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Tips for Creating an Event Planning Business In order to increase your chances of success when starting an event planning business, you need to have a good business plan and strategy in place before you open your doors. When you have a business strategy lined up, you will be able to follow your blueprint and stay focused on the tasks at hand in order to reach your goals. Below are a few tips you can use to help you create an effective business strategy that will allow you to stay focused and reach all of your business goals.

Incorporate Your Business The first step you will want to take when starting an event planning business is to incorporate your business and turn it into a legal entity. This will allow you to feel like a real company as well as appear more legitimate in the eyes of potential clients. However, before you haphazardly select the type of business you will incorporate, you need to carefully consider all of the options. While it does not ultimately matter whether you decide to form a corporation, LLC or sole proprietorship, there are certain legal and tax ramifications associated with each option that you need to fully understand so that you can select the right option for you business.

Speaking to an accountant or CPA will enable you to learn about all of these options and truly understand what will be required of you in terms of taxes and legal documents. Once you have selected the type of business you will form, you will be ready to move forward with your business plan.

Determine Your Services The next step you will want to take when starting an event planning business is to determine what type of services you will offer. Will you look to handle only corporate events or will you focus primarily on personal events such as weddings, parties and anniversaries? By understanding what type of event planning business you want to become, you will be able to

better target your advertising and marketing campaigns by truly knowing who your target audience is.

Advertise Early and Often Once you know what type of events your company will be looking to plan, you can start advertising to your ideal clients. By running a fully fledged advertising campaign right for the start, you will be able to attract a good number of clients to your business. After you have a few clients and have successfully planned their events, you can expect a few referrals to come your way as well, further increasing your client base.

However, even if those referrals start to come, it is important that you continue to advertise and market your business to ensure a steady stream of new clients. This will help make sure your event planning business always has work to do and is never in a bind to find new clients.

If you are thinking about starting your own event planning business, you must sit down and develop a business strategy. By taking the time to develop this strategy, you will increase your chances of success. Selecting the right type of business structure, determining your services before you start signing clients and advertising early and often will help create a foundation of success for your event planning business.

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Tips for Creating an Event Planning Business