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CALM AND stay focus on your


while seeing sunrise. These are the softwares that I use the most while I’m designing.

“Keep going and never say never. Give everything a shot. And Design ? Just... GO FOR IT !”

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Gold Award / External Judge Award - NUUID Design Competition




Sketching 3D Modeling Film and music editing

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Product design

Product design


Product Positioning Problem Analysis

Who For beginner-level musicians

Original metronome, that can

What Beat assist media player

adjust a beat or help you set up your instruments, lacks interactive functions, so a beginner might get demotivated, when faced with difficulties, or bored, when it becomes too mechanical

Where In practice rooms, or wherever one wants to practice music When Alone practice or whole band practice

Why Various functions of Multi-nomos will give beginner musicians the motivation to learn How Combining sound and light, flashes accompanying the beat, makes metronome more rich and fun. In addition, using a smartphone application can adjust the speed of the beat. Also, connecting through internet will bring band-friends closer for a common fun.

and monotone. Traditional metronome function is to sound a beat, so one can feel the rhythm,

Solution Description

but when one’s instrument is loud, metronome has to be set even louder, and that can cause hearing problems.

Idea Sketches

Using tap or rotate motions on the pad, one can control the speed of the beat.

When setup is complete, it will give Mutli-nomos can connect to out light signals as a feedback. earphones or a smartphone through wireless Bluetooth connection.

After setting up a beat through tapping the screen or a smartphone application, you will hear a beat and see flashing to the rhythm, this will eliminate the not able to hear the beat through your own instrument problem, while also adding a visual pleasure.

Product size

Explosion drawing 1. Touch panel 2. Light 3. Uper Cover 4. Inner parts 5. Audio net

Unit : mm

Product design 1

Product design

3D Modeling


Process Social Network After connecting to social media, not only you can share your creations with friends, but also using record function, let everybody hear your music, or even create together with your friends through internet. Finding a band-mate through internet, even if you cannot meet in real, can still use Multi-nomos internet function to connect and practice and create together.

Welcome Page Using integrated social media services, can start sharing your creations or find friends to create together with.

Metronome Setting up or adjusting the beat. On-screen circle will pulse with the beat and give a visual effect. There are also record, play, and adjust volume functions.

Studio Even if you and your band members are far away from each other, it’s still possible to connect with them through internet and practice together.

Film Film Idea Sketch


Commerical Posters


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