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Benefits of Being a Certified Event Planner If you are currently in the event planning industry, you may have wondered whether or not it would be worth it to become a certified event planner. While it is not necessary to be a certified event planner in order to land a job within the event planning world, there are certainly some benefits associated with becoming certified you need to consider before making your final decision.

Confidence to Do Your Job One benefit of obtaining certification as an event planner is having the confidence to do your job. While you probably already knew you could handle the day to day responsibilities of an event planning position, when you have professional certification you will feel even more confident to handle every aspect of the position. When you feel as if you are fully prepared to handle anything your event planning job throws at you, you will be able to do a much better job completing your work.

Prized Employee in the Eyes of Employers When you are a certified event planner, you will be viewed as a prized employee in the eyes of your current and future employers. When an employer knows you have the proper knowledge and skills to handle a specific event planning position, they will not hesitate to hire your for the job or give you a promotion. Being viewed as an expert within your field can really help improve your career and help you move up the corporate ladder in a hurry. In addition to being viewed as a prized employee, becoming certified in several areas of event planning will enable you to move around within the event planning world. Since there are certifications for several different types of event planning jobs out there, the more certifications you have the more prepared you will be to handle every type of event planning position. This will also make you more employable as you will have quality experience in every aspect of event planning.

Industry Expert If you own your own event planning business, earning several certifications will help you become an industry expert. When potential clients see all of the certifications that you have, they will be more likely to hire your company as their event planner. Professional certifications allow you to gain the trust of potential clients and show to them that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to do a wonderful job planning their events for them.

Also, just like if you were an employee of a corporation, having event planning certifications within several fields of event planning will help you become a well rounded event planning business. The more types of events you can plan will help you gain more clients for your business. Unless you absolutely only want to plan one type of event, you should earn as many certifications as possible to expand your event planning business.

Becoming a certified event planner has many benefits. It is because of these benefits that it is recommended that you earn as many certifications as possible once you have spent a few years in the event planning industry. By earning these certifications, you will gain more confidence as an event planner knowing you can handle any type of event planning project, will be viewed as a prized employee and move up the corporate ladder and will be able to increase the amount of business your own event planning company can handle as you will be well versed in every aspect of event planning.

Benefits of Being a Certified Event Planner