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June 13, 20 13

KIT CHEN CABINET S FOR RESELLERS Posted by e vawilliamse va in K it che n C ab ine t s

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Kitchen cabinets today are the new statement in utility and convenience. T hey of f er unprecedented space management- f or storing kitchen cutlery, glassware and appliances. So if you are a kitchen cabinet’s retailer, say, in

Winnipeg, where kitchen designing has seen a new-f ound popularity, you can expect to have a good customer base in the near f uture. But an important f actor f or city and suburban buyers in this matter will be COST. Redecoration jobs are not cheap, nor do people expect them to be. So, their decision to choose a product and a retailer selling that product will

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depend on the cost of the material, or what other benef its they can have. For you as a retailer, it is important to of f er them the best of designs in the widest of choices at the most agreeable of prices. T his will be possible only and only when you yourself can of f er them such a price. For a retailer, considerations are numerous- there is his own prof it margin, plus shipping costs. You can sell cheap only if you BUY cheap. A wholesaler of kitchen cabinets, who can sell you f ittings at an economical price, keeping your own prof it intact at the same time, will allow you to re sell the items at more popular rates.

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Until now, most retailers had to buy individual f ittings at retail price and

then sell them at an even more inf lated one- because there simply was no choice. High prices result in weaning customers away, and f or you this will mean loss of business. T he availability of the wholesale system will get you not only a much slimmer bill, but also the benef its that come with a bulk order. You can stock your shop now with almost any design available on the market. Customization has jumped a level, f rom individual retail customers, to you! Even wholesale orders can be customised, each bulk consisting of dif f erent styles or colours, based simply on your pref erences. Not only do retailers benef it, but this system has applications that will interest contractors building homes, architects and kitchen designers themselves. Each package will come with an instruction manual, so don’t worry if you don’t have prof essional help.T he aim is to provide customers with a low-priced alternative to help them develop their surroundings, and this is the major role that you all, as service providers will play in it.

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Kitchen cabinets for resellers  

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