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You’ve had those moments. We all have.

You walk into a space – a church, a theater, a lobby – you look up and there it is…the unexpected. You’ve read about it and you’ve seen pictures, but here you are and your jaw drops. You just never imagined it would be so amazing. At EverGreene, we think of these as “WOW!” moments and our artists, designers and craftsmen take pride in making them happen all across the country. So please take a look and see what is WOW.



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Discovering History from a Tiny Chip of Paint: Investigative Studies Meeting your Maker: About the Artists

Painting the Next Great American Novel: New Murals When Too Much Is Just Right: Decorative Painting

Finding the Perfect Finishing Touch: Decorative Finishes

When CaSO4 + 2H2O = Wonderful2 Ornamental and Flat Plaster

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Discovering That Walls Can Talk: Conservation and Restoration Enjoying Gilty Pleasures: Gilding

Going Against the Grain: Wood Finishes

When Silence Looks Good: NovaWall

Taking CTRL+C to the Next Level: Digital Solutions

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...discovering history from a tiny of



The Sherry-Netherland, New York City


y Investigative Studies When our conservators start scratching the surface, there’s usually more surface underneath. Scalpel in hand, we look for decoration that’s been lost to time, dirt, fire, humidity or even a well intentioned coat of paint. That is what happened at The SherryNetherland in New York. We knew that there was something great underneath layers of overpaint on the lobby ceiling, but we didn’t know how much of it was intact. Archival photos guided our decisions about where to look for the lost decoration. Then very carefully, we took small samples of paint from the ceiling and analyzed them under our microscopes. Oh, the decoration we found under layers of white paint – muses, angels and artistic details reminiscent of Raphael’s frescoes at the Vatican Palace. With a lot of elbow grease and a little chemical reversal of the overpaint and meticulous inpainting, we uncovered and restored a lavish Neo-Classical mural covering the entire lobby ceiling.


Paint samples in the EverGreene conservation lab

Microscopy : EverGreene conservator analyzing paint samples to determine the history of decorative campaigns, paints and other finishes.






Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Wichita, KS


S a d b i E t f a p

O c l b o t d f


a, KS

Murals in progress for St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral, Brooklyn, NY

About the Artists Some murals tell stories and others are meant to inspire. Our artists and designers are technically proficient, broadly knowledgeable, and uniquely imaginative. And they have joined EverGreene from around the globe to create WOW moments of beauty, fantasy, playfulness, awe, humility, ambition, or passion in paint and in plaster. Our designers work closely with each client to transform spaces. Equal parts listening and drawing, they arrive at beautifully appropriate solutions. As one artist says, our works “are created to express, articulate, and bring to life deep feelings, ideas or impulses that are fundamental to the human experience.”

Illinois State Capitol, Springfield

Design for Historic Spaces Storytelling is not a lost art – our designers, muralists, and decorative painters can wield a paintbrush like Hemingway did a pencil. Heavenly or earthly, industrial or ethereal, there are places where new decoration is just right. Designing new decoration to complement historic spaces, such as at the Illinois State Capitol, requires that we strike the right balance between color, ornament, and scale to respect the original intent while bringing aesthetic harmony throughout the building. Our


designers have had the honor of adding to the stories of these great American spaces.

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At the Kentucky State Capitol, where the rotunda was unfinished, we designed and painted several murals that speak to milestones in Kentucky’s history. And the murals on the mezzanine of the New York Palace Hotel embody the raw materials and industrial grit that were essential to New York’s growth in the late 19th century.


New York Palace Hotel, New York City

...painting the next great American


Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, Santa Paula, CA


...when too much is


Right Library of Congress, Washington, D C



n, D C

St. Francis Xavier, New York City

Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles

Severance Hall, Cleveland

Decorative Finishes The designers of these spaces would certainly fall on the side of Robert Venturi whose famous retort to Mies’s “Less is More” was “Less is a Bore.” These spaces are effervescent and bold, never letting the eye rest for one second as it moves from plaster to paint, mural to statue, gilding to stenciling, scraffito to scagliola. WOW! Whether you’re praying at St. Francis Xavier, listening to a symphony at Severance Hall, enjoying a performance at the Pantages, or touring The Library of Congress, you’ll always have something to catch your eye.



Specialty Finishes


Sometimes only a delicate handbrushed Chinese vermilion glaze over an aluminium leaf will do. Other times you want the look of industrial poured concrete, but need to have acoustical properties. For those unique spaces, talk to EverGreene’s designers, artists, and alchemists. From residences to restaurants, lobbies to chapels, concert halls to conference rooms, they develop just the right color and texture to meet your specifications. With their sixth sense, they’ll understand when you say, “I want blue, but not blue blue. You know, like a silvery purplish blue.”

Faena Hotel, Miami Beach


…Aesthetics are only one component of success in the eyes of the client. Cost and schedule control are equal components in the formula that often go mismanaged by the ‘artisan’ firms involved in this type of work. Fortunately, this was not the case with EverGreene, as your entire team, from design through installation, executed over $2.7M of decorative painting and plaster work with impeccable quality, adherence to the schedule, and good cost management.


Tim Spence, HarbisonMahony-Higgins Builders

Adour at the St. Regis, New York City



the perfect



Russian Lounge, Kennedy Center for Performing Arts , Washington, D.C .

Additives were sprinkled into the panel mold.

Plaster was then applied to the mold.

A crater-like pattern resulted from the additives reacting to the water contained in the plaster.

The panel facade was refined and finished to be installed in the Russian Lounge


United Nations Headquarters, New York City

Plaster What other material is as flexible and fantastic? In the hands of EverGreene’s designers, craftsmen and technicians, plaster is a master of disguises. Our plaster artisans are trained in traditional techniques of sculpture and experienced in the practical requirements of flat and ornamental plaster. From Corinthian column capitals, like those in Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel with a faux marble finish, to custom-designed Haussmann-style ornament for a private residence, we can design and craft anything.

In addition to design, we can produce shop drawings for fabrication and attachment systems, and coordinate installation in the field. We’re leaders in applying flat plaster. Our team installed over 200,000 sf of acoustic, veneer, and three-coat traditional plaster on the ceilings and walls of the UN Headquarters. Whether used in flat application or for elaborate cast decoration, plaster—in all of its forms—has no design limit.

King Street Station, Seattle: Before, During, & After Restoration


Our L


...when CaSO4+ 2H20



Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, Santa Paula, CA



… q w a m

Kings Theatre, Brooklyn



Village East Cinema, New York City


…the Evergreene plaster crew did an excellent job. Installed work was of high quality and work site was clean and organized. The foreman and project manager were knowledgeable and could provide technical advice to help the design team and owner make the right decisions... Evergreene technicians did a superb job of making the new fit with the old and went over and above what was expected... Ann K. Dilcher, AIA, LEED AP Quinn Evans Architects


Private Residence, New York City


...discovering that



American Museum of Natural History, William MacKay Murals, New York City


k City

Santa Barbara County Courthouse, Santa Barbara

Restoration & Conservation Restoring and conserving great spaces is where science and passion hit the wall. Or the ceiling. It’s more than knowing the chemistry of post historic varnishes, or how to navigate a logistically complex mural removal in an occupied space, or that a broken key has absolutely nothing to do with a door (it has to do with plaster). Our conservators, all of whom are Professional Associates of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), are passionate about conservation. When they undertake a project, you can be assured that decades of experience – and a true love of history and respect for materials – is brought to bear. We have great reverence for the surfaces we touch and the stories that they tell. By combining science, research, and passion, we uncover those stories and preserve spaces for future generations.

30 Rockefeller Center, New York City

Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ



Harlem Hospital Murals, New York City

EverGreene did a very good job on the restoration portion of the Harlem Hospital project. They didn’t hold anything back in the preservation of the murals, they maintained the budget and did not take their eye off the ball.


Kenneth Drucker, FAIA, ULI, LEED AP HOK Architects

Verizon Building, New York City


Eldridge Street Synagogue, New YorkCity

Mission Concepción, San Antonio

St. Mary’s Hall, Boston College, Chestnut Hill


Colorado State Capitol, Denver

Rainbow Room, New York City

Gilding A little bling goes a long way. And nothing does that better than the perfectly placed metallic leaf. We’re expert at applying gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals to bring out the best in a project.

From the Colorado State Capitol exterior dome, to the lobby of the Empire State Building, to contemporary commercial spaces like the Rainbow Room, we always aim to make Midas proud.

...enjoying gilty


Empire State Building Lobby, New York City



N w r s b H c f C t t

T c g k


...going against



Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York City

Wood Treatments Nothing can give off that natural warmth quite like wood. Whether we’re refinishing antique wood panels and supports to revive the natural hue and beauty with French polish, like we did at Harvard’s Memorial Hall, or conservation cleaning and refinishing of ornate teak furnishings and moldings, like at the Cooper Hewitt—our craftsmen have the technical background and ability to get that perfect finish. There’s more to wood than just the color of the stain. Understanding natural graining and the chemistry of finishes is key to ensuring a long lasting lustre.

Memorial Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge


...when silence



Cartier , Manhasset

NovaWall Acoustic Fabric

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can you hear that? It’s nothing. NovaWall® is an amazing fabric wall and ceiling system that is perfect in places where acoustics are critically important and have to look great. As the greater New York City certified NovaWall® dealer, EverGreene can help keep things quiet and get your boardroom, auditorium, classrooms, retail space – or any interior space – onto the best dressed list.


t Van Cleef & Arpels , Manhasset

Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office, Washington, D.C.

Digital Solutions Sometimes it isn’t practical or possible to paint entire ceilings or hand-create repetitive decoration. When you work with EverGreene from the project’s earliest design phases, we can help you make the right decision about decoration. Digital replication worked at Clara Barton Missing Solders Office, where conservators analyzed samples of Victorian-era wall papers to determine colors and patterns. Designers recreated 16 different wall coverings in total, using both digital and traditional silk screen techniques, to return the Missing Soldiers Office to its 19th century appearance.



Portsmouth Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH



The depth of knowledge and expertise of the EverGreene Studios’ craftspeople is what truly brought this theater to life and gave it the ‘WOW’ factor long since covered up by years of poor maintenance and ill-thought modernizations... The quality of the interior decorative painting work highlighted by gold and copper leafing, stencil work and restored original painted canvas panels are what really lie behind the strength of this project. Tom Bowe


Wenell Mattheis Bowe Architects

About Us

Award-winning Projects

EverGreene Architectural Arts was established in 1978 to provide design, conservation, restoration, and decoration services for distinctive interiors of historic and contemporary buildings. We have brought our craftsmanship to bear at more than 200 theaters; 30 state capitol edificies and other civic buildings; commercial buildings; numerous sacred spaces; and museums.

The Baltimore Basilica, Baltimore

We understand materials and can be a key member of the design team in the initial preconstruction planning & design phases. And, with an emphasis on clientservice, we will be focused on carrying your project through until the punchlist is completed. We offer: Preconstruction Design Services Conservation & Restoration Decorative Painting Murals & Other Artwork Plaster & Scagliola Painting & Coatings Stone, Wood & Metal Services Plaster and Fabric Acoustical Treatments Specialty Contracting Please visit


Kings Theatre, Brooklyn American Museum of Natural History, NYC Illinois State Capitol, Springfield New York Public Library, Rose Reading Room, NYC Eldridge Street Synagogue, NYC St. Peter’s Church, San Francisco Saenger Theatre, New Orleans The Sherry-Netherland, NYC Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Radio City Music Hall, NYC King Street Station, Seattle Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia Bob Hope (Fox) Theater, Stockton, CA Auditorium Theater, Chicago Hall of Justice, Los Angeles Kansas State Capitol, Topeka St. Mary’s Hall, Boston College, Chestnut Hill on the Back Kansas State Capitol, Topeka

m, NYC


Ohio Theatre Lobby, Cleveland, OH


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EverGreene Architectural Arts General Brochure  

Take a look at EverGreene's award-winning conservation, preservation and new design work!

EverGreene Architectural Arts General Brochure  

Take a look at EverGreene's award-winning conservation, preservation and new design work!