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11th TERMATALIA International Exhibition of Thermal Tourism, Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy and Spa 23th – 25th September 2011 Oureste, Spain

VI International Meeting about Water and Thermalism „Thermal tourism from the point of view of a tour operator” Claudia Wagner, Managing Director

September 23rd, 2011


1. FIT Reisen: Specialist in Health Tourism 2. Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism 3. Tailored Wellness- and Health Tourism 4. Target group oriented packages for the future


FIT Reisen: Specialist in Health Tourism Specialist for‌ - Thermal Spa Resorts

- Classical Cures & Medical Wellness - Health & Spa - Wellbeing Wellness, Relaxation & Beauty - Diet, Detox & Fasting - Thalasso, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine & Yoga


FIT Reisen: Specialist in Health Tourism Philosophy 

Holistic approach – Body, mind and soul – Nutrition, relaxation, activities

Individual packages

Expert advices

Sustainability: Solution oriented treatments

High quality standards by the choice of the hotels

Long-time partnership with the hotels

Sustainable Health through high quality standards 4

Pioneer in Health & Wellness Travelling 

Successfully positioned – – – –

High class and diversified packages Great value for money High reputation among the travel agencies Multi-Channel-Distribution

Current program

– – – – –

348 193 36 3 2

Hotels with Wellness- and Health programs Destinations Countries worldwide Journeys under medical supervision Hiking tours

More than 30 years experience in healthy holidays 5

Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Megatrends 

Creation of Meaning

Improve and maintain health gets more important

Slow down one's life Recover one's balance

Higher willingness to invest in the own health

Looking for a new way of living

Relaxing and Recreation


Demographic Changes

Enjoying peace and quiet

Number of Best Agers increases

Feeling relaxed, healthy and beautiful

Best Agers nowadays are experts in travelling

Being active

Affinity to wellness and health care

The future of the market is determined by four megatrends 6

Wellness & Health


Wellness & Health


Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Health is an art of shaping one's life 

Travelers want to support or improve their health during their vacations - with enjoyment

Lifestyle Lifestyle: behavioral patterns and attitude Diseases of today and tomorrow are the results of the individual lifestyle (e.g. Burn out, diabetes, tendencies to overweight) Literature: „Healing by Movement“ (J. BLECH, Germany) „Healthy by Stress “ (H.J. RICHTER / P. HEILMEYER, Germany) „The Mood Cure“ (J. ROSS, USA)

Use, maintenance & development of health potentials 9

Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Individual Lifestyle-Change 

Change is a psychological & physical challenge

Change needs a strategy to achieve the goals

Attitude modification Regular activities (fitness, cardio-training, Yoga, Qi Gong) Change of eating habits („You are what you eat“) Recognition of an addiction and change (e.g. smoking / alcohol / sugar / amphetamines & suppressants)

Individual change of lifestyle 10

Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Change in consumer attitudes and behaviours 

Consumers are in control

Simplify and purify

Rebuilding trust

Trading down


Result oriented

Product efficacy

Merging of SPA and medicine

Eco-conscious and sustainability

Social networking


The new demand 11

Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Trends of the FIT Reisen program 

Classical healing or thermal cures in Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary

Short break wellbeing holidays in Germany

Thalasso in Tunisia

DETOX & Slimming cures in Europe and in long distance destinations like Thailand

Traditional Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and India


Trends in Wellness- and Health Tourism Guests booking a FIT Reisen package


Couples* Families Singles



* In terms of two persons travelling


Tailored Wellness- and Health Tourism by FIT What FIT Reisen experts say: „Guests do expect high quality and sustainable treatments“

Criteria 

Individual, personal and expert advice

Medical consultation & support at the hotel„s spa center

Medical Coach: physicians are partners, not regulators

Configuration of an individual treatment plan

Consultation with physicians (before and after) including diet or nutrition advices (sustainability)

New methods of treatment: e.g. Cryo-Therapy, Colon therapy, new diagnostic methods

Quality and sustainability 14

Tailored Wellness- and Health Tourism by FIT The meaning of custom-tailored Wellness- and Health Tourism by the tour operator FIT Reisen 

FIT Reisen is a partner for the future travelers

Strategy: adjustment to individual wishes and consumer needs

FIT Reisen wants to give advice to make the right choice in the broad variety of wellness and health programs on the market

But how….

by recognition of customer needs & consumption types

by offering specialized offers: „tailored wellness & health programs“

by offering information & consultation during the booking process


Tailored Wellness- and Health Tourism by FIT Products and content 

Thermal water or fango cure

Thalasso therapy

Health care with programs for activity, relaxation and nutrition

Traditional Ayurveda

Purification, detoxification, rejuvenation

Wellness for different needs (e.g. fitdeluxe, Wellness & Golf, short trips)

Medical beauty and dental treatment

Round trips for adventurers before or after a spa holiday

Family wellness packages

Burnout & stress management


Target group oriented packages for the future Future Travelers 

LOHAS: „Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability“ Travelers with high individual expectations to health and sustainability

Naturalites: Traveler focused on natural and organic products

NEOs and evolvers: Travelers who are evolving to become high-value consumers share traits like… - have greater spending capacity & propensity - prefer premium lifestyle experiences

- differ from Traditionals


Target group oriented packages for the future Future Travelers Target Group 1:

well-performers mainly 30plus being aware that prophylactic actions are needed to maintain the actual health status

Target Group 2:

with medical indications mainly 50plus e.g. with rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Burn out

Target Group 3:

target group 1 and 2 in combination with medical beauty or dental treatment e.g. bleaching of the teeth or hyaloron treatment


Target group oriented packages for the future Organic wellness and nutrition – new in the FIT Reisen program Spain Valbusenda Hotel Resort & Spa***** in Toro, Kastilien-León

North west of Madrid in the wine area of Zamora and Toro

With an own vinery

Exclusive Spa with VIP area und vine therapies

Circle of hydrotherapy with five different indoor pools e.g. whirlpool, massage nozzles

Organic trend at FIT Reisen 19

Target group oriented packages for the future The biggest sea water pool in Europe

Spain Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora*****Luxus, Teneriffa, Guía de Isora

Luxurious resort at the sea side promenade

Opened 2008

YHI Spa with 2,000 square meters, a water ritual center

“stimulate the sense, clear the body, purify the soul and pamper the mind”

YHI Spa in Spain 20

Target group oriented packages for the future Complex healing therapies and modern medical treatments in combination with Thermal water therapies in health resorts rich in tradition 

Medical consulting and/or examination followed by an individual program aligned to the customers needs

Classical treatments with thermal water, mudpacks and inhalations

Health care applications like oxygen-, hydro- or electro therapies

Hungary with the famous thermal spa towns bad Hévíz, Bad Bük and Bad Sárvár as well as the capital Budapest, e.g. Danubius Spa and Health Resorts Hévíz****s Czech Republic with well known spas in Marienbad, Karlsbad and Franzensbad, e.g. Kurhotel Royal Marienbad**** Italy, Abano Terme the world famous thermal & fango spa resorts, e.g. Hotel Terme Due Torri*****

Classical Cures to prevent diseases and to improve one‟s health 21

Target group oriented packages for the future Perspective 

Health will become a private affair

Prevention will become more and more important

Change of lifestyle: Balance of body, soul and mind in the focus

Growing expertise of customers

Willingness for private investment in health care will increase

Guests are looking for individual programs with high quality

Holiday as a chance to improve and maintain health 22

Discover the world of Wellbeing and Spa Destinations 23

Contact us: FIT Reisen GmbH RavensteinstraĂ&#x;e 2 60385 Frankfurt am Main Germany Phone: 0049 69 4 05 88 50 E-Mail:

Thank you for your attention.

September 23rd, 2011

CLAUDIA WAGNER Thermal Tourism  

Thermal Tourism

CLAUDIA WAGNER Thermal Tourism  

Thermal Tourism