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April 2011

ASG 2011 Elections : Canidate’s 50 word statements

Check out what the canidates have in store for you this upcoming year. Covered on page 2 & 3! Also, catch them live at Gullo 2 on the 26th and 27th at 12pm. Be there or be square!!!

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ASG Elections

May 2011

no picture provided* Kamaldeep Kaur This is my second semester as a full-time student at Evergreen Valley College. I have always been curious to explore my capabilities. Because of many personal problems including finance problems, I hardly took any opportunity in the past to go out and try anything new.

Matthew Sablan I am running for Senator at large. I would serve well in this position because as a representative of the ASG, you are a liaison between the ASG and the students and faculty. I am very friendly person who is able to develop connections amongst other students.

Ansu Lahi I’m running for Senator to help EVC to build a great Student Government, as well make our campus enjoyable for the students and clubs. I am willing to listen, interact, and convey views to create a mutually beneficial environment. Together we will enhance student life, enjoy events and activities, and the EVC experience.

Edgar Guzman My name is Edgar Guzman and I’m running for VP of Finance. I’m running for Associated Student office to continue bettering our student life. I want to get involved in the student body and apply my leadership skills to assist in creating a positive and exciting environment for future students.

Ann Nguyen I would like to be a Senator for the AS so that I may be directly involved in making decisions to benefit EVC. Representing my fellow students’ opinions would be my main objective, and I wish to provide input and my opinions to try and make everyone’s time on campus more enjoyable.

Martin Tran Being a Senator will give me the chance to serve in a meaningful way. As secretary of the PIC I earned the respect of my club members. Being a DSP student has taught me to understand the importance of being heard. I promise to be a voice for the school.

Helen Ca My name is Helen Ca, current Senator. I want to represent the students here at EVC by helping us through these tough times. As a Senator I have helped out in major events like the Dream Act and March in March. For my position next year I hope to be able to continue representing the needs of students.

Timothy Burpee As the Activities Director I will use my communication and creativity skills to reach out more to the students on campus. These skills will inform me of what events students would like to see on campus. Therefore this will result in better participation in student life at Evergreen Valley College.

Mariah Galaviz I’m the best candidate for the position of activities director because I’m a great leader, and I’m very creative. I also wish to be among other student leaders. I am qualified and I will benefit our campus life by promoting the existing activities at EVC and promoting other student related activities.

Amy Dundon I’m focused, passionate and diligent. This skill set will facilitate my actions in the upcoming year. So far, I have been instrumental to the development and execution of events like the DREAM Act rally and the March in March. I’ll continue this work, and above all advocate for students.

Anna I. Cuevas I am running for Associated Students office because I have never been the type of person who likes to stand around and have others make decisions that affect my future. I want to have my ideas heard. In the upcoming election, I plan to run for the position of Senator.

David Nguyen For the past year I have done many things for the student body, for instance I helped coordinate rallies like the Dream Act and March in March to voice the students concerns. If elected I hope to create a resolution committee that will establish a connection with the student body.

no picture provided* Julie Ngo I am running for Associated Students Office (Secretary Position) because I believe that people of leadership positions make a big difference in how people feel about their college experience, and I want to be there to ensure that everyone can make the most of their college life, including myself.

no picture provided* Carmen Candelaria My name is Carmen Candelaria, and I am running for Senator. I have the characteristics needed for this position. I am a well-rounded person who is committed, organized and hard working. I will fulfill these qualities if elected and do my best to serve EVC.

Linda Lam Linda Lam is running for Student Trustee with 2 years of EVC AS Experience! I’ve spearheaded College Tours, Suggestion Boxes and was part of 2009 ASG that implemented 500 yearly book vouchers. I work to provide opportunities for students and give awareness of what is going on at the District.


ASG Elections

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Edward Balaoro Hello fellow students! I’m Eddie Balaoro, and I am your next runner up as your ASG Public Relations Director! My last few years of high school, I’ve created various successful advertisements for my school’s annual art show and a drama class. I also create the wonderful layout of our school’s paper: “EVC Flyer”. This upcoming year, I’m excited in working with you by bringing my talents, skills and standards to the EVC community! let’s paint this campus!

Bekki Jasmin Zarco I am running for Senator for the EVC AS because I love being involved in the college community. My main focus is to be there for the EVC students and make sure that their voices and being heard and considered in any situation that considers them.

Television: the New American Pass Time Francisco Zarate Assistant Managing Editor Television has become the great distraction for everyone since after the Second World War. Television, the new great American pass-time that replaced, well just about everything. Compared to those times, when families only owned one television if they were lucky, today we find ourselves surrounded by televisions. According to 2009 study by the Nielsen Company, the average American household was listed as having 2.5 televisions, with a whopping 30% owing 4 or more televisions. The average American watches 35.5 hours of television a week. Americans literally have a full time job of watching television, watching 4-5 hours of television a day. Televisions are inescapable: supermarkets have televisions, all restaurants are now outfitted with 4 or more televisions, and it appears some house holds have more televisions than they do appliances. Those numbers today are probably soaring beyond 2.5 with the release of a new type of television every few months. You can now buy HD TVs, 3D TVs, LED TVs, 32” inches to 65” flat screens and a plethora of other choices. What do people need so many TVs for? Well with cable and satellite battling for customers the reasons for TVs is

Navtej Phangureh As Vice President, I was apart of the most active Student Government in EVC history, which includes organizing March in March, extending hours at MLK library, and keeping students informed through various mediums i.e. campus-wide emails & Facebook. I promise to continue this progress for all students to benefit at EVC.

evident: to watch well over 1,000 channels at any given time of day. So like every social phenomenon, television has had an impact on society and culture. That impact is the death of living life with a purpose. Now our general population goes from work or school to their television sets. They enjoy meals with their families but of course in front of their television sets. They take time to do their homework and surf the internet, however, that time often is spent with their televisions on. What’s happening is that people are feeling the need to be mentally stimulated because reality is no longer stimulating them enough. Because no one feels the need to leave the comfort of their home to see a house being remodeled, they can do that at home. No one needs to see dogs getting trimmed, no one wants to see models be born, no wants to compete to lose weight or visit the Jersey Shore to do a fist pump. No one needs to go through the trouble when they have a television set feeding them those experiences. Having the experiences and going through the motions in front of a television are almost the exact same thing and there is no one to be the wiser, well when it comes to the viewer.

May 2011

Karissa Doll My name is Karissa Doll, and I am running for the position of External Vice President. I am the kind of person who likes to get involved in the community, and be a leader. This position in Student Government would help me continue to get involved with my school.

The real question here is what sense of accomplishment does watching television offer? When you watch television, what purpose does it serve your life? Absolutely none. At the end of a life well lived no one reflects back and says, “I am so glad I saw all the seasons of Lost, that was time well spent.” None of us will remember the hundreds and maybe thousands of hours lost in front of a television. That’s the exact reason we don’t want to lose our inhibitions to the idiot box. Of course television is not entirely a tool of life destruction, news and biographies make for great conversations, hell, even an hour of the Food Network couldn’t hurt. But watching a days worth of television leaves a lot to be desired. Because 25 hours watching the Food Network turns into a sort of an irony, in which no actual food cooking is taking place. Now some people even have the audacity to judge and criticize the people they see on television who they don’t agree with or find appealing. They judge someone who is being watched by thousands of other people and is at least found favorable by some network executive somewhere. When the viewer lacks even the small, shallow

Jessica Diaz I, Jessica Diaz, am running for ASG president because I believe that my ability to learn, lead and cooperate in a group will enable me to help the next year’s board in reaching its highest potential. My main goal would be to help the student population as best I can.

novelty of getting up off their couch and auditioning to get judged on television, what do they have to say for themselves? It even goes to the other end of the spectrum; Scientific American magazine speaks about “Social Surrogacy Hypothesis.” This hypothesis explains that many people fill loneliness with relationships conjured up with fictitious television characters. These faux-relationships give people an inherent sense of belonging and fill emotional and social voids. Television is another way of replacing human contact and who doesn’t want to be best friend with the actual cast of Friends? No one, those people are annoying. Not only is television keeping everyone sedated and a step away from realistic goals, but instead it is taking everyone in the opposite direction. Even though there is an overabundance of television sets at the gym, there is a bigger amount of people not exercising while watching the tube, and waistlines are seeing the cost. We have all heard that people use their brains more while sleeping than while watching television, but television actually shortens your attention span. A study conducted at Iowa State University by 3 psychologists found that students who watch television more than 2 hours a day were 2 times more likely to have attention problems. It appears some teachers are fond of fighting fire with fire when they capture that short attention span with videos instead of lectures the student will easily forget. So for all our short attention spans, let’s make the lesson on TV short and sweet: lets watch less television and lets start knocking some goals off that “what to do before we die” list.


Page 4 - News

Monthly Trustee Reports: Welcome to the month of April my fellow Evergreen Valley College Students. The month of March has been extremely busy for me as your Student Trustee. On March 14th, I visited three Legislators and their aides on your behalf advocating to keep fees low and to push for the California Dream Act that will benefit AB-540 students on campus. I also urged legislators to consider struggling students as they work on the budget and other legislative acts that will affect California Community College Students. The District has also been busy at work restructuring and reorganizing different services on campus such as the Business Services Department to cut costs, while trying to provide as many services as possible on campus. One of the most important things that have happened recently, not only within the School, but also the District level, is the possibility of oncoming cuts to Classified, MSCC and support services on campus. You may have also heard about the cuts to the DSP and similar student

Being a Smart Shopper Mariah Galvaiz Staff Writer If people open themselves up to different ways of shopping, they’ll never run out of things to wear. Often times I’ve been asked, “Is that new?” I simply reply with a smile. My coy response is actually hiding a secret. In order to hear that flattering question, people must be smart shoppers. That means buying clothing that will compliment other clothing they already own. People can start at any of their favorite stores, whether it’s a small vintage shop or a cozy boutique, they will become a successful shopper by following these steps: 1. Start off by considering the season; is it winter—a time when you’re in need of jeans, tights, jackets, and long sleeves? Or is it summer—a time when they’re in need of dresses, shorts, and loose tops. The reason this step is crucial is often times people will find themselves not having anything to wear because they buy clothing for the wrong season. If it is summer, stay away from the jackets. They may be cheap, but will not really be worn anytime soon. 2. Make sure that you absolutely love what you are going to buy. If you try it on and you think to yourself “it is cheap and it fits me alright,” then it might be something you regret buying. If it’s just “alright,” chances are when you are deciding


centered programs, but there is a possibility it maybe avoided. I voted against the measure to make cuts to staff, but it was still passed through the District Board of Trustees. However, if the three bargaining groups, which consist of the Classified Staff, MSCC and Faculty Association, give up all together $3.4 million in cuts to benefits and salary, then the voted upon position cuts to the DSP and CSEA won’t need to occur and the jobs will be saved. One of the committees I serve on, the Presidential Search Committee is largely underway and we will have the Official Evergreen Valley College President by June. Another important project being worked on is the College Tours with Associated Student Senator Jaime Lopez and myself. We will be visiting several esteemed University Campuses throughout the Bay Area. We are still in the process of scheduling schools in partnership with the Counseling Center with funding from Associated Students. Check your emails for the district wide email with links to register online. This past month has been extremely busy, but there is a lot more to come next month so check back with me in the next issue! Thanks, Linda Lam what to wear one morning you will just ignore it because it’s just alright and not “TO DIE FOR”. If you have any doubt about an item then think again because even though it is cheap, it may end up sitting in your closet forever. 3. Think about the wardrobe you have back at home. If you are shopping and you see this absolutely amazing pair of green jeans and you tell yourself they are a must, keep in mind the colors of the tops you have in your closet. Do I have any shirts or shoes that will match this? If not then you know its best to just put it back. 4. The keyword is BASIC, stick with it and you’ll be happy. That means buying colors that are neutral, especially while buying essential items such as: shoes, coats, jeans, and purses. These are pieces you wear everyday which means that they have to match most of your wardrobe. When searching for these items the colors you want to buy are: Black, White, Navy blue, and khaki. Reason for this is that these colors will go with almost anything. 5. Last but not least, make sure you buy things you know you will wear after the current trend is over. If you’re the type to buy certain clothes or accessories because it’s the latest fashion, then you will find yourself broke really fast. Allow yourself to buy a few items that are in but do not go overboard. For example you might notice that bell-bottoms and clogs are in, but think about it first before you swipe your credit card. Because in the end, you will look back and wonder: “what the heck was I thinking?” Keep in mind “trends come and go but style stays forever.

May 2011

Low End Theory SF Lisa Mae Enrile Staff Writer The blazing bass sounds beat rhythmically through your chest as if it were your heartbeat. Lights flickering, synchronized to the sound of the music, people smashed together, dancing in unison. You can close your eyes and feel connected to the music even if it’s something you’ve never heard before. DJ’s are the modern composers for the city, suburban and working people alike, dropping beats for the masses that are the freshest you’ve ever heard before. Low End Theory is a showcase of various visionary DJs. The event started in Los Angeles but now also resides in San Francisco. The Gaslamp Killer kicked off the night with vibrant beats over the famed Charlie Sheen interview, somehow mixing the two perfectly where you could not help but dance, amazed at how two such things can go together. Other notable mentions are Daddy Kev, Nobody, D-Styles, Free the Robots, and MatthewDavid. During this installment, the Bay has been graced with the headliner Flying Lotus the space beat master extraordinaire. I recommend Low End Theory for the 21 and over crowd that loves beats and has an eclectic taste in experimental sounds. The overall feel of the venue is chill. All the DJs are accessible after each performance as they are just walking around and talking to everyone in the crowd. Low End Theory started in January and will continue to happen every first Friday of every month at 103 Harriet in San Francisco—definitely something everyone should experience.

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May 2011

Piece of the Pie: Latinos and Native Americans in Science Lupita Torres Staff Writer

On a wet and rainy Friday on March 18 I happened to be on campus when I heard cheers and banging nearby. When I went to investigate, I saw a room full of happy and wild youngsters, a table loaded with hoagies and Al Gonzales, a former supervisor of mine from long ago, when I worked at the Tech Museum. Professor Gonzales, now an ENLACE professor and advisor for the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), explained to me that the EVC chapter SACNAS was hosting their annual outreach conference. SACNAS invites youths from local high schools and middle schools to become familiarized with college life and expose them to different career options in math, science and engineering. In order to remain competitive in today’s tough economic times, it is essential to have a degree. Historically, minorities (especially Latinos and Native Americans) have been underrepresented in scientificrelated fields. SACNAS is an organization dedicated to encouraging Latino/Chicano and Native American students to pursue graduate education and obtain the advanced degrees necessary to participate in science research, leadership, and teaching careers at all levels. During the outreach conference, students were served breakfast, lunch and many snacks and beverages. They also enjoyed entertainment generously provided them by the EVC Dance Club. Highlights of the conference included workshops in several science-related fields and a special guest speaker, Dr. Yvonne Rodriguez, Director of Programs for SACNAS.

Keynote speaker Dr. Rodriguez was

the first Chicana to earn a Ph.D. in Physics at UC Santa Cruz. She spoke eloquently about her experiences from childhood to college graduate. “No one should treat us like we don’t matter,” said Dr. Rodriguez, to a tentative audience. “We are building a movement, working together to help you achieve your highest aspirations.” She spoke of growing up in Oakland and her experiences during the grape boycott. She felt, “Proud, like we can do anything, if we’re together we’re strong.” Her current focus of study is luminescent solar concentrators, a potentially cheaper way to harness solar energy. Dr. Rodriguez is interested in this area because the sun is an abundant source of energy, cleaner than fossil fuels. “We need to address how we are going to go forward in this country if we run out of fossil fuels.” She expressed her concern with problems such as climate change and notes the importance of sustainability and how our actions will affect the future. Dr. Rodriguez encouraged Latinos and Native Americans to step forward and take the lead to find solutions to present social and global sustainability issues. Cesar Rios, President of SACNAS at EVC, joined the program nearly 3 years ago. He is currently a Physics Major and is looking to transfer to CSU East Bay in the upcoming fall. As president of SACNAS, I asked him what the benefits of being a member are. Besides scholarships and educational opportunities offered only to members, he said, “Most importantly it is a great opportunity to meet people that have a common interest.” SACNAS also offers assistance through special programs to help people that want to become educators. Rios is going to be a physics

teacher one day, something all made possible through the support of SACNAS. Secretary of SACNAS Iris C. Rivera, 21, said Latinos and Native Americans should be involved in science. She wants to encourage students “Not to be afraid of the word science, because there are lot of global opportunities in the field.” Latinos made up less than 9 percent of graduate enrollment in the Fall of 2009 and Native Americans less than 1 percent during the same year, according to the National Science Foundation. In 2008-2009 underrepresented minorities earned 18% of the Master’s Degrees and 13% of all research Doctorates. Advanced degrees may not guarantee higher wages, but they are often the pathway to occupations with greater economic rewards. Headquartered out of Santa Cruz, Calif., SACNAS was started in 1973 as a 501(c)3 non-profit by a group of minority scientists to support and promote diversity in the sciences. Every year they hold a National SACNAS Conference open only to members. This year the SACNAS Conference will be held in San Jose, CA at the end of October. Mentorships and job opportunities are some of the interesting prospects offered at the annual National Conference. This year’s theme is Empowering Innovation and Synergy Through Diversity. The conference will be held at the San Jose Convention Center. For more information visit

Health Info: HIV Deus Do & Caitlyn Wong

Even though we live in the 21st century, people don’t actually know what HIV is. So what is HIV? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Yes, HIV is a virus, just like the flu is a virus. Currently HIV is incurable, but it is treatable. HIV can lead to AIDS, and AIDS has killed 1.8 million people in 2009. You must have HIV in order to get AIDS because AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the final stage of HIV which causes severe damage to the immune system. HIV and AIDS are two states of health that affect people around the world, no matter of their background or race. The HIV disease attacks the human immune system, leaving the infected more open to illnesses. HIV specifically

attacks the Helper T cells in the human immune system and turns these cells into HIV factories. You may ask how a person can get HIV, well, thankfully it does not work like your average flu virus. Instead, HIV is transmitted through four major body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. Certain behaviors and activities increase the risk of contacting HIV. These behaviors include unsafe sex and unsafe drug use. Anal sex and sharing needles are the biggest causes. The most important question is, “How do I know if I have HIV or not?” The symptoms vary, so the only way to get an answer is to get tested for HIV. People can get tested through two main methods. One is rapid testing, which is a where

quick swab of saliva is taken from the mouth or a venipuncture (blood drawn from a vein). Rapid testing results are available within 20 minutes. The other option, getting blood tested, takes a few days to be processed, but the results are more accurate. Early detection of the HIV virus is extremely important, so go get tested. For free HIV testing, call (408) 278-4138 x 379 or visit Give yourself some peace of mind and go get tested, don’t leave your health to chance. Prevention is the best HIV protection. Written by Deus Do and Caitlyn Wong

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Roseld Languatan: The Art of Play Lisa Mae Enrile Staf Writer Evergreen Valley College has been fortunate enough to display a collection of work by Roseld Languatan cataloging the years he worked for companies such as Leap Frog and Crayola. Going through this gallery, there is a sense of how fun and vibrant these toys are. Though most of these toys were created more than seven years ago, they look like they were made for today. Each toy is multifunctional. Languatan does not like basic toys, for he wants a toy to have multi-play value. When designing toys for a baby, there is more to it than just be an entertaining distraction. A lot of aspects have to be brought to the toy, such as infant psychology and functionality for development. A toy maker must be able to sell their product to companies as well. Languatan definitely has a knack for it all. Languatan is a friendly fellow, opening his mind’s creative processes to students with as much details as he can. He shares his his-



tory by explaining how he started in Hallmark, as an illustrator for cards. He emphasizes networking, because it could land one some opportunities. Luckily for Languatan, by networking, he landed himself a job designing toys for Crayola. But before he had an interest in designing toys, he went into the toy design program at FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology. Since Crayola owns Hallmark, the transition between companies was not a difficult one. While doing that, he managed to get into a startup called Leap Frog, an educational toy company. He was interested in this company because Languatan is the kind of person that is up for a challenge and he took up the task of creating educational infant toys. He says that he enjoys creating infant toys much more because there is not a preset for the design of toys. The possibilities are endless! One of the Leap Frog toys he showcased is a colorful, plush caterpillar toy that allows an infant to count one to five. Music plays while the child could pull and interact with the caterpillar. He gleefully talks about a table where a child can play with the underside’s activities like feeling textures, seeing colors and playing with a ball and slide. Once a baby is able to stand on two

feet, on top of the table is another world of color, numbers and music that they weren’t able to see before! After working for Leap Frog for many years, Crayola asked him to come back to develop products for babies. They wanted him to use the knowledge he amassed in his years developing products for infants at Leap Frog. For a company like Crayola, color was a bigger emphasis. The company wanted to figure out how a baby would be introduced to colors. One of the products he helped design was the TaDoodles. They are markers, crayons or stamps that a baby can grasp it with their palm. Each TaDoodle is a different animal representing a different color. The TaDoodles are a good way for babies to use their motor skills and differentiate colors. He worked closely with the engineer of the markers and even patented the design. Since Languatan gathered a lot of connections from networking in Crayola and Leap Frog, he was able to do some freelance work. The work he was most proud of was shown in an elaborate table arrangement, full of airplanes, alligators, people, tigers and trees. What is great about these figures is that you can take apart the figure, add a

May 2011 crayon to the middle of the figure, creating another length to the toy. You can use your crayon to add to the toy, and you can use it to color the scenery for the figures. How cool is that? He did this job from start to finish – meaning he played a large role from in conception to its creation – which is rare for someone that does freelance work. The downside for an illustrator working freelance is that one only get to see a single aspect of the toy he’s/she’s helping to create. Illustrators are often left with uncertainty, wondering if that’s really their idea. All his hard work landed Languatan a prestigious toy design award. He advises people wanting to do something in design to network as much as the can, and draw all the time. What illustrators also need is to have a strong background in marketing to be able to sell their toys. The feel of the gallery and Languatan’s work is an inspiration. He is passionate about toys, and it definitely shows when he speaks about his work. He is very meticulous about details and truly has an eye for modernity and function.

Classified staff turned to the classified ads Allan Pham Staff Writer

Here at Evergreen we are no strangers to budget cuts during these times I like to call “The Great Academic Depression”. Slowly we are seeing what these budget cuts are doing --slowly killing us as a school. The cause to the overcrowding of classes is to due to the lack of variety in our class selections. Unconventional students are finding it harder to get classes due to the decrease of night classes. Now we are looking at a massive lay off of classified staff members which will lead to a dramatic decrease of student services. To the average commuters of this school, we would not put much thought into who the classified staff members are. However, these are the people that make your academic experience here at Evergreen that much easier. They are the individuals that pick up the garbage of the campus, the ones that deal with all the paper work, especially for your transfers to other academic institutions. These are the people that serve as a focal point of communication to the students and the administration. The reality is that each and every one of the members of the classified staff is in danger of losing their jobs. On March 8th there was a public board meeting of trustees. The tension was high and many issues were brought up. The most pressing matter was the concern of the job positions of the classified staff members, which later on

led to the matter of cutting positions from the Disability Support Program (DSP). Resolution 030811-3 was purposed that night. The purpose of that resolution was to eliminate thirty jobs district wide, meaning 15 classified jobs from the EVC campus are to be eliminated. That night the Board of Trustees voted in favor of the resolution in hopes that it would get the district a step closer out of its $4.8 million deficit. As of June 30th 2011 the following numbers of employees and their jobs are going to be eliminated in EVC in attempt to save the school 1,301,432 dollars. 1-Admissions and Records Assistant 1-Assistive Service Specialist 1-Financial Aid Spec 2-Program Program Assistant 1-Program Specialist 7-Staff assistant 1-Health Services Office Assistant The classified staff, also known as the California School Employees Association (CSEA) staff, mutually agreed with the District that each CSEA members would take two furlough days to help contribute to the district effort to balancing the budget. Consider a furlough day as unpaid leave without the negative connotation or an implication of a “suspension”. On June 30th 2011 all CSEA members are going to be assigned certain dates to take their furlough days. Dates during times

of school operation will not be assigned so as not to affect students directly. Although this does not directly affect students, we still have to understand the sacrifices that the members of the CSEA are making just to keep our school running. The deduction of pay from the furlough days taken is equivalent to a 3% cut in salaries. Although the DSP is understaffed, the program can still provide services to 12% of the student population within a reasonable time frame. With this next budget cuts coming out it will do away with two of the six jobs which only leave four jobs. To make matters worse, Robin Salak, the program coordinator, has been told that she is going to have an involuntary transfer. No one really knows what is going to happen to the DSP, only time will tell. There has been talk that there might be a merger with Cal Works, but nothing is for sure yet. One thing is for sure, the DSP faces a diversity of new challenges everyday, and they need a staff just as diverse as the challenges. Now they are forced to go upstream without a paddle. After the vote for the resolution passed there was this short morbid silence in the room a kind of silence that you would get after a bad punch line to a bad joke. The joke this time was the poor mismanagement of district funding. The Punch line was the loss of jobs for staff members of our schools.


Clubs/ Calendar / Ads

Page 7 - Clubs/Calendar/ Ads

May 2011

Club info

Author’s Guild

English Majors/Language Lovers Club

ESA (Enlace Student Association)

http://www.facebook. com/EVC.ASG

Enjoy writing of many forms ranging from poetry, fiction, prose and nonfiction when you become part of Evergreen’s writing community

Come and enjoy the company of other students who enjoy and appreciate the writings of classic and esteem authors

Experience the beautiful Latino heritage in this cultural family. ESA influences individuals to keep motivation as well applies teachings of leadership into daily lives.

Office Hours Mon - Thurs: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Wednesdays 11-12 pm Located in the club room

Thursdays 2-3 pm Located in the club room

Thursdays 2 pm Located in the library

Newspaper Club

Pacific Islanders Club

Racquet Club

Hang with the friendliest people in the world! Learn about the islands and chill in a atmosphere that hosts a yearly luau, tribal dance, and drum events - learn every aspect of each Pacific Island cultures.

Represent our campus in sports like badminton, racket ball, and tennis. Enjoy the fast pace sports while you learn about sportsmanship within a “hostile” atmosphere that’s drenched with friendly competition.

Regeneration is composed of a group of believers in Jesus Christ, who are students at EVC and are committed to (1) Encouraging and strengthening the faith of fellow believers, and (2) be ambassadors of Christ to the students, faculty, and staff of EVC.

Tuesdays & Fridays 2 pm 12 pm

Message your ASG for more information at -

Thursdays 1 - 3 pm

Located at Gullo II

http://www.facebook. com/EVC.ASG

Gullo II (2112)

Interested in joining a club? Message the ASG for more information at -

-ORStop by Gullo II: G2 110

Alexander Daryanani Newspaper Club Editor in Chief Eddie Balaoro Chief of Graphic Design

Evergreen Valley College’s Newspaper Club, formerly known as EVC Flyer. Our aspirations are to impart news to students in and out of campus about local activity such as changes, clubs, and many other important information of student interests.

Tuesdays *2 - 3 pm 9 - 10 pm

Gullo I (Cyber Lounge) Facebook: EVC Flyer

Mondays 3:30 pm VPA 104

Regeneration VSA (Vietnamese Club) (Christian Club) VSA’s primary mission is to support and associate Vietnamese students in school’s affair. VSA also aim to develop , diffuse, and celebrate Vietnamese culture as well as Vietnamese traditional holidays

Mondays & Thursdays 9 - 9:30 12 - 12:30 10 - 10:30 2:30 - 3:00 12 - 12:30 Gullo II and Cafeteria Facebook: EVC_VSA

Clubs without descriptions: Art & Design Organization, B.S.U. (Black Students Union), Cochitlehuali - Li, E.N.S.A. (Evergreen Nursing Students Association), Math & Science Club, Parti Squad, Pride, S.A.C.N.A.S. (Society for Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science ), S.K.Z.A. (Shuolin Kung Fu Zen Academy), S.P.A. (Student Para-Legal Association. The Runner’s Club Message your ASG for more information at -

EVC TENNIS TOURNAMENTAL Manny Quoc Anh La Staff Writer

Smack. Swish. Pop. The sounds of a heated competition fell on the ears of spectators and coaches alike. You could feel the intensity that emanated from the players who were vying for the coveted first place trophy. Along side of our EVC Hawks were some big college names from around the state. The teams who stood in our path were the UC Davis Aggies, the Berkeley Bears, and the Sacramento State Hornets. “Competition is tough. We’re up against very strong and well-recognized schools.” “We had to practice hard and push ourselves if we wanted to match them.” said tournament organizer, coach and club manager Johnny Sendejo. When asked about how they had prepared for the game, he commented that there were additional sessions to determine the final roster. Sendejo, labeled the team tryouts “practice by ladder” or playing for the position. This method gave the athletes endless motivation and an initiative to play their most thrilling tennis. The practice method helped attain a new level of skill among the team, which also helped the underdog players shine as well. Players were ready to send flying aces and wicked overhead swings to silence their opponent. Their intentions were lucid. EVC tennis club president and team captain Alex Nguyen, had confidence that our Hawks would take home the gold. “Hopefully we’ll win since we practiced a lot. Practice makes perfect, and I really have high expectations to achieve first place for our school. I want to prove to UC Davis, Berkeley and other schools that we can go toe-to-toe with them.” Teammate Sunny Bhanot agreed, “Although it’s going to be a tough matchup, I feel confident and believe we will do an excellent job. We will have to work for the victory.” The Hawks went into their matches with an upbeat attitude and never once looked back. Alex Nguyen’s confidence exploded on the court, as he pioneered his

team to dominating performance in a 25-19 victory over rival Sacramento State. Sunny Bhanot, in a Mixed Doubles match, reinforced his words with a vicious 120 MPH ace that quelled the opposing UC Davis duo. The home crowd exploded with a voracious applause. The atmosphere was quite acquiescent and relaxed in stark contrast with the competition. A friendly aura filled the sky as opposing teams admired each other’s good play. There were no egos drifting about, or boasting between all the collegiate competitors. Mike Starr of UC Davis, who happens to be a grad student, thinks the games are fun and enjoyable. “I know it’s a tournament but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should go all out and try to steamroll the other teams. We mainly want to have fun, but winning sure would be nice,” he said with a grin. Sanjay Mehta, captain of the second EVC team, played in Men’s Singles and gave it his best effort but eventually fell short, losing 6-2 to Sacramento State. Mehta explained that it was a great learning experience playing against those of varying skill. Brothers, Anthony and Thomas Truong played for EVC in Men’s Doubles versus UC Davis, but also came up short by a score of 6-0. However, Anthony did not go quietly, as he returned one serve with an overhand swing that nearly tore through the sound barrier, leaving the UC Davis team Special K in awe. At the end, Thomas quoted, “We felt a bit uncomfortable, especially around midgame where our strings broke in the center. It was a good game. It was just unfortunate to snap our strings.” Coach Sendejo proved his expertise as a tennis player after he took his match 6-2 in Mixed Doubles against Sacramento State, subbing in for an absent teammate. Berkeley, the favorite, did not disappoint. They took

the tourney in a strong fashion as they triumphed over all rivals. All three of our EVC Hawk teams played extraordinarily hard and gave every ounce of effort they could mount, but placed just out of the top three. Captain and club President Alex Nguyen led EVC team #1 to a fourth place finish, losing in the finals of the consolation round to UC Davis’ Star Power. Teams 2, 3 for EVC, captained by Juan Gonzales and Sanjay Mehta respectively, placed 5th and 9th with Sacramento State rounding out the rest in 7th and 8th. Though our Hawks failed to get to the podium, they displayed great prowess, spirit, and determination. They had practiced meticulously for these games and it certainly showed. To go against such prestigious teams like UC Davis and Berkeley was certainly a challenge but our Hawks rose to the occasion, even if they did not claim victory. There goes a saying, “Only from losing, do you learn much about yourself, your limitations and where you stand. Winning? Not so much.” Our tennis team shines in the aspects of hard work, dedication and devotion to the game. Their willingness to keep motivated and strong is their best characteristic. Club advisor Kelly Jardin commented after the event, “It was a good competition. Definitely exciting to watch and participate. This was an excellent activity for the players to go against one another.” The game was a spectacle to watch and definitely entertaining. If you thought tennis was boring, then you are certainly very misinformed. Our EVC Hawks give their all and try their absolute best not only for themselves, but for their school and fellow students. Go and support them any way you can! Come out to enjoy what the EVC Hawks tennis team has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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May 2011


transform your life

Transfer qualifying credits from your community college to earn a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University. With a bachelor’s degree in a growing career field like Business Management, Information Systems or Healthcare Technology you can be one step closer to your dream career.

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Disabled Student Speaks out

May 2011

Latina Leadership Network Jessica Diaz Creative Director Evergreen Valley College, for the first time in years, was highly represented at the Latina Leadership Network. The 24th annual conference was held in Redding, California and was attended by multiple colleges around the state. The conference spanned three days and consisted of educational workshops, speeches, a field trip and an election that took place amongst the students present. With a total of ten students, Evergreen Valley College was able to forge new relationships with the chairs and organization leaders. The attendance of these students was made possible by the funding given by Evergreen’s Student Government. An inspirational conference, the Latina Leadership Network (LLN) is not exclusively by women and for women, but men too know the importance that a conference like this can hold. This year’s attendance of men was the highest the conference had seen in years. The conference is held yearly and is highly regarded amongst the women leaders of our community. The support from teachers and students, Evergreen’s involvement in the LLN can be an annual custom, which will afford many students the opportunity to network with their peers and build relationships with women role models. The biggest goal of the event, besides the networking it offers, is to relay the importance of pride, not only in one’s race, but also in gender. Many of the workshops dealt with heavy topics, such as, a person’s sexuality and abortion, while some handled lighter topics. All the sessions had one goal in mind, to make young women comfortable with themselves because then success in all facets of life is really attainable.

Tuesdays @ RG-131 3:30 - 5pm & GULLO II lounge 9 - 10pm

Cynthia Lansberry-Logan

Newspaper Club



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Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren


May 2011

Jessica Diaz Creative Director

On Thursday, March 28th Evergreen Valley College presented Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, who spoke hour-long about her life and political success. Lofgren, once a member of Evergreen’s Board of Trustees, gave the students in attendance an inside look behind her political victories. Lofgren was elected for Evergreen’s board of Trustees in 1979; she remained there for a year until she was elected for Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors. From there she won her election into congress in 1994, and won reelections in 1996, 1998 and 2000. Lofgren gives insight to her one of her biggest political wins in 1994 in which she defeated Tom McEnery, revealing that on election night she was at a bar nervously awaiting the results with her campaign team. Her career of success has been highly influences by her personal life. ”Babies need a lot of attention”, a mother of two, Lofgren asserts that her biggest job, by far, is her

role of a mother. Lofgren scans through her life of success very quickly but charisma carries her, making her hold over the audience very apparent. The tail-end of her appearance was handed over to the audience to speak and publically ask questions and advice from Lofgren. When asked about her stance on the education cuts, Lofgren replies to the audience, “There are many things we will need to trim; trimming your future should not be one of them”. She definitely asserts her primary concern is education for the future leaders of America, and that our state should be less focused on money for jails and prisons than on higher education. She continues that because California is spending more on prisons than on education, we are getting “hardened criminal out of that”. Due to her advice to students and personal stories, Lofgren’s performance, in short, was both informative and entertaining.

Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

EVC 2010 Men’s Soccer Season in Review Louis Zapata Staff Writer

Whoever said there are not enough goals in soccer was not talking about the 2010 Evergreen Valley College Hawks men’s team. The schools’ premier athletic program kept championship form all season in the rugged Coast Conference and went deeper into the state tournament than ever before. Far and away the most lethal offensive outfit in California, the Hawks forced it’s will on all comers by scoring 96 goals on the season. Netting nearly 4 goals per game the Hawks and possessing 3 of the top 15 scorers in the statewide table. Third year head coach and 2010 Coast Conference ’Coach of the Year’ Joe Silveira understatedly “anticipated having a pretty good team” prior to the onset of the 2010 season and scheduled a pre-season tournament against 2010 state champions Mt. San Antonio CC and always formidable Fresno CC. Despite the 2-2 draw with Fresno followed by a spirited 3-1 defeat to Mt. San Antonio, Silveira sensed the potential for the upcoming campaign. The standard and parity within the Coast Conference is perennially the highest in California. Silveira ad-

mits that “It’s a matter of a number of things coming together when a team can win 19 and score 96 goals in a season in a conference like this.” Conference play began and ended without a single loss for the Hawks. There were many competitive matches along the way, a few outright obliterations of opponents, and some thrilling come from behind situations to build on. Said returning mid-fielder Brian Barrera “De Anza and West Valley matched up well and pushed us to the limit all season” during conference play. The Hawks entered the playoffs with high aspirations. Shutting out Lassen CC 2-0, then outscoring 2009 state champion Taft CC 4-2 in the quarter-final were impressive feats. The semi-final stage was set for the Hawks against recurring nightmare and Coast Conference foe West Valley, a difficult side that faced off twice in the 2011 campaign. Having just upset and dethroned the 2009 state champions the Hawks seemed to be a team of destiny. “We were healthy enough and confident in our team chemistry to take it to the final” said returning goal-

keeper Alan De Queiroz about the prospect of a state championship. A season of unprecedented success for both teams would be capped with a trip to the championship match for only one. West Valley had gone on a six match win streak since their loss to the Hawks with a goal scoring aggregate of 23-4. They were hot and bothered for this rematch against the Hawks, who were undefeated in their last six, posting a 21-10 aggregate. West Valley struck for three goals in the first half. In spite of this “we knew we could score goals and come from behind” said Silveira. The Hawks came from behind to win several times during the season. As they had done before the Hawks offense then went to work, netting 2 goals bringing them within a goal with time remaining. The West Valley defense was stretched in the second half but did not break in time for the Hawks to score the critical goal necessary to send the match into overtime. The referees’ final whistle blew and the Hawks were out. The dream to play for the state championship against went to West Valley. The state final would prove tanta-

lizingly elusive in 2010. Silveira believes “West Valley represented the conference well in the final” but “had we been able to come back (and defeat West Valley), we could have carried that momentum into the final (vs. Mt. San Antonio).” Surpassing a 2008 team that scored 87 goals in 17 wins, the 2010 campaign was the best on record for the Hawks. Finishing 19-2-3, the Coast Conference Champion EVC Hawks, ranked fourth in the state and 10th nationally, captured lightning in a bottle as state scoring champion with 96 team goals. Coach Silveira is proud of his 2010 outfit for there talent, team spirit and competitive grit. They were duly recognized with 11 players named to the all conference teams. As well, the selection committee voted Hawk players Felipe Gonzalez - Forward of the Year, Gustavo Fernandez - Midfielder of the Year, and Luis Mendoza - Defender of the Year. All things considered, the 2010 season was one for the Evergreen Valley College sports history book, a campaign that will be the bench-mark for seasons to come.

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May 2011

How the tax extension affects you In the state of California there have been drastic budget cuts that have been active in the financial breakdown of many colleges. Evergreen Valley College is be one of the schools that is in a huge upheaval. The school’s financial reserves are limited, making such severe cuts to many programs, such as Disabilities Support Program, EOPS and CalWorks, very essential to the survival of the campus. One of the proposed ideas to garner up very much needed money for the schools is Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for a 5-year extension on income tax, sales tax and vehicle license tax. Now there would be both pros and cons to this proposal. The most benefitting factor of this extension would be how instrumental its passing would be to schools state-wide. The con of this proposal would be the increased

Jessica Diaz Creative Director

amount of money all residents of California would have to pay on their taxes. This is not something a majority of the state is pleased with, as proven by the rejection of the motor vehicle surcharge in November, which was proposed as a means to help fund state parks. Without the passing of this tax extension, many community colleges across the state would be forced to shut down due to the extreme lack of money. This would make earning a degree next to impossible. The effects of the tax extension’s failure to make the ballot would be evident in the amount of teachers being eliminated, the number of classes being offered and worse, an extreme fee hike. Classes are limited and the offered classes for the upcoming semesters are even scarcer, because the money for higher education is almost nonexistent.

Teacher of the Month: Teck Ky Heather Garcia Staff Writer

Teck Ky is a well known Instructor at Evergreen Valley College. Most students who need to take Algebra or statistics will do just about anything to get into Mr. Ky’s class, knowing that the success rate for a student in his class is higher than most. Some students from other colleges such as De Anza and San Jose City will even go as far as to take a math class at Evergreen just to be a student in one of Ky’s classes, and vice versa if he teaches part time over there. Being a former student of Ky’s, I myself can attest to the fact that there’s a definite relevance about the way he teaches that gets students interested in the material or more so, how this material can be applied to the everyday life of a college student. Ky says he is reminded of himself as a young person whenever he see his students so he tries to help instill in them the ability to learn and work hard, because these are qualities that he believes are very essential in our society. He hopes his students will take the techniques they learn from his classes and learn to use them in the future to help them more easily connect with society. When I asked Teck Ky if there were any specific traits that made it easy for him to point out which students would be more likely to succeed in his class, he replied simply “It’s impossible”. Ky recognizes that every student is different and every semester he finds new ways to help the different groups of students that walk into his classroom. He doesn’t believe that there are any specific traits or tests that could allow him to judge a student’s potential or likelihood of success. Ky, instead, chooses to focus on the potential of all his students. In the previous flyer there was an article about Ky covering his presentation for Evergreen’s Author’s Series, the presentation picture was one of Ky, just a teenager, holding a rifle. In Ky’s hour long speech he speaks about his childhood in Cambodia, which at the time was caught in the middle of war and chaos. During that terrible time in his life, Ky saw and experienced a great deal more than most individuals will in their lives. I asked Ky what he had taken from his experiences growing up in the middle of a war zone and how it specifically applies to how he relates to his students. He responded by saying, “What I went through as a kid was a very bad experience for any young person. So every time I walk into a classroom and I see my students who are very healthy, I know that they are capable of learning anything that they want. That’s what I believe.” Ky goes on to say that this is the reason he will do whatever he can, “even if the subject isn’t the student’s cup of tea”, to try and get the most fun out of the subject as possible, so that the student will discover how to learn in new ways. Wrapping up his statement, Ky said, “…..and so my point is, that every time I walk into a classroom I see these wonderful students and they have wonderful lives, and all I have to do is take the subject that I’m teaching and get them excited about connecting it to their lives so that they can learn how to learn something, that’s what I try to do.” Mr. Ky believes that the biggest benefit he gets out of teaching is the reward of the students actually learning the material. “What I get out of teaching is, If out of several classes that I’m teaching right now, if I can get one or two students to say, ’Mr. Ky, I got it!’ then that feels so good. I may not be able to get all of my students to understand what I’m trying to teach them, but if I can get that one or two, then I know I have done something right.” Many students state they take Ky’s class because, “he knows his stuff,” or “he just makes math easier to learn.” I for one can say that as a former student of his, he does make math easier by relating I to real life and he does know his subject extremely well. But the one thing that was the most apparent, not only in his teaching but from this interview as well, was that Tech Ky knows why he is so passionate about teaching.

Whether or not the passing of this extension would happen remains unclear until voting time. Citizens are given the choice of either willingly paying increased taxes or cutting another 12 billion dollars out of the already insufficient amount of funding given to schools and universities. The biggest decision many of us students are pitted with is: who should pay more, the average student who juggles school and work or the million dollar corporations of America? The hugest bulk of the state’s money is made from income, sales and corporate taxes. The most affected group of individuals is the students. Whether the individuals of California choose to pay more taxes or cut back even further on our already stretched budged, the only fact is that the chance to be heard lay in the people’s power to vote.

Cheif Editor’s Exposé: Vote for your Student Right Alfredo Knowles Editor in Cheif Alfredo Knowles is here once again! Yet, this time I have very important news to deliver about the Associate Student Government Candidacy. I endorse Jessica Diaz for President. I have participated in student activities for the past 3 years. I just recently was accepted to the number one Black Historic College in the nation: Howard University in Washington D.C. My first year at Evergreen I started the Catholic/Protestant club called Regeneration. My second year, I was elected as the Student Government Internal Vice President. Currently in my finale year I am the Chief Editor of the Newspaper Club. So I might have a little bit of experience when it comes to student leadership. As former Internal Vice President of the school year of 2009 and 2010, the former President and I had projects that we wanted to bring to campus. First, was to bring more of a campus lifestyle to Evergreen, second was to inform the student population. We barley met our first goal; nevertheless we did bring more activities to our campus. We didn’t reach our second goal within our term. Yet, this year, 2011, I fulfilled my initiative to inform students by creating a newspaper. Jessica Diaz was a huge part of creating the newspaper on campus. Jessica was literally one of the first 5 within the group. She still is a Senior Writer, and has moved up to become the Creative Director. When Jessica told me she was going to run for ASG President, I was immediately supportive. She is the most qualified candidate for the position. As Creative Director, Jessica’s job is to direct a writing team of 10 to 15 writers, to make sure that they stay creative, and productive. This is no easy task. Jessica has proven herself as a leader, and a go-getter. Not only did Jessica provide amazing leadership within the Newspaper Club. Jessica also was the President of the English Lovers Club. Vote YESS for JESS!! I also endorse Mariah Galaviz for Activities Director. This position requires someone that can roll with the punches, and create activities on campus. Mariah is also the fashion writer for the newspaper. The best thing I can say about Mariah is her stewardship. Many of you might know what stewardship means, yet to define what I mean, stewardship means that Mariah talks the walk, and WALKS THE TALK. Mariah’s discipline is extraordinary, always being the first writer that submits her articles. This type of pro-activeness and candidness is my reasoning why I endorse Mariah Galaviz. Other candidates I endorse are Edward Balaoro for Public Relations, Carmen Candelaria for Senator and David Nguyen for External Vice President

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May 2011

ASG Elections official voting

English final exams – no regular DAY classes meet. Friday evening classes will meet as scheduled.

Evergreen Valley SPRING SESSION ENDS College Commencement San Jose City College Commencement

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The Messenger_April 2011  

Volume 1, Issue 1 Birth of The Messenger

The Messenger_April 2011  

Volume 1, Issue 1 Birth of The Messenger