth" for

In 2017, the economic situation at home and

marketing development; "new" was the main theme, with

abroad was complicated and variable, the baijiu industry

"vigorous" transformation.

was under profound adjustment, and the conflict between

In 2017, Moutai Group produced 124,000 tons of baijiu,

supply and demand was prominent. As a result, Moutai

a year-on-year growth of 24.5%, and sold 123,200 tons of

Group encountered unprecedented opportunities as well as

baijiu, a year-on-year growth of 51%. The tax paid by Moutai

unprecedented pressure and challenges.

Group was 25.6 billion RMB, a year-on-year growth of 37.6%

"Be as fast as possible and with no upper limit or retreat."

and 28% over the annual plan, accounting for 15.9% of the

In early 2018, Moutai Group has started to strive for "a

province's general public budget revenue.

100-billion-level Moutai".

In the transformation from a buyer's market to a seller's

"Moutai must work more vigorously, actively, diligently,

and meticulously than ever before." A chief executive of

market, Moutai's brand influence had also reached a new

be achieved this year, then, a 100-billion-level Moutai would

2017, Moutai ranked 118th, moving up 66 places from last

peak. Among the "Top 500 Most Valuable Global Brands" in

Moutai Group said that if the target of 90 billion RMB would

year; in the "Top 50 Most Valuable Spirits Brands" list, with a

be just around the corner.

brand value of 11.548 billion USD, Moutai kept ranking 1st, 7

Accelerating Transformation and Development

billion USD higher than Johnnie Walker in the 2nd place.

This trend was reflected in the capital market. As a result,

Moutai's share price kept hitting new highs and its total

In the 2017 highlights of Moutai Group, "stable",

market value ranked first among all listed liquor enterprises

"advancing", and "new" are bound to be the key words for

of the world.

the development of the year.

In 2017, Moutai Group achieved more effective, high-

When reviewing the achievements of the past year,

quality, and sustainable development, making great 28


MOUTAI Magazine

progress in the aspects of economic indicators, share

capital, and becoming a well-respected world-class

vitality, cultural spreading, revenue, spirit inspiration, and

Five-Year Plan".

enterprise are also the main content of Moutai Group's "13th

price, brand influence, marketing, quality guarantee,

According to the schedule at the beginning of 2017, the

responsibility fulfillment.

planned major indicators of Moutai Group were the highest

Li Baofang, General Manager of Moutai Group said that

in recent years, but the major economic indicators still

the achievements and experience in 2017 should be fully

achieved a double-digit growth. "It is particularly rare and

recognized. Moutai's trend of "not slack in the off season

gratifying that Moutai Group achieved a year-on-year growth

and more prosperous in the peak season" ran through the

of more than 50% in revenue and started to make full

year. This was also the most significant landmark change of

progress in Moutai series liquors and other sectors." Moutai

Moutai liquor market in recent years.

Group policy makers believed.

Moutai Group was truly remarkable in 2017——

In the past year, the Moutai flavor series actively

The main indicators far exceeded expectations and the

performance was extraordinary. Moutai Group achieved a

seized the opportunity of consumption upgrading, and

to make full progress in Moutai series liquors and other

"building networks, promoting exhibitions, and carrying

comprehensively promoted the three major projects of

year-on-year growth of more than 50% in revenue, starting

out tasting activities". As a result, with a sales volume of


30,000 tons, sales revenue of 6.5 billion RMB, and profit

The momentum of production and sales had progressed

of 400 million RMB, the Moutai flavor series achieved

steadily and the performance was remarkable. The overall

comprehensive upsurge in price, performance, quality

production features stable output and good quality;

as well as effect, fulfilled the "three-step" target one year

With remarkable performance, Moutai's brand value

in advance, and basically formed a "two-wheel drive"

reached new heights. As a fragrant world-famous name card

development pattern together with Moutai liquor, becoming

of China, Moutai was becoming a world-class brand with

another highlight of Moutai Group's annual market

increasing comprehensive strength and influence.


In 2018, Moutai will uphold the underlying principle of

It is worth mentioning that the entire Moutai Group has

pursuing progress while ensuring stability as well as the

new concept of high-quality development, "be as fast as

further strengthened the idea of ​​Great Moutai, the awareness

the "80 billion breakthrough plan", strive for a record high

ordinates and concentrates efforts, adheres to the solution

of Great Group, and the thought of holism, scientifically co-

possible and with no upper limit or retreat", implement

of one strategy for one enterprise, and implements policies

of 90 billion RMB in sales, comprehensively promote the

according to classification to promote development,

development to a new level, and take solid strides toward

achieving better and better development for its subsidiaries.

the target of "100 billion".

In this year, Xijiu company became more powerful

Two-Wheel Drive and Full Progress Across the Board

and had greater influence; the Technology Development company carried out a strategic cooperation with Jinjia

Group, and its future development was more promising; the

Striving to be a 100-million-level enterprise, developing

liquor production line of Xifeng Health Industry company

financial investment and other sectors that focus on liquor

was put into operation, and the Qian Mao series of products

industry, fully developing into an international enterprise

was launched in the market…

driven by the integration of industrial capital with financial

In this year, Moutai also completed a number of major


MAR 2018

events: Moutai College was successfully approved and its

in its headquarters, inviting Moutai fans from all over the

Airport was officially opened with passenger traffic

and circle of friends had grown drastically. "Let Moutai's

enrollment plan of 600 students was completed; Moutai

world to gather on the Chishui River. Moutai fans groups

exceeding 100,000 in two months; Huagui Life started

flavor spread all over the world, and let the world fall in

operation and realized premium income of 420 million RMB.

love with Moutai" had become a new direction for Moutai's

These achievements also brought many inspirations to


Moutai Group.

Like opening a book with rich content, when looking

According to Yuan Renguo, the development of the

back, we can see that the open-minded Moutai not only has

past year had inspired us to embrace a new era and move

the inclusiveness and self-confidence to bring in but also

forward on a new journey. We must rely on hard work,

has the vitality and courage to go out.

endeavor, and innovation. We must resolutely safeguard the

Since last March, Moutai had visited such peer liquor

core, always remember our founding mission, highlight the

enterprises as Wu Liang Ye, Luzhou Laojiao, and Jing Brand,

and stand united.

building a "Golden Triangle" of Chinese baijiu, promoting

focus of development, strengthen our work determination,

and held in-depth discussions with them on such issues as

"Facing the new era and the grand blueprint of a

Chinese baijiu to "go abroad", and jointly promoting the

100-billion-level Moutai, Moutai people must stand even

development, technique inheritance, innovation, quality

higher." Yuan Renguo said that focusing on the important

standards as well as quality control of the baijiu industry.

path of "promoting Chinese liquor and developing sideline

Moutai had continuously enhanced the traditional

business", Moutai would consider in a holistic way, make

friendship and reached consensus on development with

scientific analysis, respond to the times, firmly promote the


upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, enhance

In last November, Moutai Group General Manager Li

and enrich the value of industrial chain, and cultivate strong

Baofang led a Moutai culture delegation of more than 60

opportunities, expand, optimize, and maintain the main

and Mozambique. The delegation successfully completed

internal impetus. It was imperative to seize the historical

people to such African countries as South Africa, Namibia,

business, and start a new journey for Moutai in the next 100

the pioneering journey of "Meeting in Africa through the


Unique Aroma", letting the world feel the thousand-year-old culture of a Chinese brand.

Advancing with Trends to Develop Fans Effectively

In this year, with broad mind, Moutai visited, shared with

and learned from various peer enterprises and industry associations. Believing that peers were not enemies or

When the wheels of history entered the fast lane of the

opponents but friends, Moutai actively worked together with

"13th Five-Year Plan", Moutai also entered a new century

its peers, leading the industry to a new development stage

and developed the "Circle of Friends" rapidly. Friends from

of "coopetition".

all corners of the country enhanced their exchanges and

In this year, Moutai actively integrated into "the Belt and

cooperation with Moutai, making Moutai more and more

Road" Initiative and the pace of "going abroad" was more

In February last year when the Sichuan baijiu industry

and innovation expansion. As of 2017, Moutai had entered

influential to the outside world.

solid. Overseas markets achieved incremental expansion

delegation visited Moutai, all members of Moutai Group's

26 of the countries and regions along "the Belt and Road",

home team met with the visiting delegates and discussed

with footprints in Hamburg Germany, Milan Italy, Moscow

in depth on the regional cooperation and development of

Russia, and San Francisco, USA‌

baijiu industry.

In this year, Yuan Renguo (Moutai Group Chairman) and

In October last year, sincerely invited by Moutai Group, the

Li Baofang (Moutai Group General Manager) visited Daozhen

former San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and his delegation

County several times, fully helping the county to be

visited Moutai Town, Moutai Group's headquarters, and

moderately prosperous; Moutai Group launched the three-

exchanged views with Moutai Group, further enhancing the

year poverty alleviation program in the "Moutai • National

centennial friendship between San Francisco and Moutai.

Pillar" Hope Project Dream Realizing Action, planning

Moutai Group also held the first global Moutai fan festival

to donate 300 million RMB in 3 years (100 million RMB 30


MOUTAI Magazine

possible and with no upper limit or retreat", and take solid

annually) and help 60,000 poor students realize their college

strides toward the target of "100 billion".


"It's not easy to achieve this target." Li Baofang frankly

These scenarios were completely different from each

other and these missions were equally difficult; however,

said that this target could be achieved only if Moutai went all

demonstrate the real Moutai. In the year of 2017, Moutai

billion RMB this year, we will make up our mind to achieve

out and kept progressing. "If we can achieve the target of 90

no matter what kind of description, it is impossible to fully

100 billion RMB next year."

showed great performance and temperament both at home

In order to develop Moutai Group into a globally

and abroad.

competitive and well-respected world-class enterprise,

Preparing for Potential Danger in Times of Peace and Working Hard

in 2018, by adhering to new development concepts and

following the fundamental requirements of achieving high-

Wei Zheng, a famous official in the Tang

Dynasty, wrote in the book "Ten Thoughts on Remonstrating with Taizong", "If you don't

prepare for potential danger in times of peace or abstain from excessive luxury, then, it would be

like cutting down the root of a tree, but wanting it to be flourished, or blocking the source of a river, but wanting it to flow far away."

Preparing for potential danger in times of

peace has special significance for today's Moutai. Despite a good situation, Moutai people were

calmer. They were soberly aware that Moutai was in a critical period toward a global brand. They

should not be dazzled by a momentary victory,

but stay awake, unite each other, gather strength, unify ideas, raise awareness, and arouse fighting

spirit. With unprecedented solidarity and unity, they should

quality development, the strategy of "Ten Golden Rules for

to create new glories for Moutai in the new century.

optimizing supply, and carrying out transformation and

Enterprise" as well as the ideas of "focusing on industry,

face various challenges, make persistent efforts, and strive

upgrading", Moutai will focus on 11 tasks:

The task toward a 100-billion-level Moutai is arduous and

1. Carefully and meticulously make products, and ensure

Moutai is working harder and harder.

high quality and stable production;

In 2018, Moutai Group boldly proposes higher targets: to

2. Deepen marketing innovation and further adapt to

achieve tax revenue of 90 billion RMB, industrial added value of about 78 billion RMB, baijiu output and sales of more

market development trends;

that the income of all companies except Kweichow Moutai

consolidating the foundation for development;

to achieve "double hundred, double zero, and three low"

arouse the vitality of development;

beautiful factory area, good ecology, rich employees, strong

and enhance holistic development;

3. Scientifically coordinate projects and concentrate on

than 120,000 tons, and paid tax of 30 billion RMB; to realize

4. Quickly and steadily deepen reforms, and continuously

Co., Ltd. accounts for about 10% of the group's revenue;

5. Promote the coordinated development of subsidiaries,

in safety production, and create a new Moutai future with

6. Pay more attention to enterprise management, and

economy, and high quality.

improve overall efficiency and development quality;

Compared with the target of 80 billion RMB that was

7. Promote ecological civilization construction, and build

previously known by the media, major adjustments are

a beautiful Moutai together;

made to achieve the target of 90 billion RMB. Moutai Group

8. Strengthen safety capacity building, and create a

proposes to adhere to the principle of "being as fast as


MAR 2018

這般勢頭折射到資本市場上 , 茅台股價不斷創出新高 , 茅

harmonious development environment;

9. Promote the construction of "Cultural Moutai", and


10. With a strong sense of responsibility, take practical

的發展 , 呈現出指標大增長、股價大突破、品牌大提升、行銷

2017 年茅台集團實現了更有效益、更有品質、更可持續

enhance enterprise influence;


and effective measures to help impoverished areas to be


moderately prosperous;

茅台集團總經理李保芳說 ,2017 年的成績和經驗值得充分

11. Strengthen Party building work, and consolidate the

肯定 , 茅台「淡季不淡、旺季更旺」的態勢貫穿全年始終 , 這

foundation for new development.


"A new era requires a new look and new

2017 年的茅台集團 , 表現極不平凡——主要指標遠超預

accomplishments. Moutai must arouse the responsibility

that matches the new era and responds to the new journey."

期 , 業績表現不凡。集團收入同比增幅高達 50% 以上 , 系列酒

deploying strategically and orderly, courageous to take

生產總體呈現出產量穩、品質好等特點;品牌價值再沖新高 ,

和其他板塊開始全面發力;產銷勢頭穩中有進 , 工作表現不凡。

Yuan Renguo hopes that the team should be good at

實力表現不凡 , 作為飄香世界的中國名片 , 茅台越來越具有世

responsibility, and diligent in carrying out tasks.


Moutai people state that Moutai must work more

今年 , 茅台將堅持穩中求進工作總基調 , 堅持高品質發展

vigorously, actively, diligently, and meticulously than ever

before, strive to complete all targets and tasks throughout

新理念 ,「能快則快 , 不設上限 , 不留後路」, 實施「跨八計畫」,

development, and strive to create new glories.


衝刺 900 億元銷售新高 , 全面推動茅台發展再上新台階 , 向

the year, strive to break new ground for Moutai's high quality


剛剛過去的 2017 年 , 是茅台發展史上極不平凡的一年。

瞄準千億級企業 , 打造以酒業為中心、一體化、關聯多元

這一年 , 國內外經濟形勢複雜多變 , 白酒行業深度調整 ,

化、金融投資等四大板塊 , 形成產融結合、雙輪驅動、全面發

供需結構矛盾突出 , 茅台集團既擁有前所未有的機遇 , 也面臨

展的國際化企業 , 成長為受人尊敬的世界級企業 , 也是茅台集



「能快則快 , 不設上限 , 不留後路 !」2018 年初啟 , 茅台

按 2017 年年初安排 , 茅台集團主要指標計畫均為近年來


最高 , 但主要經濟指標仍然實現了大額兩位數增長。「尤為難

「茅台要比任何時候都更振奮精神、主動作為 , 實心實意

得、更為可喜的是 , 集團收入同比增幅高達 50% 以上 , 系列酒

地幹、踏踏實實地幹。」茅台集團主要負責人表示 , 如果今年


實現了 900 億元目標 , 那麼 , 千億茅台指日可待。

一年來 , 茅台醬香系列酒積極搶抓消費升級機遇 , 全面推


進「建網路、抓陳列、搞品鑒」三大工程 , 系列酒全線大漲、


台酒形成了「雙輪驅動」的發展格局 , 成為茅台集團全年市場

業績井噴、「量效齊升」, 完成銷量 3 萬噸、銷售收入 65 億元、

盤點茅台集團 2017 年亮點 ,「穩」「進」「新」註定成

實現利潤 4 億元 , 提前一年實現「三步走」目標 , 已基本與茅

茅台集團董事長袁仁國在回顧過去一年成績時說 ,「穩」


是主基調 , 主要指標「顏值高」;「進」是主方向 , 行銷發展「增

值得一提的是 , 茅台集團上下進一步增強大茅台觀念、大

速快」;「新」是主旋律 , 動能轉換「活力足」。

集團意識和一盤棋思想 , 科學統籌、集中攻堅 , 堅持一企一策

2017 年 , 茅 台 集 團 白 酒 產 量 12.4 萬 噸 , 同 比 增 長

解決問題 , 分類施策推動發展 , 子公司發展越來越向好。

24.5%;白酒銷量 12.32 萬噸 , 同比增長 51%。上交稅金 256

這一年 , 欣喜地看到 , 習酒公司更有實力了 , 影響力更大了;

億元 , 同比增長 37.6%, 超年度計劃 28 個百分點 , 占全省一般

技開公司與勁嘉股份達成戰略合作 , 未來發展的後勁更足了;

公共預算收入的 15.9%。

西豐健康產業公司白酒生產線投產 , 黔茅系列產品全面推向市

從買方市場轉向賣方市場 , 茅台的品牌影響力也登上一個


新的巔峰。在 2017 年「全球品牌價值 500 強」中 , 茅台位列

這一年 , 茅台還辦成了一批大事 : 茅台學院成功獲批 , 完

118 位 , 較上年上升 66 位;在「全球烈酒品牌價值 50 強」排

成 600 人招生計畫;茅台機場正式通航 , 兩月內旅客輸送量突

行榜中 , 茅台以 115.48 億美元的品牌價值 , 繼續高居榜首 , 較

破 10 萬人次;華貴人壽開業運營 , 實現保費收入 4.2 億元。

位列第二的尊尼獲加高出 70 億美元。

這些成績的取得 , 也給茅台集團帶來許多啟示。



MOUTAI Magazine

袁仁國說 , 過去一年的發展啟示我們 , 擁抱新時代、邁步

幾個截然不同的場景 , 幾種同樣艱巨的使命。無論哪一種

新征程 , 必須要靠實幹、靠奮進、靠創新 , 必須堅決維護核心、

畫面 , 都無法全面展現真正的茅台。2017 這一年 , 茅台在對內


與對外中 , 亮出了顏值 , 亮出了氣質。

「面對新時代 , 面對千億茅台的宏大藍圖 , 茅台人站位要


更加高遠。」袁仁國說 , 聚焦「做足酒文章 , 擴大酒天地」這 一重要路徑 , 茅台將全域觀瞻、科學研判、應時而動 , 堅定推

唐朝名臣魏征在「諫太宗十思疏」中寫道 「 : 不念居安思危 ,

進傳統製造業升級 , 提升、豐富產業鏈價值 , 培育強大的內生

戒奢以儉 , 德不處其厚 , 情不勝其欲 , 斯亦伐根以求木茂 , 塞源

性動力;更要搶抓歷史機遇 , 壯大主業、做優主業、做久主業 ,



居安思危 , 對於今天的茅台來說 , 有著特殊的意義。


在形勢一片大好的情況下 , 茅台人反而更冷靜。他們清醒

地認識到 , 茅台正處於邁向全球化品牌的關鍵時期 , 切不可被

當歷史的車輪駛入「十三五」快車道的時候 , 邁入新世紀

一時的勝利衝昏頭腦 , 而要保持清醒 , 凝聚人心、聚集力量、

的茅台 ,「朋友圈」迅速壯大 , 來自五湖四海的朋友加強與茅

統一思想、提高認識、激發鬥志 , 以空前的團結和統一 , 面對

台的交流與合作 , 對外影響力日益增強。

錯綜複雜的各種挑戰 , 再接再厲 , 努力開創百年茅台新的輝煌。

去年 2 月 , 四川白酒行業代表團到訪茅台 , 茅台集團在家

千億茅台 , 任務艱巨 , 茅台正在加力。

班子成員悉數出動 , 與來訪代表一行 , 就區域白酒產業合作發

2018 年 , 茅台集團大膽提出了更高的奮鬥目標 : 含稅收入


900 億元;工業增加值 780 億元左右;白酒產量、銷量均達到

李孟賢一行蒞臨茅台集團公司總部所在地貴州省茅台鎮 , 對茅

入在集團占比 10% 左右;安全生產實現「雙百雙零三低」, 打

去年 10 月 , 應茅台集團的誠摯邀請 , 美國原三藩市市長

12 萬噸以上;上交稅金 300 億元;股份公司以外其他公司收

台集團開展訪問交流 , 進一步增進了三藩市和茅台的百年友誼。


茅台集團還在本部舉辦了全球第一屆茅粉節 , 邀請全球 「茅

實現 900 億元目標 , 與此前媒體熟悉的 800 億元相比 , 有

粉」共聚赤水河畔 ,「茅粉」群、朋友圈呈幾何級數增長 ,「讓

了重大調整。茅台集團提出 , 堅持「能快則快 , 不設上限 , 不

世界更加愛上茅台 , 讓茅台更加香飄世界」, 已經成為茅台發

留後路」, 向「千億」目標堅實邁進。


「要實現這個目標 , 並不容易。」李保芳坦誠表示 , 需要

如同翻開一本內容豐富的書卷 , 盤點開放的茅台 , 有的不

全力以赴、跳起來摘桃子才能實現。「如果今年能實現 900

去年 3 月以來 , 茅台先後走訪了五糧液、瀘州老窖、勁牌


僅僅是請進來的包容和自信 , 更有走出去的魄力和勇氣。

億元目標 , 明年我們就下決心努力拿下 1000 億元。」

公司等兄弟酒企 , 就打造中國白酒「金三角」、推動中國白酒「走

一流企業 , 在 2018 年 , 茅台將堅持新發展理念 , 根據實現高品

把控等作了深度交流 , 不斷增進傳統友誼 , 達成發展共識。

優化供給、轉型升級」思路 , 重點抓好十一項工作 :


質發展這一根本要求 , 圍繞「十企」戰略 , 按照「專注實業、

去年 11 月 , 茅台集團總經理李保芳率領一支 60 多人的茅

精心精緻抓好生產 , 確保優質穩產;深入推進行銷創新 ,

台文化推介團 , 走進南非、納米比亞、莫三比克等非洲國家 ,

更加適應市場發展趨勢;科學統籌抓項目 , 著力夯實發展基礎;


發展 , 增強發展整體性;更加注重企業管理 , 提高綜合效益和

圓滿完成了「茅台香遇金色非洲」開創之旅 , 讓世界感受中國

蹄疾步穩深化改革 , 不斷激發發展動力活力;推動子企業協調

這一年 , 茅台敞開寬廣的胸懷 , 走訪交流、學習借鑒的腳

發展品質;推進生態文明建設 , 共築美麗茅台;強化安全能力

步遍及各兄弟企業、行業協會 , 同行不是冤家而是朋友 , 不是

建設 , 營造和諧發展環境;推進「文化茅台」建設 , 提升企業

對手而是攜手 , 引領了行業「競合」發展新風。

影響力;以強烈的責任擔當幹在實處 , 助力決勝同步小康;加

這一年 , 茅台積極對接融入「一帶一路」倡議 ,「走出去」

強党的建設 , 築牢新發展根基。


「新時代要有新氣象 , 更要有新作為。茅台當激發同新時

2017 年 , 茅台已經進入了 26 個「一帶一路」沿線國家 , 德國




這一年 , 茅台集團董事長袁仁國 , 茅台集團總經理李保芳


的腳步多次走訪對口幫扶的道真自治縣 , 全力幫助道真同步小

茅台人表示 , 茅台要比任何時候都更振奮精神、主動作為 ,

康;啟動了「國酒茅台 · 國之棟樑」希望工程圓夢行動脫貧攻

實心實意地幹、踏踏實實地幹 , 奮力完成全年各項目標任務 ,

堅三年公益計畫 , 每年捐資 1 億元、3 年共捐資 3 億元 , 幫助

奮力開創茅台高品質發展新局面 , 奮力譜寫茅台新的輝煌。

6 萬名貧困學子圓夢大學。


MAR 2018

Moutai for the Year of the Dog 茅台狗年生肖酒



MOUTAI Magazine

茅台生肖紀念酒家族迎來了第五位成員—— 戊戌狗年茅台生肖酒。作為 2018 年生肖酒 市場的重頭戲,戊戌狗年茅台生肖酒究竟有 哪些特別之處?

The Zodiac Commemorative Moutai Series has ushered in its 5th member——Moutai for the Year of the Dog. As a highlight of the 2018 Chinese Zodiac liquor market, what are the special features of Moutai for the Year of the Dog?


of Moutai for the Year of the Dog adopts the

ne animal sign for each year and one

minimalist warm tone——"space gray".

kind of Moutai liquor for each

Gray features moderation, ordinariness,

animal sign." Since 2014,

gentleness, humility, neutrality, and

Moutai has decided to launch

elegance, symbolizing sincerity,

the Zodiac Commemorative

calmness, and exquisiteness.

Moutai series. At present, it

In detailed design, the bottle

has launched four kinds of

lid of this liquor adopts a

Chinese Zodiac liquor:

golden screw thread shape

Moutai for the Years

with the word of " 狗 " on

of the Horse, Sheep,

the top. The overall lid is

Monkey, and Rooster.

radiant. The traditional

With the advent of

Chinese painting for the

2018, Moutai for

Year of the Dog on the

the Year of the Dog

color box and bottle is

finally comes on the

created by Mr. Ji Lianbin

market as well.

(the Vice President of

According to

China National Academy

accounts, as a

of Painting, a full-time

combination of such

painter, and a national

cultural elements

first-class artist); the

as Chinese Zodiac,

calligraphy works for the

Five Elements, and

Year of the Dog created

traditional Chinese

by Mr. Zeng Laide (the Vice

painting, Moutai for

President of China National

the Year of the Dog is

Academy of Painting and a

designed based on the

national first-class artist) is one

traditional packaging

of the packaging elements of

style of Moutai liquor, and

the product, and is an ingenious

continues to inherit the

integration of Moutai culture and

packaging style and idea of

traditional culture.

Moutai for the Years of the Horse,

In addition, Moutai for the Year of the

Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster.

Dog uses the "Five-Star" trademark and the

2018 is the Year of the Dog. With the

red words of " 贵州茅台酒 " are embedded in the

universal symbols of loyalty and faithfulness,

box and bottle, indicating an authentic Moutai product.

dog is also the synonym of gentleness. The appearance 35

MAR 2018

The seal of " 戊戌狗年 " on the box and bottle highlights the Chinese Zodiac year, showing the sign of time. As a perfect

integration of China's modern baijiu culture and traditional culture, this liquor boasts special artistic taste as well as

high collection value, and delivers the blessings of Moutai liquor.

It can be said that the Moutai for the Year of the Dog

on sale in 2018 is born in the golden age. The scale of the

current Chinese Zodiac liquor market has exceeded 5 billion and will reach 10 billion in the future.

In 2017, the exceptionally popular Moutai for the Year of

the Rooster further expanded the market of Chinese Zodiac liquor. Due to the discontinued production of Moutai for the Years of the Horse, Sheep, and Monkey, the scarcity

and collection value of these liquors are enhanced rapidly. In 2018, the market base for Chinese Zodiac liquor has matured.

Influenced by Chinese Zodiac Moutai, various liquor

enterprises in the industry have also launched their own

Chinese Zodiac liquors on the market to seize this market. From this perspective, the situation for launching Moutai

for the Year of the Dog is that the market base for Chinese

Zodiac liquor has matured and the market demand is also very hot. This market base was unavailable when Moutai's four other Chinese Zodiac liquors were launched.

Besides, the scarcity of Moutai liquor is further intensified

when Moutai for the Year of the Dog is launched. According to CICC (China International Capital Corporation Limited)

research, Moutai has become one of the leading brands for

mid-range and high-end business banquets as well as mass high-end banquets. Escalation of business consumption and expansion of the middle class will bring about long-

term growth. In the next 5-10 years, Moutai will achieve longterm growth in both sales volume and price, and the supply

will fall short of demand as well for a long time. According to CICC prediction, in the next five years, the gap of high-end

base liquor in China will reach 400,000 tons. In other words,

the scarcity of Moutai will be further intensified, and Moutai

for the Year of the Dog will be an even more scarce resource. The Chinese Zodiac culture has a long history and every

Chinese is endowed with an animal sign. Since ancient

times, dogs have been believed to be loyal friends of human beings. Therefore, the Year of the Dog is more emotionally

appealing to consumers than the Years of the Horse, Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster.



MOUTAI Magazine

As we all know, the collection value of Chinese Zodiac


liquor is very obvious. According to industry insiders'


analysis, in the overall downturn of investment market,


devaluation. Therefore, they are flocking to baijiu collections


people have insufficient channels against capital


for maintaining capital value. Besides, with the refinement


and escalation of people's consumption structure, the

可以說,2018 年上市的戊戌狗年茅台生肖酒是生逢盛世。

Chinese Zodiac commemorative liquor with a collection

目前生肖酒市場的規模已經超過 50 億,未來將達到百億的規

value has been increasingly favored by high-end consumer



Data show that in 2017, China's per capita GDP is

2017 年丁酉雞年茅台酒的異常火爆,將生肖酒的市場進


expected to reach 57,650 RMB, which is more than 8,000

為已經停產導致稀缺性和收藏價值迅速攀升。進入到 2018 年,

USD. According to international experience, when per capita


GDP reaches 7,000 USD, high-end luxury consumption


begins to rise. CICC believes that Moutai for the Year of


market. At the same time, personalized products such as


the Rooster launched in 2017 started to be favored by the


Blue Moutai and Black Moutai have also been recognized


by high-end consumer groups. The high-end liquor luxury


market has been created and become extremely popular.


a cycle of 60 years, each of Chinese Zodiac liquor is unique.

擴容將帶來長期增長空間,未來 5-10 年,茅台將實現長期的

In addition, Quan Tu, a baijiu expert, also believes that in


The scarcity of Chinese Zodiac liquor has increased the

量價齊升,供給也將長期緊張。據中金公司預測,未來 5 年,

difficulty of collecting an entire set. The exquisite packaging

中國高端年份基酒的缺口將達到 40 萬噸。也就是說,茅台酒

design and the artistic elements of Chinese Zodiac Moutai


also add value to the liquor.




「一歲一生肖,一酒一茅台」,從 2014 年開始,茅台決




乙未羊年、丙申猴年和丁酉雞年四款,隨著 2018 年的到來,










2018 年是戊戌狗年,其年天干地支為「戊戌」,五行屬土,

資料顯示,2017 年,中國人均 GDP 預計將達到 57650 元,

忠誠、維護主人是狗普遍的符號意義,同時也是溫順的代名詞。 狗年生肖酒外觀主色採用極簡主義暖色調「星空灰」,灰色具

超過了 8000 美元,按照國際經驗,人均 GDP 到達 7000 美元時,



高端奢侈消費開始崛起。中金公司認為,茅台 2017 年推出的











畫院副院長曾來德先生創作的狗年生肖書法作品,作為產品包 37

MAR 2018

Moutai, the Best Liquor of Chishui People 茅台,赤水人的女兒紅

TEXT/ 文 Natalya Cheung Translation/ 譯 Billy



MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018


tarting from the Italian-speaking area in the

achieving a decisive victory in the strategic shift. Therefore,

south of Switzerland, our car travelled on the

our mother river was also known as the heroic river.

winding mountain road in the Alps. As the altitude

The Chishui River could also be gentle. During dry period,

rose, the vegetation and ecological environment changed

the river was clear and clean. The boatmen of the river stood

various waterfalls and flowed into rivers at low altitudes. My

and paddle forward, acting like a martial arts master. Our

significantly. The melting water from the Alps formed

on a bamboo and used another bamboo to keep balance

Swiss friend Paolo said, "Well, is Switzerland too beautiful?"

parents took us along the banks of the river to harvest wild

I said without hesitation, "Yes, it's quite like my hometown,

vegetables, turning them into heavenly and delicious food

but my hometown almost never snows." As a proud Swiss,

at home.

Paolo made no comment on my answer. Only I knew what

Walking through the swaying bridge above the Chishui

I said was the truth but not because of my feeling to my

River, you will come to the Datong ancient town. This town


was built in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and

My hometown is along Chishui River It’s true to its name.

experienced a prosperous period of river transport. Today,

During the summer flood season, the river roars and its

roads have taken place of the dock. However, the ancient

surface is suddenly widened several times. The red waves

street, wharf, wells, houses, temples, halls, monuments,

are raging and thundering. According to ancient books, this

and archway remain. Almost every family has an old man

river was even fiercer hundreds of years ago.

holding a fan, basking in the sun at home, and waiting for

The own children of this dangerous Chishui River,

his great-grandson to return from school.

however, were not afraid of it. From our birth to our

In addition, the Chishui River has another name—the

departure from home at the age of 18, our life was

"Spirits River". Due to its unique geographical environment

Dad put us on car tires and dragged the tires to cross the

produces more than 10 famous liquors headed by Moutai.

intertwined with this river. When we were little children, our

and hydro-climatic characteristics, the Chishui River

mother river in red waves. After going ashore, we sat on the

When you are arriving at Moutai Town, the bouquet

chairs placed by the river, ordered cups of tea and several

permeating the town will greet you and tell you in advance

strings of barbecue, and enjoyed them at dusk.

that Moutai is here. Even at abroad, Moutai has also become

When getting a little older, we liked to walk along the

a name card of my hometown. When talking about Chishui,

road which was built by the Chishui River. We could feel

I will definitely mention that "China's national liquor Moutai

the Chishui River was flooding beside us. A group of young

is made from the water of the Chishui River." Then, my

people walked up and down on the quiet road at night

foreign friends will understand my "birthplace" immediately.

without worries. Over and over again, day after day, this

Of course, I will also mysteriously tell them the "secrets" of

road always remained attractive. In this group of people,

Moutai. Only Moutai Town and only a certain section of the

there must be boys and girls who were in love with each

Chishui River are suitable for producing Moutai, the top-

other, and expected something romantic to happen.

quality Chinese liquor. Even if Moutai has been famous

When we were 18 years old, we had to leave home. Our

globally, it still cannot be produced out of its birthplace, the

hometown was so small that there was no school for us to

Chishui River valley. After hearing that, my foreign friends

continue our education. There was no airport at that time

feel stunning and believe that Moutai must be blessed by

so we had to go far away and say goodbye to our parents

some sort of Eastern mystical power.

and classmates and the Chishui River was the last one to see

This seemingly playful narration has indeed scientific

us off. I didn't know whether it was intentional or not that

basis: The Moutai Distillery District is built on the upper

destination of our mother river was unknown. Holding our

moderate PH level, abundant trace elements, and no

our highway out of the city was always along the river. The

reaches of the Chishui River, with good water quality,

college admission letter, our future was also a mystery.

pollution. In terms of climate, this area is covered in hot

Besides its own children, Chairman Mao was not afraid of

and humid rain and fog in most time of the year. This

this dangerous Chishui River. After the Zunyi Conference and

combination of special climate, water quality, and soil

during the Long March, encircled, pursued, obstructed, and

conditions has played a decisive role in the distillation,

intercepted by numerous Kuomintang troops, the Central

refinement, increase, and decrease of aromatic components

Red Army smartly crossed the Chishui River for four times,

in Moutai. It can be said that without the special climatic 40


MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018

conditions here, some aromatic components in the liquor

the spring was really beautiful. Green grass was covered

unsatisfactory. The Chishui people have feelings for Moutai.

always there. I sent a message to Paolo, "Switzerland is

cannot be produced at all, and the taste of the liquor will be

with yellow daisies and the alpine snow in the distance was

My Dad took out a bottle of Moutai produced in the 1990s

almost as beautiful as Chishui." Paolo replied, "Hometown is

and said that he would keep it for my marriage because

not the best, but it is always better than other places."

Moutai is the best liquor of Chishui people.

Don't you think so?

Later, I went to Switzerland again alone. Switzerland in 42


MOUTAI Magazine











在低海拔匯流成河,愉快奔向更低處。我的瑞士朋友 Paolo 說:




傲的瑞士人,Paolo 對我的回答不置可否,只有我知道,這樣











於明末清初的鎮子,經歷了繁榮的河運年代。 如今,旱路開
















































的,爸爸拿著一瓶上世紀 90 年代的茅台說,這瓶酒啊,爸爸

長到 18 歲,我們必須離家了。我們的故鄉,小到沒有可







Paolo 回信:「故鄉不是最好,但是永遠比其他地方好。」


在。我發了短信給 Paolo:「瑞士,幾乎要和赤水一樣美了。」





MAR 2018

A Sane Madman 理智的「瘋子」

Interview with Werner Herzog 專訪德國電影大師韋納 · 荷索 TEXT/ 文 Jocelyn Liao

Werner Herzog is a figure of the New German Cinema, along with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlöndorff and Wim Wenders. French filmmaker François Truffaut once called Herzog "the most important film director alive". He was also named one of the world's 100 most influential people by Time magazine in 2009. 韋納 · 荷索與法斯賓德、沃克 · 隆德夫、文德斯一同為新德國電影運動中 德領袖級導演;曾被法國「新浪潮」導演特呂弗稱為「最為重要的在世導演」; 被美國「時代週刊」評為世界百大最具影響力人物(2009)。



MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018

The experience of Werner Herzog and his works are full

Hauser” was considered as one of Ernst Ingmar Bergman’s

of crazy moments. In the classic 1982 film “Fitzcarraldo”,

favorite top-10 movie. Francis Ford Coppola got inspiration

Herzog moved the 350-ton ship over the peak; in “Grizzly

from “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and created "Modern

Man”, he stood calmly in the big bear. Behind the bears;

Revelation". After watching the same film, Yang Dechang

2016's new work "Into the Inferno", 73-year-old Herzog was

described himself as "I am another me", and directly pushed

walking on the edge of an active volcano which would erupt

him into the movie industry and became a master director

at any time.

of Chinese movies.

When mentioning such crazy behavior, Werner Herzog is

In a scene of his new movie "Into the Inferno " (2016),

always thinking that as long as he really loves movies, these

Clive Oppenheimer, a volcanologist and University of

behaviors are common. His work “The Enigma of Kaspar

Cambridge professor, was worried Herzog would ask 46


MOUTAI Magazine

everyone to jump into the magma according to his past

the time of the Second World War. The bomb destroyed

closer to it, but it's too dangerous. It's so stupid... I'm

fragments. Fourteen days after his birth, his mother took her

experiences. Herzog replied: " I'm curious. I want to get

his house and he recovered a life in the cradle of glass

the only sane filmmaker. I have a variety of preventive

children to the Bavarian mountains escaping the war. He

measures." "Indeed." Oppenheimer nodded. "If you are

grew up in isolation. Herzog didn’t know bananas until 12

insane, you have gone already, and died from pyroclastic

years old. He made a call for the first time at the age of 17.

flow, or gas explosions, eaten by brown bears many years

Once upon a time, his mom held a gun and strafed the forest


to teach the children not to use guns, which shocked little

Herzog become "crazy" from the very beginning of


his destiny. He was born in Munich in September 1942, at

Arrested in Africa and hospitals, nearly suffered an air


MAR 2018

crash, serious ill... Herzog is never afraid of danger. In his more than 70 movies, only a few ones were filmed with enough funds. “You have to figure out the rules of film

production.� Because of rejections by the film company for

financial support in the early stages of his career, he realized filmmakers must support themselves. He became a steel factory worker at night and returned to school at the day time. When he was filming "Fitzcarraldo" he still couldn't

get any investment. He could only start with a small amount of money and even exchanged shampoo and conditioner for 4 kilograms of rice. " You can't just sit down there and complain. I grow up in a culture without complaining." If movies bring you fanatical dreams, it will also inevitably

lead you to struggles, especially struggles with money. It's

the nature of the film. It is also a very difficult battle. "People think that I can easily get money now, but it is still not the

case. It's stupid to ingratiate yourself with film companies. Everything can be controlled in my own hands."

Not only did he make movies, he also wrote articles and

shot operas. How to keep yourself with active thinking? In addition to reading, his secret is to be curious about new

things and keep learning mathematics. He is fascinated by

mathematics: "Every major breakthrough in mathematics is discovered by children. Through mathematics, I have to be very young."

Finally, let's learn the advice from the 76-year-old

filmmaker, "Always take the initiative. Get used to the bear behind you."



MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018

1972 Aguirre, the Wrath of God


The Enigma of Kasper Hauser

1979 Nosferatu the Vampyre



MOUTAI Magazine

1982 Fitzcarraldo

韋納 · 荷索的經歷和他的作品充滿著令人震撼的瘋狂畫


350 噸重的輪船愚公移「船」,移過山峰;在「灰熊人」中,

影事業後,他給自己起的,Herzog 是「公爵」的意思,他那

面。在拍攝於 1982 年的經典之作「陸上行舟」中,荷索把


他淡定地站在大灰熊身後;2016 年的新作「深入火心」,73




在提起這一系列瘋狂的舉動時,韋納 · 荷索卻認為只要真


被英格瑪 · 伯格曼稱為「十部一生之中最愛的影片之一」;「阿


正熱愛電影,這些行為很普通。他的作品「卡斯帕 · 豪澤之謎」


基爾,上帝的憤怒」啟發了法蘭西斯 · 科波拉的「現代啟示






在荷索 2016 的新片「深入火心」中有這麼一幕,火山學

夠三個星期食用的 4 千克大米。「不能只坐在那抱怨,我在一

家、英國劍橋大學教授克萊夫 · 奧本海默笑說,從對荷索過往
















似乎從命運的最開始,就注定了荷索的瘋狂。1942 年 9


房子,他在佈滿玻璃碎片的搖籃裡撿回一條命。出生 14 天后,



最後,讓我們回看一下這位 76 歲依然創作力旺盛的電影

世隔絕的生活。荷索 12 歲才知道香蕉,17 歲才第一次打電話。

人給世人的忠告:「不忘初心。習慣你身後的那只大灰熊。」 51

MAR 2018

f o p a M w e N A

E G A L L I V A P I A T 氹

圖 地 新 的 仔舊城區 n Chenlin

cely TEXT/ 文 Jo




MOUTAI Magazine

When mentioning Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul's casinos and luxury hotels will come to your mind first. In fact, Macau has a rich history and cultural heritage. After Portuguese leased and colonial ruled for more than 400 years, it returned to China. It still has a combination of Chinese and Western culture. Taipa Village reflects part of the history and its new charm.

說起去澳門遊覽,人們第一反應 是大三巴、賭場、奢華酒店…… 其實,澳門的歷史文化也具有豐 富的一面,經歷了 400 多年的葡 萄牙租賃和殖民統治,再回歸中 國,中西文化烙印在這片土地上。 其中,氹仔舊城區反映了澳門 古老的韻味和煥發新意的當下。

Taipa Houses

Acclaimed as one of the top eight sites of Macao,

the Taipa Houses represents the charming Portuguese

architectural style in Taipa. The Portuguese residences

along Avenida da Praia, together with the neighbouring Our Lady of Carmel Church and the garden, comprise a picturesque landscape in which the five green houses stand out as the most representative.

These five houses, built in 1921, once served as

the residences of senior civil servants, also namely

Macanese families and in 1992, they were acknowledged as a building complex of architectural value. Later, the

government decided to revamp the houses completely to a museum site, opened to the public at the end of

1999 as the ‘Taipa Houses-Museum’. In September 2016, the Macao SAR Government re-capitalised on these

a traditional shop house in the epicenter of Taipa Village,

Living Museum’, ‘Exhibitions Gallery’, ‘Creative Casa’,

seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and

the gallery serves as a cultural pilgrimage for visitors’

five buildings by transforming them into the ‘Macanese

savour the historic and cultural charm of this landmark

‘Nostalgic House’ and ‘House for Receptions’ from west

destination. Taipa Village Art Space seeks to promote the

to east, respectively. This project has converted the

cultural and creative industries in Macau, allowing local

place into a combination of culture and creativity, with

and international artists to showcase their work under the

outdoor performances and leisure elements, making it

ideal backdrop of the village’s colourful history and unique

a showcase of not only the culture of the Portuguese-

heritage, with the aim of raising their talent and exposure.

speaking countries but of culture from all over the world.

Since 2017, Taipa Village Art Space has been recognized

Taipa Village Art Space

as one of the 56 local cultural and creative entities in the Macao Cultural and Creative Map (CCM Map) released

Taipa Village Art Space brings visitors and art lovers on

by The Cultural Affairs Bureau. This inclusion has further

an awe-inspiring journey where they can appreciate an

reinforced the art space is a distinctive art and cultural spot

array of art from local and international artists. Located in

in Macau, which marks another step in the transformation 53

MAR 2018

of Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavours, contributing greatly to the development of the cultural and creative industries in Macau.

Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store is a boutique coffee

shop comprised of unique and stylish homeware, furniture, stationery, accessories and fashion.

Here customers can enjoy a cup of coffee and the continental view of Taipa Village at the roof top terrace, and explore the delicate gifts they like!

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei Gelatina Mok Yi Kei, originated from the street food,

has been in operation for over 80 years at the south

end of Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village. This is a Michelin recognised street food venue which specialises in fruit

based snacks and dessert foods, including durian flavoured ice-cream for with Mok Yi Kei achieves its present fame. At first, the Mok family sold stalls around the

square. The creation of durian ice cream boosted their fame. If you dare not to eat durian, you can choose wooden puddings and mango pomelo sago.

On the day of coming to the store, we met Mrs. Mok.

She just finished her work, still wearing apron. She

couldn't even tidy up her hair. Although Macau's catering industry is fiercely competitive, the Mok family insists on handmade ice-cream and never passes it to the

machines. Mrs. Mok is always working for more than 10 hours a day. Overnight working is also common to her.

When she saw me holding the cake, she opened a can

of orange soda juice and poured into my bowl. Chewing

orange juice flavored cake reminded me of my childhood.

Goa Nights When mentioning Indian food, you will think it has strong

taste and is very spicy, however, Goa Nights, an Indian fusion restaurant in the center of Taipa Village, changes my mind. 54


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This 3-storey restaurant boasts a wide selection

of bar snacks and large plates to go along with its

signature cocktails, which collectively tell the story

of the voyage journey of Vasco de Gama, the first

European explorer who reached India (Goa) by sea.

This inspiration behind the 9 distinctive cocktails is

associated with the 9 cities in the discovery route of

Vasco during his trip from Portugal to Goa, from which

the restaurant’s name is derived. They are Lisbon, Cape

Verde Islands, St. Helena Bay, Mossel Bay, Mozambique,

Mombasa, Malindi, Calicut, and Goa. Acclaimed bartender and mixologist Chetan Gangan, who was the first

runner up of the Bacardi Legacy 2017 and winner of the Belvedere Vodka Relearn Natural cocktail competition the same year presents his talents in Goa Nights.

Recommend bar snacks GOA NIGHTS NACHOS,





MAR 2018




卡通貓癲噹的故事。這是 2016 年成立的氹仔文化協會舉辦的





座葡式住宅、嘉模教堂、公園等一帶如詩似畫的迷人景致,其 性。

展覽。協會致力推廣氹仔舊城區豐富歷史,也為本地居民提供 文化協會聯同香港人氣卡通貓「癲噹」,於 2017 年舉辦「癲

這幾座建築早於 1921 年落成,曾為高級官員官邸,也是

噹暢遊氹仔舊城區」創意藝術比賽 。就 「如果癲噹在氹仔舊

具代表性的土生葡人住宅。1992 年,該五座建築被評為具建

城區 ,你認為他會做什麼呢?」 為主題,展出 75 件澳門學生


的作品 ,並讓公眾參與其中。

名為「龍環葡韻住宅式博物館」,自 1999 年底起對外開放。


它分別有 5 個展區:葡韻生活館、匯藝廊、創薈館、風貌館和

代體驗傳統地道的澳門風貌。於 2017 年 , 藝術空間被澳門文


化局入錄為 2017 年「澳門文創地圖」的五十六個澳門文創空







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賣榴槤雪糕後名聲從外地紅回澳門,不敢吃榴槤的,也有木糠 布丁、楊枝甘露等選擇。



仍堅持親自手打雪糕,不使用機器,一天工作 10 多小時,數

十年如一日 , 碰到大的節假日忙通宵也是常有的事。見我們在 品嚐大菜糕,她開了一罐橙汁汽水,幫我們倒入碗裡。嚼著橙 汁味道的大菜糕,就像回到了小時候。

Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store


Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store 位於澳門告利雅施利華街

49 號後座。這是一個具有小資情調、集咖啡和生活小物為一







從葡萄牙航海家 Vasco de Gama 的航海之旅得到啟發。獲獎


的印度調酒師 Chetan Gangan 根據 Vasco 從葡萄牙到印度果


阿的航海旅程中 9 個途經的地點設計了雞尾酒,分別有里斯本、




科澤科德、果阿。Vasco 他是首個抵達印度果阿的歐洲探險家, 餐廳名字也以這個地點命名。






菜如印度鐵路咖喱羊肉及酸咖哩豬肉、咖哩魚柳。 57

MAR 2018

Fresh on



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Food in Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard of London ——倫敦香格里拉大酒店的美食 TEXT/ 文 Selina IMAGE/ 圖 Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, London


MAR 2018


resh oysters wrapped in cream and onion juice,

decoration. Charming scenery of London appears when

of marinated and dried meats and sausages,

the Thames, the London Bridge, Greenwich, Canary Wharf

sweet mussels, black truffles, olive oil, all kinds

you’re looking through the window. The beautiful views of

Spanish ham, Italian cheese, German sausage, freshly baked

and the historic Kent, Surrey and Sussex are all within reach.

toast, and variety of herbs…I lost myself in the biggest food

Gourmet food, the most important protagonist showed

market, the Borough Market in London.

up. As an Asia based hotel, Shangri-La has always been

appearance, and my nose told me that I definitely want to

and Tonic Cured Salmon with Beetroot and Dorset Crab is

Visually, a variety of foods are clamoring for their best

able to blend Asian food into western cooking style. Gin

eat this because of that great smell. With such dazzling and

a very typical British-style dish with classic London tonic

varied types of food, it seems that people have entered a

and herb marinade. The salmon is tasty and the surface is

food museum. Besides, the food specialists in the market

wrapped in Japanese seaweed as if ocean smell permeated

are what make food enthusiasts excited. The food specialists

the air. Another dish of Dorset crab with unique Asian herbs,

are responsible for taking customers a tour in the market,

avocado and lemon sauce was also amazing. The waitress

and pick the best ingredients like carrots, mushrooms and

would tell you that some of the ingredients on the table are

rosemary. The food specialists’ background may shock you,

from the Borough Market.

because they are members of executive chef team from

At night, the bar GŎNG is the perfect place to enjoy

London's landmark Shangri-La Hotel, only five-minute walk

cocktails. This is London's tallest champagne and cocktail

Since its opening in 2014, Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard,

of this bar got inspired from the works of outstanding film

from Borough Market.

bar with an unrivaled view of the city. The Creative Director

London has brought in local customs, community culture

directors, and designed the one and only cocktail menu Cut,

to itself. From a food enthusiasts’ perspective, every bite of

such as the Suspension Cocktail inspired by George Lucas,

food in this prestigious restaurant is traceable. They have

and the Jungle threat from Steven Spielberg.

fresh food supply channels, Borough Market. The Market is a professional, trustworthy supplier for the highest quality of ingredients, and it is chef’s luck to have such a magnificent

library of food. After the trip to Borough Market, I’m heading back to Shangri-La for the meal in TĪNG that located in the

35th floor of the Shard. The restaurant TĪNG takes the name

of the Chinese pronunciation of “the hall” with Chinese-style



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MAR 2018



欖油,各種腌制及風幹肉類及香腸、西班牙火腿、意大利起司、 德式香腸,帶著剛出爐烘焙氣味的烤面包,還有讓人眼花繚亂 的各類香草植物……在倫敦規模最大、歷史最為悠久的食品市 場博羅市場 (Borough Market) 里,我一度迷失了自我。


弄姿;嗅覺上,各種香味繚繞勾引著我們,直抵大腦反射弧發 射信號——「我要吃」!如此琳瑯滿目、種類繁多的食物,讓 人誤以為闖進了一座美食博物館。然而,讓吃貨們最為興奮的 是,在美食博物館里,有非常專業的「美食導賞員」,帶你穿 梭在廣博的食物世界里,挑選最優品質的食材,帶著清晨露水 的新鮮小蘿蔔、還留著土壤里青草香的蘑菇、還有呈現最綠油 油狀態的迷迭香,都可以捧入懷,把他們帶到你的餐桌上。你 的「美食導賞員」來頭可是不小的,他是距博羅市場僅五分鐘 步行路程、倫敦地標建築香格里拉大酒店的行政總廚及其團隊 成員。

倫敦香格里拉大酒店自 2014 年開業以來,就把當地的風

土人情、社群文化糅進了酒店體驗的一部分。從美食的角度可 以這樣理解,在酒店頗具盛名的餐廳里,妳吃到的每一口食



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MAR 2018

物,都可溯源,他們有著鮮活可觸的食品供應渠道,而與酒店 咫尺之遙的博羅市場,就是專業可信的優質食材提供者,任何 廚師能有這樣華麗的食材庫都是幸事。踏著晨光與酒店行政總 廚在羅博市場獵奇之後,步行回到位於倫敦地標建築碎片大廈

(The Shard) 內的香格里拉大酒店,即將享用的,正是 TĪNG 餐廳具有亞洲風味的現代英式美食。高居 35 層的 TĪNG 餐廳 取中文「廳」字為名,把中式典雅的裝飾風格帶到這個高尚的 空間里,放眼窗外是永遠不會讓人厭倦的迷人倫敦景致。蜿蜒 的泰晤士河、倫敦橋、格林威治、金絲雀碼頭以及歷史悠久的 肯特郡、薩里郡及薩塞克斯郡美景全部於視線所及,即便僅是 在這而欣賞倫敦由天亮到日暮的全過程,也叫人如癡如醉。


格里拉酒店集團總是能將帶有亞洲的溫情款款滲透,在餐食的 呈現上,把亞洲味蕾里所迷戀的一些質感,用嫻熟的烹飪手法




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多賽特螃蟹 (Gin and Tonic Cured Salmon with Beetroot and

Dorset Crab) 就是非常具有「英國」面相的菜肴,以倫敦經典

的金湯力酒配以草本腌制三文魚以入味,表面以日式海苔包 裹,滲入淡淡的海洋氣息,同樣是倫敦人愛吃的多賽特螃蟹, 其甘潤的味道里透著東南亞獨有草本的清甜,牛油果與檸檬制 成的醬汁也不會喧賓奪主。然後你會被告知,餐桌上的部分食 材恰是從博羅市集采購而來,內心禁不住地會被這份新鮮和真 誠感動。

入夜,GŎNG 酒吧則是享用傍晚雞尾酒和深夜小酌的完


的城市景致。酒吧創意總監從一眾傑出導演的作品中尋找靈 感,設計出了獨壹無二的 Cut 雞尾酒單,比如以喬治 · 盧卡斯

(George Lucas) 為靈感的懸浮雞尾酒,以及受史提芬 · 史匹堡 啟發 (Steven Spielberg) 的「叢林驚魂」雞尾酒。


MAR 2018

Music in Cups

觥籌交錯間的樂和音 TEXT/ 文 Joseph Tsui TRANSLATION/ 譯 Spencer Hua


f music is the indispensable part of the world,

He cried out loud for mistakenly dropped his food in the

between music and liquor, I think, lie in many

as Rossini. His musicals contain many funny stories and

then alcohol is the best catalyst. The similarities

lake during picnic. Food lovers are mostly optimists, so

aspects, because of their ability to directly dig out the

humors, moreover, he even published a book about cooking

deepest emotion of lives. In the western cultural of classic

that recommended the collocation of red wine with steak

music, liquor played a very important role and left behind

and white wine with seafood. H. Berlioz was another drink

many wide-spread beautiful stories.

lover. Rumor said the ending of his Symphonie fantastique

Most of the artworks in Medieval were served for

was created when he was hallucinated by drugs and alcohol.

religions. Songwriters at that time were also worked

It is hard to tell whether the rumor was real or not, but the

as clergy; therefore, there was a strictly prohibition in

dramatic verve of this symphony is rare. A friend of Berlioz, F.

Renaissance, situation was unwound but artists, such as G.

be the best excitement and inspiration to compose when he

illustrating alcohol in the artworks. In the period of

Liszt also liked to write while drunk, he believed there would

P. Palestrina, were still not brave enough to reveal their love

was drunk. Look at his Etudes d'exexution transcendante,

towards alcohol due to the relation between the artist and

no one would neglect the composer’s excitement with

religion. "Libera me Domine" was engraved on the coffin of

the gorgeous and ingenious sound, as well as Liszt’s Les

G. P. Palestrina to commemorate his contribution to religion.

preludes. My favorite one is Wein, Weib und Gesang, Walzer,

However, some troubadours’ works at that time witnessed

Op. 333 from J. Strauss II who used music to create a scene

the appearance of alcohol in music. Carmina Burana is the

with dance and drinks. The great conductor F. Konwitschny

most famous medieval poem and even composed a scenic

is also known as Konwhisky due to his love to whisky.

piece of cantata by Carl Orff in 1935. People are subdued

Music matching liquor is pleasant and enjoyable. Report

by O Fortuna without the notice of the second part of the

says that the music people are listening to affects their

is the name given to a manuscript of poems and dramatic

of music, but I think the interaction is far more than that. I

whole poem In Taberna (In the Tavern). Carmina Burana

choice of drinks, and the drinks influence the understanding

texts that are mostly from the 11th or 13th century by

am drinking, I am listening, and I am finishing this article.

troubadours whose works including theatre, music, and


literature. Most of those works are aimed to satirize social injustice and Vatican corruption, so that the troubadours


opinion, these artworks are lively and demonstrate the



were despised by the mainstream. However, in nowadays


liberation of humanity.

要說中世紀(公元 5 世紀 -15 世紀)的時候,西方的音樂

Since the beginning of Romanticism, the connection

between music and liquor has gradually stepped into a


many great works of art. G. Rossini was one of the musicians

到了文藝復興(大約公元 14 世紀 -17 世紀)的時候,情況雖


golden era. Musicians were inspired by liquor and produced

然有所改變,但是檯面上的大師們,如帕萊斯特里那(G. P.

who was obsessed with food and liquor in 19th century.



MOUTAI Magazine

Palestrina, 1525-1594)等,也沒有顯現出對美酒的嗜好。原




Berlioz, 1803-1869)對於美酒的嗜好更為強烈。其成名作「幻



(Libera me Domine)」。但在這些時期當中,仍然有許多 遊吟詩人的文學或音樂作品,及一些民間音樂,很好地證實了



與眾不同。柏遼茲的好友,匈牙利大家李斯特(F. Liszt, 1811-




被 20 世紀的德國作曲家奧爾夫(C. Orff, 1895-1982)譜成歌

候,會有最好的興奮度及靈感。看其為鋼琴寫作的「12 首超



詩歌的原稿成型於公元 11 世紀至 13 世紀,作者為不同年代





或多或少都有不少酒精刺激作用吧。小施特勞斯(J. Strauss


II, 1825-1899)的圓舞曲「美酒 · 女人與歌」是我最喜歡的






指揮家康維茨尼(F. Konwitschny, 1901-1962),因其尤嗜威

從浪漫主義(公元 18 世紀 -20 世紀)開始一直至今,






Rossini, 1792-1868)對於美酒美食的嗜好是出了名的。根據 作曲家的回憶,他曾為了在野餐時候不小心把肉捲掉進湖中而










的搭配,白酒與海鮮之間的搭配,都頗具心得。哈哈!這些 67

MAR 2018

Feast for Art Lovers


Art Basel HK 和 Art Central 的盛宴

TEXT/ 文 Hua

Every March, the city revels in the annual Hong Kong Arts Month, when local and overseas artists converge to bring about inspiring programmes. Take time to explore Art Basel HK and Art Central where art masterpieces are waiting to help you discover the soul of art. 最美的藝術風景,就在您身邊。國際藝術節及展覽,雲集 來自全球各地的頂尖藝術家,帶來活力與創意交織的迷人 氛圍。2018 年 3 月,Art Basel HK 與 Art Central,帶來 了一段靈感處處、感動滿滿的尋藝旅程。



MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018

Avedissian, Yoko Ono, Song Dong and Yu Hong, etc.

Dedicated to curatorial projects by artists from across

the Asia-Pacific region, Insights showcased presentations by 28 galleries, including an exhibition by Asia Art Center of works by Chu Weibor and Fong Chung Ray, pioneers

of Taiwanese Modern art from the Cold War era; Bank's showcase of works by Xu Bing; a presentation at Gow

Langsford Gallery of significant post-war work by Colin

McCahon; and feminism photography by Yurie Nagashima at Maho Kubota Gallery.

Discoveries, which focuses on solo shows by emerging

artists, featured 25 galleries, 10 of which joined the show for the first time, Including Ali Kazim, Zac Langdon-Pole and

Art Basel HK

Gala Porras-Kim

Alexie Glass-Kantor, Executive Director of Artspace

The sixth edition of Art Basel’s show in Hong Kong,

in Sydney, once again curated Encounters, the sector

which was held on March, 2018, brought together a uniquely

dedicated to presenting large-scale sculpture and

global mix of galleries spanning six continents, outstanding

installation works. This year, Encounters featured 12 large-

artworks by established and new artists from across the

scale installations by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, Chou Yu-

world and a singular gathering of international collectors

Cheng, Toshikatsu Endo, and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, etc.,

and institutions, many of whom were first-time visitors to

with nine works having been created specifically for the

the show. This exceptional setting allowed for many new


discoveries, in-depth conversations with existing and new

For this year's Film program, multimedia artist and

patrons and enthusiasm about the interconnected art

film producer Li Zhenhua brought together a premier

strong sales at all levels of the market and throughout the

current sociopolitical climate and presented by galleries

scenes across the world, resulting in galleries reporting

selection of nearly 60 film and video works inspired by the

duration of the fair. The show's success is a true testament

participating in the fair. As part of the program, Art Basel

to the efforts exhibitors put into their presentations and

collaborated with Videotage, a Hong Kong-based nonprofit

their trust in an ever-more diversifying and strengthening

organization specializing in video and new media, to present

Asian market.

video works by Nam June Paik and by artists from Hong

The 2018 edition featured 248 premier galleries from 32

Kong and Mainland China influenced by Paik's work.

countries and territories, with 28 galleries participating in

Conversations, Art Basel’s talks series running alongside

the show for the first time, including: 47 Canal, Miguel Abreu

the fair, brought together a strong lineup of leading art world

Barbara Wien, Dastan’s Basement, Don Gallery and Tarq.

and discussions. Free to the public, the program consisted of

Gallery, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, The Modern Institute,

figures to Hong Kong to participate in a wide range of panels

Reflecting Art Basel’s commitment to Asia-Pacific, nearly

26 talks, addressing highly relevant art industry topics such

half of the participating galleries have exhibition spaces in

as the future of public and private collecting, alternative

the region, with an increased representation of galleries

business models for galleries, current developments within

from India and the next generation of Chinese gallerists

the art market in Asia, as well as gender politics in the arts.

entering the fair.

The quantity and quality of programming that took

The Galleries sector featured 195 exhibitors, who

place throughout the city in parallel to the fair reached

presented the highest quality of painting, sculpture,

another level this year and included exhibition openings at

drawing, installation, photography, video and editioned

H Queen’s, the first building in Hong Kong built specifically


for art exhibitions, and at other galleries across the city;

Following its debut in Asia last year, Kabinett featured

Para Site's presentation ‘A Beast, a God, and a Line’, which

30 concisely curated solo presentations hosted within the

included artworks from over 40 South and Southeast Asian

galleries' booths by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, Chant

artists; Asia Art Archive hosted ‘Women Make Art History’, 70


MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018



MOUTAI Magazine

which brought the Guerrilla Girls to Asia for the first time,

create Frankenstein-like amalgams –plausible but mutant

encouraging timely discussions about gender bias in the art



Displayed as an installation suspended from the ceiling,

the works form a swarm, or smack, of jellyfish. Selected

Art Central

individual works are lit from within using programmed LED lighting to animate the installation. These subtle lighting

In the month of Art of Hong Kong, Art

Central is where not allowed to let skip. The

2018 edition of Art Central had its highest ever attendance, welcoming 39,041 international

collectors, curators and art enthusiasts. With over 100 leading international galleries, 75%

of which hailed from the Asia Pacific, the Fair’ s extensive gallery line-up included 30 new galleries making their Art Central debuts

and showcased striking works from across the globe alongside a critically acclaimed

programme, featuring performance, talks, large scale installations and new media.

ESPER , Nick Verstand ESPER is a series of works researching

human perception through spatial audiovisual

effects create an immersive installation that recalls the

compositions. Using materialised laser light and a 4DSOUND

uncanny, dream-like space of the ocean depths.

system, the installation transforms its surrounding into

Hi, Konnichiwa! Taka – Chan, Yayoi Kusama

a meditative environment for quiet contemplation. The

When visitors walk into the exhibition, they are

organically modulating light, synchronous to the spatially

immediately greeted by a large, colorfully polka-dotted

subconscious mind, calming the senses.

gesture, and her dog on a circular patch of artificial grass.

animating sound, creates a hypnotising environment for the

statue of a girl, with her arms open in a welcoming

The sculptures—Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello)! Miiko -chan,

Sea-Change, Penelope Davis

respectively—are the creation of Japanese art doyenne

Yayoi Kusama. Her vibrant gesture and expression, tutu with

Penelope Davis’ Sea-change is a new body of sculptural

colorful dots, which are balanced to the bubbly palette of

work that evokes the precarious beauty of the ocean

the overall installation, add a sense of lively to her stature.

environment and human impact upon it.

Miwa Komatsu’s Newest Artworks

Davis uses jellyfish as a motif to examine consumption,

environmental degradation and other critical issues

Born in Nagano in 1984. In her childhood, Komatsu had

associated with global warming. Many scientists already warn that jellyfish may soon be the only living animal in

close contact with many living natures thanks to the rich

embody, our symbiotic relationship with the natural world

their final moment led the artist to form her unique view of

natural environment: the experience of being present at

the seas due to global warming. The works reflect on, and

life and death, which linked to the peculiar style toward the

and its perilous future.

beauty of death. Some of her works of art are collected by

The works are silicone moulds cast from a range of

the World Trade Center New York. This time for Art Central,

objects – discarded industrial devices, electrical equipment,

she brought many of her iconic art pieces for Hong Kong

mass produced plastic items, organic vegetation and other


sources. The artist hand sews these fragments together to


MAR 2018

第六屆巴塞爾藝術展香港展會於 2018 年 3 月在香港舉辦,

Aquilizan、Chant Avedissian、小野洋子、宋冬、以及喻紅等。




品;Bank 呈獻了徐冰的作品;Gow Langsford Gallery 呈獻了

亞 洲 視 野(Insights) 展 區 呈 獻 了 28 間 藝 廊 特 別 策 劃




Colin McCahon 的重要戰後作品,以及 Maho Kubota Gallery





參展藝廊的努力,展出精彩作品,以及他們對強勁而多元的亞 洲藝術市場的信任。

帶來的個展,今年 25 間參展藝廊中,有 10 間是首次參展。

尖藝廊,包括了 28 間首次參加展會的藝廊,包括 47 Canal、


包括 Ali Kazim、Zac Langdon-Pole 以及 Gala Porras-Kim 的

2018 年的展會展出了 248 間來自 32 個國家及地區的頂

本年度藝聚空間(Encounters)展區再次由悉尼 Artspace

Miguel Abreu Galler y、Tanya Bonakdar Galler y、The

Modern Institute、Barbara Wien、Dastan's Basement、 東

行政總監 Alexie Glass-Kantor 策展,呈獻大型雕塑及裝置藝


作品,參展藝術家包括 Isabeland Alfredo Aquilizan、周育正、

術作品。本年度藝聚空間展區展出了合共 12 件大型裝置藝術

畫廊及 Tarq 。巴塞爾藝術展繼續對推動亞太地區藝術發展不

遠藤利克以及 Nyapanyapa Yunupingu 等,其中九件作品專





展會主展區藝廊薈萃(Galleries)呈獻了 195 間世界頂


華精選了接近 60 部受當前社會政治氣候啟發的短片與錄像作

落(Kabinett) 展 區 再 度 回 歸。30 個 於 藝 廊 展 位 內 呈 獻 的





精心策展個展項目,展出藝術家作品包括 Alfredoand Isabel 74


MOUTAI Magazine


MAR 2018


Art Central 2018 於中環海濱舉行。此次展覽齊集了 102 間國





本年度活動由 26 場研討會組成,聚焦討論與藝術行業高度相




模型、目前亞洲藝術市場的發展狀況以及藝術中的性別政治議 題。

ESPER,2017 年全球十大藝術裝置


被評選為「2017 年全球十大藝術裝置」之一的激光藝術


設計的建築 H Queen's 大廈的展覽開幕;Para Site 呈獻「一獸、

裝置,由來自荷蘭的當代藝術家 Nick Verstand 設計。這次展

作品;亞洲藝術文獻庫呈獻「女性創藝記」,帶來 Guerrilla



一神、一線」,展示超過 40 位來自南亞及東南亞的藝術家


Girls 在亞洲的首次亮相,鼓勵探討當下藝術界的性別偏見議 題。

有種迷幻的感覺。現場有三個激光裝置,由第一個走到第三個 的話,仿佛正在穿越時空。光線有綠色、紅色和白色,而且會

香港的藝術三月中,Art Central 也是一定不能錯過的。



MOUTAI Magazine



Penelope Davis 的水母們


疊的蓬裙搭配繽紛的圓點,十分亮眼,牆上千姿百態的小娃 2004 年的日本雜誌舉辦比賽,讓學生參照這些娃娃做出真實

由澳洲藝術家,Penelope Davis 創作的水母形大型裝置






使用工業設備和電動機器等對能源有所消耗的裝置。這些懸掛 在天花板上的水母還添加了 LED 燈,使整個藝術作品更加生

日本藝術家,小松美羽,於 1984 年出生,是年輕的當代




睹動物離世的經驗,形成她獨特的生死觀,並且以她的美學透 過藝術表現出來。她的作品有收藏於世界貿易中心(紐約)。

日 本 藝 術 界 大 師, 草 間 彌 生 罕 見 的 大 型 雕 塑 作 品,


浪 漫 單 純 的 早 安 女 孩, 高 達 268cm。「Hi, Konnichiwa



MAR 2018

on the world map

茅 台 在 全 球

on the World Map

Yuan Renguo: Greater Prosperity Calls for More Brand Enterprises

appeal. As a diamond sponsor of the BFA and a representative of

On April 8, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) started and various


Chinese enterprises, Moutai Group Chairman Yuan Renguo was

invited to attend the meeting and led a team to discuss at the sub-

elites from all walks of life gathered at Boao, Hainan.

On the afternoon of April 9, Yuan Renguo was invited as a

A total of 137 entrepreneurs attended this year's forum,

guest speaker to participate in the discussion on the theme of

including 76 Chinese entrepreneurs (including Hong Kong, Macau,

"From Big to Great".

Taiwan, and joint ventures), 29 entrepreneur representatives from

On April 10, together with Stephen Schwarzman (Chairman

other Asian countries, and 32 entrepreneur representatives from

of Blackstone Group), Allen Blue (Co-Founder of LinkedIn), Mary

Europe and the United States.

Ellen Richey (Vice-Chairman of Visa), Franz Paasche (Senior

"An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity"

Vice-President of Paypal), and other European and American

was the theme of this year's BFA. Promoting "opening, innovation"

entrepreneurs, Yuan Renguo participated in such activities as

as well as "greater prosperity", and making China a great modern

"Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs' Dialogue".

socialist country needed more outstanding enterprises with brand

During the BFA, China's "People's Daily" published Chairman



MOUTAI Magazine

Western Province Rugby Football Union) and Kyle Nel (Managing Director of Treble Group) visited Moutai.

This is the South African delegation's return visit to Moutai

after the activity of "Meeting in Africa through the Unique Aroma— China Kweichow Moutai, the Belt and Road Branding Initiatives in South Africa" held in November 2017. It is also another embrace

between rugby (reputed as South Africa's national ball) and Moutai (reputed as China's national liquor).

Yuan Renguo (Moutai Group Chairman) toasted with and paid

tribute to the guests, "The interaction between Moutai and Africa is not only a good model of civilized coopetition in the context

of globalization, but also an interesting story about the business ethos beyond boundaries."

Yuan Renguo's article titled "Greater Prosperity Calls for More

Four months ago, in the splendid sunshine of Cape Town, Li

Brand Enterprises".

Baofang (Moutai Group General Manager) led a delegation and


talked with Thelo Wakefield cheerfully. Li Baofang said, "Moutai is


well aware of the special significance of rugby for South Africa and

從 4 月 8 日開始,亞洲進入博鳌時間,各界精英雲集海南博鳌。

looks forward to all-round cooperation with South Africa in sports

本屆論壇,共有 137 位企業人士出席,其中中國企業家 76 位(含

events and other areas, and will fully promote Sino-African cultural

港澳台及合資企業)、代表亞洲其他國家企業家 29 位,代表歐美

exchange and cooperation to a new level."

的企業家有 32 位。

On the morning of that day, the delegation visited Moutai


Group. Every detail of Moutai's majestic factory area, industrious


and beautiful female workers, large liquor storehouse, profound


Chinese Liquor Culture Museum, and enthusiasm had greatly


amazed the visiting South African guests.


James Vos delivered a speech named "Tourism, Trade and

4 月 9 日下午,袁仁國應邀作為對話嘉賓,參加「從『大』到

People-to-People Exchanges in a New Era". He said that more

4 月 10 日,與黑石集團主席 Stephen Schwarzman、領英聯

enjoyed the magical beauty of the African continent. Moutai


than 100,000 Chinese tourists visited South Africa each year and

合創始人 Allen BLUE、Visa 副董事長 Mary Ellen RICHEY、Paypal

was a respectable enterprise and he looked forward to in-depth

高級副總裁 Franz PAASCHE 等歐美企業家一道,參加「中外企業

cooperation between South Africa's national ball and China's





In his speech titled "Focusing on the Integration and

Exchanges of Culture and Sports Between China and South


Africa", Thelo Wakefield praised China's Moutai for its worldwide

contributions, detailed the extensive influence and special status of rugby in South Africa, and enthusiastically looked forward to Moutai's integration into South Africa's rugby.

Another Embrace Between South Africa and Moutai on the Chishui River

That night, Yuan Renguo and Li Baofang hosted a dinner for

the South African delegation. South African guests presented some commemorative South African gifts to Moutai Group, including the

On March 26, led by James Vos (South Africa's Parliament

jersey signed by all stars of the South African Western Cape Rugby

Member and Shadow Minister of Tourism), a 6-people South

Team and printed with Moutai leader's name.

African delegation including Thelo Wakefield (President of the 79


MAR 2018

on the world map

Memorandum on the Production

and Operation of Château

Loudenne in 2018", pointing out the development direction for

the production and operation of

Château Loudenne.

"Moutai's Château Loudenne

is an important symbol of China's

reform and opening up and

Moutai's globalization." Li Baofang

made it clear that "although the

Château is a small part of Moutai Group, we have attached great

importance to it." Regarding the talks, Li Baofang said frankly that

Moutai Group Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Camus

"The result is obvious" and wished to run both Moutai's duty-free

market and Moutai's Château Loudenne well through the sincere

cooperation with Camus. "According to the requirements of the

'Memorandum', we will achieve the short-term goals, keep balance

On March 4, Moutai Group and France's Camus conducted

between profits and losses in the medium-term phase, and

detailed consultations and talks in Beijing on the production

achieve profitability in the long run."

With the same goal of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and

his company executives on this special trip from France. "This

and business cooperation of Moutai's French Château Loudenne.

Attaching great importance to the talks, Cyril Camus brought

developing Château Loudenne into a top "Cru Bourgeois" Château,

meeting has greatly deepened the cooperation between the

(Camus Group President) signed the "Moutai Group-Camus

Château Loudenne's development." He said that the development

Li Baofang (Moutai Group General Manager) and Cyril Camus

two parties and pointed out the direction for the next step in

( 上接 P.79)


南非與茅台 在赤水河畔第二次擁抱


3 月 26 日,由南非國會議員、南非旅遊部影子部長詹姆斯 ·


福斯率隊,西開普省橄欖球聯盟主席塞羅 · 瓦克菲爾德,獨


立媒體集團主管卡佩 · 殷娜桑西亞 · 拉克薩,Treble 集團執行董事

讚歎不已。詹姆斯 · 福斯以「新時代下的旅遊、貿易及人與人的交

Kyle Nel,開普百大集團董事袁薇等一行 6 人組成的南非考察團到

流」為題發表演講,他說,如今每年有超過 10 萬中國遊客到訪南非,



這是繼 2017 年 11 月「香遇非洲——文化茅台走進『一帶一路』

球與中國茅台實現深度合作。塞羅 · 瓦克菲爾德在以「聚焦中南文









回到 4 個月之前,在開普敦燦爛的陽光裡,茅台集團總經理李


保芳率團與開普敦橄欖球協會主席塞羅 · 瓦克菲爾德等相談甚歡。



領導名字的隊服。 80


MOUTAI Magazine

potential of Château Loudenne was great, and Camus and Moutai had common goals in the development of Château Loudenne.

He believed that with the efforts of both parties, Moutai would

certainly develop Château Loudenne into a shinning star in the international wine market.

(Wang Yuan)



作事宜在北京進行了細緻磋商與會談。本著互利共贏將海瑪酒莊打 造成優級中級酒莊的一致目標,總經理李保芳與卡慕公司總裁西瑞

爾 · 卡慕分別代表雙方簽署了「茅台集團卡慕公司關於 2018 年海 瑪酒莊生產經營座談備忘錄」,為海瑪酒莊的生產經營指明了發展




2 月 16 日,中國春節,中國駐納米比亞大使張益明拜會納米








份醇香。努喬馬是中國人民的老朋友,自 1964 年以來曾數十次訪華,

盈虧平衡,長期來看,實現盈利。西瑞爾 · 卡慕帶著公司高管專程


從法國趕來说,此次會談對加深雙方合作瞭解大有裨益,為海瑪酒 莊的下一步發展厘清了思路,指明了方向。他也表示,海瑪酒莊發


展潛力很大,卡慕與茅台在海瑪酒莊發展上有著共同目標。相信在 雙方的努力下,一定能夠將茅台海瑪酒莊打造成國際葡萄酒市場上 的一顆耀眼明星。

Overseas "Cultural Moutai Craze" During New Year Celebrations


Drink Moutai to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

With the rise of China, Chinese culture has become increasingly

Moutai Presented as New Year's Gift to Namibia's Founding President Nujoma

popular in the international community. The Chinese liquor culture represented by Moutai has become a window to

understand Chinese culture. People use Moutai to make friends, express feelings, and narrow the distance between each other.

On February 16 of the Chinese Spring Festival, Zhang Yiming

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dog, a "cultural

(Chinese Ambassador to Namibia) visited Nujoma (founding

Moutai craze" began overseas. In Toronto, New York, Moscow,

about the Sino-Namibian friendly relations and pragmatic

Moutai to express their desires and best wishes for future life and

President of Namibia) to extend greetings to him and talked

Geneva...and many corners of the world, as more people used

cooperation between the two sides. Zhang Yiming also forwarded

pray for the new year, Moutai was entering more families in the

the commemorative liquor customized by Moutai Group to

world with more and more steady steps.

Nujoma. On this festive occasion, Moutai once again added new

mellowness to the friendship between China and Namibia.

Moscow, Russia

China for dozens of times since 1964, and made outstanding

the celebration of "Chinese-Russian Media Lantern Festival"

As an old friend of Chinese people, Nujoma has visited

On March 1, Moutai's Russian distributor MT RUS jointly held

contributions to the development of the Sino-Namibian relations.

with the Russian Journalists' Association, Moscow Journalists'

(Wang Yuan)

Association, and Chinese Journalists' Club in Moscow. 81


MAR 2018

on the world map

Besides delicious liquor and food, wonderful performances

New York, USA

such as Chinese traditional musical instruments and poetry

At 1 pm on February 25, the 2018 Chinatown Spring Festival

recitals brought much festive atmosphere and strong Chinese

Parade of New York was grandly debuted and attracted tens

contests presented an exquisite cocktail show for everyone. A

broadcasted live for 90 minutes by SinoVision of the United States

flavor to the site. The cocktail master who won four cocktail

of thousands of people to the site. This grand parade was

raffle was also held during the banquet and Moutai was presented

through TV, Internet, and mobile phone apps. China's national

as a prize to the lucky audience. Many media friends who attended

liquor Moutai joined this parade as well.

this event hoped that the activities of Chinese and Russian media

As a sponsor of this event, Moutai's American distributor also

carnival would become a new normal. They also expected to go to

used floats in the parade to vigorously demonstrate Chinese


in New York.

China to feel Moutai's culture and have an intimate contact with

culture and baijiu culture, providing full support to Moutai's "tour"

Toronto, Canada

San Francisco, USA

by the Guizhou Community Association of Canada and sponsored

held on the evening of February 22 in San Francisco, USA. As a

recently. In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, more than 300

event. As a very influential event, the "Miss Chinatown U.S.A.

The "2018 Guizhou Community Spring Festival Gala" organized

The finals of the 2018 "Miss Chinatown U.S.A. Pageant" were

by Moutai's Canadian distributor Sinocan Supply Inc. was held

main sponsor, Kweichow Moutai had given great support to this

Guizhou compatriots in Toronto attended the event. The familiar

Pageant" is also one of a series of activities organized by the

hometown language had made this gathering more memorable.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco to celebrate the

Li Sining (Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto)

Chinese New Year. The pageant has been held for 61 times.

and Tan Geng (Member of Canada's Parliament) attended the gala

and delivered speeches. At the gala, besides serving as a raffle gift,

Tokyo, Japan

Two bottles of Feitian Moutai were finally bought by enthusiastic

Lantern Festival Gala" was held at Hoku Topia of Tokyo. As a

Moutai was also auctioned to enhance the festive atmosphere.

On the evening of March 3, the "Tokyo Night—Shanghai Style

"Moutai fans" at 1,200 Canadian dollars.

sponsor, Kweichow Moutai had greatly supported the event. 82


MOUTAI Magazine

The event site was fully packed with guests. They gathered to

酒業友情贊助的「2018 貴州老鄉新春聯歡會」舉行。活動在歡樂

included Mao Mengda, Zhang Xiaoling, Xie Ming, Meng Na, and A


celebrate the Lantern Festival together. The performers of the gala

祥和的氣氛中迎來了在多倫多地區的 300 多位元貴州老鄉,黔音親

Liang. The performance ended successfully in the chorus singing


of "My Motherland", giving the audience a night full of Shanghai


cultural atmosphere.

了歡慶的氛圍,2 瓶飛天茅台酒最後以 1200 加幣被茅台粉丝拍得。

Temse, Belgium


Belgium's famous tourist city, the Moutai and panda parade float


of more than 30,000 spectators along the way and became a major


On the afternoon of March 4, at the annual carnival in Temse,

2018 紐約華埠新春花車遊行於 2 月 25 日下午 1 點隆重登場,

consisting of 30 Chinese and foreign people attracted the attention

網路和手機 App 對遊行進行了 90 分鐘的直播,可見活動之盛大。

highlight of this year's Temse Carnival. Temse Mayor Luc De Ryck


praised the Moutai and panda parade float for adding Eastern


colors and Chinese elements to this year's Temse Carnival.

That night, Moutai's Belgian distributor held the 2018 Moutai


Spring Reception. More than 50 guests, including Zou Yu (Director

2018 年全美華埠小姐選美比賽決賽於 2 月 22 日晚在美國舊金

of the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium) and


bartender Lode Hendrickx was also invited to make unique Moutai

農曆新年系列活動之一,比賽至今已舉辦了 61 屆。

Luc De Ryck (Temse Mayor) attended the event. The Belgian star


cocktail for the guests and explain the new possibilities of Moutai from a professional perspective.


3 月 3 日晚,東京之夜海派元宵聯歡晚會在日本東京都舉辦。








在美國紐約、在俄羅斯莫斯科、在瑞士日內瓦 ...... 在世界的諸






3 月 4 日下午,在比利時著名旅遊城市特姆塞(Temse)一年


3 月 1 日,俄羅斯 MT RUS 公司(貴州茅台酒俄羅斯總代理)



中外友好人士 30 人組成的茅台熊貓巡遊花車,吸引了沿途三萬多




克 · 德萊克盛讚茅台熊貓巡遊花車為今年的特姆塞狂歡節增添了東


方色彩和中國元素。狂歡節場面盛大,巡遊車隊共 85 輛,茅台花






呼聲和掌聲。當晚,比利時茅台經銷商舉辦 2018 年茅台春茗品酒會,


中國駐比利時大使館領事部主任鄒瑜,特姆塞市市長呂克 · 德萊克


等 50 余名嘉賓出席。品鑒活動還邀請了比利時明星級調酒師品酒 師魯德 · 漢德瑞 (Lode Hendrickx) 應邀為在場的來賓調製獨特的茅 台雞尾酒,並以專業的角度釋義茅台酒新的可能性。


日前,由多倫多貴州同鄉會主辦,國酒茅台加拿大經銷商漢嘉 83

香飄世界百年 相伴民族復興 The Aroma of a Century The Revival of a Nation

Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 19 Spring 2018  
Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 19 Spring 2018