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TrainingGermanShepherd.Net EPISODE 4 EPISODE 4 “Training Your German Shepherd To Be a Guard Dog”

German Shepherds are the perfect  p p choice for guard dogs and police  i investigation dogs. i i d

Training your German shepherd  Training your German shepherd to be a guard dog is a little  g g more complicated. 

It is ideal to begin  when your German  Sh h d Shepherd pup is  i eight weeks old eight weeks old. 

The first thing you need to do is to 

sociali e o r dog socialize your dog. 

The second stage of training  h d f i i should include basic obedience should include basic obedience  training. g

Once you have  won the heart of  your pet he will your pet, he will  do anything to do anything to  please you.

You should also have your own rules  within your home so that your  within your home so that your dog learns discipline. g p

You want him to behave in a  You want him to  behave in a particular way with particular  people and particular circumstances.

YYou might need to take him to guard  i ht d t t k hi t d dog training classes too. dog training classes too. 

Once he has  completed  completed obedience training,  teaching him to be  a guard dog is easy.  dd i

Once your dog is well educated in the  Once your dog is well educated in the guarding techniques, he can protect  your home and family. 

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Obedience Training for German Shepard’s As a parent, your main concern is to keep your children safe. There isn't a better way to do so, while also...

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