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Presentation Outline About North Cyprus - TRNC • Visiting North Cyprus • Current Investments in North Cyprus Tourism • NEW developments & why TRNC is a hot property location

About Evergreen Developments • Who we are and what we build • NEWS from Evergreen

About our projects – and special offers! • History and surroundings • Why you should visit, vacation and/or invest!

• Inspection Trips & Special Offers!

Where is North Cyprus? • Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean – traces of ancient civilisation from 10,000 BC • Famous as the birthplace of the legendary “Aphrodite” – Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology. • It is 240km long by 100km wide (the size of Wales in the UK)

• Temperatures range from a winter daytime av. +17C to summer av. of +33C on the coast

Visiting North Cyprus • Turkish/Non European passport holders can fly to Ercan Lefkosa (North) International Airports. European /Cypriot passport holders can choose Ercan OR Larnaka

• North Cyprus has one of the most welcoming visa policies in the world - no advance visa required!

The Landscape of North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is breathtakingly beautiful. Geography ranges from high Besparmak mountains to the lower coastal regions with beaches.

The Landscape of North Cyprus • Northern Cyprus has a huge number of important ancient sites including Roman remains & castles • Geography ranges from flat coastal areas to high coastal mountains rising to 1,000 m and the long “pan handle” Karpaz - which is a protected environmental area.

The Landscape of North Cyprus Famous Besparmak (Five Finger) Mountain

The Landscape of North Cyprus Karpas Peninsula

History & Culture in North Cyprus Bellapais Abbey

Cities in North Cyprus • Four main cities in Northern Cyprus are:  Nicosia (Lefkosa) the Capital City,  Kyrenia (Girne)  Famagusta (Gazimaguza)  Guzelyurt

New meets Old in North Cyprus Kyrenia/ Girne Town

Wildlife in North Cyprus • Many unique species of wildlife – including: • rare orchids • butterflies • birds • deer and • turtles which attract visitors from all over the world

Leisure activities in North Cyprus • There is a huge range of activities for holidaymakers in Northern Cyprus – something for everyone!

• These include • winter sports (Troodos Mountains) • water sports • diving • cycling • turtle watching • mountain walking • exploring ancient sites • shopping • sailing

Luxury in North Cyprus • For those with more 21st century tastes there are top of the range leisure facilities, 18 hole golf clubs and hotels.

History & Population of Cyprus • Since the Ottoman Empire / 1500s, there have been two main populations in Cyprus – Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

• In addition, there has been a large British population as Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 until 1960 • The official languages of Cyprus are now English, Greek and Turkish.

History & Population of Cyprus • Since 1974 following a failed attempt to unify the island with Greece, Cyprus has been divided into the Greek Cypriot South and the Turkish Cypriot North • The British Military retain 98 square miles of Sovereign Base Territory in two main bases in South Cyprus.

History & Population of Cyprus • The population of the South is 800,000+ (inc 60,000+ British Residents). The population of the North is 400,000 + including 150,000 foreign nationals, inc over 10,000 British Residents. • Most of this population is in the cities. • The line which divides the two countries is called The Green Line.

History & Population of Cyprus • The North is an independent democratic country linked to Turkey with its own parliament, laws and institutions. • The currency in the South is the Euro. The official currency in the North is the Turkish Lira, but the property market is all in pounds sterling (£). • The sterling market, as sterling is low at present, is one of the many reasons why investing in North Cyprus property now is good for investors

Benefits of North Cyprus • IDEAL for vacations OR retirement – British feel at home as was ex Colony (drive on the left!) * Gorgeous climate (max 35C) • Easy access & convenient mid way between Middle East and UK/Europe • Low cost of living – whether buying a vacation, a property, or just a meal out • Friendly, welcoming local people • Ideal retirement spot with all leisure/healthcare facilities

Economy growing in North Cyprus! • 2011 was “TRNC Year” in Turkey! • As a result of this, TRNC now attracts large numbers of both tourists AND investors • Leading Turkish investors are investing into both tourism & property development including new hotels.

Turkey is investing in North Cyprus! • Turkey has an expanding economy unaffected by euro zone instability

• Turkey’s government is giving funds to Turkishaffiliated investment zones • The wealth of Turkey’s 70+ million population provides new opportunities for the TRNC

Tourism is growing in North Cyprus • Income from North Cyprus tourism is increasing each year whilst tourism in neighboring countries is declining • Tourists worldwide are now seeking non-eurozone countries for holidays.

• The fast growing popularity of mainland Turkey with tourists from Europe AND the Middle East is spilling over to North Cyprus.

What’s NEW for TRNC Economy? • Upgrading of North Cyprus ERCAN AIRPORT to bring 5 million tourists to TRNC – 500% increase in capacity • Forthcoming undersea WATER PIPELINE from Turkey costing 117 million Turkish Lira (£40,727,983 GBP) • OIL AND GAS reserves around Cyprus will ultimately benefit the North of the island too

Ercan Airport upgrade * 350 million Euros to be

spent by Turkish company •New terminal building • Hotel • 62 check in desks • 24 passport control points • Basement car park • Second runway • Subway tunnel.

Water pipeline from Turkey? • The 107-kilometer (67-mile) pipeline will run from Alakopru dam near Anamur on the Mediterranean to a damn in Gecitkoy in northern Cyprus. It’s expected to be operational by March 2014

* It will carry 75 million cubic meters (19.8 billion gallons) of water a year to northern Cyprus. * Turkey also plans to provide electricity to northern Cyprus through underwater cables that will run parallel to the water pipeline.

Water pipeline could supply N. AND S.? Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey “ We can provide potable water to the Greek Cypriots if they need it. We can also provide them with electricity if they need it. We are saddened to see their conditions. They bring water to the Greek Cypriot administration in tankers and have to drink water with rust. They can avoid drinking water with rust and enjoy the clean water of Anamur if they desire�

Economy expanding, prices low but rising North Cyprus has the lowest property prices in the Mediterranean. Historically this has been brought about by: • Low cost of land • In the past – cash buyers only • Past history of Northern Cyprus –

And prices are rising!

Our Flagship Pre-74 Beachfront investor site • There has been a 75% increase in prices in 6 years from off-plan to completed. • Investors can now see Phase One up and running – plus there are a fabulous array of facilities!

Why buy in North Cyprus? What will drive the growth of your investment in the future?

• It is a Sterling property market – with sterling cheap for overseas buyers the value of their investment will rise as sterling strengthens • Mortgages and payment plans now in Northern Cyprus • Infrastructure, new roads and increased investment is driving progress

New European Economy Magazine on North Cyprus Investment

UAE Press on North Cyprus Investment

What’s NEWS from Evergreen? • First full season of our

APHRODITE AIRLINES KITE SCHOOL based at Aphrodite Beachfront

• RRD – Roberto Ricci Designs, held international conference at Aphrodite this year with delegates from all over the world including S America and Japan.

RRD at Aphrodite this summer!

Delegates from as far as Japan and Dubai came to Aphrodite this year for the annual Roberto Ricci Designs event

Aphrodite Airlines in TRNC media!

Aphrodite gains RCI

GOLD CROWN AWARD • Aphrodite Beachfront is

the ONLY gold crown site in North Cyprus • Owners at Aphrodite can use, rent OR EXCHANGE up to ten weeks per year useage in their own freehold apartment for using fabulous luxury properties all over the world. See for details


What’s NEWS from Evergreen? • NEW PROJECTS planned for next year • APHRODITE TOWER new designs – will be the tallest building in Northern Cyprus

New Aphrodite Tower designs

Horseshoe Bay NEW ÂŁ250,000 GBP Horseshoe Bay is a unique private bay at the gateway to the Karpaz. Villas built to individual designs. Private maid service, private bay NOW from ONLY ÂŁ250,000 GBP for 3 bedroom villas

OMANIS in TRNC! •Expansion of our Evergreen staff to include Arbic speaker – more Omanis buying our properties! • There are currently 26 Omani students in TRNC universities in undergrad & post-grad programs. Some on scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education of Oman and some are on academic scholarships. 6 are at Lefke Uni near Aphrodite Beachfront on West coast

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? • We have one of the largest and most comprehensive teams of any North Cyprus property company

• We offer a dedicated After Sales Customer Care service • We have an international team speaking a total of 8 languages

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? • Our Logo was chosen to represent stability & growth • We are the most established & experienced international development company in the country • We have completed 9 projects and have 7 in progress – over 7 years

• We are financially stable with no outstanding mortgages or loans on any of our land

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? Organisational Chart Management

Finance Admin

Maintenance and Lettings

Property Development

Sales and Marketing

After Sales Customer Care

Aphrodite Beachfront

Crystal Bay Village

Crystal Bay Marina

Joya Marina Bar and Bistro


Online Marketing English / ME Russian

Scandinavian / EU


Project Management (Construction / Mechanics)


Water Sport Center

Joya Aphrodite Bar and Bistro

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? • We only build in sites which are known to be key investment areas • We choose sites with fabulous views & position whether beachfront or mountain • We offer an unparalleled range of facilities • We offer onsite management teams on almost all our sites • We are the only North Cyprus property company to have 365 day per year fine dining restaurants on some of our sites

Joya Restaurant at Crystal Bay Marina Delux

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? • Evergreen builds to the highest international standards • We provide a 5 year building warranty on all our properties

• We use the highest quality internal fittings, floor & wall tiles, kitchen units, bathroom fittings etc.

Why Choose Evergreen Developments? ONE LAST POINT... • Don’t buy with Evergreen if you want the absolute CHEAPEST.

• We are not the cheapest. But we are the best! • Evergreen properties will hold their value and are good for resale as well as rental return

There are Developments. And then there are Evergreen Developments!

OUR RANGE – all areas, all types of title deed • Evergreen offers pre-74 deeds AND TRNC title deed properties

• We hold the biggest portfolio of secure title, freehold pre-74 villa and apartment properties • Pre-74 title deed refers to a property built on land which belonged to Turkish Cypriots prior to 1974 * TRNC title deed properties are new properties built on land for which the TRNC government has reissued title deeds.

Confirmation of Turkish Title

Visit Aphrodite Beachfront Village • Take a vacation or buy a freehold OR fractional property! • Range is from studio (£35,000 GBP) to three bedroom/front line (£180,000 GBP) • Facilities include – indoor pool, outdoor pool, onsite fine dining restaurant, water sports club, jacuzzi, spa, gym, onsite management and lettings office • Perfect for both retirement, vacations, investors (some guaranteed min 5% rental return) • Near to local town, banks, shops and hospital

Aphrodite - location

Our Flagship Pre-74 Beachfront investor site • Aphrodite Phase Two is now under construction • Phase THREE the tower will commence in early 2013 – reserve INTEREST FREE NOW! • Some phase two sections are READY NOW – starting price now £60,000 GBP(2 bed) • Phase three Studio prices start at only £35,000 GBP, one bedroom from £38,000 GBP • Take advantage - and get entry level prices! • Price level depends upon proximity to the sea

Aphrodite Beachfront – our flagship pre-74 site

Aphrodite at Gaziveren in Lefke area • Evergreen Developments purchased the land at Gaziveren on the West Coast in 2004

• The site was chosen due to its beachfront position and pre74 title deed. • It was initially somewhat speculative, since there was no other development on the West coast in this region.

• Starting prices in 2007 were £46,950 for two bedrooms bought OFF PLAN

The Lefke area – traditional culture

Phase One - Aphrodite Beachfront

The beach at Aphrodite

Scenes from Aphrodite Beachfront

Aphrodite Beachfront Village

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Joya Restaurant at Aphrodite

Joya Restaurant at Aphrodite

Joya Restaurant at Aphrodite - Staff

Aphrodite Beachfront Village – Our Flagship Pre-74 Beachfront investor site

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Launch of Aphrodite Airlines

Kites and sunsets at Aphrodite

Interiors – luxury for guests & investors

Luxury Facilities at Aphrodite

Interiors at Aphrodite

Current Developments to Increase Tourism & Investment • The West Coast Bay Area has been declared an area of special Tourism Investment by the government • $220M US dollar Florida style theme park just announced for West Coast (next to Evergreen’s own Aphrodite Beachfront village)

• 400 bed Cyprus Green/Eco Hotel also launched close by. • Expansion of Golf Course on West Coast and new Free Port planned near Lefke.

Current Developments to Increase Tourism – Wonderland Park Plans!

Crystal Bay Marina (Delux) - our luxury site on the North Coast

A few images with marina site & Joya

Crystal Bay Marina (Delux) - 10 min drive from Korineum Golf Club

Crystal Bay Marina Delux

Crystal Bay Marina (Delux) - our luxury site on the North Coast

Crystal Bay Marina Delux

Crystal Bay Marina Delux

Crystal Bay Marina Delux

Bellapais Spring Village • Amazing investment potential – prime pre-74 area, close to shops and beach

• Under Construction link detached villa project in the most sought after residential area of N. Cyprus ONLY £110,00 GBP • Near to Kyrenia Town facilities, plus NEW English School, Harbour, Golf Club, Mountain walks, Cultural Activities • 5% MIN rental guarantee available. Excellent letting potential to local families.

Bellapais Spring Village

Bellapais Spring Village

Views from Bellapais Spring Village

Views from Bellapais Spring Village

Rooftop Sea View from Bellapais

Mountain Village – The Beverley Hills of North Cyprus • Completed and Under Construction detached villas in own grounds from £145,000 GBP with own pool • Fabulous views across the whole of Cyprus, close to Kyrenia and the capital Nicosia

Mountain Village

Mountain Village

Mountain Village

Horseshoe Bay • A limited number of extremely high end custom made villas with private bay, maid service and infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean. • Our most luxurious properties. From £250,000 GBP

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

Crystal Bay Park

Crystal Bay Park

Crystal Bay Park • Completed beachfront site with two bedroom apartments starting from £60,000 GBP • Facilities include beach, use of three pools, gym, tennis court, onsite management

• Close to Esentepe town, Korineum Golf course and with good access to the Karpaz.

Crystal Bay Park & Crystal Bay Villas

Delux Evergreen Unique Interior Range Now a new standard for interiors on ALL our new properties. No other N Cyprus property company offers this standard.


High Standard Kitchen – Choices of colors and models*

Delux Evergreen Unique Interior Range • Marble kitchen worktop

Delux Evergreen Unique Interior Range • Laminate Flooring –

alternative to granite porcelain

Why invest in North Cyprus? • TRNC is NON-EUROZONE! •Evergreen property prices are rising! • European Courts recognising the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) in Lefkosa – which is paying compensation to Greek Cypriots, increasing investor confidence

• North Cyprus is a recession product – low prices are affordable in recession

HOLIDAY LETTING/RENTAL GUARANTEE OPTIONS • 5% min guaranteed rental pa ON SELECTED PROPERTIES • Flexible payment plans • Good supply of local all year lets from Lefke Univ. • In-house Management and Holiday Lettings Company.

• We handle everything – furnishings, lettings, management

Lefke European University – Rental Opportunities •

Investors who prefer an “all year” tenant can take advantage of the close proximity of Lefke University. We currently have a waiting list of academics wanting to rent our owner’s apartments.

This provides a guaranteed min 5% rental return on selected properties.

With more and more parents choosing to send their children to University in the TRNC, this would also be a wise investment and possible future accommodation for your family when visiting your child.

Payment Options • Here at Evergreen, we recognise the need for flexibility in terms of payment plans and mortgage help for those who wish to own a North Cyprus home.

Please note, we are always happy to personalise your payment plan to your particular needs.

2 Payment Plan Options 1.

INTEREST-FREE STAGE PAYMENTS over 12 – 36 months. – This is for our off-plan or under-construction properties ONLY – 100% of the funds must be available within 36 months on tower, 24 months on most other properties



2 ways to visit – 3 offers! 1.

Come on an independent vacation at Aphrodite Beachfront Village OR Crystal Bay Marina!


Come on an inspection trip as a lifestyle OR investment buyer!

Special offers to visit us in NOVEMBER! We can organise you and your family an INDEPENDENT VACATION!


* Limited availability. Subject to availability for qualified applicants. Current offer is for visitors who are arriving in November 2012. At other times, please call for offer availability.



£1,300 – LEGAL FEES – NOW £2,500 – furniture – NOW £2,500 – WHITE GDS/ AC – NOW £3,000 (AV) 5% VAT (payable in 1 – 2 years) 5. £300 Stamp Duty (0.5%) - NOW TOTAL AV: £9,600 (5,773 RO)

• •

1. 2. 3. 4.

Purchase price 39,048 RO Buying costs 5,773 RO TOTAL OUTLAY: 44,821 RO You now have a furnished, completed, fully running apartment ready for rental.

We will GUARANTEE to give you back in the first year of ownership - 2,241 RO or £3,755 !


FREE FURNITURE PACKAGE of your choice – TOTAL WORTH £2,000 +


COME AND VISIT US IN NOVEMBER! For a limited time only we are offering selected qualified visitors a no obligation cash back offer of up to £375towards their flight costs (per couple) to come for an NOVEMBER visit ONLY.

Offer includes • •

• • • •

£375 cashback

Up to towards your flights, no obligation (subject to T + C) Full refund of your flight costs towards your property purchase (if property is 37,000 RO or more) Free airport transfers and all transport throughout Assistance in booking your trip Bed and breakfast accommodation for up to four nights in our luxury Aphrodite Beachfront village Full services of our team during your stay.


Aphrodite Beachfront Village Resort –The Perfect Vacation, Retirement and Property Investment Location

All you have to lose is the chance to gain!

North Cyprus Property & Investment Presentation - Middle East  

North Cyprus Property & Investment Presentation

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