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Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles


HONORS & AWARDS (Selected Projects)

EverGreene Architectural Arts is one of the largest specialty contractors and architectural arts studio in North America. Established in 1978, our mission and passion is to provide preconstruction and construction services for significant buildings requiring conservation, restoration or new design. We believe that the architectural arts—murals, fine art, decorative plaster and paint, gilding, metals, mosaics and other finishes—enrich both our buildings and our communities.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, 1929 California Preservation Foundation LA Conservancy / President’s Award

EverGreene is a company of craftsmen, artists, conservators and designers with the goal of collaborating with owners, clients, architects, contractors and others to execute projects of every scope and scale. We have an encyclopedic knowledge of historic and contemporary materials and construction methods, think holistically, are detail oriented, and work within agreed to budgets and schedules. We can be a critical member of the design team in the earliest preconstruction phases and will be focused on your project until the punchlist is completed.

Temple Emanu-El, New York, 1927 Faith & Form Design Award

We have been fortunate to work on hundreds of projects including civic, commercial and institutional projects, and over 200 sacred spaces. We offer: Preconstruction Design Artwork assessment Development of treatment plans Conservation & restoration Specialty contracting Decorative painting Murals Decorative and flat plaster & scagliola Painting, gilding & coatings Stone, wood & metal treatments Acoustic plaster & panels

Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York, 1887 Municipal Arts Society Masterworks Award The Preservation League of New York New York Landmarks Conservancy / Lucy G. Moses Award National Trust for Historic Preservation

Baltimore Basilica, Baltimore, 1806 Faith & Form Design Award Baltimore Heritage Award Palladio Award / Traditional Building AIA National / Honor Award AIA New York State Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, 1852 Historic Albany Foundation Preservation Merit Award Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento, 1889 California Preservation Foundation Faith & Form Design Award AIA California Design Merit Award for Historic Preservation Real Estate & Construction Review Top 50 Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, 1907 Preservation Alliance of Minnesota Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City, 1909 Utah State Historical Society Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA, 2007 American Institute of Architects Honor Award McGraw Hill/California Construction

Please visit to learn more. The Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York, 1882 The Victorian Society of New York / Interior Restoration Follow us:



Church of the Ascension, New York, 1841 Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Village Award Marble Collegiate Church, New York, 1854 Building Design & Construction / Restoration Award

REPRESENTATIVE RELIGIOUS PROJECTS Synagogues and Temples CA Los Angeles Wilshire Boulevard Temple DC Washington Adas Israel NJ New Brunswick Anshe Emeth Temple NJ Hoboken United Synagogue NY Brooklyn Beth Elohim NY Brooklyn Safra Synagogue NY New York City Ansche Chesed NY New York City Congregation Sherith Israel NY New York City Eldridge Street Synagogue NY New York City Old Broadway Synagogue NY New York City Park East Synagogue NY New York City Temple Emanu-El OH Cincinnati Plum Street Temple TN Nashville Nashville Reformed Temple Basilicas & Cathedrals CA Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light CA Sacramento Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament DC Washington Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle KS Wichita Immaculate Conception Cathedral MD Baltimore Baltimore Basilica MN Minneapolis Basilica of St. Mary MT Billings St. Patrick Co-Cathedral NE Omaha St. Cecilia Cathedral NY Albany Immaculate Conception Cathedral NY Brooklyn St. Joseph CoCathedral NY Rockville Center Convent at St. Agnes Cathedral PA Greensburg Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament PA Harrisburg Cathedral Parish of St. Patrick UT Salt Lake City Cathedral of the Madeleine VT Burlington St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral Churches AL Mobile CA Modesto CA Sacramento CA San Francisco CA San Francisco CA Santa Paula IA Iowa City IL Chicago IL Evanston IL Lisle KS Shawnee KY Paducah MA Brighton MI Grand Rapids MI St. Joseph MO Conception MO Kansas City ND Fargo

St. Joseph Chapel, Spring Hill College St. Stanislaus’ Catholic Church Church of the Holy Ascension St. Paul’s Catholic Church St. Peter’s Catholic Church Thomas Aquinas College, Chapel St. Patrick’s Church St. Josephat’s Catholic Church St. Mary’s Catholic Church Sacred Heart Monastery Chapel Church of the Nativity St. John the Evangelist St. John’s Seminary Chapel Cathedral of St. Andrew St. Joseph Catholic Church Conception Abbey Old St. Patrick Roman Catholic Oratory Sts. Anne and Joachim

ND Richardton NE Omaha NE Omaha NJ South Orange NJ Spring Lake NY Bronx NY Cambridge NY New York NY New York NY New York NY New York OH Celina OH Cincinnati OH Cincinnati OH Cincinnati OH Cleveland OH Columbus OH Lancaster OH Lima PA Ambler VA Portsmouth WV Charleston WV Wheeling

Assumption Abbey Prince of Peace Church Sacred Heart Church Chapel, Seton Hall St. Catharine’s Church St. Phillip Neri Church St. Luke’s Church Our Lady of Peace St. Francis Xavier St. Michael’s Church St. Peter’s Church Immaculate Conception Parish Holy Family Church Sisters of Charity Chapel Old St. Mary Church St. Ann’s Church Pontifical College, Marion Chapel St. Mary’s Church St. John Catholic Church St. Anthony of Padua Parish St. Paul’s Catholic Church St. Agnes Church Cathedral of St. Joseph

Temple Emanu-El


1887 Herter Brothers

Restored: 2007

Eldridge Street Synagogue is often identified as the first major synagogue of Eastern European Jews in New York City. The Synagogue’s interior is an exuberant blend of Moorish and vernacular styles. For the restoration, the patina of age on the intricately hand-painted designs is a salute to that history, and acknowledges the new use of the space as a combined sacred space and museum. EverGreene was first involved with the project in the late 1980s by executing a study to investigate the early decorative painting, decorative plaster, and flat plaster. The firm later provided plaster consolidation, overpaint removal, decorative painting conservation, installation of mock-ups, replication of stenciling, faux-wood graining, marbleizing, gilding, and wood finishing. The restoration was completed in 2007.


Services Provided by EverGreene: Conservation: exposure windows, analysis Decorative & Flat Paint: overpaint removal, polychromy, stenciling, inpainting, glazing, faux marble, faux bois Gilding Plaster: substrate preparation, plaster consolidation, hand sculpting ornament Wood refinishing


1929 A.M. Edelman

Restored: 2013

Built in 1929, Wilshire Boulevard Temple was called the “Temple of the Stars” by the New York Times, and is home to Los Angeles’ oldest Jewish congregation that dates to 1862. The Byzantine revival style dome— now the centerpiece of the temple—needed some major work. EverGreene was hired to conduct a study of the dome, develop treatment recommendations, implement seismic stabilization of the dome’s infrastructure as recommended by the engineers, implement necessary acoustical plaster repairs and refurbish the dome’s ornamental plaster and decorative paint. The 100 foot high coffered dome had been damaged by water. The leaks had caused severe deterioration of the paint and delamination of the plaster. To repair


the damage, glue was injected into cracks in the loose plaster to consolidate and harden to prevent further damage. To create replacement plaster ornament, molds of the extant pieces were made and duplicates were cast on-site. Accumulated dust and salts were cleaned, and then the 10,000 sq ft dome interior was repainted using a variety of techniques including glazing, Keim painting, flashing, and gilding. Services Provided by EverGreene: Ornamental plaster Decorative paint Plaster consolidation Gilding


1929 Clarence Stein, Robert D. Kohn and Charles Butler Restored: 2005

EverGreene was the prime contractor for the two year phased restoration of historic finishes at Temple Emanu-El. Conservators restored decorative paint and ornamental plaster; historic mosaics; stained glass; stone; and ornamental metal in the temple and lobby. The restoration of the Akoustolith involved careful testing and cleaning using dry methodologies.

Services Provided by EverGreene: Decorative paint Ornamental plaster Mosaic Stained glass Metal refinishing Akoustolith cleaning



1959 Earl Swenson (Architect); Ben Shahn (Muralist) Restored: 2001

“The Call of the Shofar,” a wall mosaic designed by Ben Shahn in 1959 and executed by Foscati, was installed in 1960 at the entrance to the Temple. Cracks developed through the tesserae and mortar bed, and grout loosened. EverGreene conservators developed a program of investigation, documentation, stabilization, testing of consolidants, consolidation of voids using injected adhesives and fillers, cleaning, and crack monitoring. The conservator’s conditions survey provided a graphic record of surface conditions and interlayer voids including missing and non-original grout, missing and

oddly formed tesserae, surface cracks, drill holes, and broken tiles. The final phase of treatment was completed in January of 2001 following construction in the Temple: removing protective facing paper, regrouting and further consolidation as necessary, replacing missing tesserae, and presentation of a final treatment report and maintenance guidelines. Services Provided by EverGreene: Investigative study Mosaic cleaning and conservation Treatment report


WASHINGTON D.C. 1951 Grad & Sons Architects Renovated: 2013

EverGreene completed two decorative finishes projects for the synagogue under the direction of H3Architects. The first included implementing copper leaf and decorative paint to the doors of the ark in the House of the People. For the second phase, EverGreene executed lettering in gold leaf on canvas at the frieze in the Charles E. Smith sanctuary. The gold leaf on canvas was completed in the studio and installed on site.

Services Provided by EverGreene: Decorative painting Gilding


Restored: 2002

Congregation Shearith Israel was the first synagogue in the United States to adopt a Classical Revival style. Strongly influenced by Italian Renaissance and Baroque synagogue architecture. EverGreene conducted a historic finishes investigation to identify the original interior decorative painting scheme as well as a scagliola survey to document and test the the conditions of the scagliola pilasters and columns. Conservators then restored ornamental plaster and artisans implemented a newly designed (by EverGreene) decorative scheme in the synagogue’s interior.

Services Provided by EverGreene: Historic Finishes Investigation New decorative design scheme Plaster and scagliola survey Lead paint removal Scagliola restoration Ornamental plaster restoration Decorative painting


1865 James Keys Wilson

Restored: 1995

EverGreene repaired and restored all decorative plaster and paint. Over 100 new stencils were cut and more than forty custom panit colors were blended to match the original stencils and colors. Services Provided by EverGreene: Ornamental plaster repair Decorative painting Stenciling


Renovated: 2005

Working closely with the board of directors, EverGreene designers created a new decorative scheme for the temple that eliminated existing polychroming and better harmonized with present architectural elements, adding scale to the walls and dome interior. The final design included a warmer, more welcoming color palette, custom-made stencils and quoining along the side windows and central arches in the temple. Artists also fabricated ark doors comprised of a Ÿ� red oak face with a poplar stave core and cast bronze insert. Services provided by EverGreene: New design Decorative painting Interior decoration before renovation

Creating the ark doors for the temple in the EverGreene plaster studio (left) and the finished ark doors (right).

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Congregation Shearith Israel, New York

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Temples & Synagogues  

EverGreene has preserved and restored some of the oldest, most significant temples and synagogues in the country. Our work at these beautifu...

Temples & Synagogues  

EverGreene has preserved and restored some of the oldest, most significant temples and synagogues in the country. Our work at these beautifu...