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The Importance of Adhering to Proper Hand Hygiene We use our hands for a myriad of tasks any given day. Due to this, our hands tend to carry a plethora of germs. Some of these may be harmless but a majority of them can cause health issues if they get into our systems. By practicing proper hand hygiene, we reduce the chances of spreading a multitude of diseases as the most common method of transferring these microbes is through our hands. It is impossible to avoid coming into contact with germs in our daily lives. These germs are found everywhere from our cell phones, our laptops, shopping carts and many more places. One thing to note also is that places that experience a lot of human traffic such as restaurant washrooms and public transport system also carry a lot of germs. Some common ways of distributing these germs include 1. Food: Handling food with dirty hands will transfer germs to the food. This is the fastest way of spreading food related illnesses as anyone who will ingest the contaminated food will fall sick 2. From body to hand to surface: As aforementioned, we touch a lot of things every single minute of the day. From slicking back out hair, touching our faces and so on. If there are germs on these surfaces and you touch something else, the germs are effectively distributed. 3. Interacting with sick people: One does not necessarily have to touch someone that is sick for you to get germs as some of the germs can be transmitted through the air. This is why whenever you come into contact with someone who is not feeling well it is best you adhere to hand hygiene so as to avoid getting ill too. 4. Interacting with animals: Pets are a common source of germs, as they hardly keep as clean as humans do. Whenever you are in contact with an animal it is best to wash your hands immediately after. Reviewed websites: