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September 2011


Lupita Staff Writer Students returning text books after the first two weeks of classes will have a surprising new fee to consider. Starting this September, the EVC Campus Bookstore will be charging a 30% restocking fee for textbooks returned after the 14 day grace period following the start of classes every semester. The new policy has raised some eyebrows from the student body on campus. Second-year student John Nguyen said about the new fee, “that’s rough when the books already cost so much”. Interim Director of the EVC Campus Bookstore, Dale Cadile, said the restocking fee is necessary due to the high rate of returns from students buying and returning books once they receive cheaper textbooks from other sources such as the internet. “They buy the books online, come to the bookstore and buy from us and later return the texts once their books come in the mail,” said Cadile. Apparently, the practice has become quite common among students. In response to the high volume of returns the bookstore has to hire extra people to do the returns. “We are a selfsupporting entity, a non-profit organization, and the restocking fee helps with staffing costs.” She said having a restock-

ing fee also encourages students to make sure they have the right book. According to Cadile, The EVC bookstore does not get funding from the district and, EVC is not the only college to incur restocking fees. DeAnza, Foothill and Ohlone Colleges are incurring similar fees in their bookstores as well. She said she knows there is online competition and that it is understandable for students to shop for a cheaper price, but not at the expense of the bookstores. Some students do not agree with the new restocking fee. Student Lisa Sanchez see’s it as a way for the bookstore to get more money from the students. “It feels like we are being milked for money, we don’t find out what books we need until we get to school and half the time those books are only available at our school bookstore because the book is [a] special order.” said Sanchez. Other alternatives for students that oppose the restocking fee are to buy textbooks from sources other than the bookstore. Websites such as and offer cheaper solutions for purchasing texts. Also rents books for a fraction of the cost and plants a tree in your name for your rental.

Stay Away! Ditch The Fast Food Trend Health, if we take care of it we might just live a little bit longer. However, every day most of us guzzle down cola and force fatladen foods down our throats as a part of sustaining ourselves. The crackling, refreshing and bubbly fizz of a Coke joined with a scrumptious and all-inviting slice of Italian standard-fare pizza or going all American with the iconic hamburger. The streets nowadays are populated with fast-food restaurant chains where you can spend $5-$6 to get a quick and cheap meal that will fill you up. But

Need art supplies?

Manny La Senior Writer what are you really eating? Let me break it down. A standard burger meal

Photo credit

contains processed beef, which is cow meat that has been cleansed of bac-

teria and made safe for consumption. Yeah, that’s what they tell you on the front cover. Dig deep enough and you’ll find out what’s really in it. Every single processed meat product, including beef, contains sodium nitrate, a potentially lethal chemical that introduces a dangerous carcinogen known as nitrosamines in to the body. This nasty little component of sodium nitrate is cancer inducing and is

see FOOD pg 4

Campus Book Store Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

However, the books do take time to arrive in the mail. The restocking fee does not apply to books returned anytime during the first two weeks of classes due to class cancellation or dropped classes, with the original sales receipt. Documentation that the class has been dropped or cancelled must be presented at time of return. All items must be in the

same condition as when purchased, in the original package. The ISBN of the textbooks for specific classes are available one month in advance online and the new policy concerning the restocking fee can be found on the EVC website. Students will also need to initial the return policy when they buy textbooks from the campus bookstore.

Book grants!! School Supplies!! “Like” us on Facebook!! Jessica Diaz ASG President

For the year 2011-2012, Evergreen Valley Applications for the Emergency Student College’s Associated Student Government Grant is available in the business services (ASG) will present to students a year full of office, room AC-115 activities, giveaways and opportunities. For those students who wish to keep upThe aim of the ASG is to better the college dated with what happens in Student Governexperience for the students of EVC, this will ment, aside from the free events and school be accomplished by the funding student run materials being given throughout the year, clubs in order to have activities, such as the they can simply stop by the ASG offices in Pacific Islander Club’s annual luau event Gullo 2 (2nd floor, by student lounge area). and the Author’s Guild Club’s speaker se- For an even more convenient way to keep ries – in which esteemed and accomplished informed, students can simply log onto their authors are brought on campus to speak for Facebook accounts and search Evergreen Valley College Associated Students. When interested students. students “like” the page they will be among The ASG provides resources for its clubs, the first to know when college tours, school which in turn provide resources for the entire supply giveaways and special school events student population. are happening. The ASG starts the school year off with giv- So, welcome back students and don’t miss ing away book vouchers to those students in out on the benefits of knowing your Student need. However this year, due to a decrease Government!! in budget and disagreements with the bookstore, there will be emergency student grants Jessica Diaz ASG President given in place of the book vouchers. This will be a check of up to 100 dollars written out to those who apply and are selected.

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Dr. Betty Ann Owren

September 2011

Heather Garcia Senior Staff writer

Dr. Betty Ann Owren has had over thirty years of teaching experience at many levels of education and she has been teaching here at Evergreen Valley College for 17 years. She has seen the college through its golden age of the arts to the mere shadow of what it once was in the present day. Dr. Owren is the professor for Music Appreciation here at EVC, and she earned her degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Through a long process of interviews and auditions, along with an already well established conducting career, Dr. Owren learned what only 12 other women in the United States have her doctorate in Coral Conducting. “I think music is essential to being a human being, and I think music is essential to education,” Owren says. Dr. Owren not only recognizes but also demands that music and education go hand in hand. She recognizes the significance it can put into a person’s life. “You can’t put a number on that [significance]; it’s not tangible. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Because it affects the rest of your life and adds new dimensions to it, then your life is so much fuller”. Dr. Owren further explains the connection between music and education by adding, “[music] uses both sides of the brain.” Dr. Owren believes that music is a natural characteristic of all human beings. This thought was solidified for Dr. Owren after her ex-

periences working with school age children. Dr. Owren explains that her philosophy of music comes from the way the children were able to naturally receive the various types of music she introduced to them. Dr. Owren realized how moved and excited the children became whenever they heard music. One example she gave was when she played a recording of a classical musician’s voice for one of her elementary classes. One of her students said, “Ms. Owren, that was the most beautiful voice I ever heard.” Dr. Owren explained, “You see, no one ever told her, ‘well that’s classical so you should like it’ or something. They taught me the music is in them, but we have to give them the opportunities and the exposure.” Dr. Owren says that it is even more important here at EVC because many of her music appreciation students haven’t had any kind of musical exposure, making it is very difficult to introduce them to it because college age students aren’t as open as children Dr. Owren feels that this may be their last chance for some of her students to really “get it.” She continues to be passionate about the arts in community colleges because she has seen her college students change and respond to her music and voice classes. Dr. Owren believes there isn’t any way to measure how someone’s life has changed in numbers. In the school system however, things are expected to be quantifiable. Everything needs to be seen on paper and documented.

Big Corporations and The Cost of Cotton

Lisa Mae Enrie Senior Staff writer

It’s that back to school time again! All students want to start off fresh. Some students turn to their closets, to their dissatisfaction, everything they own seems dull and they have exhausted every combination of clothes. So instead some students decide to buy some new clothing to update their look. To do that they have to start looking around in some departments stores for that pretty fly look to start the semester. No one finds it strange to shop at department stores seeing as most independently owned clothing vendors are way too expensive. Not only are privately owned businesses expensive but there are very few left in today’s world, mostly due to the fact that big chain department stores have ran them all out of business. So most students find themselves looking through the Forever 21’s and the Old Navy’s for new clothes. Looking around stores, you might see a t-shirt you like or some jeans you can live with. If you’re a bit more of a conscious shopper you might have noticed, while looking for your clothing items, that most clothing is relatively cheap at department stores. This was made possible because of cheap overseas labor. Most big retailers are skipping U.S. production and moving to other countries with more relaxed labor laws. With the money they are saving with cheap labor, they have money to spend on bulk purchases of materials. When it comes to clothing, one material is used above all materials: cotton. The price of clothing is directly affected by the cost and production of cotton. The price of cotton each year has been on the rise. One of the reasons cotton prices have been rising is the decrease of demand. According to the USDA, the world consumption of cot-

ton has been gradually declining each month. Another key factor of the price hike is the production of the cotton crops recently. Bad weather conditions such as droughts and/or heavy rain damage crops and leave farmers less to distribute. For a figure, weather can slow the harvest of cotton down by millions of metric tons. With prices rising, it is going to hit hard on the big name department stores that provide consumers with clothing at low prices. People are already living in a tough economic spot and clothing companies know this. So to deal with the price of cotton and the demand of cheap clothing, some big companies are coming up some tricky devices to make customers think they are getting more for their money. Like every year, most companies are going to raise item prices about 10 percent more than it was for last year’s price. Dealing with lower cotton crops means embellishing clothes with fake buttonholes or fancy tags. They might use fabric in such a way as to hide the fact that there is less fabric being used on the clothing design. Another trick they are implementing is adding multiple types of stitching. These stores are unwittingly selling these less cottoncontaining products to the customer as a new modern design. They are hiking up the prices a few dollars when in reality the cost of these changes to them might be fractions of a penny. So when you go down to your favorite stores at the mall, please be mindful of the item you’re about to buy. Don’t be missing an arm hole or having unnecessary holes in your jeans as a fashion statement. Instead know: You’re getting less clothes for more money!

Dr. Owern says, “maybe if it’s not tangible, then maybe those are really the real things, right? When you change a student’s life.” When referring to EVC’s Got Talent, hosted by the ASG on Friday Apr. 15, she exclaimed, “I was thrilled about Friday night; it shows they (the students) want (the arts) and need them, it’s horrible to cut that out. But if you don’t embrace the arts and have a well rounded education, it is not a college.” Dr. Owern is one who is truly passionate about her teaching and the way it affects her students. Now I believe what Dr. Owern said: changing a student’s life can’t be documented on a piece of paper. That is something our school administration does not see. They don’t see lives that are being changed everyday through the arts, because it’s not on a piece of paper. As a student, as a Newspaper reporter and as the former ASG Activities Director, I would have liked to have seen some of the administration at the talent show besides our ASG advisor. I can only hope that our administrators soon see the truly extraordinary outcome of the arts and its significant impact at EVC and in society as a whole. Thanks to dedicated teachers such as Dr. Betty Anne Owren, we the EVC students still have a glimmer of hope.

Men’s Soccer Hawks Open 2011 with Heat

The EVC Hawks took on the West Valley College Vikings men’s soccer team in their season home opener on 8-27-11 resulting in a 1-1 tie. It was a tough game for both sides as they adjusted to in game strategies and defenses. The Hawks were not in mid-season form, but they did play hard and gave the Vikings a challenge. When asked of how he thought his team had performed, Coach Joseph Silveira said. ”I though we were a little bit nervous [early on]… but after the first half we talked about playing the way we know we can play. The 2nd half was better.” The halftime talk worked, and the Hawks came out strong in the second half with a goal early on to tie up the match. Midway through the 2nd half the Hawks had a chance to take the lead on a penalty kick, but the make was wiped away when the referee called for a retake allowing the goal tender from West Valley a second chance. Despite the lows of the season opener, the team played well and proved to be resilient when the pressure was on. “Our goal as always is to make the playoffs and see what happens from there… we have a good group of guys and I think we have enough quality to make a playoff run… once you’re in there anything can happen,” said Coach Silveira. Sports Beat Staff Writer



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Welcome Back! Join The Messenger!

September 2011

Words From our Student Trustee

Your first thoughts are probably, “ How will this benefit me, and will this take up my time? Also, I’m not really sure what position I want.”

Dear Evergreen Hawks new and old,

Honestly, yes, it’ll take up time, but it’s voluntary efforts and dedication which keeps this engine driving! At a moral standpoint, don’t let this sink into your thoughts, always remember that your education comes first before everything else! Moreover, the truth is colleges doesn’t just look at your transcripts if you have outstanding grades. When transferring to another college, they’ll look if you’re an active student, therefore a plus when trying to get into the college of your inclination. Keep in mind to not ham up your involvement, if you’re involved and maintaining your grades they are more likely to let you in. Here at The Messenger, we welcome newcomers with open arms and help guide them to a position where their strengths are best suited. The Messenger offers a wide range of positions such as writing, layout management & photojournalism. We also have new positions such as web management, frontline news, and many more to come. *We strive to do our best in keeping the students informed within the campus on a monthly basis. You too can be a part of something really exciting by being a part of a team with dedicated and hard workers. The club meets at two different times and at two different locations: In the Womyn’s Center around 5:00 pm in the Buena Roble building room RG-131, and at Gullo II’s Cyber lounge (w/ big TV) at 9pm. Feel free to join us during our meetings; if you have any questions and like to talk to us in person, we will always be happy to answer.

I welcome you to the Fall 2011 semester. I am excited and ecstatic for this upcoming year and what it may hold. This year will certainly be a tumultuous roller coaster with budget cuts and the many legislative actions we as a student body will have to fight for. I hope to continue to open the lines of communication between the students and the district in this upcoming year. One of my goals is to have better communication with all students, which is a struggle with over 10,000 students attending EVC. I have set up an email, which is: evc.student.trustee@ I hope to receive emails addressing issues that students are having and hope to direct students to the correct channels if they are misinformed. I will do my best to return all emails in a timely manner especially since I will be serving over 10,000 students. Beyond that, the district has been working and getting ready for the Fall semester while we we’re away. We now have a new college president Mr. Henry Yong, a new VP of Administrative Services Henry Gee and Interim VP of Academic Affairs Keith Aytch (until 6/30/2012). One of the most exciting things going on campus is an upcoming collaboration between Evergreen Valley College and Apple. Some very lucky students and staff will be receiving iPad’s in collaboration between industry and education. The project’s purpose is to show how to use this technology to better our educational endeavors both on and off campus. I wish you all luck this semester and I hope to bring you updates in other avenues such as Twitter, Facebook or a blog. Send me your thoughts on what you would like to see to happen this semester at my designated email.

The more the merrier! -Eddie.B NPC CGD / ASG PR

Until the next issue my friends, Linda Lam Student Trustee

Photo Credit: Nick Ta Top Row: Jessica Diaz, Carmen Candelaria, Lisa Kimbo, Alex Velasco, Nick Ta Front Row: Alexander Daryanani, Eddie Balaoro, Steve De Martini, Sarah Goodwin, Manny La, Madison Moung

Words From the Editor in Chief

festival of the English Major Language Lovers Club. We Greetings my fellow students! I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and are well rested and primed for the too at the Messenger look to get into the mix and help bring more to student life new school year. I for one had a packed summer with an awesome English conference in Monterey aside from this periodical. “We need to stand together as Getting back to our priand a wedding in San Diego, all in all a good time. a community and throw aside mary function though, we Hopefully the good times will extend to our student our differences to come together do have one goal and it is community. We at the Messenger look forward to a for our one purpose and shared to represent the student positive and fruitful year on all fronts of student life. goal: Higher Learning.” voices on this campus Following last year’s successful Associated Student Government, I am hopeful that the new board will from all who attend. We work to make this year even better. I know its tough encourage and ask that if the second time around, but I believe they will be you or any of your peers strong with the addition of new faces as well as the have concerns about what veteran members of the board. Last year we had the is and isn’t occurring at Halloween party, Turkey Bowl [we won that by the this school to get in conway], Talent Show and Carnival. I expect nothing tact with us. I understand less then these and hopefully a few more sponsored for some it is not easy to events by the AS. come out in a crowd and But aside from the directly sponsored and orgaargue problems for fear of nized events of the AS we also had several other backlash. I promise you events organized by clubs, such as the Cinco de confidence and anonymMayo event last spring by ENLACE and the Poetry ity if you need it or, if Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

you want, to spotlight you along with your plight. I have heard from too many students of their concerns who are unwilling to be named for fear of backlash and unrest. Understand we do not want to bring harm or unrest but to give a platform for the truth and an open discourse on this campus. For far too long the voice of the students on this campus have been subverted and used against their best interest; we hope to establish a way for all parties to state their sides. Let’s place back room politics and dirty deals done behind the silver veil behind us and let’s work towards a positive future. We want transparency for all students, all professors, all classified, and all administrators. We are sick and tired of District meetings where classified staff members are the only ones being hurt, and students of specialized programs are being deprived of their assistance. We need to stand together as a community and throw aside our differences to come together for our one purpose and shared goal: Higher Learning. Alexander Daryanani Editor-in-Chief

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These Tough Economic Times Francisco Zarate Managing Editor These tough economic times by Francisco Zarate This summer saw the United States government make a mockery of the democratic system. The two parties who control D.C. failed to represent the people’s opinions and instead fought for their party’s ideals. As the August 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling approached, Republicans and Democrats let the time run, all the while bickering down to the very last seconds. The gridlock had a lot of Americans on the edge of their seats. In the end the government threw out a poor excuse of a deal: raising the debt limit till 2013 without a way to actually fix the economy. Raising the debt limit guaranteed that the United States can get in more debt without defaulting. However, the ideas that matter the most did not go into the bill, ideas presenting how the economy would actually be repaired. Ideas like closing tax loopholes for large corporations and tax increases for the rich upper class. Ideas like these were stifled by lobbyist and interest groups looking out for their own pockets not to get hurt. The people America trusts to run their economy are easily swayed like that. It comes as no surprise that going into 2012 a lot of us are scared for the economy. But it might come as a surprise that a lot of people have absolutely no idea or interest in the economic matters at hand. A lot of people are out there with the assumption

responsible for pancreatic cancer. To make things worse, it also accelerates the growth of cancer cells once it starts. By consuming processed meat, you have an increased 67% chance of developing it compared to those who abstain. NEW PARAGRAPH (AS INDICATED BELOW) What is pancreatic cancer? As the name implies, it is when malignant cancer cells form in the pancreas, the organ responsible for secreting fluids that breaks down food we eat and storing the energy from that food for whenever the need arises. It also regulates blood sugar levels and pumps out hormones such as insulin and glucagon, which regulates metabolism, it also raises the levels of those hormones and chemicals if they dip too low, respectively. Picture it like this; your pancreas is pinned to a board ala Carney style and each bite you take from that burger is a dagger closer to it. A dagger coated in insidious, chemical poison. Instead you should buy fresh meat and ground it up yourself. Grounding it yourself is much healthier and you can mix in your own special blend of spices, without fear of synthetic ingredients. The most simple meat grinders cost about $25 with a turning handlebar, while automated ones range from $70-$154. Trust me, It’s better to spend money on that rather than a medical bill. Processed cheese is not nearly as bad, but it’s still something you would want to avoid. Instead of leaving cheese alone some food manufacturers feel the need to throw in additives, emulsifiers and other funky ingredients that do not sound even sound remotely edible. It supposedly extends shelf life and enhances flavor. But don’t be fooled by fancy advertising or seemingly appropriate evidence that justifies the consumption of processed cheese. More flavors in cheese can be achieved the longer you let it sit to ferment, much like

“...Well they don’t call us the future of this country for no reason. But we are going in at a disadvantage because we are going into a world where corporate greed is already deep rooted into our daily lives...”

that money is endless. They are still buying ridiculous premiums. those big cars and the fancy clothes. They Currently in America there is an estimated are still spending their time at the mall and 47 million people without insurance acthrowing money at those same corporations cording to the Census Bureau. But for some that are signing the economy’s death certifi- reason there are still Americans who are opcate. posed to universal healthcare. The reason is In becoming involved with corporations that private insurance companies, hospitals and globalization, we are and drug companies have a partaking in the toils of the monopoly in medical services. economy. Every big corpoThere is no way those comparation that is out there has nies would allow universal a stake in the government. healthcare because if they do, Corporations have the money their gigantic business profto put elected officials in ofits would decrease. They are fice and have them do their called “the medical industry” bidding. Corporations have for a reason. They’ve gone as the money to make interest far as putting the idea in the groups and lobbyists to conAmerican public’s head that trol American politics. Getuniversal healthcare is socialting the ideas into people’s ism, and people are buying it. heads that we should avoid Photo Credit: tax raises and anything other So being students amongst than that is un-American. this corporate held world, how A good example of this is how some are we supposed to behave in these tough Americans—especially the rich— are economic times? Well they don’t call us fighting so hard against universal health- the future of this country for no reason. But care. The benefits of universal healthcare we are going in at a disadvantage because are beyond measure. In an America with we are going into a world where corporate universal healthcare, everyone will be able greed is already deep rooted into our daily to afford medicine for the ailments and lives. We were already raised on corporate illnesses. The ability to afford costly op- brands, corporate clothing chains, corporate erations and the ability to have affordable food, and television. Everyone we know is doctor visits whenever. Under an America already hired by a big corporation, be it the with universal health care no one would Apple Geniuses, the Taco Bell cashiers, have to pay for expensive insurances with the Comcast cable installers or the Ameri-

Food from page 1 wine. Typical cheeses take three to four months to achieve full flavor. Just leave the cheeses be! Let’s not forget the vegetables the burger chains toss in so it can be at least a little healthy. If you’re going to be consuming greens, you should make it proportionate to the other foods you get in that one meal. A leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato will not cut it for a burger. You need a whole bowl of salad to balance out the fats and grease in that insipid patty. A good ratio, according to a health website is 40% protein, 30% fat and 20%-30% carbs. However, with a burger, the fat value is way up, and they are not even good fats! The side of French fries isn’t exactly your best friend either. Fries are drenched in heart-clogging trans fats. Instead order a baked potato if you must, It won’t kill you. Sure you’ll be saving some greenbacks in this dwindling economy by buying fast food, but if it’s your health that’s at risk, it is probably better to skip the Mickey D’s and Taco Bell. Instead throw out a couple more bucks for healthier food options like buying organic ingredients for homecooked meals. Nobody wants sodium nitrate or foreign lab-created additives in their bodies. There are plenty of alternatives to getting your favorite foods that you like to eat.

September 2011

can Apparel models. Our parents and our parent’s parents have held jobs for multibillion dollar corporations. The same corporations might even be putting some of us through college. We are going to school where – if you read the paper –politicians and other officials keep raising our tuition and charging ridiculous prices for textbooks. As those prices go up, we need more and more money to get through college. We get that money from loans given to us either by corporations or by the United States government—the same two groups that were responsible for the hikes in tuitions to begin with. But the more knowledge we gain and the less jobs there are, we will come to the realization that we need to dismantle these things as we get older because living with them won’t be an option anymore. Even though school is so costly it becomes worth it in the end—not because we have a chance at those jobs everyone is looking for—but because we leave school with knowledge, knowledge that we can hopefully use to better the world. Hopefully with that knowledge, this future generation can step away from the corporate greed that controls the world. Ideally, this generation can break free from the “rich get richer, poor get poorer” world we are living in. I know that this generation can do more than continue purchasing and consuming; it can, instead, bring forth ideas that can help people instead of helping themselves.

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Arts & Entertainment

Poetry Corner

The EVC Messenger, Newspaper Club’s paper, will consider captivating bodies of writing that our student population offers for possible publication. However, this section is purely for the poetry that our fellow students are willing to share. Here you can express the perceptions that will help us understand that certain motor that gets you feeling sublime. This section is here for your beautiful mind to get noticed. DO NOT HOLD BACK.

Swish of the solemn sapphire sea Feathers of a Phoenix fluttering in flight Memories seeping into unbroken silence Glimmer of heaven and hell Haunting touch of solitude Ivory freckles in the blue night Flashes of what could have been

—Janina Torres

Day to Day

I’ll Write You a Poem


We light a candle For the departed, And for those yet to come. But we were not the first. She would always light a Candle. The flickering light Engulfed her shadowed world. She taught my mother of Candles –The Importance of the Flickering light. She passed on. Now we light the candle For the departed, And for those yet to come.

He sprints towards Bored Lane Across lays a fresh express dame A turtle’s tail rises in tense somber As the sky bleeds and screams together Stompy streets are mixed from the mind Rituals replace connection with our kind Statues alike refuse stability in the current Squeals from the sewers warn their tyrant Where is the tombstone who we call Family Hood —Michael Felix

to Take the me mo vie s wit


Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis Touches the Alaskan Horizon Ignites the withered Spirit

September 2011

—Zobeyda Chavez

I’ll write you a poem a million lines long (if it means i can kiss you and hold you so tight). I’ll write you a billion and twenty-three songs (if it just means that I can stay with you tonight)! I’ll use every word in today’s lexicon (and a few from the past that I’ll look up today). I’ll make you forget about Shakespeare; he’s gone (and it will only be me in your mind that will stay)! All the ballads and odes about thee that I’ll write (every single last word is so true)! And all the fantastical ways that I type (will make you say “now I know that I love you”)! (but you don’t want that, no matter the font. how I wish I knew all of the things that you want.) —Jeremy Peoples







Warrior is a story about an ex-marine with a tragic past. Tommy Riordan returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh and enlists his recovered alcoholic father to train him for a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament. As Tommy makes his path to the title, his brother Brendan, a former MMA fighter and fledging public school teacher, returns to the amateur ring to try to provide for own his family. Though the years have passed, betrayal and hurt have kept the two brothers estranged from one another. But when Brendan rises as an underdog in the tournament, it puts him on course to face Tommy for the title. The two are forced to face the problems that tore them apart in an intense “winner takes all” battle of their lives. Warrior stars Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte. This film seeks to explore the depths of familial relationships and the strains of economic depravity. The use of MMA is merely a rouse to wrangle in the viewers to the larger goal of the movie. Three & half stars


Contagion follows the expedient progress of a killer airborne virus that kills the infected within days. As the rapid-moving epidemic grows, the global medical community races to find a cure and control the pandemonium that spreads faster than the virus itself. Simultaneously, ordinary people fight to survive in a society falling apart. Contagion offers an unoriginal plot with a new façade, hopefully more intelligent than 2012, but with all the movies of this genre coming out, I’ll settle for entertaining. Two stars

Bucky Larsen: Born to Be a Star

Bucky is a small town grocery bagger, going nowhere in life -- until he discovers that his conservative parents were once adult film stars! Armed with the belief that he has found his destiny, Bucky packs up and heads out to LA, hoping to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Nothing but wacky adventures follow. Three stars

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September 2011

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