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Digital Design - Module 01 Semester 1, 2018 Yifan Zhao (908502) Siavash Mash 18

Week One

Reading: Zeara Polo, A. 2010. Between Ideas and Matters. Complete your reading before attempting these questions: MAX 100 Words Per Question

According to Zeara-Polo, the diagram does not play a representational role in the design process but provides an organisational and can have a performative quality depending on how it is deployed. Explain how Diagram is different from Signs and Symbols? (100 words Maximum)

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Week One

Precedent Analysis

The top two is the elevation for zaha, and the one down the bottom is the plan for zaha.

I use the elevation and plan image for zaha to building the model in rhino.


Week Two

Reading: Hertzberger H. 2005. The in-between and The Habitable Space Between Things, from Lessons for Students in Architecture. Complete your reading before attempting these questions: MAX 100 Words Per Question

Herzberger discusses how design should not be extreme in its functionality. Use your precedent study to explain how the pavilion allows for an appropriation of use. (100 words Maximum)

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Week Two


Burnham Pavilion The isometric I choose here is southeast isometric. Because Burnham has two entrance opposite each other, the southeast isometric can show the positional relation. In addition, the top isomatric can show the open space on the roof clearly. I know the general structure and the framework in this pavilion whilst modelling. This temporay pavilion incorporates hidden traces of burnham and bennett’s original 1909 plans to redevelop the city.


Week Two Diagrams

shadow changes


The diagram shows the shadow’s changes in three different time during the day. All the shadow in Zaha。

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Appendix Process

The modelling process for burnham pavilion is quite challenged to me. First I set up a soild sphere in rhino then by using boundingbox to change the shape, I try to make it fix the plan of pavilion. Secondary, using split comment to split it into 24 part. Nxet drop the edge of the cut line and change to curved.





Zaha Hadid - Burnham Pavilion

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Dd module01 journaltemplate