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Even after earning a bachelor’s degree in the highest distinction from Harvard University, Claire Sulmers, editor-in-chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, got the run-around more times than she cares to remember trying to get a job writing about fashion. She interned at Paris Vogue before working at Real Simple magazine, all while being told she wasn’t suited to fashion. That was a blessing in disguise. While still working full time as a reporter, Sulmners started a blog for multicultural fashionistas and now attracts more than 2.4 million visitors a month.

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When author and financial expert Maggie Anderson decided that her family would purchase from and support black businesses for a year, she had no idea that it would start a movement. Following that year, she knew the impact it would have on the community for other families to do the same, and so the Empowerment Experiment was born. Today her national financial literacy tour promotes selfhelp, economics, strategic minority entrepreneurship, and supplier diversity.


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