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Have you ever had a friend, or worked with a colleague, who spent more time talking about all the work they had to do, rather than actually just sitting down and getting it done? You thought that surely, if they would just sit down at the computer and start typing, they would get so much more accomplished in a much shorter period of time. Now, however, with the introduction of Speech to Text Software published by Nuance, that may not be as true as you might think. Dragon Naturally Speaking, the latest Speech to Text Software, allows users to type nearly as fast as they can talk. Most people can speak around 120 words a minute, which means that a user can type almost as fast as the average Executive Secretary. Instead of worrying about how much they won't be able to accomplish, you could pace around the office instructing your computer about exactly what it should be getting done for you. Our Speech to Text Software Reviews show how this software allows users to browse the Internet, type documents, communicate with other electronic devices, and even send email. Imagine sitting in your car on the freeway in Los Angeles dictating quietly into your headset about the day's tasks at the office - and finish your work even before you walk through the door of your own home. No more late nights in the home office struggling over tomorrow's spreadsheet figures - you completed it even before you got home. Spend the evening talking with your family and enjoying a good movie instead! While this latest innovation by Nuance can be a huge time-saving investment for many, it can open whole new worlds - or keep the world turning - for others. What would you do if a college term paper were due in two days and you hadn't begun to write it - and injured both arms in a skiing accident the weekend before? Panic? With Speech to Text Software, you would still be able to finish your paper - and save your grade - in less than the time it normally would take you to type a paper! People who are visually impaired or face other physical challenges that make typing difficult - or impossible, can also benefit from Speech to Text Software. Best of all, the price is comparable to any other quality software package - and everything you need is right in the box (including the headset and microphone)!

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM SPEECH TO TEXT SOFTWARE? Most of us can't type 120 words a minute, but computers and the Internet have made basic typing skills fairly important. For some people, though, even typing short words or phrases can be painfully difficult or impossible. For these people, Speech to Text Software is an almost revolutionary invention that has drastically changed their lives.

Physically disabled people, for example, who are unable to use their hands well, or at all can now browse the Internet, create typed contracts, and accomplish other goals independently with this innovative software. Those who have been affected by arthritis, car crashes, or other health conditions can now use their minds, rather than their hands, to complete the same tasks as those who don't face these life challenges. I met a man with an advanced case of muscular dystrophy who couldn't walk or even move his fingers. Through the use of this remarkable product, however, he was able to earn a college degree, pass certification examinations, and work as an insurance salesman and broker. Without this program, available only a few years ago, he would no longer have been able to work, or even communicate with friends and family without the aid of someone standing near him. As a result of it, however, he can instruct the software to type a letter, enter phrases or websites into search engines, or even instruct the software to input a telephone number and dial a call over the Internet. Now, he is no longer dependent on a caregiver to help him communicate, get an education, and even continue working. Communication is an essential part of our daily lives, and the Internet has made it almost possible to keep in constant contact with world events, family gossip, or workplace changes with the touch of a key. Most of us can touch those keys easily enough, but for those who cannot, Speech to Text Software has been life-restoring as well as life-enhancing for a great number of people. Of course, even some people who aren't physically challenged find typing too hard to learn or perform easily. They can also benefit from the use of Speech to Text Software, which enhances their typing speed dramatically. Imagine how wonderful it would be for all of the people who are two or even three-finger typists to be able to type as fast as they could speak! Well, now it is possible!

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