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Press release.     1  click  =  1  euro  for  the  Food  Banks   A  campaign  supported  by  the  National  Lottery,  Social  Lab  Group  and  Eventattitude.   Volunteers  post  the  picture  of  every  contributor  live  on  a  250m2  wall,  filmed  and   streamed  live  over  the  Internet.         The  Belgian  Food  Banks  need  support.   The  National  Lottery  has  decided  to  support  them.       To  aid  the  Food  Bank  volunteers  in  their  efforts,  Social  Lab  Group  has  created  the   ThankYouWall  campaign,  in  cooperation  with  Eventattitude.       Both  companies,  Social  Lab  Group  and  Eventattitude,  have  donated  their  work  and  the   active  support  of  all  their  employees,  free  of  charge.       • For  each  click  of  support,  the  National  Lottery  donates  1  euro  to  the  Food  Banks.     • To  thank  contributors,  their  Facebook  profile  picture  is  displayed  live  on  a  250m2   wall.   • Everyone  can  follow  in  realtime  the  printing  and  posting  of  their  picture  by   volunteers  from  both  companies,  and  the  ThankYouWall  itself,  from  various   original  angles.         The  campaign  can  be  followed  via  the   National  Lottery  Facebook  page:    

or directly  via:

Our  initiative  is  communicated   specifically  via  Facebook.          

This campaign  is  a  veritable  feat  of  technical  and  human  effort.     • 24  hours  a  day  dozens  of  volunteers  take  turns  to   post  the  photos  on  our  wall.     • Everything,  from  printing  the  photos  to  posting   them  on  the  wall,  is  filmed  and  streamed  live  over   the  Internet.  Fans  can  follow  everything  live  via  the   Facebook  application.     • 10  printers  allow  for  one  photo  to  be  printed  every   second,  and  three  fixed  cameras  and  one  mobile   film  without  cease  the  ThankYouWall,  which  is  35  metres  long  and  7  metres   high.    

                          Discover  the  campaign  Live     You  can  access  the  live  stream  via  this  link:     https://so-­‐     You  can  also  discover  this  spectacular  wall  Thursday,   December  20,  from  17:00  until  20:00  hours.  Or  at  some   other  time,  by  invitation.  Please  call  0497/58.37.17.   You  can  discover  yourself  how  we’ve  made  this  feat  of   technical  and  human  effort  happen.       This  campaign  is  located  at  the  Eventattitude  warehouses,   avenue  du  Péage  95,  1932  Woluwe-­‐Saint-­‐Étienne.        

Photos /  Video  at  your  disposal     We  have  got  numerous  photos  and  a  presentation  video  for  this  campaign.       We  can  deliver  these  materials  on  demand.      


Information  about  Social  Lab  Group     Social  Lab  Group  is  the  largest  group  of  social  media  agencies  in   Belgium.  Social  Lab  has  more  than  40  employees  in  three  different   agencies:  Social  Lab  Brussels,  So.Space  en  So.Zen.     Further  information:  Peter  Meyers  0495  58  41  86   peter.meyers@social-­‐       Information  about  Eventattitude     When  two  people  start  a  conversation,  most  of  the  time  they  need   a  good  starter:  the  weather,  the  news,  their  outfit...   When  a  brand  wants  to  start  a  real  life  conversation  with  a   consumer  during  an  event  or  in  the  streets...  things  aren't  quite   that  obvious.   That's  where  Eventattitude  comes  in!       Further  information:  Raphael  de  Borman  0475/28.55.31                      

The Thank You Wall - press release  
The Thank You Wall - press release  

The Belgian Food Banks need support. Social Lab has created the "ThankYouWall" for the National Lottery, together with Eventattitude. All th...