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Largest  European  Student  Sporting  Event  Invites  US  Collegiate  Sailors  to   Compete  in  Brest,  France  This  April   EDHEC  45th  Annual  Student  Regatta  to  Feature  3,000  students,  182  Crews  Representing  22  Countries    

Brest, France  –  January  17th,  2013  –  The  45th  Annual  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup,  the  largest  student  sporting  event  in   Europe,   is   inviting   top   U.S.   collegiate   and   graduate   sailors   the   chance   to   compete   in   a   world   class   competition   of  coastal  and  tactical  keel  boat  sailing  in  Port  du  Moulin  Blanc,  Brest  France  beginning  April  19,  2013. The   EDHEC   Sailing   Cup   gathers   more   than   3,000   students   and   182   crews   representing   22   countries   on   five   continents  and  is  among  the  most  prestigious  international  student  sporting  events  today.  The  5-­‐day  coastal   and  tactical  competition  invites  U.S.  and  international  crews  to  compete  for  One-­‐Design  or  French  HN  racing   class  boats.  Making  this  event  entirely  unique  to  other  competitions,  the  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup  is  organized  by  a   team   of   50   EDHEC   Business   School   students   selected   for   a   two-­‐year   internship   and   is   officially   listed   on   the   calendar  of  the  Federation  Francaise  de  Voile  (FFV).   “This  is  one  of  the  oldest  competitions  in  all  of  Europe  -­‐-­‐  in  fact,  the  45th  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup  is  older  than  the   Vendee   Globe,   the   Solitaire   du   Figaro   and   the   Tour   de   France   Sailing   Race,”   said   François   Gabart,   Skipper   aboard   Vendée   Globe,   MACIF   and   patron   of   the   44th   edition.   “The   EDHEC   Sailing   Cup   remains   a   pioneer   in   high-­‐level  competitions  since  the  beginning  in  1969  and  remains  an  event  organized  by  students  for  students.” In  previous  years,  a  number  of  top  international  schools  have  participated  in  the  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup  including   MIT,  UCLA,  Oxford,  Cambridge,  HEC,  École  Polytechnique  and  INSEAD. The   regatta   is   open   to   all   monohull   boats   that   belong   to   the   One-­‐Design   racing   classes   including   Grand   Surprise,   J/80,   Open   5.7   and   Longtze.   Also,   monohull   boats   that   belong   to   the   French   HN   classes   with   a   rating   between   14   and   33.5,   with   an   overall   length   between   8   meters   (approx.   26.25   ft)   and   16   meters   (52.5   ft),   will   compete.  

Page 2  EDHEC  Cup The  EDHEC  Cup  is  green  and  ecologically  engaged  event  and  proud  to  claim  an  ecological  charter,  certified  4   years  in  a  row  by  the  ISO  standard.   In  recent  years,  the  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup  has  been  broadened  to  also  include  Land  and  Kite  Trophy  competitions.   More   than   50   kite   surfers   will   challenge   themselves   in   Wave   and   Big   Air   stages   along   the   coast   of   Sainte   Marguerite  during  a  two-­‐day  competition.  The  Land  trophy  is  a  multi-­‐sport  event  where  700  competitors  are   challenged  in  various  disciplines  across  challenging  terrain.   Students  or  coaches  interested  in  participating  in  this  year’s  regatta  are  invited  to  visit  the  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup   website   for   more   information   or   visit   the   EDHEC   Team   Facebook   page   or   follow   the   event   on   Twitter   @ccedhec.  









Lesellier, or  call  011  33  6  26  33  42  60,  to  learn  more.      

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EDHEC is   a   top   ranked   French   Business   School,   “Grande   Ecole”   specializing   in   business,   finance   and   management.  It  is  based  in  Lille,  France  with  campus  locations  in  Nice,  Paris,  London  and  Singapore.  EDHEC   was  founded  in  1906  and  has  an  enrollment  of  6,000  students  in  Masters,  MBA  and  PhD  programs.  The  Course   Croisiere  EDHEC,  ranked  as  first  student  run  project  in  France. 24  Avenue  Gustave  Delory   59100  Roubaix,  France   011  33  0  3  20  15  45  00  

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