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When two people start a conversation, most of the time they need a good starter : the weather, the news, their outfit... When a brand wants to start a real life conversation with a consumer on an event or in the street... things aren't quite that obvious. That's when Eventattitude comes in !

With our bespoke “Smile/Act Play Conversation Starters Tools", we spark real life conversation between people and brands. And we extend it to the social media‌



Smile Smile

Photography is our first love, and the #1 conversation starter when used properly…

Act Act

When consumers start acting while your brand is in the picture, the conversation is never meaningles…

Play Play

Fun and games between consumers and brands make for a strong and memorable start !






Real life conversations

S/A/P Experience (real-life)


Social media conversations

Real life conversations S/A/P Experience (real-life)


S/A/P Experience (Social)

Social media conversations

Real life conversations


Our markets

Our activities are strictly limited to what we do best : starting conversations ! We do it :

For brands, in close partnership with the best brand activation & field marketing agencies. For companies, in close collaboration with most of the professional event agencies on the market. For organizations, museums and amusement parks. And through strategic partnerships with innovative companies like Getyoo (NFC) or Freedelity (eID).


Click on the links…

Automotive Causes Corporate Exhibits & Museums Fairs Music Festivals Nightlife

Product launch & Roadshows Public space Retail Sport Students …



Conversation starters / Automotive

Mini Belux @ Brussels Motor Show’13 / TBWA

Mini Not Normal video clip

TheBigCamera is a giant photobooth compatible with the Getyoo technology. Step in, make your picture and you’ll see it on the big screen while it’s being printed in A4 and handled in a nice bag ! Every new picture was uploaded live as a Facebook cover on the Mini page…

Conversation starters / Automotive Pimp the new Kia Rio ! A Digital Graffiti Wall experience with Getyoo compatibility, direct print and FB share…

Pimp the new Corsa ad ! A Digital Graffiti Wall experience with direct print and FB share…

Kia @ EMS’12

video clip

Opel @ EMS’11 / FFWD

video clip

Conversation starters / Automotive Volvo S60 photobooth With Getyoo compatibility & live FB share… green-key photobooth With trigger in a steering wheel, direct print & live FB share…

video clip

Astronaut photobooth A “face-in-hole” application with direct print and live FB share…

Lancia @ EMS’11

RTL @ EMS’12

Volvo @ EMS’12

video clip

Conversation starters / Automotive Cover magazine photobooth With data collect and direct e-mailing…

Keyring photobooth With direct print and live FB share…

A software application linked to an SMS contest… Produpress @ EMS’13

Seat @ EMS’13 / Wow

Febiac moto @ EMS’13 / Yack

SMS & Win

Conversation starters / Automotive VW Beetle Fender music & video experience + live act ! Personalize your VW Beetle with stickering and accessories… For every of you choice, a guitar melody is composed… Find it back on a video clip with both your very own Beetle and your guitar song ! Share it on FB and try to win a limited edition Fender guitar…

AutoVlan @ EMS’13

video clip Swipe & win !

VW @ EMS’12

A jackpot application that you can trigger with your (NFC) e-card…

Conversation starters / Automotive

Look above you and… say cheese ! A photo set up that suits well the cabriolet models… Come in, look above you and get your original picture be printed or shared live on FB…

Fiat @ EMS’10/11

video clip

Conversation starters / Automotive VW Atmosphere Blast your bubble, write in your message and send it on the wall‌

video clip

Volkswagen / Launch new Passat 2011



Conversation starters / Causes

Lend me your eyes‌ A photobooth that captures your expression to sign the Amnesty International petition.

video clip

Amnesty International (Belgium FR) / Air

Conversation starters / Causes

ThankYouWall 1/ The Set-up

Conversation starters / Causes

ThankYouWall 2/ The journey of your profile picture‌

Conversation starters / Causes

ThankYouWall 3/ The teams (Eventattitude, Social.Lab and Nationale Lottery)‌

Conversation starters / Causes

ThankYouWall 4/ The results !

video clip

Conversation starters / Causes

Flair Magazine (Sanoma) / BBDO Live

Bicycle Scalextric

Flair “Borstenflash” A photo-cabin to rise awareness around the breast cancer…

Cyclovia 2012 / VO Event

Pedal to accelerate and win the race…

Conversation starters / Causes

What’s your UV score ? A photo experience to start a conversation around this difficult subject‌

Foundation against Cancer / FFWD



Conversation starters / Corporate

A picture next to a giant golf ball ! Yes, you can have an original picture of your guests on a golf tournament‌

Jump ! A photo green-key experience that interacts with Google Maps

Smals / D-Facto

BMW Golf Cup 2013

Conversation starters / Corporate

A picture on a ski-lift… Even if it’s 25°C outside !

Say it in words !

Moët Hennessy / Veuve Cliquot

Coca-Cola Leadership Meeting ‘13 / DDMC

Conversation starters / Corporate

100 L’Oréal Sticker Contest Remember the Panini albums of your childhood ?

Where is the ball ? Deutsche Bank @ MB Golf Trophy’12

100 th birthday L’Oréal Belgilux / Profirst

iPad contest & data collect

Conversation starters / Corporate

Flipbook video experience Record a short video sequence and we print it out in the form of a flipbook within 1 minute !

Delta Lloyd « A table/Aan tafel ! »’13 / DDMC

Belgacom All EBU Meeting’11 / DDMC

Conversation starters / Corporate Covenant of Mayors

Shoot !

An interactive video projection that display the signatures of the mayors gathered by the hostesses with the tablets‌

Belgacom Partners Event‘12

European Parliament / Impact Diffusion

Conversation starters / Corporate Drawing with light‌

HighCo / Simply Better

A light-painting photo experience !

Conversation starters / Corporate

Play with colours !

Shoot ! Belgacom Partners Event‘12 PriceWaterhouseCoopers / Profirst

A pop-art photo experience‌

Conversation starters / Corporate

Travel to the 5 continents…

Financière de l’Échiquier / Profirst France

A triple green-key photo experience. Don’t loose your passport !

Conversation starters / Corporate Happy birthday ! Blow the candle and leave your birthday message‌

Weather Forecast‌

90 years Fidal / Agence 64

RTL-TVI Screening Day 2013

Be a tv presenter by the magic of this green-key video experience !

3 Suisses / BAO Group

Conversation starters / Corporate

40 Years 3 Suisses A photo news printed during the event‌

Sticky faces ! Photo stickers were helpful to turn the connection between Assubel and Apra into one big picture‌

Assubel / Cum Laude

Conversation starters / Corporate

Videochain !

Jump !

A nice way to promote the new BRU bottle to the team‌

PriceWaterhouseCoopers/ Profirst

Is your team dynamic enough for your company ?

Spadel (BRU) / EPO

Conversation starters / Corporate

We are Carrefour ! A video animation with all the pictures of the team revealing the logo…

Start your engines A digital Scalextric race experience up to 6 players…

Carrefour / Eventives D’Ieteren (Audi)

Catapult your message !

Video guestbook

A slingshot experience…

Leave your video message…

Nexis / Wow Communication


Conversation starters / Corporate

Conversation starters / Corporate

Giant scissors

Belgacom Strategic Meeting‌

Your message must be lived by your team‌

Express yourself and participate !

Belgacom / DDMC


Conversation starters / Corporate Videogrid !

MoĂŤt Hennesy / Symply Better

A video experience to reinforce the team spirit‌


Exhibits & Museums

Conversation starters / Exhibits & Museums Educational Zone This permanent installation is located in the Autoworld Museum. Kids (6-12 years) can learn about the automotive world by playing with the 6 multimedia kiosks. All theses are connected through barcode cards system and visitors can find back all their answers (and more) on a web platform. A statistic tool is also implemented‌

video clip (Febiac) @ Autoworld Museum

Conversation starters / Exhibits & Museums Photo souvenir system This permanent installation is located in the Belgium Pier during the “Storms” exhibition… Visitors can make their original picture and buy a 13x18 print at the exit.

Expo Storms’12-13 @ Belgium Pier Blankenberge

Conversation starters / Exhibits & Museums

Lend me your eyes‌ A photobooth that captures your expression to sign the Amnesty International petition.

video clip

Amnesty International (Belgium FR) / Air

Conversation starters / Exhibits & Museums The Sakharov Experience A gesture based installation in the exhibit dedicated to Andre誰 Sakharov @ Parlementarium

European Parliament / VO Event

Conversation starters / Exhibits & Museums

The magic mirror

VO Event (20 th birthday exhibit)

A video installation with a mystery touch‌



BRU (Spdel) / EPO

Conversation starters / Fairs

Jump ! A photo green-key experience that interacts with Google Maps

BRU balance game Rotate the iPad to fill in the 2 glasses as fast as you can ! Smals / D-Facto

KNTV 30th birthday / Simply Better

Conversation starters / Fairs

iPad race on videowall… Total Belgium @ Peugeot Forum‘12

Gesture navigation Browse through a timeline of 30 years of video clips by moving your hand in front of the sensor…

Conversation starters / Fairs

The postcard of your future…

iPad jackpot to screen

A green-key photo experience to examine how you imagine your pension !


Elf Belgium @ Renault Forum‘11

Conversation starters / Fairs

Your face is on the fridge !

Caricature yourself !

Get your picture printed on a magnet‌

A funny photo experience‌

Spadel (Bru) / BBDO Live

RTL group

Conversation starters / Fairs

Send your postcard ! A green-key experience (TUB) to promote the south of France destinations‌

SNCB Europe / Havas Worldwide Brussels

Video clip

Conversation starters / Fairs Be positive ! This photobooth (TUB) will only shoot if you smile sufficiently…

Living surface Interact with the floor…

ING / Manager of the Year

video clip

Eventattitude / BEA & BOA 2012

Conversation starters / Fairs

Vespa trip ! A green-key video experience‌

Sanoma (Flair Magazine) / BBDO Live

video clip


Music festivals

Conversation starters / Music festivals

Rescue your festival budget ! A video experience to record your own “Baywatch” movie clip…


Conversation starters / Music festivals Wanted ! ING photobooth : crack the code to enter‌ True friendship, seriously priceless.

video clip + nomad activation

Conversation starters / Music festivals Mix your energy, mix your faces ! A photo morphing experience where 2 to 4 participants can discover all the possible combinations‌

Electrabel / VO Event

Conversation starters / Music festivals

You very own lottery ticket ! When you buy 1 Win For Life product, your receive 1 photo voucher to experience our fully automatized photo system on the Win For Life stand during summer festivals.

National Lottery (Win For Life)

Conversation starters / Music festivals

VW Eos on tour A video green-key & karaoke experience…

D’Ieteren (VW) / BBDO Live

Conversation starters / Music festivals

Diageo / FFWD

Get your Instagram picture ! Shoot yourself, choose your effect, print your picture, send it to your friends and admire it displayed on the led screen on our stand‌

Conversation starters / Music festivals Happy Birthday ! It was 10th anniversary Adecco presence in Belgium. So, our video squad asked the public to sing for it…

Gesture game ING summer festivals‘12 / Square Melon

Pieces of 1 & 2 € are your enemies… But don’t hit the 0 € pieces and be ready when it’s picture time!

video clip

Conversation starters / Music festivals

Scream to be a nightwolf !

Bacardi Martini (Eristoff) / Salto

A photo system that triggers when people scream‌

video clip

Conversation starters / Music festivals Lazy Summer


Lay on the grass or on the beach and take the pose‌

Conversation starters / Music festivals

National Lottery (Win For Life)

Let’s play ! 4 different classic Arcade games‌

Conversation starters / Music festivals Pop or Not ?

A bar in a container. A photobooth in a bar…

Get your picture ‘pop-graphed’ and printed on a nice button badge…

Electrabel/ BBDO Live

Get your sunny picture at the Aperitivo Bar by Aperol Spritz !

video clip

Campari Benelux (Aperol)

Conversation starters / Music festivals Star Village… Let’s get dirty !

A green-key video experience !


Nomad printing…

video clip

BNP Paribas Fortis / VO Event

Conversation starters / Music festivals

Share your party experience ! An augmented-reality application in TheUnexpectedBox‌

Diageo / FFWD



Conversation starters / Nightlife Go For Zero photobooth


Fasten your seatbelt, choose 1 of the 4 propositions and… 5, 4, 3, 2… Ouch !? The bench collapsed !? Surprise !! Here is your picture… Print it and share it with your friends on Facebook !

video clip

Pernod Ricard / Havana Club

Conversation starters / Nightlife

Havana Club activations Nice promo-team + iPad application + goodies = data collect + brand experience

Interactive floor The more you dance, the more chance you have to win a Belvedere bottle !

Belvedere Vodka Energy Challenge / LVMH

Conversation starters / Nightlife

Conversation starters / Nightlife

Be on the cover ! A cover magazine photo experience @ ELLE party‌

Conversation starters / Nightlife You are in the frame… Wear your new sunglasses, have a drink (a Ricard, of course), put your face within the frame, smile and get your picture printed on the spot…

Plug TV Mystery Box

video clip

RTL (Plug TV)

Funny questions leads to funny answers and hilarious video clips…

Conversation starters / Nightlife

Diageo / FFWD

The psychedelic box… Enter the box and make your picture… so J&B !

Conversation starters / Nightlife Jameson was here !

Vedett on a bottle‌

3 bars per night, 1 mission : shoot every group of friends to give them a printed picture inserted in a plastic magnetic pouch.

Let you photograph, fill in your data and have your face on a Vedett bottle‌

Duvel Moortgat (Vedett)

Pernod Ricard (Jameson)

Conversation starters / Nightlife

Casting for the ultimate ice breaker…

Gini / Armando Testa

You’ve been spotted by our team ? You’ll perhaps appear in the next Gini advertising campaign !

video clip

The Caribbean touch ! A “face-in-hole” photo experience…

Conversation starters / Nightlife Yellow touch ! Different activations concepts but there is always a qualitative picture at the end‌

LVMH (Veuve Cliquot)


Product launch & Roadshows

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows Blackbuster… Participate to the “street art wall” !

L’Oréal / Intervalles

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Have your portrait drown by a caricaturist…

Don’t say it. Spray it !

Samsung / FFWD

Have your drawing printed on your t-shirt…

video clip

Jim Mobile / FFWD

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows A roadshow by train…

Let you be photographed by the new Nokia N8 and your face will appear in the movie poster…

Let you photograph in the photo studio installed in the train and have your picture printed on the platform.

Nokia / BBDO Live

You’re the next Tron hero…

O2 home services

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

Be a Moo-Vie Star ! TheUnexpectedBox was in all the Kinepolis this summer…

Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s/ Square Melon

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

911 Gallery Launch of the Porsche 911/997. Pictures were taken by professional photographers in the trendy places in Knokke. People could then find back their picture by coming to the 911 Gallery‌

D’Ieteren (Porsche) / DDB

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

Let’s app ! Choose one of the three European destinations…

SNCB Europe

video clip

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows Catapult your picture !

Flair Summer Tour

Make your picture, write your message and use the slingshot to display it on the screen…

TheIncredibleVespa on tour…

video clip


Sanoma (Flair Magazine) / BBDO Live

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

VW Beetle launch… A photobooth that triggers when you shout + An iPad application + A software to display pictures and creations as an exhibit…

D’Ieteren (VW) /BBDO Live

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

The “wheel of fortune” ! A revisited classic for the Samsung Galaxy S4 roadshow…

Samsung / FFWD

Conversation starters / Product launch & Roadshows

On the catwalk ! A green-key video animation during the “Kinepolis Ladies at the Movies�

Coca-Cola Light


Public space

Conversation starters / Public space I Like Xmas ! Social/ Go on FB, push the button and watch the magic happening through the live video streaming ! Real life/ Have your picture taken on the Lotto stand and share it live with your friends on Facebook‌

Loterie Nationale Loterij / Social.Lab

video clip

Conversation starters / Public space VW Atmosphere Blast your bubble, write in your message and send it on the wall‌

video clip

Like & light ! Everytime somebody like the SN Brussels Airlines Facebook page, the lights goes on‌

SN Brussels Airlines

Volkswagen / Launch new Passat 2011

Conversation starters / Public space Say “hi” to Brussels / Say “hi” to Antwerp…

Nestlé Waters (Vittel) / Simply Better

A collaborative videogrid installation for Vittel Move !



Conversation starters / Retail

Maes Music Quizz

Kraft Foods / 4Sales

A picture in a giant fridge ! A photo experience that highlights the USP of the Zero chocolate bar !

Alken-Maes / FFWD

A quizz application on iPad to give vouchers and music festival tickets

Conversation starters / Retail

Bicycle Race ! Register first. Then, pedal as fast as you can‌ Don’t forget to smile when you go through the finish line !

video clip

Carrefour Tour de France activations / Haka (Outdoor Services)

Conversation starters / Retail

Hennessy Remixed

Simply Better / Hennessy

Configure your very own cocktail, get it prepared by a bar tender and immortalize this moment with a picture you’ll share live on your FB !

Conversation starters / Retail The speed camera that offers you vouchers !

Makro / BBDO Live

If you ride below the speed limit near your Makro supermarket, you’ll receive gifts‌

Conversation starters / Retail

I’ve seen the sun… Have your picture taken on a ‘face-in-hole’ studio. Print or share it on Facebook live !

Beiersdorf (Nivea) / NewWorld

Conversation starters / Retail

Multimedia arches Pass through the arch with your shopping cart. If the arch lights up and makes music : you’ve won a voucher !

video clip

Carrefour / BBDO Live



Conversation starters / Sport

A picture next to a giant golf ball ! Yes, you can have an original picture of your guests on a golf tournament…

LED Man…

Electrabel / Fan Days’12-13

A photo green-key experience only for dynamic football supporters !

BMW Golf Cup 2013

Conversation starters / Sport Scream, set & match !

Smash it !

A very original version of the classic Pong video game. Participants have to scream to play. In the meanwhile, they are filmed live…

Practice your tennis skills with a virtual coach thanks to gesture recognition and have your picture printed at the en of the session.

Electrabel @ Brussels Open‘12

video clip

video clip

BNPPF @ Brussels Open’12 / VO Event

Conversation starters / Sport

Electric track Grasp the handle and follow the steel line as fast as you can but without touching it…

Giga picture !

Belins @ Beau Vélo de RaVel ‘12-13

Find you back and tag yourself…

ING @ MVD’11 / SQM

Conversation starters / Sport

Bicycle Race ! Register first. Then, pedal as fast as you can… Don’t forget to smile when you go through the finish line !

Shoot to be take the picture ! BNP Paribas Fortis / Yes Sir!

A football experience…

video clip

Carrefour Tour de France activations / Haka (Outdoor Services)

Conversation starters / Sport

Sing for the Red Devils ! A karaoke video experience to support our national team‌

ING / Sportizon


Be a tennis star ! A face in hole photo experience‌

Conversation starters / Sport

Your priceless photo ! We travelled Europe to meet the best supporters of the UEFA Champions League‌

MasterCard / Golazo

Conversation starters / Sport

Tennis & Shoot ! Return the ball sent by the canon, by aiming at one of the two holes. Picture that had been taken during the initial shot will then be printed for you !

GDF Suez

Conversation starters / Sport



Conversation starters / Students Draw your future ! A “Pictionary” inspired experience on student festivals…

I’ll tell you about your future ! A hand-scanning experience on student festivals…

video clip


MetaFor / Belfius (Dexia)

Conversation starters / Students

Disc-cover yourself ! A fully automatized green-key photo experience to get your very personal CD sleeve.

video clip

Belfius Music / MetaForEvents

Conversation starters / Students

A big students house‌ Take place into the window and have your picture taken !



A few video clips…

Social Media Content / Examples


Contact : Eventattitude Av. Louise, 475

1050 Brussels +32 2 /401.48.48

2013 Eventattitude Brochure  

Please feel free to download our pdf brochure...

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