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the first & only expatriate property rental guide in Slovenia



Introduction Welcome to the first ever residential property rental guide for expatriates in Slovenia! Relocations Ltd have been advising expatriates in Slovenia on property rental since 2006, with hundreds of satisfied clients (references provided on The Slovenian residential property rental market (lets just call it the “market�) is quite different from other expatriate property rental markets in other countries. This is due mainly to lack of competition among real estate agencies and lack of standardisation. So, in order to make it easier for you to have a successful and pleasant renting experience, we have produced this simple but useful guide. Of course, we would be happy to offer you our services, should you need. Happy & safe renting!

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Select a professional adviser! The first stage for an expatriate to rent a property in Slovenia is to carefully select your professional relocation adviser or real estate agent to guide you. It’s important to quickly get an honest overview how the market works, what are your options, and how much you should pay for renting a property. Relocations offers you a free introductory meeting on this subject, with no commitment. Points to consider when choosing your estate agent / adviser;  Are they independent  Do they ask you to sign restrictive and unfair ‘mediation contracts’ in advance  Do they have a reputation for good after sales service – or do they just disappear  Do they appear to be a professional organisation  Do they take commission from you AND the landlord  Do they understand the expatriate requirements  Do they have references of satisfied clients  Are they always available when YOU want  Can they access the majority of the market (from more than 2500 properties)  Do they understand international corporate clients  Do they have reliable Property Management services Note: Slovenian law states that a real estate agent (actually they are brokers) must represent both landlord and tenant! This is complete conflict of interest – but it’s the law.



Valuation of Rental Properties Lets start with the most difficult question!  In our experience, both landlord and tenant need to receive / pay a ‘fair price’ for a rental property to ensure a long term, stress-free renting experience. It must be a win-win scenario. There are no ‘standards’ regarding rental prices, property descriptions, lease contract rules & professional standards in the market. So it is difficult to calculate an ‘average’ rent price. It is also difficult for expatriates to know if they are paying or offering too much, or if the price is “too good to be true”. Relocations Ltd is publishing the first “price guide” for rental properties for the expatriate market. In the meantime, here are 5 key points you must remember regarding rental prices;     

Ability of your agent / adviser Location Rental period Corporate or individual lease Furnished or unfurnished

For your free copy of our ‘price guide’, please send an email request to – subject price guide.



Defining your rental requirements Knowing what you want, and know what is available, is obviously very important. At Relocations Ltd, our home rental questionnaire contains 4 pages of all the important questions & information that is needed about your rental requirements. This detailed planning ensures a practical, efficient and stressfree rental property search. Don’t be fooled by some agents / agencies into visiting 20 properties that are unsuitable! The key points to remember about defining your requirements are; 

Have you really listed and provided your adviser / agent with ALL your requirements?

Did you complete a pre-search questionnaire with your agent / adviser, before you visit the properties?

Do you know if any of your requirements are NOT possible in Slovenia (e.g. energy efficiency certificates)?

Are your requirements ‘fixed’ or ‘flexible’? (this is very important to save you time)



Property Visits Before you visit properties, some agents will ask / demand that you sign a restrictive “mediation contract”. We do not advise that you sign any mediation contract with an agent / agency if possible, as this will limit your options to see properties. You should insist on not signing any mediation contract. If you have already signed a mediation contract, and need some advice, please contact us. Good quality and good value rental properties can be taken quickly, so it’s important to make sure your visits to properties are efficient and coordinated. Key tips for efficient and stressfree property visits are; 

Make sure you know which properties and where the properties are, before you start visiting with an agent

Don’t accept to view properties you do not want to see, just because the agent / agency insists

If you are going to sign an agency mediation contract, make sure you know what you are signing

Insist that you meet the landlord of the property you are visiting – this is obviously very important!

Be prepared – and have as many questions as possible



Choosing a Rental Property Now, you need to actually choose a property. In Slovenia, ‘location’ is not as important a factor for renting a property, as it would be in other countries or large cities. Our relatively small towns and cities are easy to get around by private car or public transport. Importantly, in our experience, the expats choose the property first and the location second. The key factors in choosing your property should be; 

Does the property meet all my requirements?

Did you visit the property at different times of the day?

What about the neighbours?

Did you check everything in the apartment is working?

Did you get written confirmation regarding… o

all your questions?


work or renovations needed will be done on time?


the final rental price (net )?

Once you have visited your selected properties, now its time to choose which properties you want to see again or negotiate the price and conditions.



Negotiation Once you have found the property(ies) you like, now starts the uncomfortable task of negotiation the rental price & conditions with the landlord / agent etc. “Everything is negotiable”. But in our experience, don’t negotiate for too long or you will lose the property you want! Top tips for successful negotiation of a property are; 

know your budget / limit and don’t go above!

ask the landlord / agent for a final price, at the start

keep your “key benefits” (e.g. you can pay quarterly in advance or sign a long term rent) to the end of negotiations

write everything down – get written confirmation

be very specific with your questions and requests

prepare to compromise. A successful negotiation must be a win-win scenario for tenant and landlord – otherwise there are always problems at the tenancy end.



Lease Contract Preparation THE most important part of the whole rental process! Slovenian real estate law favours the landlord, not the tenant. So, you must ensure you only sign a clear & fair lease contract. In one instance, we found 52 mistakes and important amendments that needed to be made to a lease contract prepared by one agency! Top tips for signing a good lease contract to protect you are; 

contract should always be bi-lingual, in one single document. (Slovene version has final legal authority)

all information / requirements should be clearly and individually stated

ask the landlord / agent to clarify any questions – if they don’t / wont – walk away!

insert deadlines and late penalties for any work / renovations that needs to be done by the landlord

check if landlord is actually legal owner of the property!

define and agree on definition of “normal wear & tear”!

understand your obligations on contract termination!

Relocations Ltd provides a lease contract preparation / review service, even if you didn’t find your property via us. Ask us about our lease review service.



The Handover Now that you have successfully signed the contract, your next important step is a properly organised and documented handover of the property from landlord to you – the tenant. A good handover can make the difference between a smooth and stress-free move, an on-going saga of ‘small problems’, or future legal / contract problems. At Relocations, we prepare a 4-page handover document to ensure that everything is done properly to ensure all elements of the lease contract agreements are done correctly. Top tips for a successful and stress-free handover include; 

get list of apartment items (furniture etc.) in advance

prepare & agree a draft handover checklist

allow sufficient time for handover (minimum 2 hours)

arrange for utilities to be checked before handover

take lots of photographs – very important

detail, detail, detail. List everything!

Handover checklist must be signed by all parties



The ‘after’ Service (customer care) So, you have chosen your property, signed the lease contract and handover completed. What next? Unfortunately, ‘after sales service’ is usually poorly done, or non-existent. So, you need to get written confirmation from your agent / adviser / landlord that you will be supported also after you move in – especially with the small ‘ problems’ that can often happen – such as a boiler not working, or alarm system malfunctioning. It is also essential to make sure that any promises from the landlord / agent / adviser are kept.

Happy & safe renting!

For more information about our independent home search or home service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Relocations Assistance As part of our home search & lease contract services, all Relocation clients receive a regular courtesy call for minimum 3 months and assistance with any small problems that may arise. Property & Home Management Service Relocations also offers you a property management service where we can assist you for a few weeks or months regarding all aspects of your new home - including utility connection issues, bill payments, cleaning & gardening services etc. We can also provide translation service if your landlord is Slovene speaking only.




Welcome to , the only residential property rental website service for expatriates in Slovenia! Here you can find a selected list of properties for rent. If you would like to see other rental properties, just contact us and we can find what you are looking for! Since 2006, we have relocated and found rental properties for hundreds of satisfied expatriates. Our home rental website offers a new and effective resource where the experienced and professional local/international team at will provide a service tailored to each expatriates individual needs …………………………………………………………………………..…………………………… "Your company offers excellent services. You respond quickly, efficiently and what is the key, is to be honest. We appreciate a lot your help." (01.2013 - Petra Homan-Dauphin, Tenant, Independent Home Search)

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Property rental guide for expatriates in slovenia  
Property rental guide for expatriates in slovenia