EverFast Rechargeables

EverFast Rechargeables

Kowloon City, Hong Kong

A Hong Kong-based private company, we, EverFast, have been offering our customers an overall package of the highest quality and become one of the leading rechargeables and electrical accessories suppliers in the industry.

With sales office in Hong Kong and production facilities in Southern China, we provide global breadth as well as manufacturing expertise. We're also proud of our one-stop-shop service and the innovations provided to the industry from our R&D team.

Possessing years of experience and capabilities of working with over 100 retailers and importers across Western Europe and America, consistently providing them with reliable products and practical solutions in a professional and timely manner, we have reasons to be confident that we could play a big part in taking your sales figures to a whole new level.

Please have a good look at our catalogues and contact us anytime for more information - we are never more than a phone call or email away!