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Sublime simplicity • Clean lines and simple design • Concealed gas bottle inside the grill, out of sight and protected • T hree separate burners which several zones • Solid, stainless steel grid • Incl. two lids; a flat and cooking lid with thermometer • With the flat lid on, the grill can be used as an extra table • Possible to hang the lid on the grill • Available in 18/10 stainless steel and black mat coated enameled steel • Size: Ø59 cm


The details make all the difference • Clean lines and simple design • Easy to empty the coal bucket • Solid, stainless steel grid • With compartment where you can store various items • Incl. a flat lid which turns the grill into an extra table • Available in 18/10 stainless and black mat coated enameled steel • Two sizes: Ø49 cm (only stainless steel) and Ø59 cm (stainless steel and black)


To go. To stay. BBQ on the way. • Transportable charcoal grill • Perfect for the balcony, garden or picnic • Easy to transport with handy strap • Integrated cooking lid • Easy to empty the coal bucket • Made of enameled steel with silicone handles • Size: Ø32 cm


Be your own grill master at the table • Let everybody at the table do their own barbeque – together • Perfect for small cosy dinner parties or for adding a touch of fun to your daily cooking • Hangtag and wooden trivet included • Stainless steel grid • All grill parts are dishwasher-safe • The porcelain bowl can be used separately • Size: Ø30 cm

The Grill Collection

Gas grill incl. cooking lid with thermometer 571054 Ø59 cm Black

Gas grill incl. cooking lid with thermometer 571203 Ø59 cm Stainless steel

Charcoal grill incl. flat lid 571057 Ø59 cm Black

Charcoal grill incl. flat lid 571055 Ø49 cm 571056 Ø59 cm Stainless steel

Grill cover 571067 Ø49 cm

Grill cover 571071 Ø59 cm

Cooking lid 571065 Ø49 cm Stainless steel

Cooking lid with thermometer 571066 Ø59 cm Black

Cooking lid with thermometer 571052 Ø59 cm Stainless steel

Legs for flat lid 571064

To Go Grill 571023 Ø32 cm Black

Table Grill 571020 Ø30 cm White

Grill spatula 571097 41 cm

Grill fork 571095 41 cm

Grill tong 571096 41 cm

Grill spatula 571060 35 cm

Grill tong 571059 30 cm

Grill brush 571061 21 cm

Grill brush 571062 42 cm

Grill basting brush with beaker 571098


92020409 spring 2014


Save the day for the night with solar power • Energy efficient solar cell lamp • Hidden solar cell panel • Cable free - obstacle free • Features on/off switch and auto function • Incl. LED bulb with 15,000 burning hours • Solar cell, battery and bulbs as one separate unit • 8 hours in full sun =20 burning hours • 8 hours in cloudy weather = 10 burning hours • Available as table lamp (15 cm) or garden spike (38 cm)



Beautiful design for after dark • Festive and beautiful light • Decorative on the balcony or patio • Practical metal strap for hanging or as decoration • Hang them under the eaves or suspend them from a tree • Two sizes, for small and large tealights • Can be used indoor and outdoor


Why we’ve designed a series for the garden • A sculptural and organic design • Decorative element in the garden • Easy to hang or place in the garden • Easy to observe the birds • Bird feeders are made of solid glass and metal

The Garden Collection

AquaStar watering can 568303 2.0 l white

AquaStar watering can 568304 2.0 l grey

AquaStar watering can 568305 2.0 l lime

Bird table, hanging 571028

Bird table, standing 571029

Bird feeder 571030

Mini bird feeders 571032

Suet bird feeders 571033

Bird table 571044 2.5 l

Bird table 571045 5.0 l

Rain gauge 571034 white

Rain gauge 571035

Hurricane lamp w. hanging handle 567380 26.5 cm

Hurricane lamp 567381 17 cm

LightUp candle lamp 571335 small

LightUp candle lamp 571336 large

SunLight solar cell lamp 571337 Table lamp Available from May 2014

SunLight solar cell lamp 571338 Garden spike Available from May 2014

Glass lantern 571343 20 cm Smokey grey 571341 20 cm Frosted glass

Glass lantern 571342 25 cm Smokey grey 571344 25 cm Frosted glass

Grill and Garden Collection