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Hello everyone! Now we are at the Incheon Airport. Let the journey begins!


Look at this place! It is beautiful, isn’t it? It is called Chandeokgung Palace.

*Annyeonghaseyo is hello in Korean language.

And here is our new friend. His name is Siwon. Say hi to him!

We are going to shop here. This place is called Insadong. Ipin, are you excited?

Of course I am! Let’s go!

Oh Upin, I am so hungry! Let’s find something to eat.

True, true true! Let’s eat at the Pakistani restaurant over there.

Now we are at the Namsan Tower. It measures 236.7 m (777 ft) in height.

People always come here at night. Did you know that you’ll find thousands and thousands of locks symbolizing the love between couples along the fence at Namsan Tower?

Yeay! We have finally arrived at Han River! That’s our wee cruise to our hotel.

I hope you enjoy our adventure together. See you in the next destination! Bye!

Upin and Ipin's Journey to Korea  

A kid's book about the journey of Upin and Ipin to Korea. Done by Eve and Yanie.

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