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Irene Lopez

- Senior Writer -

March in March

Over fifty years ago in the 1960’s, California’s Master Plan for higher education promised a good quality education for free or at least a very low cost to everyone. Today, obviously that promise is out the window. With student fees skyrocketing, fewer class offerings, and employee layoffs; there has never been a tougher time for students to obtain a higher education. Currently, Jerry Brown is proposing to cut $400 million in education in his new budget proposal. How is that going to directly affect our college? In the worst-case scenario, if voters don’t pass taxes in property and licensing, the San JoseEvergreen Community College District will be cut by $10.5 million, which is equivalent to the loss of 2,890 students at Evergreen and 2,980 at San Jose City College. A total of 5,870 students will be lost. Time and time again people emphasize that education is the best investment for our country. As Michael Dickey, the Associated Student Government President at Monterey Peninsula College, notes, “for every one dollar our government invests in education, the economy benefits by at least three dollars.” Additionally, educated people tend to be self-sufficient which could decrease homelessness and curb the crime rate. Furthermore, people with an education are more likely to obtain a higher paying career which means more tax dollars for the state. Other people say that a raise in student fees offers the only realistic way to keep the school from sinking; however, why should students carry the burden? There has to be another way. An idea that’s floating around is that perhaps school staff should pay for parking permits in

this time of need. At a time like this it’s important that everyone works together and makes some kind of sacrifice. With that said, it is more important now than at any other time to let our voices be heard. On

Disconnected Francisco Zarate - Senior Writer -

If we take the time to look up from our tiny screens, we will notice everyone else’s head is tilted down at their own little screens. We’re living in an advancing technological age, the age of mass communication. Today the common man and woman of America cannot go a day without nervously fidgeting with their electronic devices to keep from making contact with actual people. Strangely and ironically enough, communication devices are keeping us from making human contact, opting instead to make contact with those we know over a series of depersonalized text messages. Text messages are a disconnect from conversation; whereas a

conversation can be passionate and emotional, a text message can be a faceless, emotionless

in a text we have all the time in the world to reply, and we can easily plan out what to say next and how much we want to give away. How exciting is that? Text messages are to communication what standing still is to moving forward. Instant messaging, text messages and even more prehistoric: phone calls. These communication methods are pulling us further and further from one another. So much so that today if we walk through a hall filled with our fellow students, all

Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

and one-sided statement. Text messages eliminate the passion of a conversation because

Interview with our school president, get to know Dr. Brock and her plan on how she’s going to help our school. See page 3.

see Phone page 2

March 14th, colleges students and faculty from all over the state will be marching to the state capitol to express how important education is and how they feel about the cuts to their legislators. Associated Student Government will be providing buses for students who wish to at-

tend at 6 am. If you are interested in attending March in March 2011, sign up at the Associated Student Government office on the south wing of Gullo II.

Disabled Thought Alexander Daryanani - Managing Editor -

Here at Evergreen Valley College we have faced new challenges with the budget crisis. One of the problems we honestly never saw coming was the threat of cuts to the Disabilities Support Program (DSP) here on campus. The program is facing significant cuts to an already beleaguered staff. They have faced the virtual elimination of all DSP classes on our campus, and now they also face the possibility of more cuts to personnel. Robin Salak, the Coordinator for the DSP, has been faced with the threat of losing her job due to our continued fiscal crisis. Her job is mandated by Title V, other wise known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), meaning that without her in the job position, our college is at risk of violating the ADA. When questioned on whether the board knew that fact, Robin Salak, Coordinator for DSP, replied, “From what I understand, the administrators who were making this decision knew that but were going to disregard such information.” Is that really the case? When I asked Irma Archuletta, VP of Student Services, about Salak’s statement, she replied “[that] the school could not operate the DSP if we were not in compliance with Title V [ADA]… so whatever decisions are made be assured that they will be complaint with Title V”.

The ADA mandates services be made available to our most vulnerable student population. While this Federal mandate has existed for nearly 20 years now, the services it provides for are still being whittled down here at EVC. “[The] workload has greatly increased [while] staffing has decreased,” Salak says, also pointing out “the year before I came [to EVC] we used to have a fulltime speech and language therapist.” The budget cuts have been hard on everyone at school; many programs are feeling the wrath of the economic downturn. “You never want the OCR to come on your campus,” says Salak. If any infractions were committed at the school “[it] could literally decimate the district… they [the OCR] do not hand out small fines. It’s usually in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars or in the millions.” Knowing this, I asked why would the Board act in such a manner? “Let me just say that if certain DSP classes were ADA required, then we wouldn’t be able to cut them. We would have to have them”, states VP Archuletta.

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District Monthly From Your Student Trustee Linda Lam

- Staff Writer My name is Linda Lam and I am proud to say that I am your Student Trustee. Some of you may ask, what does a Student Trustee do? In short, I attend the District Board Meetings as the representativefor Evergreen Valley College Students. I take my job very seriously and want to expand my role on campus. I decided that I wanted to write in the Flyer not only to support a great and growing paper on campus, but also to spread the knowledge of what is happening on campus at the District Level. As some of you may have heard on the news, radio or Internet, Governor Jerry Brown has proposed $400 million in cuts to education throughout the state. That directly affects us district wide, we are 2 out of 110 Community Colleges. We also have one governing body over 2 sister colleges: Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College. In monetary terms, “this translates to an approximately 3.5 million reduction to our base funding.” However, is that the extent of the cuts? Unfortunately not, because as a district we have a structural deficit we need to close and build a Savings Reserve in order to move closer to finan-


cial solvency and stability. That actually means $4.489 million in the upcoming 2011-2012 Financial Year. Luckily the District has already started to implement a series of strategies and developed other possibilities to solve this unfortunate predicament. It will not be an easy transition to operating on bare bones, but in times like these we all need to come together and make the best of our situation. The first strategy in a series is a reduction in staff district wide at a tune of approximately 41%. The second strategy is a Workload Reduction District Wide. The third strategy is a 4% District wide Salary Reduction. The fourth Strategy is Benefit Restructuring, which will save up $1,000,000 depending on respective labor representatives upon negotiation. There are further strategies for Cost Saving and Resource Development. This is still all up for negotiation, but the cuts aren’t. There will be a strategy implementation timeline coming up as well as budget development. Keep posted with me in the next issue of the Flyer to find out what is going on not only at the District but also at Evergreen!

From page 1

“If he is successful with it, then we stay at the somewhat known proposed increase in California Community College (CCC) fees from $26 per unit to $36 per unit beginning in July 2011.”

Continuing on, she notes that “the Dean of Counseling worked together with the Coordinator of DSP, [and] they looked at where we could have the least impact [with the position cuts]”. Yes they may have worked together to figure out what position they could cut in accordance with ADA mandates, but that doesn’t mean the position that was cut was not needed. The fiscal crisis has had a negative effect on the campus and appears to be turning personal at times. It’s understandable that individuals facing potential job loss, and students being negated services are upset, but what must be realized is the sobering fact that many are in a similar position. “We’re exploring different possibilities; we don’t know at this point what’s going to happen”, says VP Archuletta. What she is alluding to is Governor Jerry Browns tax proposal. If he is successful with it, then we stay at the somewhat known proposed increase in California Community College (CCC) fees from $26 per unit to $36 per unit beginning in July 2011. Obviously we do not want to see an increase of any kind, but that sadly is our best-case scenario at present. If his tax proposal fails then the proposed $400 million in cuts to community colleges could balloon. “Because there are Federal and State mandates… if you keep cutting our program, at some point, even though all of us work far more then we should… at some point we are not going to be able to provide the accommodations that are federally and state mandated”, says Robin Salak. This is true, and sadly it is the reality of the entire school system. How can the college provide services to its entire population when it is struggling to provide basic mandated needs? And again we are not alone in this. Even if we do not lose the Coordinator of the DSP

that the program still may be amalgamated with another. VP Archuletta informs us that “many colleges across the state [are making cuts] because of financial resources available to these programs. [They] are being forced to combine programs.” Therefore, it won’t be unusual to observe one manager oversea multiple programs—instead of just one.” Again, it is understandable that these measures may be taken; but why do these cuts so heavily affect a program like the DSP? I tried to find out if programs such as ENLACE and AFFIRM have faced as drastic of reduction as seen by the DSP, but at present I have not been able to confirm nor deny any statements in this area. I will be following up with this to inform you of the question at hand in next month’s edition. Evergreen has a lot of issues to resolve; hopefully for the entire college, we stop seeing cuts and combining departments. Sure it may become common practice due to the budget issues we are faced with, but it still remains that the participants of these programs will be negatively impacted. Even VP Archuletta said “it would be unrealistic of me to say and expect you to believe… if you have to slash a program by 30-35%, you obviously can not maintain the same level of services. [And] unfortunately it is a part of the change that is coming as a result of this economic crisis that we find ourselves in.” Be part of the decision process and become involved. The SJECCD will conduct their Board Meeting on Tuesday March 8th at 6:00 pm at the District Office Board. The District Office is next to the Police Academy here on campus as you enter from San Felipe Rd. Many students will be arriving and organizing around 5:30 pm, so please join them, and voice all your concerns on this matter.

Phones From Page 1

we’ll receive is a cold stare illuminated by a tiny screen light. Notice today when outside of any class: students have their laptops out, their earphones plugged in, and their phones in hand. These devices are serving to put up walls between us even when we are literally touching elbows. The problem is not so much that we are texting someone or listening to a good song on our Ipods. The problem is that we are using these devices to ignore others, and in the process we are forgetting how to interact with one another. Instead we rather interact with cold computers and phones and in the process we are losing the skills necessary to make friends and acquaintances. No one takes the time to say hello, or spark conversation with others. That sort of exchange seems dead now. Communication methods like Facebook have torn us from warm interaction. Instead our population is forgetting how to deal with one another, we are becoming socially awkward and anxious. Speaking to others is becoming more of a difficult thing than ever before. So much for the social animal, we are living amongst each other in cities with populations of millions and still we are building boarders and distance between us because of technol-

March 2011

“These communication methods are pulling us further and further from one another” ogy. We see the negative social effect of technology when it’s easier to make friends online. It’s easier to interact with people on the World Wide Web because it is so depersonalized. As a result, everyone is plugged into a machine (A.K.A. Facebook) where they can be who they want and present themselves as a façade of who they really are. Now no one has to meet new people they can just add new friends to their list. Now everyone can collectively be part of the depersonalized communication. We don’t have to imagine what life would be like in the world of The Matrix movie; we are living in the Matrix. Everyone is plugged in to the fake reality that is the Internet, and we would lose our minds if we were to be disconnected. We need to put down our electronic devices for one second and realize that to move society forward we need to interact more with one another face to face, so that we don’t lose that skill. We need to shake that shell we are becoming and say hello’ to people again, we need to move away from electronics enough to make friends again.



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Interviewing the School President, Dr. Brock

Francisco Zarate - Senior Writer -


We have all heard rumors about Evergreen Valley College losing its accreditation, and all of our credits being completely invalid. To dispel some of those rumors we here at The Flyer have spoken to the powers that be at Evergreen, including our very own Interim President Marilyn Brock. President Brock was more than willing to help us inform our fellow students on the accreditation—something formerly addressed in a student wide email on the accreditation issue. An accreditation committee visits our campus every 6 years to access the quality of our education and make sure it is up to the highest standards. Currently our school is at a warning level of accreditation but not for academic reasons. Now some people might be thinking that that might mean our school is on the wall between full accreditation and loss of accreditation. However that is not the case; accreditation is a bit more complicated than that. Accreditation is actually a 5-step process. The five steps are: fully accredited, warning level, probation level, show cause and shut down. Evergreen is at the warning level. During this time, Evergreen is still a fully accredited college and can still offer degrees and certificates to its students. The college is basically being reviewed by the accreditation agency while in the meantime the school fixes the problems it is on warning for. Some of the problems have nothing to do with students but instead to do with the board and student assessment styles. Mismanagement at the District Office level is what has placed Evergreen at the warning level. However, the school is currently working on those problems and reconstructing student learning outcomes (e.g., the SLOS that EVC instructors have been placing on course Greensheets for many years). President Brock has dealt with accreditation issues in her past experiences with school and she has come out with flying colors. She is confident we can recover and meet the expectations of the accreditation committee. So now spread the word and help dispel the rumors. Our school is on the road to gain full accreditation after this warning period.


Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

California is currently in a huge economic turmoil, as cuts are being seen across the public plain, public schools are seeing a big hit from these economic problems. Community colleges are already seeing a cut of $400 million across California, and our school President Marilyn Brock, tells us that that cuts will skyrocket unless students do something about it. Approximately $4.4 million of that money is being taken away from Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College according to Brock. These cuts are affecting our staff – which will be reduced according to Brock. The cuts will bring down the hammer on available classes and programs available to the students. Classes that will get the axe are mostly elective classes like some arts and physical education classes. In the coming semester our administration is being asked to take 5% of students off the top of the limit already in place. In layman’s terms: it will be harder than ever for students to tap into higher education. Interim President Brock advises students to “take as many units as you can possibly handle, pass the first time around and get through your education as soon as possible because it will be very difficult to take these courses again.” Currently our tuition is facing an inevitable raise and our Administration does not yet know how high that raise will go. We are all paying $26 a unit as it stands. Some say it will go up to $36 a unit, and it is rumored that it might go even higher. If you are receiving financial aid, President Brock tells us that financial aid will adjust to whatever raise in tuition will be instituted. Whether it is the BOG fee waiver, Pell Grant or other forms of financial aid, they will all adjust accordingly to the rising rates. According to Vice President of Student Affairs Irma Archuleta some students who were previously not eligible for the BOG fee waiver might be eligible in the future because of the rise in tuition. “We need to create a ceiling on how high tuition goes up, we need to create a ceiling on cuts,” President Brock says. How do we create that ceiling? We must join together to fight against those cuts and show our government how much those cuts are affecting our futures. We must fight against legislators and our government who are looking to cut more from our schools. One way to fight the cuts is to get out and vote. Currently California Governor Jerry Brown is vouching for a tax extension that will continue taxing Californians for the next 5 years. Without the passing of the tax, community colleges will be cut more than the already planned $400 million. Help fight the cuts, help fight for our education by joining the March in March.

Alfredo’s article

March 2011

Keeping Planned Parenthood Alive Lisa Enrile - Senior Writer As a young adult there are not many places to turn to for Birth Control, HIV and Cancer screenings at little to no cost. Appear Planned Parenthood (PP), they have helped people out countless times and provided excellent care and solid information indiscriminately. PP offers a safe space and high-quality care for women and men, offering them emergency contraceptives, sexual health information, prenatal care and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. The only thing they ask of you is a donation if possible. PP advocates for all women to take control of their own health and take care of themselves, without them the less fortunate would have nowhere else to turn for affordable care. Funding for PP comes from private donors who include the Bill & Melinda Foundation and Ford Foundation. A third of their funding comes from Federal Grants and contracts. Recently, the House of Representatives passed the bill Title X meant to cut ALL funding for PP. They assume that PP uses the majority of funding for abortions. The truth is PP’s federal funding does not go to abortions but it goes towards cervical and breast cancer screenings, educates people about sex and offering low cost contraceptives. Cutting funding is a threat to the organization and its clients. This is not over yet for the bill because it must still to go through the Senate. Since the bill is Republican influenced and the Senate is Democratically controlled there is a chance the bill will not pass. You can still voice your concerns on the issue to Congress by calling 1(202) 730-9001. You can also talk to your state legislators; sign the petition letter (, donate to Planned Parenthood and let others know about the situation so we can all get involved. Planned Parenthood is an invaluable resource that needs to be funded, without funding it will be shut down inevitably affecting woman and men all over.



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March 2011

Teacher of the Month Heather Garcia - Staff Writer -

The Newspaper Club would like to recognize one of Evergreen Valley College’s outstanding professors: Ms. Elizabeth Nava. She is best known by her students for her knowledge and passion for American and Women’s history—both subjects that she teaches here at EVC. Nava is also involved with the Womyn’s Center and “Herstory,” a month long event which focuses on women and their contributions to society throughout history. A valuable resource, The Womyn’s Center provides students with information about things such as domestic violence and where to go for help. The Womyn’s Center is located in room RG-131 in the Roble building. Ms. Nava grew up in the small town of Mesquite, New Mexico. Later she made the move to California and earned her B.A. in Political Science and her M.A. in Comparative Social History from the University of California-Santa Cruz. Then she went on to teach at various colleges such as Cabrillo College, Skyline, De Anza, Kenyatta and SJSU.

Ms. Nava has been teaching for 22 years, 16 of which have been at EVC. I asked Ms. Nava many questions: What personal satisfaction do you receive from teaching? What is the biggest challenge you face as a college instructor? And finally, when students take your class what should they expect? Nava said that she loves to teach, enjoys young people and feels that she learns a lot from them. “I try to hear the voice of the young students,” says Nava. When asked about her biggest challenge as an instructor Nava replied, “It’s hard

when students don’t care or don’t try in class.” Nava says, she wants students to want to succeed. She also wants them to know that they are not entitled to anything, and so they must work hard to be successful. “ Too many students settle for less; there is a lot of help on this campus and student need to use it.”

Elizabeth Nava

History of the U.S. and Women in American History Professor Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro

Next, I asked Ms Nava about what students should anticipate from her and her classes, and she responded, “Mutual respect, and that I know the material well—no nonsense. Students should expect to know how to write a col-

lege essay before they leave my class.” Nava explained that she always tries to implement writing across the curriculum. Nava is a firm believer in reading and writing. She believes they are a major part of History. However, she wants student to not only read, but also to comprehend what they’re reading. “When a student comes into my class, I will always try to teach to the best of my ability,” says Nava. Also, she remembers what it’s like to be a student and understands the working student. She understands how difficult it can be to have to work, or provide for a family while attending to school. All in all, Ms. Nava is one who clearly loves to do what she does, and her compassion for her students shines through her work. As Irene Lopez testified, Ms. Nava “always gave me the motivation, and push I needed to hear to catapult me back into the path of determination to achieve my goals. Without Ms. Nava I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.” Thank you Professor Nava!

‘Womyn’s Herstory’ Month Jessica Diaz - Senior Writer -

One of the most important ways to highlight the equality among the sexes is by celebrating Women’s History Months. It is important because of its introduction of equality to the mindset of, not only women, but also men. It is quite evident that the general population of men don’t always show due respect to women. It is also evident that most women don’t show respect of themselves and that is where the importance of Women’s History Month lies. The month long reminder of women’s struggles and accomplishments is a necessary aspect for the development of young minds across America. This celebration of women was instituted in 1978, and was originally a weeklong event. In 1987 the United States Congress extended the week to a month, and March was declared Women’s History Month as a direct result of the women’s feminist movement of the 1960’s. The 60’ was a time of awakening for many; people who were no longer willing to just exist haplessly under oppression. The previous generation of women had showcased what the outcome for their silence was, they had no voice. Having to bear witness to the lack of identity that their mothers seemed to possess outside the home, young women rallied together to attempt to carve out a place in the world for themselves and their future daughters. The second wave of feminism was fueled largely by a very widely-read novel by Betty Friedan entitled “The Feminine Mystique.” It was book that articulated the growing discontent and emptiness that was felt by an entire generation of women. Independence and real equality was nonexistent for these women but because of their hard work, independence and equality is now entirely attainable for the women of our generation, provided they are willing to

do some fighting to keep that independence and equality. We see examples of women leaders working towards equality every day here at Evergreen. On campus there is a majority of women in power. In the Associated Students’ student run government more than half of the positions are filled by women. Many of the politically charged events that are offered to us students are coordinated by Irene Lopez, our external vice president. Linda Lam is the Student Trustee of the SJECCD Governing Board, where she is responsible for overseeing the educational needs of our District. Linda has the difficult responsibility of relaying news from administrators to us students. Along with these important positions we have Jacqueline Tran Van, Delores Estremera and Helen Ca acting as three of our student Senators. Amy Dundon oversees many tasks as our Secretary and a major part of our student funds are monitored by Giang Nguyen, our Treasurer. The events coordinator for our student government is Heather Truong-Garcia who basically plans all recreational events for the enjoyment of the student body. Maggie Sulayon is the Public Relations Representative; she much like the other women of the AS plays an important role in the communication and dissemination of information to all the students. These young women leaders, like most, need role models of their own. Fortunately there are plenty women leaders on our campus who show us what some determination can achieve. Many of the counselors and teachers at Evergreen are perfect examples of what that determination can gain you. One of the biggest student activists on campus is Marjorie Clark, an Instructor, Counselor, and Service-Learning

Coordinator at Evergreen. She is the head of the Womyn’s Center on campus, which is located in room RG-131 in the Roble building. The Womyn’sCenteris geared towards the betterment and advancement of the young women and their supporters who

The existence of the Womyn’s Center is a prime example of the mentoring that the older generation is more than willing to provide us. They understand that the key to independence and equality is possible through education. Not just the knowledge, but also the degree that accompanies it. The volunteers of the Womyn’s Center also understand the importance of young women educating themselves in order to truly make use of their liberties, teaching them that they must equip themselves in every way possible. That is the reason that the Womyn’s Herstory Committee has chosen Each One, Teach One as their theme this year. The committee will be presenting a month full of workshops, presentations, activities, films, and important women leaders to speak like our Chancellor Rita Cepeda and Congresswomen Zoe Lofgren. The month’s worth of appreciation is vital, not because women need to be exalted, but because we need to recognize our worth and continue to fight for equality. The women Painting by: Linda Dao of the 60’s and 70’s paved the way and made the idea of attend Evergreen. Offering information on equality an entirely attainable one, they put serious subjects such as: sexual harassment, it within reaching distance and now it’s up domestic violence, violence against wom- to the young women of today to seize it. en, tips for success and career strategies. The Womyn’s Center is a new program on campus, but with the help of much needed student volunteers and staff it could reach great heights.

Page 5 - Arts & Entertainment


Arts & Entertainment

Spring Fashions of 2011

to Take the me mo vie s

Mariah Galvez - Staff Writer -

Not only has the arrival of spring finally ing a jolt with an abstract pattern, whether it-be a come, so has one of the most crucial times of the short sleeve blouse or a high neckline 70’s esque year in the fashion industry. This is a huge season dress, go all out! However it is important that you for both American and European designers allow yourself to to show off their new spring and upcomonly use one pating summer collections. With this is mind, tern at once. If most of you are probably wondering what you over do your you should be wearing to keep up with the outfit with more current trends. After overlooking many than one pattern style magazines and fashion blogs I have then you lose gathered all of the season’s hottest trends that one strong from the most well-known and chic designprint, you want ers that a majority of America are familiar to keep it on the with. Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs minimal. Now and Vera Wang to name a few; please althat the upper low your new wardrobe to fall into their portion of your hands. If you’re a fan of color, PERFECT! wardrobe is covBecause this spring, the brightest and boldered I would be est colors are hitting the runway! Let your crazy to end the imagination wander, throw on a pink blouse article without with black pants and a teal belt, or try a the latest report deep purple mid length flowing dress with on the most sena bright yellow waist-cinching belt. Now is sational shoes. the perfect time to mix whatever color you One word: Flat. Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro prefer without a single drop of fear. Lace Don’t get conis also another trend you can embrace this fused you’re still spring. Although many of you may be reluctant going to be standing at least a few inches taller beto even get near this feminine texture, don’t hold cause this season’s new heels are called flatforms. back because there are so many ways to wear it. These are seen in collections from Prada, Derek Walk in to your favorite boutique and I guarantee Lam and more. They may look scary and tall at you will find the most divine dresses with lace first but go ahead and give these quirky new shoes sleeves or high wasted lace skirts. You can wear a try! These will look great with any floral or crisp lace in palettes such as soft pink, white or black. white summer dress, and If you find yourself getFor a sophisticated look, pair it with a blazer with ting chilly in these open shoes, spring is allowing your preference of high wasted bottoms. On cold you to throw on some tights or skinny jeans. On days give this blooming fabric some edge with a the other hand, if you’re afraid of heights, you waist length leather jacket. This next look is for may opt for some other kind of flats. Fortunately those who enjoy baring their ankles and like mid for you many designers have included this in their calf hemlines. Designers such as Calvin Klein and spring and summer collections. All in all, most of Giorgio Armani adore this new lady-like dressing. this seasons collections have been designed for This length is best worn when pairing both solid just about anyone. Whether or not you’re daring and patterned dresses with strappy sandals or thick and fearless to mix bold colors and crazy prints heeled pumps. This hemline is not only for dresses, this is your time to shine. Perhaps you’re more reif you’d like you can try it using full flowing skirts served and prefer to stay on the flirty feminine side or loose pants, either way you have nothing to lose. by clinging to your lace and long hemlines; you’ve Then comes another look that is also tres chic on got it in the bag. So what are you waiting for, go the runway: printed clothing; it’s something that and strut your stuff! will not only be new to your wardrobe but quite refreshing as well. Go ahead and give your cloth-

Band of the Month: Mental Disaster

March 2011








Photo Credit: Nick Ta Posters from

I Am Number Four (D.J. Caruso, Feburary 18th, 2011) Based on the science fiction novel written by Jobie Hughes and James Frey, I Am Number Four is a big budget action film produced by Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg. This means explosions and a lot of computer graphic imagery bombard your face. D.J. Caruso’s films have centered on teenage hero’s, putting them in disaster situations (like Eagle Eye, Disturbia) but in this one, the teenager is an alien. Even if it appears formulaic, it has allowed him to build great characters for the youth to look up to. He and the other numbered aliens escaped to Earth from an enemy alien race that destroyed their home planet. But they are not safe from their enemies. Those enemies find them here on earth and have a final confrontation for their survival.

Unknown (Jaume Collet-Serra, February 18th, 2011) Liam Nesson stars in Unknown, another action movie. He is still a treat to watch even if he delivers cheesy one-liners with the same intensity in Taken. As for the plot, at first it seems like a mystery that could go anywhere, but what it turns into is a typical action thriller. Although, the idea of not knowing who you are has an eeriness to it. Director Jaume Collet-Serra doesn’t slow down the pace of the film. I would compare it to the pacing of Taken. If you liked that film, then you’ll surely enjoy this one.

Sucker Punch (Zack Snyder, March 25th, 2011) Let me warn you: Zack Snyder can do no wrong. He has brought to audiences Watchmen, 300, and the remake of Dawn of the Dead. His films are highly stylized and are always a fun ride. This film is about a young lady whose stepfather puts her in an insane asylum after the death of her mother. Rather than dealing with her harsh reality, she escapes into her dreams where she is bound by nothing. The film is filled with fantastically epic scenes and adventures that blur the lines of reality. Ultimately, she must decide whether or not to survive or be trapped in her own reality forever.

Photo Credit: Sarah Goodwin

Mental Disaster is a hardcore punk/ thrash band from San Jose, CA. N8- vocals, Phil- guitar, Mike- Drums and Allan-bass. Have you ever felt unhappy with how the government works? Are you fed up with people who go out of their way just to make your day miserable? These are some things that Mental Disaster’s vocalist, N8, described as “S&%# that will drive you mentally crazy”. And this is how he came up with the band’s name. Though this band has only been together for

one year, do not underestimate what they bring to the local music community. Having released only one demo, “The decline of social ‘EVILUTION’”; they have been able to build a strong following in and around the San Jose area. Just recently they headlined The Hazmat in Oakland and everyone in the crowd sang their lungs out to their songs while half the crowd moshed. Be sure to check out Mental Disaster live, if you’re a fan of metal, punk and hard rock you are sure to enjoy it. “Like” them on Facebook or check them out at

Synecdoche, New York Synecdoche, New York represents the directorial debut of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, who wrote the screenplays for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, and Being John Malkovich. Synecdoche is a film with themes of time in relation to life and death and existing. The film concerns Caden Cotard, a theatre director, portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. His life is just a mess as his body’s autonomic functions start to stop one by one. As he suffers, his marriage and relationship to his daughter falls apart as well due to his philandering ways. Although very surreal, the film seems genuine since it deals with the basic human emotions that we choose to neglect. It’s a dense film but worth the watch.

Page 6 - Arts & Entertainment


Arts & Entertainment

March 2011

E.V.C Authors’ Series: Black History Month Jessica Diaz - Senior Writer Kicking off its Speaker Series and celebrating Black History Month, the Evergreen Valley College’s Authors’ Guild presented the first author in their Spring Semester lineup. Michael Gene Sullivan, a noted playwright, spoke for an hour-long about his career and life. He gave advice to those aspiring writers to become successful as authors. Sullivan has a long history of working very intensely in theatre as an actor, director and screenplay writer. This background in stage performance serves him well because it is immediately apparent that Sullivan is extremely comfortable in front of an audience. For those who plan to embark on a career in writing – be it screenplay writing, poetry or fiction – attending these free events at Evergreen could only be a benefit. Being present for the EVC Author’s Series would provide a student not only with great career advice, but also would present the opportunity for a student

to network and make long-lasting ties with well respected and noted writers. Aside from the business element that can be applied here, there is also just the pure entertainment of watching these performers. One look around the room during Sullivan’s presentation is proof enough of the enjoyment the audience is able to experience because of Sullivan’s theatrical and charismatic personality. Overall, Sullivan was the ideal start to a long line of authors who will be visiting Evergreen College this semester. You can find more information by contacting the Evergreen Valley College Website: Click on the third icon on the left to check out the list of the Spring 2011 EVC Authors Series as well as where one might download a .pdf copy of the Leaf by Leaf (EVC Literary Magazine) submission form.

Getting the Body You Want Mariah Galvez - Staf Writer -

As most of you all know, spring time is right around the corner and you probably have that little voice in your head saying “ I need to go on a diet” or “I need to start working out so I can look good without my shirt on” well lucky for you, you have found the perfect article to get you motivated to put those subconscious thoughts into motion. Ever since I was physically strong enough to run on my own two legs I have been very active. I played soccer from age 4 to 18 and between I’ve experimented with swimming and cross country. I have a very small figure and often times my appearance deceives people to believe that I am weak, if I may disregard that small misconception it would be easy for me to express that I am actually quite strong. When I am not involved in any sports I like to stay in shape by going to the gym, there I like to do some strength training and cardio. When the gym is not an option I still believe it is important to workout and in my book perspective there are no excuses for not exercising. Mother nature has a million different uses so I find biking and hiking trails to go on, it’s the perfect time to bond with family and friends all while getting fit. I exercise for many reasons, for one I like to stay in shape, secondly my family has a past of chronic diseases so by exercising I am keeping my heart healthy and managing my blood pressure, and lastly by blowing off some steam on a jog or lifting weights I am improving my mood and that overall has many advantages itself. I understand not everyone is capable of being as active as I am but I strongly encourage you to take some time out of your day to take a brisk walk or make baby steps like taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Exercising is not supposed to be something you should worry about because it should already be part of your daily routine. You can manage your weight without much effort, all it really takes is a step toward eating healthy and being less lazy. Stop fighting over the parking spot in the front and park in the back for once, skip the bread on the table, you wont die of hunger. It truly is the small things that count, if you are determined, than you have the power to change the way you look, it’s all psychological. “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.“ -Vince Lombardi

Teck Ky: Reflections E.V.C Authors’ Series Presentation Lisa Enrile

- Staff Writer As a part of the EVC Author’s Series and in celebration had to spy on the Vietnamese army because Thailand feared that of TET, Teck Ky spoke about his experiences growing up in war Vietnam would attempt to invade Thailand as well as Cambotorn Cambodia. For those that don’t know who him, Teck KY , dia. He would take pictures with special cameras . Not only that, teaches Intermediate Algebra and Elementary Statistics among he would have to place land mines in order to harm Vietnamese other classes here at Evergreen Valley College. What you may forces, but he found out that the buried explosive devices did not not know about Professor Ky is what he endured early in his life. even touch the Viet Kong. Ironically, Cambodian refugees would He courageously shared his history with students, faculty, staff, step on them, becoming daily land mind victims. and community members—who packed the seats of Montgomery After a year, a lady from United Nations saw him and fought for Hall and eagerly listened to his tale of endurance and survival. his release from the Thai Army. The UN representative threatKy was born in the city of Batdambang, Cambodia in 1965. His ened to pull the food and resources they had supplied to Thailand family lived peacefully there until if they did not release Professor Ky from the military. 1974 when the Khmer Rouge took In 1980, Ky moved to Kawedong, Thailand, and he over the Cambodian government. worked for the U.N. as a translator since he knew Professor Ky was forced to move a Chinese, Thai and Cambodian. He found his parents few miles down from the city to a were living in the United States in Campbell, Califortown near a small mountain with his nia, and so he asked the U.S. Embassy to contact them grandmother. Khmer Rogue soldiers for him. They performed different tests to make sure had told him and others that B-52 that Ky and his alleged parents were related (sending American jets would bomb the big a picture to his parents and having blood tests.) Once city, and therefore, they had to move. authorities confirmed the identity of his parents, he Professor Ky later discovered that the moved to a different camp to make sure that he had no story the Khmer told was a lie. diseases, and after 3 grueling months, he was finally Not only did Khmer Rogue soldiers sent to the United States. He took a flight aboard a move them to a different town, they Pan-Am jet where he landed in Oakland, CA. For the paced him and other children into first time in his life, Professor Ky met his 4-year old one camp. The captive children were sister and had his first family meal—McDonalds—in forced into labor on a farm, and if the United States. they did not work, they could be Arriving in the United States, he immediately was put Teck Ky killed. Over 200 children ate only into school. After finishing Campbell Junior High, Intermediate Algebra and twice a day, sharing a pound of rice he went to several different high schools, completElementary Statistics Professor boiled with gallons of water between ing only a year and a half at most because of his age. them. Professor Ky escaped the camp (He was deemed too old!) The administration for the Photo Credit: Edward Balaoro twice and fled towards his grandlast school recommended that complete his schooling mother’s house. The first time he was apprehended by Khmer in a community college opposed to a traditional high school. He soldiers, they threatened to kill him if he dared future escape at- worked as an assistant to several professors in SJSU and then tempts and was caught. Ky was very sick for a few days but held decided to pursue his Masters at Cal State in Statistics. In 1998, on, yet—in time—he escaped again and luckily got to see his after a few months of not knowing what to do, he found his callgrandmother; however, he was caught once again.” He lived in ing with an opportunity to teach at EVC. the camp for three years and survived the daily brutalities, and Professor Ky strongly emphasized that people should never lose then in 1978, Vietnamese forces invaded Cambodia and freed the passion and positivity in life during his presentation. He was Cambodian people from the Khmer Rogue. Once freed, Professor faced with the worst atrocities human beings can do to one anKy went back to his hometown for his grandmother, but unfortu- other, yet his courage never died down. Instead, he pushed on, nately, upon his arrival, he learned the news that she had passed regardless of challenges and hardships. He modestly shared his away. Shortly after that Ky was relocated to a refugee camp in unconquerable spirit with all the students, and urged all of them Thailand. to use their intellect to make this world the best they can and As a means of survival, at 15 years old, he joined a military never let something like the Khmer Rouge to happen ever again. group: The Khmer Liberation Army. His job was dangerous, he


Page 7 - Cubs/ Calendar/ Ads

Clubs / Calendar / Ads

March 2011

Music Lovers Club

Author’s Guild

English Majors/Language Lovers Club

ESA (Enlace Student Association)

Nacastia Gutierrez Authors Guild Pres.

Jessica Diaz Language Lovers Pres.

Michael Lorenzo ESA Pres.

Enjoy writing of many forms ranging from poetry, fiction, prose and nonfiction when you become part of Evergreen’s writing community

Come and enjoy the company of other students who enjoy and appreciate the writings of classic and esteem authors

Experience the beautiful Latino heritage in this cultural family. ESA influences individuals to keep motivation as well applies teachings of leadership into daily lives.

Enjoy monthly open mic setups and form confidence of any art form you desire from dance, song, and music. Inspire peers if you/ they have stage, MLC is the perfect practice space for you.

Office Hours Mon - Thurs: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Wednesdays 11-12 pm Located in the club room

Thursdays 2-3 pm Located in the club room

Thursdays 2 pm Located in the library

Mondays 3:30 pm VPA 104

Newspaper Club

Pacific Islanders Club

Racquet Club

Desmond Sanchez PIC Pres.

Michael Lam Representative

Evergreen Valley College’s Newspaper Club, formerly known as EVC Flyer. Our aspirations are to impart news to students in and out of campus about local activity such as changes, clubs, and many other important information of student interests.

Hang with the friendliest people in the world! Learn about the islands and chill in a atmosphere that hosts a yearly luau, tribal dance, and drum events - learn every aspect of each Pacific Island cultures.

Represent our campus in sports like badminton, racket ball, and tennis. Enjoy the fast pace sports while you learn about sportsmanship within a “hostile” atmosphere that’s drenched with friendly competition.

Regeneration is composed of a group of believers in Jesus Christ, who are students at EVC and are committed to (1) Encouraging and strengthening the faith of fellow believers, and (2) be ambassadors of Christ to the students, faculty, and staff of EVC.

Tuesdays *2 - 3 pm 9 - 10 pm

Tuesdays & Fridays 2 pm 12 pm

Message your ASG for more information at -

Thursdays 1 - 3 pm

Located at Gullo II

http://www.facebook. com/EVC.ASG

Gullo II (2112)

Club info

Interested in joining a club? Message the ASG for more information at http://www.facebook. com/EVC.ASG -ORStop by Gullo II: G2 110

Alexander Daryanani Newspaper Club Editor in Chief Eddie Balaoro Chief of Graphic Design

Gullo I (Cyber Lounge) Facebook: EVC Flyer

Michael Felix MLC Pres.

Regeneration VSA (Vietnamese Club) (Christian Club) Gabin Sime Representative

Tin Nguyen VSA Pres. VSA’s primary mission is to support and associate Vietnamese students in school’s affair. VSA also aim to develop , diffuse, and celebrate Vietnamese culture as well as Vietnamese traditional holidays Mondays & Thursdays 9 - 9:30 12 - 12:30 10 - 10:30 2:30 - 3:00 12 - 12:30 Gullo II and Cafeteria Facebook: EVC_VSA

Clubs without descriptions: Art & Design Organization, B.S.U. (Black Students Union), Cochitlehuali - Li, E.N.S.A. (Evergreen Nursing Students Association), Math & Science Club, Parti Squad, Pride, S.A.C.N.A.S. (Society for Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science ), S.K.Z.A. (Shuolin Kung Fu Zen Academy), S.P.A. (Student Para-Legal Association. Message your ASG for more information at -

Club Potential Michael Felix - Sports Writer -

College is an institution where we learn from professors in classes, but a huge chunk of the learning process is through school clubs and interaction with fellow peers. We have a Student Government Office; did you know they hold $180,000 in one fiscal year for the clubs and activities on campus? (Remember we pay for college, which means it’s actually our money from the start.) $50,000 of that money is spent on book vouchers for our student body on campus, $12,000 is for student grants, and $5000 is for student loans. The student Government offers special financial programs and fantastic club activities for our students. The Student Government office is located in Gullo 2, and people employed within that building are always able to lend an ear and advise you on how to fill out any type of financial aid forms you may need. The money from this budget finances club event’s, such as The Pacific Islander Club’s Luau, the Authors’ Guild, the English Majors/Language Lover’s annual EVC Leaf by Leaf Literary Magazine, the Enlace Student Association’s Cinco de Mayo Ceremony, and the EVC Authors Guild’s Speaker Series. The Luau expresses the Islander’s beautiful culture with spectacular Hawaiian barbecue and an awesome tribal dance. The

Leaf by Leaf literary magazine showcases original poetry, fiction, and nonfiction written by EVC students, the Enlace Student Association’s yearly Cinco de Mayo celebration is another wonderful cultural celebration, it’s an intriguing extravaganza which I can’t wait to experience. The EVC Flyer Newspaper club puts together this publication, giving student writers and graphic designers the opportunity to collaborate creatively. Finally, the EVC Authors’ Series features guest speakers each month on campus. All EVC club events are fun oriented and important for our campus identity. Would you like to start a club here on campus? Rosemary Lazetera, in the Student Life Center will help you fill out the proper paper work to start a new club on campus or to get involved with an existing club. Her office is on the second floor of the cafeteria in the Gullo building. If the proper paper work for creating a club is signed by a few fellow students who are willing to be officers for said club and you have the support of a faculty advisor you can create a club. Your club will be chartered with an opening budget of one hundred dollars. Give it two weeks and the Student Government will vote for your club’s existence in their weekly meetings at 3 pm near Rosemary’s office. That’s all.

Page 8 - Clubs/ Calendar/ Ads


Clubs/ Calendar/ Ads

March 2011

Associated students campaign 2011-2012 March 14-28 Start of Application Process April 4th official candidates will be posted April 26th & 27th Speeches May 2nd & 3rd Official Voting Dates subject to change. More Details to be communicated by asg Note: During Associated Student Government Elections in April there will also be a Teacher Appreciation ballot. So along with the student you want to see represent you in ASG, Vote for the teacher whom you believe is outstanding here at EVC. -Heather Garcia

Comic Corner

EVC Flyer_March 2011  

Last issue of the EVC Flyer

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