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HONORS & AWARDS (representative list)

EverGreene Architectural Arts is one of the largest specialty contractors, conservation and architectural arts studios in the United States. Established in 1978, with offices in New York and Chicago, our mission and passion is to provide preconstruction and construction services for significant buildings requiring conservation, restoration or new design. We believe that the architectural arts—murals, fine art, decorative plaster and paint, gilding, metals, mosaics and other finishes—enrich both our buildings and our communities.

Al. Ringling Theatre, Baraboo, WI, 1915 Madison Trust for Historic Preservation / Preservation Award

EverGreene is home to the finest conservators, artisans, and craftsmen in the United States. Our conservators, many of whom hold advanced degrees and are Professional Associates of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), have an encyclopedic knowledge of historic and contemporary materials and methods. They approach projects holistically, combining traditional and contemporary conservation techniques that are best for the mural or art work being conserved and within agreed-to budgets and schedules. EverGreene has provided conservations & restoration services for hundreds of historic preservation projects throughout the United States. Restored theaters are often the first steps to community revitalization and we are thrilled to have completed more than 200 theaters across the United States, including more than 30 Broadway theaters. Recent projects include the Richard Rogers Theater, New York; Shea’s Theatre, Buffalo, Proctor’s Theatre, Schenectady, the Saenger Theatre, New Orleans and the New Mission Theatre, San Francisco. We offer: Preconstruction services Assessment of artworks Development of treatment plans Conservation & restoration Preconstruction design Specialty contracting Decorative and flat painting Murals & artwork Decorative, flat and specialty plaster Gilding & coatings Stone, wood & metal treatments Acoustic plaster & panels Please visit to learn more.

Auditorium Theater, Chicago, 1889 Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois, Chairman’s Award Balboa Theatre, San Diego, 1924 Save Our Heritage,People in Preservation Award Contract Interiors Award San Diego Architectural Foundation / Orchid Award Beacon Theater, New York, 1929 Society of American Registered Architects AIA NYS Design Award New York Landmarks Conservancy / Lucy G. Moses Biltmore Theatre, New York, 1925 Municipal Art Society of New York / Masterworks Award McGraw Hill/NY Construction Rehabilitation Merit Award New York Landmarks Conservancy / Lucy G. Moses Granada Theater, Santa Barbara, CA, 1924 American Institute of Architecture California Council Kings Theatre, New York, 1929 Building Design & Construction / Platinum Award NY State Historic Preservation Office / 2014 Historic Preservation Award NY Landmarks Conservancy / Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award Public Design Commission / Excellence in Design Mask & Wig Club, Philadelphia, 1834/1894 Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia Preservation Massachusetts / Tsongas Award Paramount Center, Boston, 1932 BSA Honor Award Boston Preservation Alliance Award U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology / Merit Award Plaza Theater, El Paso, TX, 1930 National Trust for Historic Preservation / Honor Award Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH, 1931 National Trust for Historic Preservation / Honor Award

CONSERVATION & RESTORATION SERVICES Conservation, the process of preserving cultural artifacts for the future, is a central tenet of the award-winning restoration projects that EverGreene Architectural Arts has carried out across the US. Fine art and architectural conservators, many of whom hold advanced degrees and are Professional Associates of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), evaluate artwork and decorative finishes within the best practices of conservation theory and professional standards and ethics. Treatment plans are developed after thorough examination, research, documentation, technical analysis and testing are completed. EverGreene treats original art, finishes, and architectural elements with an understanding of how different media and substrates are interrelated: • • • • • • • •

Murals and frescoes Decorative painting Ornamental plaster Scagliola Mosaics and Stone Wallpaper Metal and Wood Media include oil paint, distemper, casein, acrylic, glazes, transparent coatings, metallic leaf and other finishes

Our years of hands on experience and comprehensive knowledge of the history of materials and artistic techniques, allows us to offer practical solutions to site-specific problems, single-source responsibility, hands-on experience, an understanding of and strict adherence to schedules and budgets, and financial stability with insurance & bonding capacity. All this is provided to our clients while treating the historic finishes with utmost care and conserving them to the highest standards. EverGreene’s services: • • • • • • • • • •

Existing Condition Assessments Documentation Treatment Consultation and Proposals Investigative Studies Non-destructive and Destructive Testing Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Treatment of Biological Activity Conservation Cleaning Paint Consolidation Removal of Degraded Surface Coatings and Overpaint • Reversible Inpainting of Areas of Loss • Protection During Construction • Supervision of Removal, Transportation, Installation and Storage

SELECTION OF EVERGREENE THEATRE PROJECTS Alabama Theatre Birmingham, AL Saenger Theatre Mobile, AL Fox Theatre Tucson, AZ Pantages Theatre Los Angeles, CA Golden State Theatre Monterey, CA Alamo New Mission Theatre San Francisco, CA Balboa Theatre San Diego, CA Granada Theatre Santa Barbara, CA Kennedy Center Washington, DC Stanley Warner Theatre Washington, DC Rylander Theatre Americus, GA Strand Theatre Marietta, GA Chicago Civic Opera House Chicago, IL Shubert Theatre Chicago, IL Lerner Elco Theatre Elkhart, IN Murat Theatre Indianapolis, IN Paramount Theatre Ashland, KY Carnegie Theatre Covington, KY Saenger Theatre New Orleans, LA Boston Opera House Boston, MA Paramount Theatre Boston, MA

Severance Hall Cleveland, OH

Bethesda Theatre Bethesda, MD Peabody Kiel Opera House St. Louis, MO Loew’s Kings Theatre Brooklyn, NY Henry Miller Theatre New York, NY Music Box Theatre New York, NY Public Theatre New York, NY Richard Rodgers Theatre New York, NY Village East Cinema New York, NY Akron Civic Center Akron, OH Memorial Hall Cincinnati, OH Ohio Theatre Lobby Cleveland, OH Severance Hall Cleveland, OH Elsinore Theatre Salem, OR Majestic Theatre Gettysburg, PA Tennessee Theatre Knoxville, TN Altria Theatre Richmond, VA Carpenter Center Richmond, VA Flynn Theatre Burlington, VT Columbia Theatre Longview, WA Fifth Avenue Theatre Seattle, WA Al. Ringling Theatre Baraboo, WI

Kings Theatre Brooklyn, NY

Pantages Theatre Los Angeles, CA


NEW ORLEANS / 1927 / Emile Weil Restored: 2013 / Martinez + Johnson / National Register of Historic Places, 1977

Designed as an atmospheric theatre, the Saenger Theatre’s opulent interior evokes an Italian courtyard underneath a rich nighttime sky. The Saenger underwent numerous modifications over the years and was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. EverGreene provided preconstruction design services, historic finishes analysis and specialty construction for the restoration of the decorative paint, gilding, ornamental plaster and specialty finishes including faux finished plaster walls that resembles Italian stone. EverGreene’s conservators painted all interior finishes and decoration in a historically appropriate palette to preserve the original artwork’s integrity.

Services provide by EverGreene Historic finishes investigation Onsite mock-up Plaster consolidation, ornamental and flat Stone: cleaning/polishing and restoration Painting: decorative and straight Wood refinishing Metal refinishing


MIAMI, FL / 1926 / John Eberson Restored: 2004 / Richard J. Heisenbottle / National Register of Historic Places, 1984

The Olympia Theatre at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts owes its distinctively Moorish character to renowned theatre architect John Eberson. When it opened, patrons were amazed by the exotic courtyard, ornate towers and sculptures and brilliantly colored plaster and tile. The ceiling was painted a deep purpleblue with twinkling stars to evoke a Mediterranean night sky. As part of an extensive renovation, EverGreene returned the theatre to the original design and splendor. The many

Decorative painting and chancel furnishings

refurbishments over the years had covered the original color scheme, even adding new plaster ornamentation. When it opened after the three-month renovation, the Olympia had been restored to its exotic splendor and same “night sky.� Services provided by Evergreene: Historic Paint Investigation Plaster Restoration Decorative Paint Conservation & Restoration


AKRON, OH / 1929 / John Eberson

Restored: 2003 / Wilson Butler Lodge / National Register of Historic Places, 1973

EverGreene’s conservators studied archival materials and analyzed layers of paint microscopically to determine the original color scheme. In consultation with the architects, EverGreene’s decorative painters adjusted the palette slightly to achieve the right effect under enhanced modern lighting. Painted mockups in the proscenium areas and end stands of seats gave the architects and owner the opportunity for input. Unique to the Akron Civic Theater is the arbor effect in the mezzanine crossover. At the beginning of the investigation of historic finishes there was speculation about the purpose of the unusual daubs of plaster on the ceiling. Paint analysis revealed that they were originally painted dark green and reddish like tropical leaves, creating the effect of an arbor. Another distinctive aspect of the Akron civic interior is the reinstatement of artificial foliage, based on study of archival photographs. Artificial cypress trees, olive trees, ivy vines and flowers installed in the theater contribute to the atmosphere of a garden courtyard in Spain.


RICHMOND / 1928 / John Eberson

Restored: 2009 / Wilson Butler Architects / National Register of Historic Places

Earlier efforts to preserve John Eberson’s original Loew’s Richmond Theatre, resulted in attempts to match the original paint schemes ‐‐ from the intricate, ornate features to the textured walls with multiple layers of different color paints. EverGreene conservators executed a historic finishes and paint study on the Carpenter Theatre interior to develop a palette that represented the intent of the original painters and architect.

The process involved scraping through layers of paint and plaster to find about 40 original colors to reapply to the walls. Once the study was complete, EverGreene executed the decorative painting, plaster restoration and fabrication & installation of plaster ornament.


EL PASO, TX / 1930 / W. Scott Dunne

Restored: 2006 / Martinez + Johnson / National Register of Historic Places, 1987

Built in 1930 and closed in 1987, the breathtaking Plaza Theater, designed by W. Scott Dunne, was restored with help from EverGreene in 2006 and is once again open to the public. Typical of an atmospheric theater, the walls of the auditorium imitate medieval buildings, and the ceiling resembles the night sky, with hundreds of lights installed to mimic stars. Water damage, years of wear and tear, damaging maintenance and over-painting had left the atmospheric

interior in dire need of restoration. After conducting a historic finishes investigation and plaster survey, EverGreene restored historic ornamental plaster, repaired and patched water-damaged plaster, integrated new electrical and mechanical work into the plaster, conserved and replicated decorative painting in high traffic areas. A full mural conservation was executed, including cleaning, surface refinishing and inpainting areas of loss.

Preconstruction Design Services Conservation & Restoration Decorative Painting Murals & Artwork Plaster & Scagliola Painting & Coatings Stone, Wood & Metal Services Acoustical Treatments

New York 450 West 31st St., 7th floor New York, NY 10001 212.244.2800 Chicago 711 South Boulevard Oak Park, IL 60302 708.358.1642

Saenger Theatre / New Orleans

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Atmospheric Theaters  

Take a look at EverGreene's atmospheric theatre projects

Atmospheric Theaters  

Take a look at EverGreene's atmospheric theatre projects