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2013 Media Kit

Who we are Lowcountry Parent is for moms who want local information about how to plan and manage their busy lives and families. Our unique blend of stories and ideas educates, entertains and inspires our readers to be smarter and better informed moms, wives, friends and individuals.



In a recent survey, we learned that our readers are:

89% Women 82% Ages 25-44

84% Have 1-3 children 68% Have children who are elementary age

Matt Winter, a Lowcountry parent and editor of Lowcountry Parent Matt Winter, Manager of Niche Content and Design and Editor of Lowcountry Parent, has been with Evening Post Publishing for more than 16 years. He has won first place awards from the S.C. Press Association for special publications, spot news photography, page design and column writing. He is a founding editor/ manager of Tideline magazine, North Charleston Magazine and My Charleston‌ and is the proud papa of a 10-month old baby boy, Teddy.


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Distribution 42,000 copies of Lowcountry Parent are distributed throughout the tri-county with a readership of 105,000+ per month!

• Elementary school students bring Lowcountry Parent home in their backpacks. • Community locations are chosen with our readership in mind. Distribution sites include doctors’ and dentists’ offices, daycare and recreation centers.

• In Harris Teeter and Piggly


Wiggly locations throughout the Charleston area.Inside


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Lowcountry Parent goes home in students’ backpacks.



Ar r ising st ’s y r t n u LOWcO Lowcountry Parent is a recognized brand in the tri-county area, a partner in numerous family events and es emaker hop featured inside the pages of The Post Berkeley knifhim for an edge and Courier. chefs turn to

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Lowcountry Parent articles featured in The Post and Courier

A part of the

community: You can find Lowcountry Parent at a number of community events. Local models are featured on our covers and recruited through our annual Cover Kids event which raises money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. At left, kids are happy to see Santa during 2nd Sunday on King Street. Lowcountry Parent sponsored photos with Santa at the event.

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Lowcountry Parent is a publication of Evening Post Publishing. 134 Columbus Street, Charleston, SC 29403-4800

Low Country Parent 2.5.13  

Low Country Parent 2.5.13

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