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E2: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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SEE AND BE SCENE: What better way to start the new year than by looking back at all the amazing things we did in 2012, like seeing Hootie & the Blowfish perform at their Homegrown Concert at the Family Circle Cup Stadium on Aug. 17. Here’s hoping 2013 is even better! Pages 22-27

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The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E3

E4: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

get back into the groove after the holidays e ven as a lover of the holiday season, i, too, can get a bit burned out on all the holly jolly festive cheer come the end of december. so with new year’s come and gone, it’s now time to move on.

‘rocky horror’

what better way to get past the holidays than with something decidedly nonseasonal, such as a midnight showing of “The rocky horror picture show.” The cult classic, if you’re unfamiliar with the tale, follows just-engaged couple Janet weiss (susan sarandon) and Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) as they seek aid after running into some car trouble. The problem is that the only help for miles

around comes in the form of a “sweet transvestite” by the name of dr. Frank-n-Furter (tim curry). if you’re still a bit dubious, know that the movie was selected for preservation in the u.s. national Film registry by the Library of congress for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” cinebarre, 963 houston-

20th century fox

Tim Curry stars as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (front) with Nell Campbell as Columbia (from left), Patricia quinn as Magenta and Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” northcutt Blvd., Mount pleasant, will be keeping with tradition and showing “The rocky horror picture show” at midnight. The movie is one of the bestknown and most financially successful midnight movies of all time. seating will begin at 11:30 p.m. Friday and if you need more convincing, tickets are $6.60. Beer, wine and food are available for purchase. also, as the theater caters to an adult clientele (18 and up), you won’t be straining to hear the lyrics to “time warp” over a crying child. call 884-7885 or go to

civil war show

in a parallel universe on the same side of town, the omar shrine temple, 176 patriots point road, Mount pleasant, will be hosting the 20th annual Lowcountry civil war show and sale over the weekend. Featuring more than 250

People Saturdays in

Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick star in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

tables of authentic civil war memorabilia and artifacts for sale, including firearms, swords, documents, currency, uniforms, books and dug relics, this is something everyone from the historian in the family to the student could enjoy.

if you’re a collector and wonder how much your sword, musket or newspaper is worth, you’re in luck as rafael eledge of “antiques roadshow” will be on hand offering free appraisals. open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. saturday and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. sun-

Up close and personal.

day, tickets are $8 for adults with kids 12 and under getting in for free. call Mike kent at 770-6307296 or email MLkshows@ reach allison nugent at 937-5706

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E5

a sneak peek at 2013

5 new races make an appearance, including the much talked about color me rad can be submitted over email via the website.

Bluegrass run


he newest craze in fitness events — short fun runs where participants are bombed with brightly colored corn starch — makes its Lowcountry debut in March. headlining an array of arrivals in the charleston area for the new year is color Me rad, a 5k set for March 23 at the exchange park in Ladson. This americanized, capitalized version of holi, the hindu religion’s “festival of colors,” has spread like wildfire across the country in the past year, much like similarly trendy obstacle-course “mud runs” aimed largely at young adults. The emphasis of these events is on making fitness fun while making the organizers money. For those who want to sign up before the fee goes from $35 to $40, the deadline in Jan. 11. wait until March 20, and this 5k will cost you $45 ($14.50 per mile). registrants can choose from four waves of runners who will be bombed with brightly colored powder, described as “non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, kroger branded, colored cornstarch,” with waves starting at 10 a.m. and leaving in 20-minute intervals. Like many corporate events, no contact person or phone number was listed on the website, www.colorme, that lists a whopping 49 cities with color Me rad events. But questions

while running and bluegrass might seem like an odd mix, the organizer of a new bluegrass festival in Mount pleasant, the sweet grass Music Festival, has seen other festivals hold races and liked the idea. “since this is a charity event and we wanted to raise awareness of and money for the charities, i thought a run might help that,” said organizer Mike Murrell. The 5k will be held at patriot’s point at 9 a.m. March 16 and will benefit the south carolina chapter of the aLs association, twin to twin transfusion syndrome Foundation and the a21 campaign, an international organization that fights against human trafficking.

Going ultra

while the charleston area has had ultra runs, a 50k and 50-miler, for years, it was always under the radar. chad haffa of eagle endurance LLc is trying to change that. haffa already has established several trail runs in the Francis Marion national Forest in recent years, and the natural extension of that is to establish ultra running (any distances beyond the marathon) in charleston. his Last chance 50k on dec. 15 drew an impressive 74 starters (all but one finished the 31-mile race) as well as 11 four-person relay teams and four two-person teams. now haffa is setting his sights on a 50-miler, the inaugural wambaw swamp stomp on May 4 in cordesville, with the hopes of turning it into the first s.c. qualifier for the granddaddy of all ultras: the prestigious

photographs provided

Participants at a past Color Me Rad event are doused with brightly colored corn starch. western states endurance run 100-miler. “we’re too late to be a qualifier for 2014, but we’re being considered to be a qualifier for 2015,” haffa said. “a lot of it will depend on the size of our race and if it’s hard enough of a challenge. “i want to make this our (eagle endurance’s) signature event,” he added,

Memorial Day run

holiday-themed runs are popular in charleston and across the country, but there’s never been one on Memorial day. The charleston county park and recreation commission is filling that void somewhat with the run to remember 5k at 6:30 p.m. May 23, the Thursday evening before Memorial day

weekend, at Mount pleasant Memorial waterfront park. The prc’s oliver sendall said the race is an effort to offer people a chance to kick off the long weekend with an after-work event to do, similar to the catch the Leprechaun and oktoberfest runs.

Trail half-marathon

also an effort of the prc, which is upping the ante in offering fitness-oriented events, the inaugural Lowcountry trail half Marathon will be held oct. 12 at the Mullet hall equestrian center on Johns island. while details still are being worked out, sendall noted that the course will be “entirely different” from the Mullet haul 10-mile and five-mile races at the equestrian center in March.

Color Me Rad is an event that everyone in the family can enjoy and participate in, even the kiddos.

E6: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

‘hyde Park on hudson’

bill murray shines in serious and frivolous moments By kenneth turan Los Angeles Times

movie review

hen ronald reagan was asked, as he periodically was, whether his experience as an actor had helped him to be an effective president, he’d genially respond that he didn’t know how anybody could do the job without having been an actor. he was, reagan biographer Lou cannon believes, kidding on the square, and “hyde park on hudson” amusingly demonstrates how important performance was for another head of state. Though daniel day-Lewis as abraham Lincoln is the presidential presentation of the moment, Bill Murray as Franklin delano roosevelt is well worth paying attention to. his Fdr beautifully conveys the notion of the chief executive as seductive star performer, a man who counted on his everappealing charm to get his way in matters both personal and professional. as written by playwright richard nelson and directed by the expert roger Michell, “hyde park” tries to blend two quite different stories linked by roosevelt’s magnetic personality and the vacation white house he maintained on his family’s estate at hyde park on hudson in upstate new york. The first story involves Fdr’s close relationship with his distant cousin, Margaret “daisy” suckley, played by Laura Linney. The second focuses on a crucial state visit paid to hyde park in June 1939 by england’s king george vi and Queen elizabeth. This combination has its problematic moments,

1/2 (out of five stars) director: roger michell cast: bill murray, laura linney, olivia williams, samuel west rated: r for brief sexuality running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes what did you think?: find this review at charleston and offer your opinion of the film.


photographs by focus features

Laura Linney as Daisy (from left), Bill Murray as FDR and Olivia Williams as Eleanor in “Hyde Park on Hudson.” but you rarely notice them because of the great and diverting skill with which “hyde park” has been made. Though his name is not necessarily on everyone’s lips, Michell has made some of the most entertaining British films of the past 20 years, including “notting hill,” “venus” and “persuasion.” he makes literate films, small-scale chamber pieces with a sly sense of humor that invariably feature fine performances by accomplished actors. Though he has competition, especially from the folks playing the visiting royals, Murray is very much the reason to see “hyde park.” his roosevelt comes alive in both serious and frivolous moments in a convincing way, dominating every room he’s in with his chipper personality and cat-who’s-eaten-the-canary grin despite the polio that

letters and a diary found under her bed after she died in 1991 at age 99. historians differ about whether the relationship had a sexual nature — the film says it did — but either way, this chunk of the movie is not without its difficulties, and they cluster around daisy. Though daisy’s awe of Fdr and her worshipful demeanor toward the great man may be true to life, these sentiments hang around for too long to be dramatically Bill Murray as FDR greets Samuel West and Olivia involving. even Linney’s Colman as King George VI (aka Bertie) and queen great gifts as an actress and Elizabeth in “Hyde Park on Hudson.” some twists in the plot aren’t enough to make this character compelling. has denied him the use of daisy who got the call. helping to take up the his legs. daisy fears she will be too slack are the other women For daisy suckley, rooboring for Fdr, but thrillin the president’s life, all sevelt is a distant star she ing is not what he is looking elegantly played and each never hoped to approach. for in a companion. rather, one livelier than the next. But when Fdr’s mother he seeks someone he can Queen bee, naturally, is the was searching around for relax with. president’s domineering someone family and local to The evidence of daisy’s mother, sara (elizabeth help the great man “take his close connection with wilson), but then comes mind off his work,” it was Fdr came from a cache of his energetic wife, eleanor

(the always welcome olivia williams), and his savvy private secretary, Missy Lehand (elizabeth Marvel). still, even with all this going on, “hyde park on hudson” welcomes the arrival of king george vi and his queen (the same couple who were the focus of “The king’s speech”). it’s not just that samuel west as Bertie and olivia colman as elizabeth are such practiced performers, it’s that the stakes in this particular encounter are considerably higher than the strictly personal ones of the daisy relationship. For everyone is aware that though the mood in america is isolationist, Britain is in desperate need of aid as war looms in europe. alongside this political drama is set a comedy of ritual, protocol and manners, as the americans get deliciously worked up about how to behave in the presence of royalty, and the royals are increasingly aghast at their ability to survive being served such culinary exotica as the ominoussounding “hot dogs.” it’s a classic light-farce situation, and these are just the people to do it right.

thursday, January 3, 2013: E7

The post and courier

murray brings his charm to role of fdr By ann hornaday The Washington Post


long time ago, there was a restaurant in new york called asti, where the waiters sang opera while they served up plates of pasta underneath signed photographs of Babe ruth and noel coward and where, on at least one occasion, Bill Murray led customers (including this writer, who happened to be dining with one of Murray’s friends) in a conga line through the restaurant, out to 12th street and back in again. at the toronto international Film Festival in september, Murray brightened when a visitor reminded him that they’d met before. “were you there the night we were with what’s-hisname, sergio Leone?” he said, his voice rising excitedly, “and we tried to stick (him) with the bill?” er, no, different table. But the asti story is just one of hundreds that abound about Murray, who since breaking out on “saturday night Live” and becoming a star in such comedies as “ghostbusters,” “groundhog day” and “caddyshack,” has pursued something of a dual career, cultivating an inscrutably appealing on-screen persona in indie films by the likes of sofia coppola, Jim Jarmusch and wes anderson, while making himself almost alarmingly accessible offscreen, crashing a group of friends’ kickball game on roosevelt island one day and showing up at a college baseball game the next. Murray, a charleston resident, is frequently spotted out and about in the area. it’s unsurprising to find him dining at local restaurants or causing some trouble as the director of fun for the charleston riverdogs, a minor league baseball team he is part-owner of. The Murray legend, by now, is well known: he doesn’t have an agent, or a manager or a publicist, and takes movie offers only by way of

focus features

nicola cove/focus features/mct

Bill Murray stars as FDR in Roger Michell’s historical tale “Hyde Park on Hudson.” calls to an 800-number that son” also presents a more he rarely checks; according unsettling portrait of rooto one strain of the myth, sevelt, who, when he’s not he’s been known to approach secretly tippling with the strangers from behind, cup king, can be seen carrying his hands over their eyes and on an affair with his distant say, “guess who?” cousin, daisy (when they turn ‘the only suckley (Laura to discover that Linney), a relaactor i could tionship that, the it’s Bill Murray, he reportedly film suggests, was see making just says, “no one one of many will ever believe the film such dalliances in you.”) which roosevelt work was it’s precisely maintained a balthis puncturing bill.’ ance of disarmof movie-star ing sincerity and ‘hyde park on remove, this manipulation. hudson’ director combination Murray said he roger michell of ubiquity and related to what he elusiveness, this saw as roosevelt’s refusal to hew to the conven- compartmentalization, as tions and tribal rituals of well as his shrewd deploycelebrity, that has endeared ment of native charisma. Murray to his fans over his “when i was doing it, it 35-year career, earning him came from a major highway a store of goodwill that turns in here,” he said, pointing out to be crucial to his latest to his chest. “some of that project. stuff was coming right down in “hyde park on hudson,” the interstate. it was like, Murray plays Franklin d. whoosh. Because i can do roosevelt, who, like Murray, that. i’ve got that weapon, or enjoyed the almost worship- that tool. i can do that at 90 ful affection of the amerimiles an hour, i can do that can public. in the film, roo- at 115.” sevelt entertains england’s For director roger Michell, king george vi as the mon- the unsavory aspects of the arch seeks the united states’ story demanded an actor support for Britain in its with Murray’s ingratiating fight against adolph hitler. brand of charisma. “The But “hyde park on hudonly actor i could see mak-

ing the film work was Bill,” Michell said at the festival. “Because there’s something forgivable about Bill. There’s something mischievous about Bill. There’s something ineffably charming about Bill.” “roger said to me, ‘if you don’t do it, i’m not going to do the movie,’ ” Murray recalls. “They always say that, but i could see why i was a good call for this one. you like to get ones like that, where you go, ‘holy cow, i can kill this one. i can kill this thing.’ ” if Murray playing roosevelt feels like natural casting, both physically and psychologically, “hyde park on hudson” represents something of a departure for the actor, who lately has focused on small but toothsome roles in films such as “get Low” and the summer’s art-house hit “Moonrise kingdom.” when he read the “hyde park on hudson” script, he said: “i knew i had to do it. There was something in me at the time saying (that) i had to be more ambitious. Because i don’t really feel like i have any ambition or drive. ... i’m not really a hustler, or anything like that.” But isn’t it that lack of

careerism that has worked so well for Murray over the years? “it has worked for me,” Murray said. “it’s extremely powerful to say no; it’s really the most powerful thing to say.” he credits his laidback approach to his earliest days performing at chicago’s second city, where he watched the likes of John Belushi, dan aykroyd and gilda radner precede him into what he calls “the explosion” of instant fame on “saturday night Live.” “it was a little more of a tougher place, maybe, a little more of an educational place, than it is now,” he said of second city, “where you really had an education in how you comport yourself, how you make a career and what informs your choices.” of his fellow second city alums, he recalls, “you watch as they slam against the walls and who keeps going forward and what it is that keeps them going. “The things that i learned, i just kept rolling with, and saying no is a big, big part of it,” he continues. “i try never to be desperate for a job. ... i don’t even go looking for work and the good stuff comes to me. Better stuff comes to me than i

ever got (when) i had agents throwing junk at me. it’s just sweet. it’s swell.” Murray will next star in “a glimpse inside the Mind of charles swan iii,” by roman coppola, as well as anderson’s “The grand Budapest hotel” and the world war ii heist drama “The Monuments Men,” directed by george clooney. “i envy people like clooney. god, he works so hard,” Murray said wistfully. “he’s working all the time. But he doesn’t have a wife, you know? he doesn’t have kids. if i didn’t, that’s just what i’d do, because it really is fun.” (Murray has six children and was divorced from his second wife in 2008.) “people like george and myself, we really like the doing of it,” Murray explains. “so my challenge is to try to live as well when i’m not working as when i’m working. ... i’m much more of a whole person when i’m working. i’m more collected, i’m more connected, i’m more there.” Murray has to go get ready for the splashy “hyde park on hudson” premiere in a few hours, where he’ll once again beguile the assembled fans and press with that trademark ineffable charm.

E8: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

‘promised land’

matt damon film engaging, entertaining look at fracking and big energy By roger Moore MCT

‘promised Land” is an engaging and entertaining, if preachy, look at Big energy and fracking (the land-andwater-wrecking practice of drilling and pumping water and chemicals into the ground to extract natural gas from shale). to steve Butler (Matt damon), a “consultant” who came from farm country himself, farming and the small farm town lifestyle are “delusional self-mythology” believed by simple people living in the past. his “money for nothing” offer — underground leases — is “the only way (embattled, indebted small farm owners) have to get back.” he’s just gotten the big promotion with global cross power solutions. But dropping into an anytown, usa named Mckinley with his partner, sue (Frances Mcdormand), is a sobering come down. renting an ancient Bronco ii and buying flannel at rob’s guns, groceries, guitars & gas won’t be enough this time. it may be a one-bar/one-gas station town, but the locals are going to make him work for this. hal holbrook is the high school science teacher who has googled “fracking.” and as willfully uninformed as some of his shortsighted, let’s-cash-in neighbors might be, the teacher gets things called to a vote. Bribes to the local board of supervisors won’t be enough. to make matters worse, a slick “hippy environmentalist” (John krasinski) shows up with posters of dead cows and poisoned farms. you almost start to feel sorry for the fracking folks as public opinion shifts. damon and krasinski cowrote the script, and they set up a war of wills: rivals

movie review

 (out of five stars) director: gus van sant cast: matt damon, rosemarie dewitt, John Krasinski, hal holbrook, lucas black rated: r for language running time: 1 hour, 46 minutes what did you think?: find this review at charleston and offer your opinion of the film. trash-talking each other, both flirting with the cute age-appropriate schoolmarm (rosemarie dewitt). who will win? But we already know that, don’t we? The movie is a stacked deck of cards. Back when they filmed “other people’s Money,” the idea was to surprise the audience by making both the populist side and the big business side of an argument compelling, rational and reasonable. not here. Mckinley — the movie was filmed near pittsburgh — really is dying. we see desperation in the eyes of the first farmer (tim guinee of tv’s “revolution”) we meet. others, such as a rube played by Lucas Black, just envision dollar signs. But in either case, their way of living is going extinct. “promised Land” pulls its punches in making that counterargument. damon, the oscar-winning writer, does something nobody else in hollywood would: write a dumb character for Matt damon to play. steve is blindsided by the old science teacher, humiliated and silenced in a way no sharp salesman would be. he’s been working in this business for years and never let himself see the consequences of his actions?

photograpsh by focus features

Frances McDormand and Matt Damon star as employees with Global Cross Power Solutions in “Promised Land.” krasinski and damon make well-matched romantic-andmoral rivals. Mcdormand’s sue is the flinty, no-nonsense sell-out who refuses to learn what steve is finding out. dewitt’s performance is limited to flashing her pretty smile and biting her lip as she flirts. director gus van sant captures bucolic nature, lands the jokes and does well by the many friendly and unfriendly bar scenes. But an evenly matched fight makes for more convincing conflict and better drama. and we needed to see a lot more conflict within damon’s character. you can’t play “dumb” and “morally compromised” when you can’t say, “i’m a good guy,” like you don’t quite believe it. Hal Holbrook stars as high school science teacher Frank Yates in “Promised Land.”

thursday, January 3, 2013: E9

The post and courier

score: Out of 5 stars g: General Audiences pg: Parental Guidance pg-13: Parents strongly cautioned, some content unsuitable for children under 13 nr: Not Rated r: Restricted Note: Dates and times are subject to change. Call the theater to make sure times are correct.

Opening Hyde Park on Hudson

1/2 r

the story of the love affair between fdr and his distant cousin, margaret stuckley, centered around the weekend in 1939 when the king and queen of the u.K. visited upstate new york.

life-changing adulterous affair with an affluent count. citadel: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1, 3:50 terrace: today: 3:55

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3-D pg

a young couple is separated in the dreamlike world of cirque du soleil.

terrace: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15, 9:20

citadel: today: noon, 7; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 7:15, 9:35

The Impossible

Django unchained


an account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.

citadel: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1:15, 3:55, 7:05, 9:35

Promised Land  r

a salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources. citadel: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1:20, 4, 7, 9:30 northwoods: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1:25, 4, 7, 9:25

Not Fade Away r

set in suburban new Jersey the ’60s, a group of friends forms a rock band and try to make it big.

1/2 r

a slave-turned-bounty-hunter (Jamie foxx) teams up with his mentor to hunt down a ruthless gang and rescue his wife from a brutal mississippi plantation owner (leonardo dicaprio).

cinnebarre: today: 2:40, 6:10, 10:25, 1:55 citadel: today: 12:20, 1:10, 3:30, 4:30, 7, 9; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:20, 1:10, 3:35, 4:35, 7:05, 9 James island: today: 12:45, 4:25, 8 northwoods: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:20, 1:20, 3:40, 4:40, 7:15, 9




cinnebarre: today: 12:26, 2:46, 5:46, 9:26, 11:46 citadel: today: 12:20, 2:40, 5, 7:20, 9:40; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1, 7:10 James island: today: 1:45, 4:15, 7, 9:30 northwoods: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15, 9:30



Anna Karenina

biography of alfred hitchcock (anthony hopkins) and his wife, alma reville (helen mirren), during the making of his classic 1959 film, “psycho.”



Jack Reacher  pg-13

a former military police officer (tom cruise) investigates a case to clear a military sniper accused of homicide and discovers a ruthless mastermind.

Les Miserables


a high-society russian aristocrat has a

cinbarre: today: 2:25, 6, 10, 1:35 cinbarre 3-d: today: 2:50, 6:25, 10:30, 2:05 citadel: today: 9:10; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 3:50, 9:20 citadel high frame: today: noon, 3:30, 7 citadel imaX: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:30, 5, 8:30 James island: today: 1:30, 5:10, 8:50 James island 3-d: today: 12:30, 4:15, 8 northwoods: today: 2, 5:30, 9:15; frithur, Jan. 10: 12:30, 4, 7:30 northwoods 3-d: today: 12:30, 4, 7:30

The Guilt Trip

Texas Chainsaw 3-D



bilbo baggins joins gandalf the grey and a group of dwarves on an epic journey to the lonely mountain and along the way meets gollum.

cinebarre: today: 9:45

an inventor (seth rogen) takes a road trip to sell his new product and ends up joined by his mother (barbra streisand).

citadel: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:45, 2:55, 5:05, 7:20, 9:40 northwoods: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:40, 2:50, 5, 7:20, 9:35


cinebarre: today: 12:06, 3:01, 6:01, 10:06, 1:01 citadel: today-thur, Jan. 10: 1:10, 4, 6:55, 9:45 James island: today: 1, 4:05, 7:10, 10:15 northwoods: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:50, 3:40, 6:55, 9:45



a young woman travels to texas to collect an inheritance, but little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-wielding killer is part of the reward.

The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey

an investigation into a midair catastrophe and the pilot’s successful emergency landing creates more mystery than answers.

citadel: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1:40, 4:15, 7:10, 9:40 r

terrace: today: 12:55, 7, 9:05


citadel: today: 1:20, 7

1/2 pg-13

this musical tells the story of a police inspector’s (russell crowe) decadeslong pursuit of an ex-prisoner (hugh Jackman), who has raised a young girl as his daughter, who has fallen in love with a young revolutionary.

cinnebarre: today: 2:49, 6:19, 10:14, 1:39 citadel: today: 12:20, 2:15, 4, 7:30, 9:15; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:20, 3:30, 6:40, 9:45 northwoods: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:20, 3:30, 6:45, 9:55 terrace: today: 1, 4, 7:05, 9:45; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 1, 4, 7:05, 9:45

Life of Pi

 pg

epic adventure of a 16-year-old

boy who survives a sinking ship, only to end up in a lifeboat with a bengal tiger. cinnebarre 3-d: today: 12:16, 6:11, 12:31 citadel: today: 4:05, 9:25 James island: today: 12:45, 6:50

Lincoln  pg-13

this drama focuses on president abraham lincoln through his final months in office.

cinnebarre: today: 2:55, 6:15, 9:45, 1 citadel: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:15, 3:30, 6:45, 9:45 northwoods: today: 12:30, 3:40, 6:45, 9:50

Monsters, Inc. 3-D  g

sully and mike wazowski generate the city’s power with the screams of children, but things are disrupted when one girl follows them into monstropolis.

cinnebarre: today: 12:56, 3:16, 9:01, 11:21 cinnebarre 2-d: today: 6:16 citadel: today: 12:50, 2:55, 5, 7:05, 9:10; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:50, 2:55, 5 James island: today: 1:30, 4, 6:30, 9 northwoods: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:35, 2:45, 4:55, 7:05, 9:10

Parental Guidance 1/2 pg

grandparents (billy crystal and bette midler) agree to watch their three grandchildren but run into some challenges when they try to use their old-fashioned parenting styles.

cinnebarre: today: 12:40, 3:10, 6:10, 9:15, 11:45 citadel: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:10, 2:30, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30 northwoods: fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:15, 2:35, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30 terrace: today: 12:40, 2:50, 4:40, 7:25, 9:15; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:25, 2:40, 4:30, 7, 8:55

Rise of the Guardians  pg

when the nightmare King plans to engulf the world in darkness, the immor-

tal guardians join together to protect the innocence and imagination of the children of the world.

citadel: today: 12:10, 2:25, 4:40, 7 northwoods: today-thur, Jan. 10: 12:35, 2:45, 4:55, 7:30

Silver Linings Playbook  r

after eight months in an institution, a man (bradley cooper) who has lost everything moves in with his parents and bonds with a mysterious girl (Jennifer lawrence).

citadel: today-thur, Jan. 10: 1:30, 4:05, 7, 9:45 terrace: today: 12:35, 2:45, 5:05, 7:20, 9:30; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 12:35, 2:45, 5:05, 7:20, 9:30

Skyfall  pg-13

James bond is back and must destroy a threat to mi6.

cinnebarre: today: 3:18, 9:43 citadel: today: 3:40, 9:45; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 6:50, 9:45 James island: today: 3:40, 9:45 northwoods: today: 3:30, 9:45; frithur, Jan. 10: 12:45, 3:30, 6:55, 9:45

This Is 40 1/2 r

a follow-up on the life, marriage and struggles of pete and debbie (paul rudd and leslie mann), first introduced in the film “Knocked up.”

cinnebarre: today: 12:14, 3:14, 6:14, 9:59, 12:59 citadel: today-thur, Jan. 10: 1, 3:55, 7, 9:45 James island: today: 12:45, 3:50, 6:55, 10 northwoods: today-thur, Jan. 10: 1, 3:50, 6:50, 9:40

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 1/2 pg-13

the cullens and the wolf pack team up with vampire clans to battle the volturi.

citadel: today: 12:30, 7 northwoods: today: 1, 7; fri-thur, Jan. 10: 9:40

azalea square, 215 Azalea Square Blvd., Summerville, 821-8000 | cinebarre, 963 Houston-Northcutt Blvd., Mount Pleasant, 884-7885 | citadel mall stadium 16 with imaX, 2072 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., 556-4629 | highway 21 drive in, Beaufort, 846-4500 | James island 8, Folly and Central Park Rd., 795-9499 | hippodrome, 360 Concord St., Suite 100, 724-9132 | cinemark movies 8, 4488 Ladson Rd., Summerville, 800-326-3264 (dial 1415#) | palmetto grande, U.S. 17 North, Mount Pleasant, 216-TOWN | park circle films, 4820 Jenkins Ave., Park Circle, North Charleston, 628-5534 | regal cinemas 18, 2401 Mall Drive, North Charleston, 529-1946 | terrace, 1956-D Maybank Hwy., 762-9494 | ivanhoe cinema 4, Walterboro, 549-6400 | northwoods stadium cinemas, 2181 Northwoods Blvd., North Charleston, 518-6000

E10: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

By deidre schipani Special to The Post and Courier

go to for details.

meatless mondays


Five Loaves, owned and operated by casey glowacki, is renovating the spot that was Jon’s cocktail Lounge, and before that The village tavern, in Mount pleasant. The new and improved Five Loaves at 1055 Johnnie dodds Blvd. will feature a full bar, draft beer program and craft cocktails. a February opening is planned. The current location remains open during the renovations. 849-1043.

each Monday starting this week, chef Michelle weaver and pastry chef emily cookson will be creating a threecourse vegetarian menu at charleston grill. The menu will change weekly and be priced at $40. sommelier rick rubel will be offering wine pairings to match each week’s menu. This will be year two of the dinner series. if your new year’s resolutions included a commitment to eat healthier, you can jump-start your agenda at charleston grill, 224 king st. reservations are suggested. call 577-4522 or go to

now there are two

restaurant week

The next installment of charleston restaurant week is set for Jan. 10-20. executed by the greater charleston restaurant association, this is one of the most highly anticipated culinary events in the charleston area. it is an opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine of the Lowcountry as participating restaurants offer prix-fixe menus consisting of three items for one price: $20, $30 or $40. check out the website www.charlestonrestaurant, for participating restaurants and for links to menus. reservations are recommended because of the popularity of the event.

on a mission

The charitable society of charleston’s annual oyster roast will take place 7-11 p.m. Feb. 2 at the charleston visitor center Bus shed, 375 Meeting st. This year the event will benefit Louie’s kids, which aims to treat child-


Charleston Grill executive chef Michelle Weaver will again be serving up Meatless Monday dishes. hood obesity, one child at a time. tickets are $25 in advance, $35 at the door and can be purchased online at For more about The charitable society of charleston, go to charitablesocietyof For more on Louie’s kids, go to

ecutive chef Leo waldmier and has been in managerial positions for the smith & wollensky restaurant group in chicago and Miami Beach since 1992. The charleston crab shacks have three locations. go to www.crabshacks. com.

celebrate brazil

chef teca Thompson will host Brazilianuts Food serThe charleston crab vice and events at 6:30 p.m. shacks have named Marc Jan. 14 at the gathering nelms as general manager of spot, 1124 sam rittenberg the west ashley crab shack Blvd. as well as director of group The event will feature a and off-site sales. tasting menu and a selection nelms, a charleston naof Brazilian cocktails. tive, studied at the college of tickets are $60, and a percharleston and the culinary centage of the proceeds beninstitute of chicago. efits trident united way. he interned at The drake advance tickets are hotel in chicago under ex- required.

gm for crab shacks

Freshberry Frozen yogurt and small cakes has opened a second location at 766 s. shelmore Blvd. in Mount pleasant. on the menu: self-serve yogurt and topping stations and smallcakes cupcakery cupcakes. expect 15 signature, smallbatch, freshly baked cupcakes daily. call 388-3632 or go to

now open

For a new way to eat meat on a stick, head over to the cowboy Brazilian steakhouse, 2411 Mall drive in charleston. Bring your gauchos and your appetite to this spirited way to dine. on the churrascaria menu: 16 meats, plus salad bar and Brazilian cocktails. They are open daily for dinner at 5 p.m. MondaysFridays; 4 p.m. saturdayssundays. sunday lunch also is available noon-3 p.m. call 744-9000 for more.

opening soon

craftsmen kitchen & tap house at 12 cumberland st. The booths are in, the signage up and the chandeliers are installed. go to www.craftsmentap for more.

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E11

ichiban offers consistently good service after 15 years

prior to christmas, my By roB young Special to The Post and Courier great-uncle, one of his daughters and i gather for he best traditions are a holiday meal at ichiban, a never the ones intended, casual, hibachi-style Japathe ones that end up nese restaurant in the whole being plotted, planned or Foods shopping center in reconstructed from year to Mount pleasant. year, christmas to christmas. ichiban opened in 1997, Those outings to unearth the and the restaurant continchristmas tree or to hang ues to cook up quick and the greens, or those annual simple teriyaki entrees evenings dedicated to assem- made up of chicken, fish, bling gingerbread homes. steak, scallops and shrimp, no, the greatest traditions as well as spicy variations of are those that grow, those the food. that evolve, those that kind Fifteen years in the resof just happen, those that taurant business is no small tend to leave you wonderthing, and ichiban’s longeving, “Just how did this start, ity and consistency are apanyway?” preciated, particularly by my each year, it seems, just great-uncle, who celebrated


if you go

A plate of spicy chicken and steak from Ichiban.

what: ichiban Japanese restaurant where: 909 houston northcutt blvd., mount pleasant hours: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. monday-friday, 5-9 p.m., monday-saturday more info: 849-8121 his 90th birthday in July. This year, his daughter and i settled into big heaping plates of the chicken and steak (spicy for me, regular for her), covering much of the rice with heavy-handed squeezes from squirt bottles containing ichiban’s thick, buttery white sauce.

rob young

as for my great-uncle (once he dutifully greets each of the restaurant’s staff and diners), he orders the teriyaki shrimp from the kids menu, his appetite not being what it once was.

But all three of us devotedly clean our plates, wiping clean the remnants, carting away any concerns for takeout containers. By then, it no longer matters exactly how these meals

began, only that we are together and toasting another year with shrimp and steak and rice, and looking forward already to the next year, and the next dishes awaiting us.

E12: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

la fourchette

classic appeal with a soupcon of joie de vivre

dependable French food. By deidre schipani Special to The Post and Courier La Fourchette plays it straight with solicitous serur love affair with the vice and authentic foods. foods of France conplace yourself in the catinues. in its simple pable hands of sommelier dishes, we find no clash of kevin kelley and allow him nostalgia or innovation. to pair or pour your wines. we love to traffic in quichLa Fourchette, with its es, pates, terrines, mousses exposed brick wall, black(both sweet and savory) and and-white patterned floor, rise to the occasion. and simple parisian photoThe traditional dishes of graphs, has all the trapbistro and brasserie fare are pings of Belle epoque classics with perfect culiparis. nary pitch. The soulful sounds of The French, more than paris’ memorable Little any other practitioners of sparrow, edith piaf, surthe culinary arts, are pres- round the dining room. ervationists. They do not crusty normandy Farm reinvent the food wheel. baguettes are served with They stick to classic unsalted butter and willingmousses, and bacon has ly replenished by friendly always been their larding servers. ingredient of choice. the food and their love affair with local is so faithful that chick- we began with earth ens come tagged Bresse, the and surf: rustic lentil soup best oysters from Brittany, ($6.25) that could have the best mustard from dijon been hotter but buttressed and apples, ciders and butter the rustic lentil flavor with from normandy. sweet carrot nibs. a series of queries from coquille st. Jacques ($13) our readers in search of a was a classic: Three large classic French restaurant ocean scallops caramelized initiated this visit to La on one side sat in a pool of Fourchette that opened in reduced cream and wine 2006. with smoky bacon lardons refreshed with shallots. the space vegetarians and others La Fourchette, the bistro will enjoy a gateaux (cake) Francais of perig goulet, of grilled eggplant and zuctransports us to France. chini ($10.50) layered with This Brittany native, who tomatoes and served with a worked at il cortile del re goat cheese and leek sauce. before branching out to steak frites ($19.50) were create a place of his own, de riguer. has succeeded in bringThis classic french fries ing an authentic bistro to and steak dish derived from charleston. economy featured a hanger From the soft glow of steak, cooked as ordered, grand Marnier “candles” to topped with a compound the patina of beveled glass butter of herbs, salt and mirrors and the tightly freshly cracked pepper. ordered tables, the “Fork” The simple side of a green (Fourchette) feeds our insa- salad dressed with a puntiable appetite for practical, gent mustard vinaigrette


leroy burnell/staff

La Fourchette at 432 King St. downtown. was the perfect partner. a neighboring table enjoyed the classic north african couscous with lamb sausage. salmon en papillotte ($22) was not available, so grilled swordfish was our default. The swordfish ($23) was served over ratatouille, a revered vegetable dish from nice. The blending of eggplant, zucchini, onions and red and green peppers has as many versions as France has to dress an egg. chef kyle yarbrough’s version is big chunks of vegetables bathed in a tomato and herb sauce. The fish was remarkably fresh and cooked pink. i like that in salmon, but for swordfish, i would go more for medium, so have that conversation with your server.

goulet features his mother’s go-to sunday supper dish: hache parmentier ($19) — think shepherd’s pie topped with a puree of potatoes and gruyere cheese. a daily special of rabbit was very tempting (Mp) as was the pork in mustard sauce ($19), so a return visit is in order. we passed on tarte tatin, classic crepes with lemon and ordered the profiteroles ($7.50, four to a serving). Brittle profiteroles are filled with vanilla ice cream and anointed tableside with warm chocolate sauce. do indulge.

the service

la fourchette cuisine: french category: neighborhood favorite; night out location: 432 King st. phone: 722-6261 hours: 6-10 p.m. mondaythursday; 6-10:30 p.m. friday-saturday; closed sunday food: 1/2 service:  atmosphere: 1/2 price: $-$$$ costs: appetizers $10.50$12, soups $6.25, salads $6.50-$12, entrees $15-$28, and plats du jour, market price. desserts $7.50, cheese plates $12. wines by the glass $8-$11, bottles

The team of goulet, yarbrough and kelley has for family and friends. pitched the flavors well of and with airfare to de classic French bistro cooking. gaulle airport in paris This is the cooking of and running more than $1,000,

$29-$75. vegetarian options: yes bar: full-service bar; wellbalanced french wine list. decibel level: moderate wheelchair access: yes, but room between tables is tight; ask for the niche under the eiffel tower print. parking: street and public garages other: no separate checks, reservations suggested. daily specials: the plat du jour. featured on “unique eats,” July 2011. www.lafourchette well, when the urge for the flavors of the city of Light strikes you, know that the holy city can fill the bill.

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E13

various artists

“django unchained,” make up another winning collection. as usual, tarantino has mixed things up in his take on the classic spaghetti Quentin tarantino already has taken western genre, and along with expected his place among hollywood’s great film musical selections by artists such as endirectors thanks to movies such as “pulp nio Morricone (who also composed the Fiction” and “kill Bill.” iconic theme from “The good, the Bad Just as good as his films, though, are the and the ugly”), he has slipped in more soundtracks that accompany them. unorthodox choices for a film set in the tarantino, who has tastes in music that mid-1800s. run beyond eclectic, handpicks the music tracks by the likes of anthony hamilthat appears in his films, and the songs ton, James Brown and rick ross might that play throughout his latest release, seem out of place in a period western,

but the music serves a purpose, and it all works here. in addition to the music, the soundtrack is filled with sound bites from the film itself by actors such as samuel L. Jackson, christoph waltz, Jamie Foxx and don Johnson. Just as the soundtrack for “pulp Fiction” became almost as legendary as the film itself, so i predict will this soundtrack be as influential.

a fragile tomorrow

The resulting album, “Be nice Be careful,” is primarily a power pop record, and the songs contained within show a new level of maturity by the band, which includes three brothers. chief songwriter and lead singer sean kelly has a singing voice that reminds you of classic ’90s crooners such as evan dando and robin wilson, and the lyrics on songs such as “don’t need saving,” “Loyalty Lies” and “all My Friends are gone” are deep indeed. The high points of “Be nice Be careful” come on “kernersville,” with its

rickenbacker guitar jangle reminiscent of early r.e.M., and “Mess you Made,” which features a groovy little organ riff that likely would make bands like The Zombies nod in approval. all of the big names involved aside, this is a beautifully crafted collection of songs by four young men who are riding high on the success of their own hard work, with nowhere to go from here but up.

choir, collects musicians from some of nashville’s best-known bluegrass and folk groups, including those who play regularly with ricky skaggs, delbert Mcclinton and nanci griffith. on “once in a Bluegrass Moon,” atkinson shares vocal duties with california-born songwriter katy Boyd. The resulting music skirts that wonderfully laid-back line between bluegrass and folk, and tracks such as “Blue Moon over Mexico,” “a cat called ginger and a dog called Fred astaire” and “where i don’t Belong” have a definite retro feel to them, as if they are trying to lull the

listener back to a simpler time. atkinson and his band manage to fit 21 tracks onto a single cd, a feat only bettered by the fact that the easygoing vibe is more or less maintained throughout this beautiful album. not every song hits a bull’s-eye, but the majority of “once in a Bluegrass Moon” makes for great listening.

‘Django Unchained’ original motion picture soundtrack/Universal Republic


Be Nice Be Careful/Piewillie


when local rock group a Fragile tomorrow set out to record its latest album, it shot for the moon. Thanks to connections in the music business that the band has developed through hard work and dedication, it enlisted producer Mitch easter (r.e.M., wilco, dinosaur Jr.) and managed to score vocal assistance from the likes of don dixon, amy ray of the indigo girls, vicki and debbi peterson of The Bangles, and susan cowsill.

blue cactus choir Once in a Bluegrass Moon/Porgy


Fans of bluegrass and folk music from out nashville, tenn., way will recognize the name Marty atkinson. since striking out from his home in ontario, atkinson has traveled around the u.s. and Mexico soaking up the sounds and atmosphere. The music written and recorded by atkinson as a result of those travels doesn’t sound like anything else out there, but it’s rarely uninteresting. atkinson’s latest project, Blue cactus

key tracks: “django,” “i got a name,” “100 black coffins”

key tracks: “crooked smiles and greedy hands,” ”Kernersville,” “mess you made”

key tracks: “a cat called ginger and a dog called fred astaire,” “where i don’t belong,” “i wish you were mine” — by devin grant

E14: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

family affair

brothers make up three-quarters of a fragile tomorrow if you go

By devin grant Special to The Post and Courier

what: a fragile tomorrow with special guests amy ray and danielle howle & fireworks show when: saturday; doors open at 8 p.m. where: the windjammer, 1008 ocean blvd., isle of palms price: $5 for more info: 886-8596 or


ock history is littered with bands that feature two or more family members performing together. From The everly Brothers in the ’50s and The Jackson 5 in the ’60s, to more recent acts such as The Black crowes and The Magic numbers, bands that share family members already have a built-in bond, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the act. charleston has seen its own share of bands with multiple family members, including The cribb, The 3 dudes and Jump, Little children. one of the latest family bands to hit the local scene, a Fragile tomorrow, features brothers sean, dominic and Brendan kelly, and has been quickly making a name for itself in the business as of late. Lead guitarist Brendan is still a teenager, and drummer dominic and lead singer and guitarist sean just became old enough to drink in november. But that hasn’t slowed down the band, which is rounded out by bassist shaun rhoades, from catching the attention of established acts such as the indigo girls and The Bangles, both of which the band has performed with. now, the band, which was formed in Montgomery, n.y., in 2003, is set to release its fourth full-length studio album, “Be nice Be careful.” They will be throwing an album release party saturday at The windjammer, headlining the shows with special guests amy ray and danielle howle & Fireworks show.

Calling in favors

sitting at a table at sesame in west ashley recently, the kelly brothers talked a bit about their band’s history, its recent rise and the new album. sean, who writes most of


Dominic Kelly (from left), Sean Kelly, Brendan Kelly and Shaun Rhoades are A Fragile Tomorrow. the songs, said that the new album turned out exactly as envisioned, possibly even better. “we recorded the album in about three weeks last January,” he said, “and we got Mitch easter to produce the album mainly because we contacted him way in advance about doing it.” The producer, probably best known for co-producing the first two r.e.M. albums, was a Fragile tomorrow’s first choice. “There was a lot of spontaneity on the new record,” dominic added. The album primarily has a power pop sound, but sean also advised that there were a lot of unconventional instruments employed during the recording. “we used timpani, autoharp and electric sitar on various tracks.” The band also called in some favors from a few of the more notable folks with which they have toured with in the past. vicki and debbi peterson of The Bangles and susan cowsill of The cowsills sing backup while easter and album engineer ted comerford play guitar and piano, respectively, on one of the album’s catchiest tracks, “kernersville.” and indigo girl amy ray

added her vocals to “daylight.” don dixon sang on “crooked smiles and greedy hands” while greg humphries added table steel guitar to “My home.” after shopping the finished product around to a few labels, the band ultimately decided to release the new album on its own imprint, piewillie records.

All about family

The album’s title comes from words incorporated in a painting the band saw while touring in Florida. The album art features childhood photos of the brothers’ father, patrick, playing in a sprinkler in a front lawn. patrick and the boys’ mother, vicki, are actively involved in their sons’ music career. patrick, who works for the Medical university of south carolina’s department of public safety, is a retired new york city police officer who was a first responder on sept. 11. “he did a lot of work transporting doctors and medical personnel to and from the world trade center site,” dominic said, “but he was also in the debris pile looking for survivors and recovering bodies.” sean remembers being about 10 and grabbing on to

his father’s legs on the morning of the attacks after he was called in to work, begging him not to leave. while most folks who meet sean and dominic think they’re twins, they are actually two of three (i.e., triplets). The other kelly brother, paul, was born with severe cerebral palsy and passed away in his sleep when he was 5. sean and dominic also live with cerebral palsy, but with much less severe symptoms than their late brother. on the song “Three More hours,” dominic makes a reference to paul, singing “put my brother in the ground, lost my way and turned around.” talking about saturday’s album release show, the kelly brothers were visibly excited. “having both amy ray and danielle howle opening for us is mind-blowing,” said sean. “They are both artists whose work we all respect.” Beyond the release of the new album, the band has plans to tour in europe and Japan in addition to the united states. “we have an asian distributor, so hopefully we can get some interest going over there,” sean said. no matter what 2013 holds for the four members of a Fragile tomorrow, this is definitely a band with real talent, lofty goals and the support to help reach them.

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E15

By Matthew godBey Special to The Post and Courier

chasing pedestrians

it’s the young ones you’re never quite sure about. when it comes to bands, young is either a very good thing or not good at all. There’s a tightrope maneuver that must be handled, usually unknowingly, with unusual grace, one that balances the creative risks and reckless passion so abundant in youth and the technical and business eloquence. But when the opposing sides stabilize, genres are changed, stars are born, legendary moments of “i was there when ...” are formed, and we see what music was meant to be all along. charlotte-based sextet chasing pedestrians seems to be that rare find we wait for, the diamond in the rough that we hope to see polished and prominent one day.

Chasing Pedestrians The band has been quietly building a following around charlotte over the past few years, mainly gaining steam through word of mouth and frequent local shows. Michaela amato fulfills her role as front woman with a natural comfort, drawing on influences honestly and boldly making them part of herself. vocally, amato

competing for the audience’s attention. chasing pedestrians appears to be a band finding its stride and gaining a sense of where it belongs in the grand scheme of things. charging into the new year behind songs such as “summer song” and “can’t tie down” that already have been crowd-pleasers, the future seems to be bright for the young six-piece band. chasing pedestrians will provided perform Friday at the Music Farm, 32 ann st., with The Makeshift, grown up resides somewhere between avenger stuff, don Merckle the confidence, eccentricities and The Blacksmiths. tickets and broodiness of Bjork, the are $8 at the door or online sweet and playful spirit of at doors open at Lisa hannigan, and the indie- 7:30 p.m. laced folk styling from of call 577-6969 or go to Monsters and Men’s nanna Bryndis hilmarsdottir. everyone orchestra The rest of the band backs Matt Butler was listening to up amato responsibly, offeran open-mike session from ing room for experimentainternational participants tion and movement without

while on vacation in india one night when an idea so large hit him that he made it his mission to fulfill. today, he has made that idea an 11-year reality that has grown in popularity year after year. Butler was a san Franciscobased multi-instrumentalist and former drummer of the band Jambay looking for something he could achieve through music that could make a difference in the world. he began hosting openmike nights around san Francisco in which he encouraged participants with varied styles and led improvised song creations himself. eventually, Butler took the idea on the road, raising money for charities along the way. he enlists a revolving cast of well-known musicians to perform while he continues conducting on-the-spot performances. Butler also likes to involve

the audience by using them as a collective instrument in the form of clapping, singing, cheering and more. The everyone orchestra will perform Friday and saturday night at The pour house, 1977 Maybank highway. For the group’s charleston performances, the lineup will include andy Farag and ryan stasik (umphrey’s Mcgee), Jennifer hartswick (trey anastasio Band), roosevelt collier (The Lee Boys), Jeff sipe (Jimmy herring Band, aquarium rescue unit, phil Lesh and Friends), Jeff coffin and the Mu’tet, Leftover salmon and Jason “Lefty” williams (Friday night only) and wallace Mullinax (saturday night only). tickets are $15 in advance, $18 the day of the show and are available at the door or online at doors open at 9 p.m. call 571-4343 or go to www.

E16: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

try something new in 2013


ell, it’s here, 2013. Make it the best year yet. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, make new, more solid plans and do some things you’ve An untitled piece from Kristy Bishop’s new exhibit, “Wash Over You.” never done before


art Festival,” will take over the streets and fields of the small town of Lake city on april 19-28. in addition to being a fascinating 10-day festival, it’s an amazing, potentially life-changing experience for several artists who will win $100,000 in prizes. This is the year for aiming big, artists. now is your time because this is your chance to try and have the money you’re looking for. The festival is looking for new works (two- and threedimensional) from emerging and established artists residing in alabama, arkansas, Florida, georgia, kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, north carolina, south carolina, tennessee, virginia and west virginia. all will vie to be one of the three winners: top prize ($50,000), people’s choice ($25,000) and Juried panel winner ($25,000). “Lake city boosters, led by the highly successful businesswoman darla Moore, have created artFields to celebrate the town’s rich history as a farming community. For generations, the fields yielded robust crops of strawberries and beans. today, they are growing the largest art competition in the southeast,” explains publicist colleen troy. art fest seeks artists “artists will submit work artFieldssM, dubbed as the digitally for consideration “southeast’s Most generous by an independent panel of what better way to ring in 2013 than to become a better business person and take your creative career to the next level. Lowcountry Local First, the north charleston cultural arts department and clemson university have created a 10-week course designed to teach creatives the business side of the industry. “creative production and service requires a great deal of flexibility in pricing, marketing and product development,” explains LLF executive director Jamee haley. “while appropriate for traditional business development, this class is designed to provide those in nontraditional businesses with the ability to develop sustainable enterprises, improving our economic community here in the Lowcountry.” students will have the opportunity to meet and be instructed by successful local creative entrepreneurs in different fields. classes start Jan. 10 at the old village community Building, 4820 Jenkins ave., north charleston. registration is $195. call LLF at 740-5444 or go to www.lowcountrylocal for details.

visual arts professionals, who will determine selection,” troy said. “registration requires a $25 fee, and artists are limited to one submission. Full residency requirements and other rules are available on the festival website. ultimately, more than 400 pieces will be selected and showcased throughout Lake city.” registration opens Monday at and will close Feb. 1. contact artFields at 374-0180 or info@


circles, ovals and rectangles are used to reflect the growth and expansion of a feeling,” said arts coordinator ann simmons. simmons explains that Bishop purposefully didn’t title the pieces so that the viewer could make their own interpretations. it is interesting to understand, however, that there are strong emotions, both positive and negative, behind each piece. For example, in the untitled blue oval piece, Bishop said: “during the creation of this work, these emotions were ‘wash over you’ stemming from environit’s been fun to watch local mental and social issues that artist kristy Bishop find her the world was/is facing at the voice and medium over the time. This led me to use the past couple of years. she first dark blues, purples and grays that change to muted yellows, hit the art scene as a painter and then progressed to work- blues and greens because i felt that they represented my ing with textiles, which is own feelings of dread and where she really shines. uneasiness.” her pieces are fresh, origiThere will be an opening nal and full of emotion. reception 5-7 p.m. today at she is north charleston’s the north charleston city artist-in-residence and has had a busy year, from teach- gallery inside the charleston ing young ones to preparing area convention center, 5001 coliseum drive. if you for her own exhibit, “wash can’t make it tonight, the over you,” which will open gallery is staffed 9 at the north charles5 p.m. Mondays, Fridays and ton city gallery. saturdays. Many of the pieces in the inquiries regarding the artcollection are composed of hand-dyed silks in gradients ist or purchase information should be directed to the of colors. “The subtle changes in color north charleston cultural arts department at 740-5854 gradation within each work represent the fluidity of emo- or www.northcharleston. tion. simple shapes such as org.

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thursday, January 3, 2013: E17

E18: Thursday, January 3, 2013

thursday, January 3, 2013 : 19E

MYCharLesTONWeeKeND ‘where are you haydn?’

ever wanted to travel through time? the charleston symphony orchestra can help you out this weekend with its “time machine: where are you haydn?” the educational and interactive program explores the stages of franz Joseph haydn’s composing life. the performance will feature cso principal horn player brandon nichols, who has been a member of the cso since 1989. when: 7:30 p.m. saturday where: dock street theatre, 135 church st. price: $35 for adults, $20 for students for more info: 723-7528, ext. 110, or www.

holiday pub crawl

usaf tops in blue Brandon Nichols

if you’re looking for a special and festive way to tour the town, look no further. based on tours in europe, the fourth annual holiday pub crawl is an unusual spin on a historic tour of the city: through the oldest pubs and taverns. this 21/2-hour tour visits four historic pubs, where you can enjoy a beverage. appetizers are offered at two of the stops. along the way, learn about pirates, prohibition, patriots and presidents who once roamed these very streets. group sizes are limited, so reservations are required. when: 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. wednesday where: tour begins at rainbow market shops, 40 n. market st., downtown price: $30 for more info: 577-5535 or


hangover cocktail class

photographs provided

the tops in blue is an all-active duty air force special unit made up of amateur performers selected for their entertainment abilities. one of the oldest and most widely traveled entertainment groups of its kind, the tops is made up of 35 to 40 vocalists, musicians, dancers and technicians, with the primary purpose of performing for military personnel and their families throughout the world. the group also acts as america’s goodwill ambassadors around the globe. this special show is free and requires no ticket. it is first come, first served as far as seating goes. this is one you won’t want to miss! when: 7 p.m. wednesday where: north charleston performing arts center, 5001 coliseum drive price: free for more info: www.northcharleston

there’s no doubt this one will come in handy this time of year. the cocktail club is offering to teach you a few secret recipes, tips and tricks to making the perfect hangover cocktails. and a bonus? taste-testing is encouraged! when: noon-2 p.m. saturday where: the cocktail club, 479 King st. price: $35 for more info: the cocktailclub@theindigo

‘the man who came to dinner’ the village repertory co. is celebrating its move to the new digs with the classic american comedy “the man who came to dinner.” if you’re unfamiliar with the satire, the story follows the arrogant sheridan whiteside as he goes from dinner guest to house guest after falling and breaking his hip. when: 7:30 p.m. fridaysaturday where: woolfe street playhouse, 34 woolfe st. price: $15-$30 for more info: 8561579, 670-6152 or www.

E20: Thursday, January 3, 2013

ron white

The post and courier

the blue collar comedian keeps it ‘a little unprofessional’ By stratton Lawrence Special to The Post and Courier


on white doesn’t fake it. The texas panhandle-bred comedian knows that being himself is what makes people laugh, and he’ll tell you point-blank that the ron white you know from the stage is the ron white you’ll encounter any day of the week. For that matter, the glass of scotch he’s perpetually holding is indeed real, as is the cigar he puffs between nearly every line of his jokes.

white knows that for anyone to want to read his twitter feed, he can’t leave it in the hands of publicists to tweet updates about his new dvd, “a Little unprofessional.” instead, he’s the one tapping in recent one-liners such as “i was dreaming of a white christmas. But my dealer isn’t returning my texts” and “Just cuz it’s pearl harbor remembrance day doesn’t mean you get to skip out on the bill at a sushi restaurant.” after serving in the navy, touring the small comedy club circuit and then “retiring” to Mexico (where he owned a small pottery factory), white’s career was brought back to life in 2000, when he joined Jeff Foxworthy, Bill engvall and Larry the cable guy on the Blue collar comedy tour, a show that stretched on for three years, led to numerous television appearances and made him a minor household name.

if you go what: ron white’s moral compass tour, with opener vic henley when: 7:30 p.m. friday where: north charleston performing arts center, 5001 coliseum drive price: $47.75-$67.75 for more info: www. northcharlestoncoliseum since then, white has expanded his career to include bit parts in tv and film, including roles in “horrible Bosses” (he played a cop), “sex and the city 2” and the upcoming “Jayne Mansfield’s car.” he also authored The new york times best-seller “i had the right to remain silent ... But i didn’t have the ability” and released two charttopping albums: 2003’s “drunk in public” (certified please see white, page e21


The post and courier

white from page e20 gold and no. 2 on comedy charts) and 2006’s “you can’t Fix stupid” (reached no. 1). apart from the scotch, cigar and biting, relentless humor, many fans know him best as “tater salad,” an alias he mockingly gave to an officer during an arrest and later turned into his persona on stage. That wild side and bad boy streak have stayed with white, now 56, and it’s the stories of his still rambunctious attitude (he was arrested as recently as 2008 for marijuana possession) that color his monologues. white kicks off his 2013 touring Friday evening at the north charleston performing arts center with fellow southern-tinged comedian vic henley warming up the audience. charleston scene caught up with white to ask about his scotch preference, visiting the Lowcountry and his famous Mexican bride. Q: Having seen a lot of your material on screen but never experienced your act in person, is it true that your live show can get even edgier and more aggressive than the televised material? a: eventually my live show ends up on television, so i don’t really think so. i don’t look at “offensive” the way some people do. it’s very difficult to offend me. not that you can’t, but it’s difficult. it’s never my goal to be offensive or to not be offensive, because some people are offended by anything. But most people are more like me, especially if you understand it’s a joke. The show is pretty rough. i wouldn’t bring my kids to it. and if you have Baptist friends, don’t let them sit together. if they sit apart, they’ll laugh their (butts) off, but if they sit together, they won’t laugh. Q: Your Twitter feed has more than 120,000 followers, and it’s pretty consistently hilarious. You’re coming up with new material on a daily basis. Does any of that make it into your show? a: not most of it. i put it on twitter because it’s not funny enough to do in the show. so you’re reading my garbage, basically, but thanks for doing it. Q: You drink a lot of scotch, and you’ve said before that you aren’t paid by any particular

thursday, January 3, 2013: E21

brother for her phone number. pretty (expletive) bold, dude, pretty (expletive) bold.

It’s never my goal to be offensive or to not be offensive, because some people are offended by anything. But most people are more like me, especially if you understand it’s a joke. distiller; the bottle on stage with you doesn’t have a label. In the promo for your new DVD, though, you’re definitely drinking The Black Grouse. Did you get a sponsor? a: i’m a big golfer, and i went to scotland to see the open championship the year tom watson almost won. every day we’d go from glasgow to turnberry and pass the Johnny walker facility. i called my people and said, “i’d like to stop by for a tour.” That’s what i drank, and i’d been putting their bottle on stage every night, unless it was televised. well, they said no, so i said, “i’ll never drink another drop of your (expletive) scotch.” and then we called The Macallan people who own The Famous grouse, and they were like, “(expletive) yeah, get him over here.” They are the nicest people. Q: We had the PGA Championship in Charleston last year. Is this a place where you have any memories? a: charleston reminds me of a prettier savannah. i love it. i love the food, and the people are really nice. i remember i found a really great cigar bar downtown. any time i can get a scotch and smoke a cigar in the same place, i’m pretty happy. you don’t need to tickle my ribs or anything. i’m very fond of charleston, and i can’t wait to come back. Q: I should give you a heads up that that cigar bar (Club Habana) lost its lease and the city wouldn’t let them reopen anywhere else because of the smokefree law. a: well ... that’s too bad.

Q: Fill in a gap for me. You’ve quit comedy, you’re in Mexico and you own a pottery factory. Then one day you get a call from Jeff Foxworthy that leads to becoming who you are today. How did that happen? a: i kind of quit comedy without ever quitting. i stopped doing clubs, moved to Mexico and opened this “pottery concern,” let’s call it. so i call Jeff and ask if i can open for him, which i’d done many times. on Friday, i would drive across Mexico to reynosa, catch a plane in Mcallen, texas, fly to houston, fly to atlanta, get on a Marta bus, go to the dekalb airport, get on a jet that Jeff leased, go somewhere, do a show, come back and get a cab to The ritz in Buckhead, which is a pretty fun place to stay, and then saturday, we would go somewhere and do the same thing. sunday i would go back to Mexico. so Jeff and i were flying back from a gig one night, and he started telling me about the concept of the Blue collar comedy tour, and ... i just thought it was too many comedians. it turned into being a really popular thing, so, eventually, they got tired of me living in Mexico because they could never find me. The managers said, “if you want to continue to do this, you’ve got to get out of Mexico.” That was hard for me, because i love Mexico. i think Mexico is like the wild west. i flourish in an environment where the rules are vague. Q: Was the Blue Collar tour when you cut your hair and began considering yourself a professional comedian? a: yeah, it was, but my hair need-

Q: And today, you often tour with Margo (Rey) singing and Alex opening. I know your son (nicknamed Tater Tot) comes along, and your buddy is your manager. That’s quite the family operation. a: yeah, steve, my road manager, and i have been friends since we were 6, so for 50 years. we lived next door to each other. and Margo, she’s been killing it. she has a hit christmas song right now. it’s just behind three songs by Michael Buble. and hers is the only original song. she’s a force to be reckoned with. But yeah, i don’t have a big “yes man” in my camp. My camp is not afraid of me, because they’ve all known me for so long. if i get uppity with them, they just call me on it in a new york second and i look like a dumba**. provided

ed to catch up and stop being 12 years behind. i had long hair most of my life, and i flat out look better with short hair. i confused when people said, “you have beautiful hair,” with, “it looks good on you.” The hair itself was pretty. i was just confusing the compliment. Q: Your regular tour opener, Alex Reymundo (although not in North Charleston), is the brother of your wife, Margo. Did he ever rib you about dating his sister? a: i met alex the first time i ever walked into a comedy club. i went straight to the bar and ordered a beer and a shot of tequila because i was about to throw up, and alex reymundo handed me the beer and the shot. That was on sept. 17, 1986. The first time i saw Margo was about three weeks later, when alex said, “My sister is in a band. want to go see it?” i was like, “no, i do not want to go see your little sister’s all-girl band.” But, boy, was i wrong. Margo is classically trained in opera and sang rock ’n’ roll at night. she’s got a huge spread, like four-and-a-half octaves, and she has this just unbelievably aweshaking power. i was mesmerized. she was probably 17. so here’s how i operate: when i see something i want, 20 years later, i ask her

Q: You’ve got a role in Billy Bob Thornton’s new movie “Jayne Mansfield’s Car.” Are you allowed to talk about the film? a: it’s a great movie. i hope it comes out some day. i met Billy Bob in a bar in austin; he was in town shooting a documentary on willie nelson. he had this band called The Boxmasters and he had his tour bus down there, so we sat up all night in the bus. in the morning, at like 8 a.m., i had to put on a coat and tie because the state of texas was honoring me and declaring it “ron white day” (april 27). i’d slept for about 30 minutes and all my family was there, and my only line to all these representatives there was “i can’t believe they made you work on ‘ron white day.’ ” Q: You’ve been nominated for two Grammy awards. Do you think it’s funny that comedians get Grammys? And did you get to go rub shoulders with any of your favorite musicians? a: i didn’t go. The comedy grammys are done under a tent. it’s televised, but it’s on e! channel or something. i keep a pretty busy schedule. and i didn’t win either of them. Q: So any plans to slow down? Are you healthy? Will you ever kick your scotch habit? a: i don’t really see that happening. we’re all already dead, so ...

E22: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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a year in review Happy New Year, folks! What better way to celebrate the year ahead than by looking back at all the cool stuff we did in 2012. Here’s to keeping the party going!

Photographs by Marie Rodriguez

Alice Cooper performs during his No More Mr. Nice Guy Tour at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on June 11.

Kyle Barnette, Brian Porter, Beth Curley and Sarah Craven celebrate Bastille Day at Fish on July 14.

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thursday, January 3, 2013: E23

a year in review continued

Jimmy buffett performs at the north charleston coliseum on feb. 2.

Ladies Moustache competitor Leslie at the third annual Southeastern Beard & Moustache Championships held at The Music Farm on May 26.

Christopher, Annievic, Marquez and Milliana Brown at the Flowertown Festival in Summerville’s Azalea Park on March 30.

Josh Sarver at the Charleston Beer Garden held at Brittlebank Park on June 23.

E24: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

a year in review continued

rob timmerman

Camille Key, Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, CIFF Co-Founder Summer Peacher and Miss South Carolina Erika Powell at the opening night festivities of the fifth annual Charleston International Film Festival on April 11.

Gunny takes a turn at the ice luge with Jennifer Jones pouring at the Big Game Party celebrating the Super Bowl at The Roost on Feb. 5.

William Stepanek and Monica Karales at the Spoleto Festival uSA Live Concert and Auction at Memminger Auditorium on Feb. 3.

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thursday, January 3, 2013: E25

a year in review continued Elton John performs at the North Charleston Coliseum on March 7.

A pig pickin’ was part of the SEWE Soiree at the Visitor Center Bus Shed on Feb. 18.

Jasper Finks, Luke Brown, Katelyn Rutledge, Josh Pollock and Mike Lusk at the Ballpark Festival of Beers at the Joe on Aug. 25.

Frank Hammond, Cooper Smith and Kymi Caldwell at the Food Truck Rodeo held in the Post and Courier Parking lot on King Street on Nov. 10. Contestants dig in during the crawfish eating contest at the Lowcountry Cajun Festival at James Island County Park.

E26: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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a year in review continued

A performer at Charleston Pride’s Sin party at The Music Farm on July 13.

Ashley Lambert and Neal Maru at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival’s BBq, Blues + Brew held at the Maritime Center on March 4.

Crosby Jack spray paints during Jailbreak 3 at the Old City Jail on April 14.

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thursday, January 3, 2013: E27

a year in review continued A performer plays with fire at the 12th Skinful Halloween on Oct. 27 at the Brick House Kitchen on James Island.

Gerlad Brown dances his 31st birthday away at the MOJA Arts Festival’s Reggae Block Dance Party held at Brittlebank Park on Sept. 28.

Lewis Nelson of Coastal Cigars lights a cigar for Matt Czaja at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival Opening Night Party at the S.C. Aquarium on March 1.

Russell T. Weeks sautees duck and goose at the SEWE S.C. Waterfowl Association’s annual Sportsman’s Ball on Feb. 17.

E28: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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for more weekend events, go online to

Today Kristy Bishop

what: the city of north charleston’s 2012-13 artist-in-residence, Kristy bishop, will present fiber works in her exhibit “wash over you.” when: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily through Jan. 31; reception 5-7 p.m. Jan. 3 where: north charleston city gallery, 5001 coliseum drive price: free more info: 740-5854 or http://

Martin E. Sullivan

what: local artist martin e. sullivan will present a collection of images of objects and people from around the lowcountry, captured with both digital and film cameras and transformed into custom prints using the cyanotype process in his exhibit “cyanotype: old, new photography.” the cyanotype process is an old printing format, historically used to create

blueprints. when: window viewing anytime through feb. 28; reception 6-8 p.m. Jan. 11 where: the meeting place, 1077 e. montague ave. price: free more info: 740-5854 or http://

Karpeles Exhibit

what: the Karpeles manuscript museum is opening a new exhibit for the new year. “the 14 presidents before george washington” runs through april. there are two dozen items that explore often overlooked aspects of the revolutionary war and early national period. when: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. tuesday to friday (closed saturdays, sundays and mondays), through april where: Karpeles manuscript museum, 68 spring st. price: free parking and admission more info: 853-4651 or www.

saturday Civil War Show

what: the 20th annual lowcountry civil war show and sale will feature more than 250 tables of authentic civil war memorabilia and artifacts for sale, including firearms, swords, documents, currency, uniforms, books and relics. free appraisals are available all weekend by rafael eledge of “antiques roadshow,” so bring in that old sword, musket, newspaper or other relics. when: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 5 and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Jan. 6 where: omar shrine temple, 176 patriots point road price: $8 for adults; children 12 and under free; early buyer passes are available friday for $25 each more info: mike Kent at 770630-7296 or email mlKshows@

CSO Time Machine

what: the charleston symphony

orchestra takes the audience once again on a musical time machine. this educational and interactive program explores the stages of franz Joseph haydn’s composing life. the performance features cso principal horn player, brandon nichols, who has been a member of the cso since 1989. last season, the cso presented another classical composer’s life works to a soldout house; now join them as they take on works from the “father of the symphony” himself. when: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 5 where: dock street theatre, 135 church st. price: tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door, if available. more info: 723-7528 or www.

Tuesday Step up for Israel

what: israel is constantly in the public view, but there is much more to the Jewish state than meets the eye. this series will help

viewers to discover core israeli values and success stories, explain why israel is consistently in the headlines and provide answers to the hardest questions about israel. when: 7-8:30 p.m. Jan. 8 where: synagogue emanu-el, 5 windsor drive price: free to the public more info: 614-6487

Thursday, Jan. 10 Restaurant Week

what: the next installment of charleston restaurant week is set for January 10-20. the event, executed by the charleston restaurant association (cra), is one of the most highly anticipated culinary events in the charleston area. it is an opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine of the lowcountry as participating restaurants offer prix fixe menus consisting of three items for one price. 3 items for $20, $30 or $40. when: Jan. 10-20 where: charleston restaurants

price: $20, $30, $40 more info: www.charleston charleston-restaurant-week/

Small Business Lunch

what: the hall family presents one of charleston’s most recognized names in fashion, mary norton, for the monthly small business lunch at halls. limited seating of 60 participants provides an intimate experience with each speaker. when: noon Jan. 10 where: halls chophouse, 434 King st. price: $28 more info: 303-1113 or www.smallbusinesslunchat

Friday, Jan. 11 Sound of Charleston

what: experience the sounds that define charleston and

please see events, page e29

the deadline for night life items is monday at 5p.m. the week before the event or concert takes place. items should be faxed to the newsroom at 937-5579 or e-mailed to items submitted after the deadline will not be printed. for more information, call 937-5582.

Today Frank Duvall Trio

what: live jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. thursdays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Dan Clamp

what: acoustic guitarist. when: 6-9 p.m. thursdays where: the grill on the edge, 41 center st., folly beach

Rene Russell

what: alternative, rock, pop 12-string guitarist/singer-songwriter. when: 6-9 p.m. Jan. 3 where: the shelter Kitchen and bar, 202 coleman blvd., mount pleasant

Swamp Pop Shelly

what: louisiana singer/guitarist in her acoustic duo format. when: 7 p.m. Jan. 3 where: toast restaurant, 155 meeting st., downtown

Greensky Bluegrass

what: americana/bluegrass/indie rock out of Kalamazoo, mich. when: 9 p.m. doors Jan. 3 where: the pour house, 1977 maybank highway, James island price: $15 more info: 571-4343 or www.

Sgt. Submarine

what: beatles cover band. when: Jan. 3 where: wolf track, 1807 parsonage road, charleston

Salsa/Latin Nights

what: dJ luigi and dJ leo of latin groove charleston will be mixing salsa, bachata, merengue, reggeaton, hip-hop and top 40 music. when: 10 p.m. thursdays and saturdays where: southend brewery & smokehouse, 161 east bay st., downtown price: $5 more info: 853-4677 or www.

Friday James Slater Trio

what: live jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. fridays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Brantley Harris

what: acoustic guitarist. when: 6-10 p.m. Jan. 4 where: blackbeard’s cove family fun park, 3255 u.s. highway 17, mount pleasant

Sam Singleton

what: classic covers from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. when: 6:30-9:30 p.m. fridays

where: oscar’s of summerville, 207 w. 5th north st. price: free more info: 871-3800 or www.

Travis Allison, Thomas Champagne, Laura Thurston

what: this week’s singersongwriter series, wintertide, will feature songs and stories from travis allison (acoustic/americana/ folk/rock), thomas champagne (acoustic/pop/reggae/funk) and laura thurston (acoustic/folk/ americana/bluegrass). when: 7-10 p.m. Jan. 4 where: morgan creek grill, isle of palms price: $10 more info: 886-8980 or www.

Chasing Pedestrians, Grown up Avenger Stuff, The Makeshift, Bare Knuckle Champions

what: indie rock/folk/funk/pop from chasing pedestrians out of huntersville, n.c., self-described “rock alternative punk pop glam healing” from grown up avenger stuff out of charlotte, local indie rock/experimental band the makeshift and self-described “high energy indie-americana-folkgrass” from bare Knuckle champions out of columbia. when: 7:30 p.m. doors Jan. 4 where: the music farm, 32 ann st., downtown

price: $8 more info: www.musicfarm. com

Ryan Bailey

what: lead vocalist of the alternative country/folk rock/americana-rock band cumberland belle. when: Jan. 4 where: new moon pizzeria & pub, 2817 maybank highway, Johns island

Gracious Day

what: country/southern rock. when: Jan. 4 where: tru blues, 1039 Johnnie dodds blvd., mount pleasant more info: 881-1858

saturday Frank Duvall Trio

what: live jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. saturdays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Thomas Champagne

what: acoustic pop/reggae/funk. when: Jan. 5 where: new moon pizzeria & pub, 2817 maybank highway, Johns island

The Misery Jackals

what: self-described “pillbilly browngrass/bluethrash” from akron, ohio. when: 9 p.m. Jan. 5

where: the mill, 1026 e. montague ave., north charleston price: free more info: 225-2650

sunday New South Jazzmen

what: dixieland jazz during sunday brunch. when: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. sundays where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

The Buddhist Prodigies

what: local phish cover band will play out on the deck. when: 5 p.m. doors Jan. 6 where: the pour house, 1977 maybank highway, James island price: free more info: 571-4343 or www.

Cattle in the Cane

what: bluegrass/folk/country/ blues/gypsy jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. sundays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Monday Margaret Coleman & Wayne Dawes

what: acoustic/folk/jazz and

drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. mondays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Tuesday James Slater Trio

what: live jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. tuesdays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bayi st., downtown j more info: 724-3815 or www. s c t Acoustic Open Mike l what: listen to live music while enjoying a homemade dessert, specialty coffee or craft beer. c when: 5:30 p.m. tuesdays where: bakehouse charleston, $ 160 east bay st., downtown u price: free more info: 577-2180 or www. s

Firetag’s 3rd Birthday Bash

what: dub/psychedelic/ reggae from Quasiphonics, americana/bluegrass/folk from lost highway, bluegrass/folk/ country/blues/gypsy jazz from cattle in the cane, folk/folk rock/ indie rock from Jordan igoe and

please see clubs, page e29


s s t s f r n g w

The post and courier

clubs from page e28 friends and marsh core/metal/ punk from skwirl grinda. when: 7 p.m. doors Jan. 8 where: the pour house, 1977 maybank highway, James island price: free more info: 571-4343 or www.

Fire & Ice Karaoke

what: Karaoke with dJ wild bill. when: 9 p.m. tuesdays where: wet willies, 209 east bay st., downtown price: no cover. more info: 826-2193 or www.

Wednesday Anne Caldwell & Larry Ford Trio

what: live jazz and drink specials during high steppin’ happy hour. when: band 5-9 p.m. wednesdays, happy hour 4-7 p.m. where: high cotton, 199 east bay st., downtown more info: 724-3815 or www.

Barn Jam

what: awendaw green’s barn Jam will feature live music from devon elizabeth (pop/ soul/jazz out of charlotte), saul brooks (local country/rock/ alternative), carolinabound (americana/folk/country out of north carolina) and simple syrup. when: 6-10 p.m. Jan. 9 where: sewee outpost, 4853 u.s. highway 17, awendaw price: $5 donation more info:

events from page e28

its unique southern charm — jazz, gospel, gershwin, gullah, spirituals, civil war songs — coming to life in sacred and historic spaces during a 75-minute live concert. when: 7 p.m. Jan. 11 where: circular congregational church, 150 meeting st. price: $28 adults, $25 seniors, $16 students, children 12 and under free more info: 270-4903 or www.

Russian Masters

what: the winners of the second annual “share the stage,” young musicians contest, will be performing these selections alongside their professional cso counterparts. rachmaninoff’s piano concerto no. 2 will feature a rising star, guest pianist micah mclaurin, who is a 17-year old charlesto-

thursday, January 3, 2013: E29


what: self-described “postmodern ragtime/gypsy/jazz/ swing/jugband.” when: 6:30-8 p.m. wednesdays where: city lights coffee, 141 market st., downtown

Live Team Trivia

what: live team trivia at all five lowcountry locations. times may vary. when: wednesdays where: Kickin’ chicken restaurants price: free more info: www.kickinchicken. com

Plane Jane

what: seven-piece party band covers all favorites from the ’60s to today for ladies’ night. when: 9:30-11:30 p.m. wednesdays where: J paul’z, 1739 maybank highway, James island

Thursday, Jan. 10 2 Cool

what: acoustic and electric favorites. when: 7-11 p.m. Jan. 10 where: molly darcy’s, 235 east bay st., downtown

The Devil Makes Three

what: acoustic/blues/punk/ bluegrass/folk/country out of santa cruz, calif. when: 8 p.m. doors Jan. 10 where: the pour house, 1977 maybank highway, James island price: $15 more info: www.charleston

nian and award-winning pianist. during the second half of the program, the orchestra revisits tchaikovsky for his symphony no. 5. guest conductor Joann falletta returns to the podium to lead the cso. when: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 11 and 12 where: sottile theatre, 44 george st. price: tickets start at $25 in advance or $30 at the door, if available more info: 723-7528 or www.

Monday, Jan. 14 Deborah Meyer

what: adults ages 18 and up will focus on value studies to expand painting knowledge using visual references selected by the teacher. students must bring their own materials: paints, brushes, canvases, easels (if use of table is not preferred). registration closes one week prior

Friday, Jan. 11

saturday, Jan. 12


‘Music and Oysters for Wildlife’

what: live music. when: 6-10 p.m. Jan. 11 where: blackbeard’s cove family fun park, 3255 u.s. highway 17, mount pleasant

Shawn Hagan, Jim Goolsby, Chris Boone

what: this week’s singersongwriter series, wintertide, will feature songs and stories from shawn hagan (from acoustic/ americana/folk group hick child soup), Jim goolsby (guitarist) and chris boone (acoustic/alternative pop/indie). when: 7-10 p.m. Jan. 11 where: morgan creek grill, isle of palms price: $10 more info: 886-8980 or www.

Steven Fiore

what: indie folk/pop/folk rock. when: Jan. 11 where: new moon pizzeria & pub, 2817 maybank highway, Johns island

The Cool

what: pop, rock, dance and party covers. when: 9:30 p.m. Jan. 11 where: moonshine saloon, 216 myers road, summerville


what: indie-folk pop, rock ’n’ roll, americana out of north carolina. when: 10 p.m. Jan. 11 where: tin roof, 1117 magnolia road, charleston price: $7 more info: 571-0775

to day of workshop. when: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Jan. 14 where: the meeting place, 1077 e. montague ave. price: $27.50 per workshop or $125 for series of five workshops more info: 740-5854 or http://

House Concert Series

what: musicians of chamber music charleston perform a candlelight concert of mozart’s string Quartet “the hunt” and smetana’s string Quartet “from my life” in the historic edmondston-alston house. a light reception follows the performance. when: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 14 where: edmondston-alston house, 21 e. battery price: $35 more info: 763-4941 or www.chambermusic

what: the sewee association will present an evening of all-youcan-eat bull’s bay oysters and live music, in support of the association’s environmental education program. featured performers will be the lincoln middle/high school steel band, ed hunnicutt, red dog ramblers, cravin’ melon and friends, doug Jones, charles hedgepath, tim white, donnie blackwell, danielle howle and firework show and mark bryan’s occasional milkshake. when: 2-6 p.m. Jan. 12 where: sewee outpost, 4853 u.s. highway 17, awendaw price: $35 more info:

Shrimp City Slim

what: blues pianist/singer. when: 7 p.m. mondays where: med bistro, 90 folly road blvd., James island price: free

Battle of the Bands

what: the college of charleston will present this battle of the bands, with live performances by bianca and page (pop/folk/country), donnie dies (experimental/ progressive rock/funk), tom mackell (acoustic/folk/rock), stop light observations (garage/revival/alternative rock), tyler boone (acoustic/blues/rock) and south street (alternative/rock/jam). when: 8 p.m. doors Jan. 12 where: the music farm, 32 ann st., downtown price: $5 more info: 722-8904 or www.

more games at postand courier. com/games.

ace’s on bridge By BOBBY WOLFF

This hand, which I was shown from the National Swiss Teams Final a few years ago, was especially pleasing. Against the contract of three no-trump West led the spade six, andthechancesofsuccessdidnot look rosy, with the blockages in clubs and diamonds, not to mention a wide-open heart suit. With limited practical chances, South thought a little deception might come to his aid. He tried the effect of the spade nine from dummy, and when the eight appeared on his right, he overtook with the king. Cashing the diamond ace and queen brought down the jack, and declarer could now lead a low club from hand. For West, it looked exactly as

if his partner held the doubleton spadeeight,andSouthhadbegun withthebareace-kinginthatsuit. It seemed unnecessarily dangerous to let declarer reach dummy to cash his good diamonds, so he rose with the club ace and, after long consideration, produced his “safe” spade exit. Now South went up with dummy’s jack and cashed the diamonds. At this point declarer already had nine tricks, but West was so disconcerted when the spade jack held, that he discarded aclubontherunofthediamonds, As a result that suit also came in withoutfurtherloss,givingSouth no fewer than 12 tricks! The play to trick one is certainly a useful tool to add to your armory.

© United Feature Syndicate

E30: Thursday, January 3, 2013

DOONESBuRY By Garry Trudeau

The post and courier

B.C. By Mastroianni & Hart

SALLY FORTH By Francesco Marciuliano & Craig Macintosh

PEANuTS By Charles Schulz

JuMP START By Robb Armstrong

BLONDIE By Dean Young

DuSTIN By Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker

CuRTIS By Ray Billingsley


word game yesterday’s word: revenues

reeve reuse revue average mark 19 rune words time limit 40 minutes ruse ensue can you find 29 ensure or more words in enure partial? erne the list will be published tomorrow. even ever – united feature syndicate 1/3 veer

today’s word: partial

veneer venue verse nerve neve never nevus nurse user seen seer sere

serene serve seven sever severe sneer suer sure

the rules -words must be four

or more letters. -words which acquire four letters by the addition of “s,” such as “bats,” are not used. -only one form of a verb is used. for example, either “pose” or “posed,” not both. -no proper nouns or slang words are used.

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E31

DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham THE LOCKHORNS By Bunny Hoest & John Reiner

MARMADuKE By Brad & Paul Anderson

BIZARRO By Dan Piraro

Yesterday’s Solution

ZIGGY By Tom Wilson

crossword puzzle

More gaMes and puzzles at

E32: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

NON SEquITuR By Wiley Miller

BEETLE BAILEY By Mort, Greg & Brian Walker


JuDGE PARKER By Woody Wilson & Mike Manley


ROSE IS ROSE By Pat Brady & Don Wimmer

MARY WORTH By Joe Giella & Karen Moy


HI AND LOIS By Brian & Greg Walker & Chris Browne

LuANN By Greg Evans

thursday, January 3, 2013: E33

The post and courier

THE WIZARD OF ID By Brant Parker

BABY BLuES By Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman

DILBERT By Scott Adams

ANDY CAPP By Reg Smythe

HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Chris Browne GET FuZZY By Darby Conley

ZITS By Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

GRAND AVENuE By Steve Breen

today’s horoscope leo (July 23-aug. 22): don’t feel you have to make a decision regarding work if you are not fully prepared. look for alternatives that suit your background.

sagittarius (nov. 22dec. 21): partnerships will fall short if you cannot maintain equality. do your own thing if possible and avoid controversy.

gemini (may 21June 20): don’t let an impulsive decision hold you hostage. budget will be key to how far you’ll advance. hard work will lead to your success, not depending on luck.

virgo (aug. 23sept. 22): move toward the path that you find most inviting. don’t worry about what others want you to do when the bottom line is finding your own comfort zone.

capricorn (dec. 22Jan. 19): your ability to meld the old with the new will be your gateway to a better standard of living as well as enhance your reputation and your current position.

libra (sept. 23oct. 22): slow down and observe. a chance to fraternize with people sharing your concerns and interests is apparent.

aQuarius (Jan. 20feb. 18): taking a critical look at where you have been and where you are headed will be an eye-opener leading to new beginnings.

cancer (June 21July 22): make a statement. step outside your inner circle and experience what’s being offered that you can utilize in your own pursuits.

scorpio (oct. 23nov. 21): recognize what you have to offer and you will avoid being manipulated by someone trying to get something from you for less.

pisces (feb. 19march 20): too many options will be your downfall. cut through your choices quickly by harnessing the options that use your resources.

aries (march 21april 19): run the show instead of giving someone else the upper hand. you may face adversity. taurus (april 20may 20): share information and you will learn something new that you can apply to a project you want to accomplish this year. consider your position.

E34: Thursday, January 3, 2013

The post and courier

Prime-Time Television JAN 3


6 PM


7 PM

C = Comcast Cable (N) = New (HD) = High Definition See complete TV listings Online at

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8 PM


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News 2 at 6PM NBC Nightly Wheel: Winter Ex- Jeopardy! (N) 30 Rock (HD) Up All Night: The Office: The Parks: Ben’s Par- Rock Center with Brian Williams News 2 at 11PM (:35) The Tonight Show with Jay 3 (N) WCBD News (N) (HD) peditions. Leno Ziggy Marley. (N) (HD) (HD) Jerry Duty. (R) Target. (R) ents. (HD) Presidential affair. (R) (HD) (N) ABC News 4 @ ABC World News ABC News 4 @ Entertainment Nashville: Pilot. Singer tries to win Scandal: Happy Birthday, Mr. Presi(:35) Nightline Jimmy Kimmel Scandal: Blown Away. Shocking ABC News 4 @ 8 6 (N) WCIV (N) (HD) 7 (N) (N) (HD) back fans. (R) (HD) (N) (HD) Live (HD) dent. Olivia returns. (HD) betrayal. (R) (HD) 11 (N) Live 5 News at 6 CBS Evening Live 5 News at 7 2 1/2 Men (HD) Big Bang (N) 2 1/2 Men (N) (:01) Person of Interest: 2"PI"R. (:01) Elementary: Dirty Laundry. Live 5 News at 11 Late Show with David Letterman 9 (N) WCSC (HD) News (N) (HD) (N) (HD) (HD) (HD) Teenage genius. (N) (HD) Dead manager. (N) (HD) (N) (HD) Tracy Morgan. (N) (HD) The PBS NewsHour (N) (HD) Equitrekking: Big (R) Carolina Stories: The Baruchs of Southern Lens: Horse Creek ValMr. Cao Goes to Washington PolitiTavis Smiley (N) BBC World Charlie Rose (N) 11 WITV Costa Rica. Hobcaw. Family land grant. ley. (R) cian profiled. (N) (HD) (HD) News (HD) Kolenda Rose Clear Great Awakening Tour One on One Miracles New Manna (N) Know Cause CBN News Awakening Awakening 230 CBN News WLCN Lo que callamos (N) La llamada (N) Al extremo (N) Extranormal (N) Deporte caliente Noticiero (R) 250 El milagro de los Santos (N) WAZS Judy Attor- Judge Judy (R) Family Feud (N) Family Feud (R) Mobbed: Marry Me Now or It’s Over. Mobbed: We’re Having a Baby. The News at 10 Local news report TMZ (N) Dish Nation (N) Raymond: 6 Judge WTAT af ney fees. Surprise proposal. (HD) Dance routine. (N) (HD) and weather forecast. (N) Grandpa Steals. Family Joe takes Simpsons Big Bang (HD) Big Bang (HD) White Collar: What Happens in White Collar: Countermeasures. Baggage (HD) Excused: 30 Rock: The “C” Old Christine: 30 Rock Dis13 steroids. WMMP Peaches. (HD) Burma.... (HD) “Ex-conman” arrives. (HD) Man-kini. (R) (HD) Word. Popular. (HD) tracting Liz. (HD) 48: The Chase; One Shot. (R) 48 Stabbing; gunfight. (R) (HD) 48 Mysterious car. (R) (HD) Beyond Spoiled girl. (N) (HD) Teen Trouble: Samm. (HD) 48 (R) (HD) 49 48: Beatdown; Pistol Whipped. A&E (5:30) “Footloose” (‘84, Drama) A Chicago teen moves to a small town “The Karate Kid” (‘84) A teenager moves from New Jersey to California, where he immediately becomes (:01) “The Karate Kid, Part II” (‘86, Action) aa (Pat 58 where AMC the target of bullies, until an elderly man teaches him the art of karate. af (HD) dancing and rock ‘n’ roll are banned. ab (HD) Morita) Pair face feud and foes. af (HD) “Lottery Ticket” (‘10) ac (Bow Wow) A young man wins the national lottery. “Torque” (‘04) a (Martin Anderson) A biker is framed for murder. Wendy (R) 18 106 & Park Top music videos. (N) (HD) BET Housewives Cover shoot. (R) Housewives: Reunion Part 1. Housewives: Reunion Part 2. Kathy Griffin Celeb humor. (N) Housewives: Reunion Part 2. Kathy G. (R) 63 Housewives: Healing Hole. (R) BRAVO Art Walking Shop Talk SE Spine In the News Savage Rpt Judge T. NewsMakers Tammy Mayor Riley Computer Shop Talk 2 Tammy C2 Tosh.0 (HD) Futurama (R) Futurama (R) South Prk (R) South Prk (R) South Prk (R) South Prk (R) South Prk (R) Roast of Charlie Sheen (R) (HD) Futurama (R) COMEDY 53 Sunny (HD) Queens (HD) Rules (HD) Rules (HD) Diaries Winter party. (R) (HD) Beauty: Saturn Returns. (HD) News (N) Seinfeld ‘Til Death ‘Til Death ‘70s (HD) 14 Queens (HD) CW Moonshiner (R) (HD) Moonshiner (N) (HD) Moonshiner (R) (HD) Property (HD) Property (HD) Moonshiner (R) (HD) Property (HD) 27 Moonshiner (R) (HD) DISC E! News (HD) E! News (N) (HD) Soup (R) (HD) Love You (R) “She’s Out of My League” (‘10, Comedy) (Jay Baruchel) (HD) C. Lately (HD) E! News (R) (HD) 45 Kardashian E! Cupcake (R) (HD) Chopped: Charge!. (R) (HD) Chopped: Pigging Out. (HD) Sweet: Electric Genius. (HD) Chopped Sparkling cider. (HD) Chopped (R) 34 Chopped: Viewers’ Choice!. FOOD 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men 2 1/2 Men “The Waterboy” aac A simpleton becomes a football hero. (HD) “The Waterboy” aac A simpleton becomes a football hero. (HD) “Underworld” 23 2 1/2 Men FX Farm Kings Farm Kings Music Videos Headline (R) Late Shift (N) Farm Kings 147 GAC Daily Countdown (R) GAC Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Newlywed (N) Newlywed (N) Newlywed (N) Newlywed (N) Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage (R) 179 Fam. Feud GSN Brady Brady Brady Happy Days Happy Days Happy Days Happy Days Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Gold Girl 47 Brady HALL Selling NY Hunters (HD) Hunters (HD) Salvage Salvage Addict (HD) Addict (HD) Hunters (HD) Hunters (HD) Hunters (HD) Hunters (HD) Addict (HD) 98 Selling NY HGTV Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Bamazon: Timber!. (R) (HD) Ax Men: Put Up or Shut Up. Cajun Pawn Cajun Pawn Pawn Stars HISTORY 126 (5:00) Secret Acc (R) (HD) Happy Days Dr. Quinn Sheriff Hank. The Waltons: The Substitute. The Waltons: The Bequest. Matlock: The Best Friend. Matlock: The Country Boy. Dr. Quinn 244 Happy Days INSP Wife Swap af Project Retail budget. (R) (HD) Project: All Stars and Stripes. Dance Moms: The Beginning of the End. (HD) Double (HD) Project (HD) 29 Wife Swap af LIFE Clueless The Challenge: Battle of (HD) Jersey Shore (HD) Jersey Shore (HD) Jersey Shore (HD) Jersey (HD) Jersey Shore (HD) 35 Clueless MTV Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Dateline (HD) Dateline ID: Haunting Images. Lost: Miraculous Reunions. (N) Dateline (HD) Dateline (HD) 64 Mysteries OWN Impact Wrestling (N) (HD) Bellator 360 Bellator 360 “Crank 2" aac 44 “Underworld” Medical student sought in war of undead. (HD) SPIKE “Outlander” (‘08) (James Caviezel) An alien soldier crash-lands in Norway. (HD) “Repo Men” (‘10) (Jude Law) Corporate agents repossess organs. ab (HD) “Outlander” (‘08) ab (HD) 57 Lost Girl (R) SYFY Good News Potter Touch Scenes Joel Osteen Destined Houston Praise the Lord Holyland 242 (5:00) TBN Highlights 2012 TBN Seinfeld (HD) Seinfeld (HD) Seinfeld (HD) Family Family Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (HD) Office (HD) 12 Queens (HD) TBS “Forty Naughty “Weekend for Three” (‘41, Comedy) aa (Dennis “The Littlest Rebel” (‘35, Drama) aaa (Shirley “Captain January” (‘36, Family) aac (Shirley “Stowaway” (‘36, Comedy) aaa (Alice Faye, Rob55 Girls” (‘37) TCM O’Keefe) Former boyfriend decides to move in. Temple) Southern girl befriends Yankee. pqv Temple) An orphan lives in a lighthouse. pqw ert Young) An orphan wins over a millionaire. Sister: Hard to Say Goodbye. Sister: Secrets Revealed. (HD) Four Wedd: ...and a Pilgrim. What Not to Wear: Tiffany. (N) Four Wedd: ...and a Pilgrim. Wear: Tiffany. 68 What Not to Wear: Mayim. (R) TLC Mentalist: Red Sky at Night. Mentalist: The Red Ponies. Mentalist: Pink Chanel Suit. The Mentalist: Red Hot. (HD) CSI NY: Playing with Matches. CSI NY (HD) 4 Mentalist (HD) TNT v Food (HD) v Food (HD) Mysteries Museum facts. (R) Mysteries Deadly avalanche. Mysteries Disturbing secrets. Mysteries Museum facts. (R) Mysteries (R) 52 Bizarre Foods: Alaska. (R) TRAVEL Cops (HD) Wipeout Zany obstacles. (HD) Funniest Commercials (R) Jokers (R) Jokers (R) Jokers (N) Jokers (R) Top 20: Wild & Wet Wipeouts. Funniest (R) 72 Cops (HD) TRUTV Noticiero (HD) Corona de lágrimas (HD) Por ella soy Eva (HD) Amores verdaderos (HD) Amor bravío (HD) Primer (HD) Noticiero (HD) Al diablo con 50 Casa risa UNI NCIS: Red Cell. (HD) NCIS: SWAK. (HD) NCIS: The Voyeur’s Web. (HD) NCIS: Light Sleeper. (HD) CSI: Crime: Who Are You?. SVU (HD) 16 NCIS: Bikini Wax. (HD) USA Greatest 100 - 81 since 90s. Greatest 80 - 61 since 90s. (R) Greatest 60 - 41 since 90s. (R) Greatest 40 - 21 since 90s. (R) Greatest 20 - 1 since 90s. (R) “Fools Rush” 21 Behind the Music: Pink. (HD) VH1 Christine Funniest Home Videos (HD) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met WGN News at Nine (N) (HD) Funniest Home Videos (HD) Rules (HD) 71 Christine WGN The Kudlow Report (N) The Facebook Obsession (R) Inside Prison Industry (R) Greed: The Art of the Steal. Mad Money (R) Prison (R) 33 Mad Money (N) CNBC Anderson Cooper 360° (HD) Piers Morgan Tonight (HD) Anderson Cooper 360° (HD) Erin Burnett OutFront (R) Tonight (HD) 10 (4:00) Situation Room (N) (HD) Erin Burnett OutFront (N) CNN Tonight from Washington The day’s top public policy events. (N) Tonight from Washington (N) Capital News Today (N) Capital News 30 U.S. House of Representatives (N) CSPAN The FOX Report (N) (HD) The O’Reilly Factor (N) (HD) Hannity (N) (HD) On the Record (N) (HD) The O’Reilly Factor (R) (HD) Hannity (HD) FOXNEW 32 Special Report (N) (HD) Hardball with Chris (R) (HD) The Ed Show (N) (HD) Rachel Maddow (N) (HD) Lawrence O’Donnell (N) (HD) The Ed Show (R) (HD) Maddow (HD) 31 PoliticsNation (N) (HD) MSNBC College GameDay (HD) Showcase SportsCenter 7 SportsCenter (HD) ESPN C 2013 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs Kansas State Wildcats z{| (HD) Audibles (HD) NFL Live (HD) SportsCenter (HD) NFL Live (HD) 41 SportsNation (HD) ESPN-2 A College Basketball: Michigan vs Northwestern z{| (HD) Access (HD) Predators Golden Classics (HD) Courtside Forrest Griffin: The Ultimate Fighter (HD) College Basketball: California vs UCLA z{| 59 N.C. State FSS PGA: Hyundai Tournament of Champions: Pro-Am. no~ Golf Central (HD) PGA no} 66 Golf Central (HD) GOLF NBC Sports Network: Tomasz Adamek vs. Steve Cunningham. NFL Turning Point (HD) NBC no} NBCSPO 56 NBC Sports Talk (HD) A College Basketball: Northeastern vs George Mason z{| Pass Time Pass Time Car Warriors: Race Cars. (HD) Wrecked (HD) Wrecked (HD) Pinks! (HD) Pinks! (HD) Car Warriors: Race Cars. (HD) Wrecked (HD) 99 NASCAR (HD) Pinks! (HD) SPEED Own Wrds Access (HD) Wom. Basketball no} 28 REV3 (HD) SPSO A Wom. College Basketball: Florida vs Kentucky z{| A Wom. College Basketball: Tennessee vs South Carolina North Wood (R) (HD) North Wood: Moose Mania. North Wood: Off Roadin’. (HD) North Wood: Gun Country. (R) North Wood: Off Roadin’. (HD) North Wood 62 Swamp Wars (R) (HD) ANIMAL Gumball (R) Adventure Orange (R) (:15) MAD (R) Regular (R) King King Dad (HD) Dad (HD) Family Family NTSF:SD (R) CARTOON 124 Regular (R) Austin Instrument Jessie (R) (HD) Good Luck: Ter- Austin Trent is Jessie: Evil Times Wizards: DetenGood Luck (R) Jessie (R) (HD) Austin Song Shake It: Home Good Luck: Jessie: 101 Liz- A.N.T.: 38 (HD) DISNEY tion Election. mite Queen. caught. (HD) Two. (HD) ards. (R) (HD) scavANTger hunt. sale. (HD) stealer. (R) (HD) Alone It Up. Study Buddy. Melissa: Mel “A Lot Like Love” (‘05, Comedy) aac (Ashton Kutcher) Two young “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (‘03, Comedy) aac (Kate Hudson) An executive and The 700 Club (N) Bel-Air Ashley’s 20 FAMILY Marries Joe. adults try to find love amid their inability to cope with reality. an journalist become the objects of each other’s career task. ab new look. Sponge (R) Drake Drake Anubis Sad Fabian; parcel. (N) Full Hse Full Hse Nanny Nanny Friends Friends Friends 26 Sponge (R) NICK MASH MASH Cosby Cosby Cosby Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Queens (HD) Queens (HD) Queens (HD) 61 MASH TVLAND (5:45) “The Day After Tomorrow” (‘04) aac A climatologist tries to Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel “New Year’s Eve” (‘11, Comedy) ac (Michelle Pfeiffer) People deal The Best Sex: A Retrospective “Win Win” (‘11) 302 warn the world about a cataclysmic shift in climate. (HD) HBO aaa (HD) (HD) with their love lives over the course of New Year’s Eve. (HD) Sexual exploits. (R) (5:50) “Arthur” (‘11, Comedy) aa (Russell Brand) (:45) “The Parent Trap” (‘98, Comedy) aac (Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan) Twin girls “Cadillac Man” (‘90, Comedy) aa (Robin Williams) “Sexy Assassins” (‘12) An assassin 320 Fun-loving MAX bachelor has choice to make. (HD) meet for the first time and hatch a plan to reunite their parents. (HD) Car salesman soothes angry gunman. (HD) falls for her target. (HD) “Mallrats” (‘95, Comedy) aac (Jason Lee) “War Horse” (‘11, Drama) aaa (Jeremy Irvine, Peter Mullan) A young man enlists in “The Pianist” (‘02, Biography) aaaa (Adrien Brody, Emilia Fox) A Polish musician 340 (5:45) SHOW Two slackers mope around at a mall. not the British army after his horse is forced into service. rsx (HD) survives the Nazi occupation of WWII and the Warsaw Ghetto. not

The post and courier

thursday, January 3, 2013: E35

Emails stall family reconciliation

celebrating the king of rock ’n’ roll


By reBekah BradFord Special to The Post and Courier


his week’s trivia is all about elvis presley, who was born Jan. 8, 1935. vickie douglas is the current head2head champ, and her challenger is sara chen, who is visiting charleston for the holidays. file/nbc-tv/ap

Elvis Presley is shown in concert in the later part of his career. His birthday, which is Tuesday, will be celebrated by die-hard fans who always flock to Graceland for the occasion. He would have been 78.


1. where was elvis born? 2. where is graceland located? 3. what was his job just before he became a singer? 4. what was his first no. 1 hit song? 5. name the first movie elvis starred in. 6. elvis took a hiatus from performing from 1958 to 1960. what was he doing instead? 7. manager tom parker was known as the ... ? 8. where did elvis and priscilla get married? 9. what became his catchphrase after he’d perform a song during live shows? 10. who said, “when i first heard elvis’ voice, i just knew that i wasn’t going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. ... hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.”

vickie’s answers

1. i know it’s somewhere in mississippi so i’m gonna say tupelo. 2. memphis, tenn. 3. i’m gonna have to guess on this one. was he a mechanic? 4. maybe “heartbreak hotel.” 5. i can’t think of the name, but the one with ann-margret. 6. i’m pretty sure he was in the army. 7. colonel 8. vegas 9. “thank you. thank you very much.” you have to say it just like he did. 10. neil young.

conclusion vickie is on a roll as she defeats another competitor to remain the head2head champion. next week she’ll be back to try for win number four.

sara’s answers

1. birmingham. 2. memphis. 3. a radio deejay. 4. “blue suede shoes.” 5. “viva las vegas.” 6. rehab. 7. colonel. 8. las vegas. 9. “thank you. thank you very much.” 10. John lennon.

correct answers 1. tupelo, miss. 2. memphis, tenn. 3. truck driver. 4. “heartbreak hotel.” 5. “love me tender.” 6. he was in the army.

7. colonel. 8. at the original aladdin hotel in las vegas. 9. “thank you. thank you very much.” 10. bob dylan.

ear aBBy: i cut my father out of my life years ago after he declared he could not support my decision to adopt three children from a russian orphanage with my longtime companion. The adoption announcement coincided with my “coming out” to dad, who is now married to his third wife. it must have been a lot for him to take in at one time. he told me plainly that he could not support my decision because he could not “understand” it. he has never met our children, and does not acknowledge them as his grandchildren. Last Father’s day, i sent him a card and he replied by email that he was glad to hear from me and he hoped for a reconciliation but was not sure how to go about it. i responded by email that i was cautiously optimistic that we could reignite a respectful relationship. i haven’t heard back from him, and i suspect it’s because he saw that i had changed my last name from his to my husband’s, a decision i made after our marriage. My father was not aware that i had gotten married. i think i have overwhelmed him again, which has rendered him speechless. please advise me on how to proceed. — prodigaL son in caLiFornia DEAR SON: Call your father, tell him you love him and that you would like to schedule a visit with him but would like to send him some reading material before you do. Then contact PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). The phone number is 202-467-8180, and you’ll find them on the Internet at They will be happy to provide you with literature for your dad to help him “understand.” Frankly, he has my sympathy because before you hit him with the “double whammy,” he didn’t have a clue about who you really are. The ball is now in your court, so if you want to have

dear abby a hope of a relationship with your father, you will have to make the next move. dear aBBy: two years ago, i proposed to the woman who changed me for the better. i love her with all my heart, but after we had been engaged for only four days, everything came to a stop. her mother was against the marriage, and my fiancee wasn’t strong enough to follow her heart. we had been in a relationship for more than nine years, most of it long distance except for the past two years. i couldn’t understand her change of heart, and i tried with all my might to find some middle ground. “claudette” has three children from her first marriage, and i had become part of their lives and an important family friend. after getting no reason for calling off the wedding, i began texting her for an answer only to be arrested for cyber-stalking. i know in my heart from letters sent back and forth that this wasn’t claudette’s idea. how do i let her go? — grieving in FLorida DEAR GRIEVING: You may not believe this, but you’re a lucky man. It may take the help of a psychologist for you to disengage emotionally and move on. Given that you wound up in trouble with the law, this would be a wise decision. It might also help to envision what it would have been like being married not only to Claudette, but also to her mother because they appear to be joined at the hip. This may be the reason that her first marriage failed. write at www.dearabby. com.

E36: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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