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>>> AT-A-GL ANCE >>>>>>>>>


Hybrid or Hybrid Option


BMW X1 _______________________________________________ 2 Ford C-Max NEW! ____________________________________ 3 Ford Escape NEW! ____________________________________ 3 Ford Fusion NEW! ____________________________________ 4 Lincoln MKZ NEW! ____________________________________ 4 Lexus LS series __________________________________________ 7 Lexus RX series _________________________________________ 7 Lexus ES NEW! _______________________________________ 7 Lexus GS NEW! _______________________________________ 7 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport _______________________________ 9 Mitsubishi Outlander _____________________________________ 9 Mitsubishi Lancer _______________________________________ 9 Chevrolet Malibu NEW! _______________________________ 10 Chevrolet Spark NEW! ________________________________ 10 Ford F-150 ____________________________________________ 11 Ford Shelby GT500 _____________________________________ 11 Infiniti JX35 NEW! ___________________________________ 12 Mercedes GL-class NEW! _____________________________ 12 Jaguar XF _____________________________________________ 13 Porsche Boxster NEW! _______________________________ 13 Cadillac XTS NEW! ___________________________________ 14 Cadillac ATS NEW! ___________________________________ 14 Acura RDX NEW! ____________________________________ 16 Audi Q5 NEW! ______________________________________ 16 Buick Encore NEW! __________________________________ 19 Buick Verano __________________________________________ 19 GMC Acadia ___________________________________________ 20 GMC Sierra ____________________________________________ 20


Enhanced Entertainment and Technology: high-tech gadgets, sound systems and DVD options

Creature Comforts:

keeps vehicle occupants comfortable (heated seats, glove compartment cooler, ample leg room, etc.)

Above-Average Safety Features Kid-Friendly: makes riding with children easier and more comfortable (removable seats, DVD players, extra seating, etc.) Extended Cargo Space High Performance: offers an

outstanding driving experience with higher-thanaverage engine power

Rick Hendrick BMW ______________________________________ 2 Palmetto Lincoln/Ford _________________________________ 3–4 Lexus of Charleston _____________________________________ 6 Hoover Mitsubishi _______________________________________ 8 Crews Chevrolet ________________________________________ 10 Summerville Ford ______________________________________ 11 Baker Motor Company _______________________________ 12–13 Baker GMC/Cadillac ____________________________________ 14 McDaniels Audi of Charleston ___________________________ 16 McDaniels Acrua of Charleston __________________________ 16 veen Buick/GMC _______________________________ 19–20 McElveen

>>>> Power sells, but the trick is selling the right kind What a difference a few years has made. Usually, we get gradual change. A few horsepower here, some trim there, and an “allnew” model every now and then that looks, well . . . pretty much like the old one, but with a bit more power and different trim. It used to be that automakers competed for your dollars with ever-lengthening lists of features. The more stuff there was —-and the bigger the engine — the more there was to catch your eye. It didn’t really matter how good those features were as long as there were a lot of them. It’s funny how the perception of value has changed. Now automakers are competing in a completely different way: with highly technical smaller engines and systems that are as much about meeting federal laws as they are about trying to keep some money in your pocket after you fill up at the pumps. The pace of change will make your head spin, which is why PR flacks at the companies only want to focus on the relevant result: fuel performance. But that’s really a onedimensional look at what’s going on under the skin of the new crop of 2013 automobiles because there are other ways to improve economy without ever going inside the engine. Yes, this has led to the rethinking of the rest of the vehicle, from the shape of it to the electrical compoP R E V I E W nents and — the real reason that vehicles are getting smaller — their NEW-VEHICLE GUIDE weight. New plastics are being develAutoPreview2013 oped out of durable and sustainWednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 able core materials while lighter An advertising supplement to and stronger steel is being made. The Post and Courier And of course there’s aluminum, –––––––––––––––––––––– and lots of it in vehicles such as Pamela J. Browning the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover, President which cuts is astounding 700 pounds lighter than the previous Gayle Smith model. That’s 700 pounds that Advertising Director doesn’t have to be accelerated, Michael Chauvin stopped and turned, which is easier Classified Advertising Manager on the brakes, tires, powertrain and your wallet. Susan Waggoner, LaKashia Lewis Of course the four-cylinder Automotive Account Executives engine is the king of the streets Jim Parker for 2013, with V-6 models being Automotive Reporter dropped left and right (there’s no more V-6 in the Impala, for Krena Lanham example). Others, such as BMW, Graphic Designer have simply managed to slot four–––––––––––––––––––––– cylinder engines in their base offerEditorial content provided by Wheelbase, a ings. There’s even a four-cylinder supplier of automotive news and features to turbo-diesel in the Mercedes-Benz newspapers across North America. GLK this year. In fact, turbocharging has become a way of life with Auto Preview 2013 is an advertising supplement of The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, S.C. just about every automaker. You 29403-4800. Copyright 2011 by The Post and Courier. can find one in the Chevrolet Sonic, No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or the Hyundai Veloster and the new in part without express written permission from the publisher. “S” line of Audi performance cars


based on the A6, A7, A8. Plow enough boost into a small engine and, when your right foot says so, that engine turns into a really big one. And that brings us to design and the simple fact that you will not find more stunning cars than in the 2013 lineup. The Ford Fusion? Check. The new SRT 10 Viper? Check. The Subaru BRZ? You bet. And how about that Porsche Boxster? Oh boy, we better get on with it. — Wheelbase Editor

THIS GUIDE HAS A RULE BOOK The information in this guide is accurate to the best of our ability and knowledge at the time it was written. We say this because manufacturers are completely entitled to make changes after this writing and often do. Therefore, you can expect some things to have changed from the time of writing to the time you’ve read the info here. Most importantly, some manufacturers haven’t finalized their lineups and all the options, etc., as of this writing, which means that we might include carryover pricing, features, etc., in some cases, and indicate it as such.

>>>> DETAILS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Base price: Prices reflect the entry-level model in a given lineup. That is to say the price provided is the starting point. In most cases, prices have been provided by the manufacturer and then rounded up or down to the nearest $100 to reflect small changes that inevitably occur from time to time. It’s also because the prices provided here are intended as a gauge of affordability and are not today’s sale price, so do not quote these prices to your dealer. Prices do not include the tax you’ll pay, although most include the delivery charges (and are indicated as such where possible) which run from about $700-$1,500. Where pricing is not yet available, we’ve taken our best guess and added “(est.)” to the number. Type: For most people, the picture and the number of doors will be the best indicator of the vehicle type, but many vehicles are sold in different body styles, which are outlined here. Base engine (hp): The base engine and its horsepower rating in brackets. Optional engines (hp): All the optional engines and their horsepower ratings in brackets. Layout: Indicates the location of the engine and the wheels it drives. All-wheel-drive is generically used to denote vehicles that have the ability to vary the power split between front and rear axles. Transmissions: All transmission options across the range. The term “automatic” will be used to generically describe all automatics, whether electronically shifted, overdrive, or otherwise. MPG (city/highway): Usually EPA or manufacturer estimates for city and highway consumption, given in miles per gallon, with the engine and transmission from which the consumption was taken found in brackets (usually the base model). Safety: Tangible safety features that have a direct impact on survivability or prevention of a crash. We have elected to leave out tire-pressure monitoring as it is now mandated by law: Weight: Curb weights of the base models are indicated.


Auto Preview  

Automotive Preview provided by The Post and Courier

Auto Preview  

Automotive Preview provided by The Post and Courier