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SIMPLE MAKE UP TRICKS TO FOLLOW FOR EVENING PARTY Women are really particular with everything from their clothing to makeup. Just like you need to pick perfect clothes keeping in mind the occasion, your makeup look also needs a special touch for an evening party. If you also find getting ready for an evening party difficult, look below to find some cool tricks that will make your task much easy:

Prepare Well

It can be that you have to go to a party after your office hours or there is a lot to be attended before you think to get ready. So, it will be much convenient if you decide and pick a dress from the wardrobe a night before and figure out what your makeup will be according to that in advance. If you really want to look beautiful and radiant at the party, a lot of the magic to bring that perfect glow is dependent upon how you slept the previous night. Make sure you have all the things done on your part to have the charm like a celebrity makeup that evening.

Don’t Be Ordinary There are some people who do not like to put on heavy makeup. If you are among one of them, then you have to understand that looking glossy doesn’t always mean wearing loads of makeup. It is more about touching the right portions like contouring, highlighting and adding some bling. Also, keep in mind that you do not have to wear a shade of makeup exactly identical to your dress. Try having on something contrasting in color. It is not a day function, so do not go for subtle and decent picks.

Focus On Eyes Eyes are a center of attraction in any party makeup. No matter what the reason is, you are getting married or just going out with friends, pay some extra attention to your eyes.

Also you can do the portion of eye work first, as there are chances of the makeup to spill on the face. So, do your eyes first and leave the rest for afterwards. 1. You can wear a dramatic eye shadow; shades like glitter, sparkle, Smokey or charcoal go pretty well with night lights, especially if you have to attend an event like marriage, filled with colors. 2. Add more focus by having on a winged eye liner and wearing false eye lashes on!

Make It Last Long Evening events are a bit different than other parties or occasions, they are filled with long hours of action, dancing, chilling and hanging around. This is why it is very important that your makeup stays on until you think to drive back to the home. To ensure this, you have to pick all the products coming with a promise to stay long. Also buy a good primer, it not only helps in smoothening the skin texture but also keeps the makeup stick to it till the end. Also, evening makeup is something you should never start doing first. Have your dress on, arrange all other things and then, when all has been done sit to have the glamorous look on!

Simple make up tricks to follow for evening party  

Women are really particular with everything from their clothing to makeup. Just like you need to pick perfect clothes keeping in mind the oc...

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