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his year and learned about the English language with the help of my colleagues and master hope you have improved my English

in magazine I will show my work done with thé help of my teacher shows avanze made with help of my teacher

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My name is Evelyn Ramos Mendoza I am sixteen years old i was born 23 of november I am studiyng at school “Gabino Barreda

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Presentation My country Families Apartment Film & television

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Hello my mame’s Evelyn Ramosv Mendoza and I’m from Mexico I only speak in spanish I’m student at prepa 1 “Gabino Barreda” I like pop music especially “One Direction” My favourite sports is basketball

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My country Students go to school everyday in Mexico at seven a o’clock In the middle of the morning people work at home People have one hour for lunch. Shops atay open at lunchtime Some people go out to eat at 4 o’ clock others go for drink and others have dinnner with their

Hello Greg I’m writing because I wanted to know waht the situation of USA Texas, I plan to go soon Do you know of a touristic spot? Do you have time to help me? Just tell me so I can organize myself, is it easy to get to? Thanks for any help you can give me Bye Evelyn

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Dear Payne i´d like some more information about the holiday apartment to rent The description also says the apartment is near the city centre. How far from the centreis it? Can we walk to the garden? If not, what transport is there? Another question is about access to internet. Is there free internetservice available ? Finally i´d like to know about price . How much does it cost per week? I look forward to hearing from you Best whishes Evelyn

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The x factor is a musical program where participants take part every night with a differebt song where they can win the recording of their album Another good character is the conductor, he introduces the participants and judges like Simon Cowell Some people think it is an opportunity for young people who want to enter the shows busssines I recommend it because it is a family program and it is an entertaining too

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