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The Truth About Milk The first form of sustenance that a child receives on this planet is milk. It is the highly nutritious, as it contains the essence of the food digested by the mother of the child. All females of the animal kingdom have been blessed with this means to keeping their child well fed till they are able to search for their own food. Humans probably are the only animals that continue to have milk even after growing older. This milk though, is got from sources different than that received at birth! Scroll below to get more info on milk. According to several researches done, milk is a mine for different nutrients. Check here to see what it comprises of. It is a rich source for calcium, minerals and phosphorus. These are needed to make the bones and teeth strong. They also help in proper muscle contraction. The high quality protein present in milk complements the protein value of cereals. Proper growth and development of a child can be ensured by having milk. This is because it contains fair amounts of different vitamins. For those who do not consume animal proteins, milk and other dairy products for a large part of the diet followed. Menopausal women are advised to have milk to reduce chances of osteoporosis. There are many people who can have milk for all the meals if possible. On the other hand, there are others who would not touch milk because of all the things that they have heard about it. If you read more, you will understand what the benefits of having milk are. Though milk is highly nutritious, and should form a part of every one’s diet, it is not a complete meal on its own. In fact, it is true for all kinds of food, when consumed without anything else to complement it. The body needs a mix of all kinds of nutrients, minerals and protein to keep it functioning properly. This balanced mix is never found in one substance only. Do you dislike the flavor of milk? It could be because of the fat in the milk forms a coating in the mouth. Taking skim or non-fat milk can solve this problem. Since they are available in different flavors, you will be spoilt for choice! If you are scared of having milk as it contains cream (and thus, fat), you can always switch to skim or non-fat milk. This gives you the benefit of milk, without the fat. Milk in itself cannot be a cause for constipation. If proper roughage is not taken in the diet, and the person relies heavily on milk, then constipation is the effect of bad diet. See here for more milk services. However, different bodies react to milk in different ways. While some are not bothered by any uneasy feeling after having milk, there are others who abhor the idea of having milk or any dairy products. The latter may experience a “gassy� feeling, or loose bowel movements or stomach and abdominal cramps after drinking milk. These people should get medical check-up done to see if they are lactose intolerant. Visit here to know more about additive and permeate free milk.

The Truth About Milk  

The first form of sustenance that a child receives on this planet is milk.

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