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“If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up.” – Garry Winogrand


Even Ovnan is a Norwegian artist and professional photographer. His work has a strong emphasis on photographic technical skills. He has also gained a good understanding of Cultural Studies, and with one foot in England and the other in Norway, he has developed a great interest in European Studies, focusing on the those countries in turmoil over the austerity measures. Ovnan considers himself to be “a politically active photographer”. This activity is reflected in his works, which often deal

with political corruption and political economy. One of his biggest influences is photographer David Hume Kennerly, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his work as a press photographer. He represents what Ovnan calls ‘a truly political photographer’. Ovnan’s latest work “Inverted”, which is presented in this catalogue, is what he considers to be his departure point to the world of social photography. This work deals with issues of politics, hypocrisy and corruption. Ovnan’s intention is to bring up a dialogue about the euro

title: .01 dimensions: 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm print: C-type

crisis. And, as a response to such declining society, it is important for Ovnan to tell through his critical views and photographs that social and economic changes should happen right now and not to be put on hold for any longer. Ovnan’s use of technical skills is professionally executed, but he also likes to incorporate some photographic incorrections. He says, “But this must not be misinterpreted”, and adds that “I, in a way, destroy some of the photographic quality by manipulating the image, and this, for me, is the most impor-

tant key and best means of conveying the message to the viewer.” The series “Inverted” provides a clear reference to what Ovnan believes is a changed society, away from a lot of hypocrisy and corruption. His series focus on notions relating to the evasion of funds made by politicians for their personal purpose and prosperity. By inverting the photographs, Ovnan refers to the idea of experiencing a false democracy. Besides the clear political element in Ovnan’s

title: .02 dimensions: 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm print: C-type

project, he also played with aspects of weightlessness and gravity. And, this is done by inverting the photographs, and let the objects to levitate. He explains that “The purpose of this tactic is to get the viewer to wonder and think further, and there is some help to create a deeper interest in the series and a further analysis about it”. Ovnan has researched some theories by the well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud. One of Freud’s methods used in his psychoanalytic sessions was based on the free

association. In the same way, Ovnan explains, Freud conducted therapy with their patients who were encouraged to freely express their feelings. Referring to this method, Ovnan’s aim is to get viewers to reflect on their own associations when looking at photographs included in the series. He declares, “My goal is to get viewers be themselves and make them think about what they see.” Ovnan says “This aspect of the project is what makes the project so interesting to me”. He

title: .03 dimensions: 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm print: C-type

adds, “one thing is to see a chair outside a window or a sweater in the air. But, what is exactly the reason that makes you consider what you do there and then?” He tries to make the viewer guess and discover the answers to the questions he poses. Therefore, this project is a twofold. It correlates well with Ovnan’s personal and ethical thoughts, but he clearly wants the viewer to go deeper into him or herself through his work. He suggests, “The beauty of this project is that you get clues of what the project

is about, but if you fail to identify the real issues of what I try to communicate to you through my work, you still have the possibility to create your own story about what I present to you. That is because of the free association method.”


Even Ovnan was born, November 1990. He is a Norwegian photographer, based in Oslo, he has completed a two-year photography program at The Norwegian School Of Creative Studies. But also has a background in Media & Communication, with specialization in marketing. The interest in photography came relatively early in his life, the age of 10 years he received his first camera. The main highlights of his career was his participation in the final show Norwegian School Of Creative Studies where he received organized inter-

nal prices for the work, �The Moment, Before The Moment.

Inverted catalog 13x13  
Inverted catalog 13x13  

Inverted catalog