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home for the holidays

Home can be a cold and lonely place. But it doesn’t need to be. Please give. Now, more than ever, we need your help. This holiday make a donation to Eva’s Initiatives and help a homeless youth find a safe stable place to live and meaningful employment;

On line Call 416-977-4497 Mail #370 – 215 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

Cheryl Wilson, an Eva’s graduate, on stage at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with Buzz Hargrove.


On June 11th Buzz Hargrove, the long-time president of the Canadian Auto Workers, attracted the who’s who of Canada from the worlds of politics, business and labour at one of the biggest charity events of the year. The dinner was in honour of Mr. Hargrove and his work as a leading advocate for the CAW’s Social Justice Fund, Eva’s Initiatives and hundreds of other local, national and international causes working to improve the lives of society’s marginalized. The black-tie event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre attracted over 1,700 guests and netted $1-million for the building of The Buzz Hargrove Youth Training Centre, an addition to Eva’s Phoenix that will provides a range of training opportunities, life skills coaching, educational workshops, mentorship programs and personal and professional supports, as well as new home to the award-winning Social Enterprise, the Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop. Despite the challenges facing the auto sector, Hargrove said the event was not about labour negotiations or politics. “For me ... it’s about the kids,” Hargrove told The Globe and Mail. “People are here because of their commitment to the kids and knowing how important it is to give them a chance.” More photos on page 4

News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives is printed in the Phoenix Print Shop


ing up approaching, everyone at Eva’s is gear With fall in the air and winter fast with a ahead. We approach the coming year for the cold weather season that lies anxiety. , along with some trepidation and sense of excitement and anticipation

BOARD OF DIREcTORS David St. Amand, President Heather Brown, Vice-President Colin Phillips, Treasurer Emree Siaroff, Secretary Ken Silver, Past President Directors Maya Braticevic Michael Cossar Ettie Dawkins Patricia Gloudon

Eva’s Satellite is nearing the end of The long anticipated new facility for end of to move into the new building by the construction, and we are gearing up Satellite ting year ahead for youth at Eva’s this year. This will mean a very exci struction ction programs and services. As con with an expansion of our harm redu ction of s are underway to commence constru nears an end at Eva’s Satellite, plan ing months. Centre, at Eva’s Phoenix in the com The Buzz Hargrove Youth Training e left Eva’s the uncertainty surrounding it hav The recent global financial crisis and ing year. overall fundraising climate in the com with a sense of anxiety about the strings, Eva’s individuals tightening their purse With our corporate supporters and fundraising may well experience a downturn in and other charitable organizations ices, and ing impact on our programs and serv revenue. This could have a devastat who turn to Eva’s for assistance. ultimately on the homeless youth these tinued support to help us weather We hope we can count on your con the loss of that homeless youth do not suffer financial uncertainties and ensure r success. programs or services critical to thei

Jane Haberbusch Jennifer Ocampo-King Saurabh Rastogi Kathryn Ross

Maria Crawford Executive Director

Councillor David Shiner Honorary Board Members Ed Smith Edeva Smith Maria Crawford, Ex-officio

Maria Crawford

David St. Amand

David St. Amand President, Board of Directors



HEAD OFFICE 416-977-4497 EVA’S PLACE 416-441-1414 EVA’S SATELLITE 416-229-2810 EVA’S PHOENIX 416-364-4716

To work collaboratively with homeless and at-risk youth to help them reach their potential to lead productive, self-sufficient and healthy lives by providing safe shelter and a range of services. We create long-term solutions for homeless youth by developing and implementing proactive and progressive services.

2 ~ News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Spring 2008

Print Shop News Print ShOP GRADUATION Expertly organized by Program Coordinator Steve Sutton, this year’s Phoenix Print Shop Graduation was hosted by the terrific MaRS facility. We celebrated the achievements of youth completing the Foundations of Print Program, as well as those who had worked and/or gone to school for a minimum of six months after program completion. We also celebrated our Design Competition winners, Scholarship recipients and, for the first time, Longterm Achievement Awards to two grads employed Print Instructor Bill Kidd full-time for more than FIVE years! We also specially recognized the extraordinary commitment of Print Shop Instructor Bill Kidd.

2008 Innovation awards The 2008 Innovation Awards are more proof that youth serving organizations across the country are developing and delivering creative services that are effective in addressing the needs of homeless youth. The goal of the awards is to recognize organizations that are doing innovative work with youth who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

2008 Winners

Youth Asset Program in Moncton Peel Youth Village in Mississauga Young Wolves Lodge in Vancouver The 2008 winners had in common high levels of community partnership evident in the awards ceremonies held this spring and attended by Eva’s staff. Innovation means different things to different people. For the Innovation Awards, it means: • New methods for addressing a community need are established, resulting in improved services aimed at helping homeless youth develop self-sufficiency.

Clovis Grant, Eva’s Phoenix GM and Raymion Balgrove, Buzz Hargrove Youth Achievement Award winner.

Buzz Hargrove Youth Achievement Award The Buzz Hargrove Youth Achievement Award is presented annually to two youth who have graduated from the Eva’s Phoenix program and who demonstrate excellence in achieving his/her career-focused goals. The 2008 Award was given to Raymion Balgrove, 24, and Jaymie-Lee Aitken, 24. During his year at Phoenix, you could always find Raymion helping out with shelter activities, social events or cooking for one of our many special events celebrated at the site. He completed the Foundations of Print Program, moved to an apartment located not far from where he works in the Finishing Department at Astley Gilbert. Known as a hard-worker and someone who was willing to take time to help others, he is certainly deserving of the award. Although spending only about six-months at Eva’s Phoenix, Jaymie-Lee, a goaloriented young woman, appreciated the opportunity afforded her at Phoenix to become independent. She now attends Centennial College on her way towards a Diploma in Social Services and works with seniors and children with disabilities. She values her 18-month relationship with her mentor, secured through the Phoenix Mentorship Program. Through this support, she has made significant strides in connecting back with her family and, in particular, with her siblings with whom she now has a much closer relationship. We congratulate them both on the significant strides they have made in their journey to becoming self-sufficient. MORE PRINT SHOP NEWS ON PAGE 8

• Something new develops in the community as a result of an initiative. • Partnerships develop between services for homeless youth and other sectors such as business, labour, industry, financial services, education and training, government, and faith communities. • New ways to more effectively manage services for young homeless individuals are identified and implemented. • Eva’s Initiatives is delighted that CIBC has renewed its support for the Innovation Awards for 2009-2011 and that we will be able to continue to work together to recognize the fine work of organizations across Canada serving homeless youth.

News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Fall 2008 ~ 3

Buzz Hargrove Tribute Dinner

Thank you! Maria Crawford and Buzz Hargrove

Masters of Ceremonies The Honourable William G. Davis, P.C., C.C., Q.C. Bob White Dinner Co-Chairs The Honourable Frank McKenna Frank Stronach Tribute Chair Gerald Schwartz, O.C. Honarary Co-Chairs Reid Bigland Arturo S. Elias Ken Georgetti Ken Lewenza Peggy Nash, M.P. Jim O’Neil William H. Osborne Fundraising Co-Chairs Libby Burnham, C.M., O.C. Charles S. Coffey, O.C. The Honourable Belinda Stronach Bob White Central Planning Committee Aubrey Brown Ed Buffet Maria Crawford Lyle Hargrove Marie MacCormack Karen Miller Jerry McDonnell Entertainment Michael Burgess, Renowned Canadian Tenor George Canyon, Juno & ECMA Award Winner Dave Gunning, ECMA Award Winner

HONORARY PATRONS The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Chief William Blair, The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, The Right Honourable Jean Chretien, The Right Honourable Joe Clark, The Honourable William G. Davis, P.C.,C.C.,Q.C., The Honourable Gary Doer, National Chief Phil Fontaine, The Honourable Michael D. Harris, The Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman, Stephen H. Lewis, The Right Honourable Paul Martin, The Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Mayor David Miller, The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, The Honourable David R. Peterson, P.C.,Q.C., T he Honourable Bob Rae, The Honourable Roy Romanow, P.C.,O.C.,Q.C., Chief William Stewart, Chief Sharon Stinson Henry, The Honourable Brian Tobin, P.C., The Right Honourable John N. Turner, P.C.,C.C.,Q.C., The Honourable Danny Williams, The Honourable Warren K. Winkler TRIBUTE COMMITTEE Carolyn Acker, Ayman Al-Yassini, Laszlo Barna, Laurent Beaudoin, Johanne Belanger, Sharon Bennett, Larry Berdugo, Montie Brewer, Senator Larry Campbell, Giovanni Catizzone, George Chuvalo, Purdy Crawford, Thomas d’Aquino, Robert Deluce, Robert Di Maio, Senator Con Di Nino, Patrick Dillon, Shirley Douglas, Mike Duffy, Tina Duke, Trudy Eagan, The Honourable Art Eggleton, P.C., The Honourable J. Trevor Eyton, O.C.,Q.C., Martin Faucher, Tom Gauld, Joseph Gipp, Paul V. Godfrey, Senator Jerry S. Grafstein, Q.C., Senator Al Graham, P.C.,LL.D, Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., Barbara Hall, E. Hunter Harrison, Bruce Kellogg, Craig Kielburger,

4 ~ News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Fall 2008

Marc Kielburger, Frances Lankin, The Honourable Edward C. Lumley, P.C.,LL.D., Elizabeth May, O.C., G. Wallace F. McCain, Kathryn McCain, The Honourable Margaret McCain, Eleanor McGrath, The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry, Bill Moffatt, Ben Mulroney, Michael O’Shea, David Ogilvie, J. Robert S. Prichard, Heather Reisman, Senator Hugh D. Segal, C.M., Terrance Slobodian, The Honourable George Smitherman, MPP, Lawrence M. Tanenbaum, Justin Trudeau, Rick Vandermey, Nigel Wright FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE Carole Adriaans, Charlie Angelakos, Tim Armstrong, Q.C.,O.Ont., B.J. William Arvanitis, Randy Barber, Wendy Broad, Aubrey Browne, Ed Buffett, Paul J. J. Cavalluzzo, LSM, Barrie Chercover, Roy Conliffe, Maria Crawford, Ferg Devins, Frank Dimant, Antonio Dionisio, Frank Dottori, France Dubé, Janet Ecker, ICD.D, Andrew Faas, Gerald B. Fedchun, Paul Forder, David Garner, Peter George, Howard Goldblatt, Pam Gutteridge, Lyle Hargrove, Alicia KayMarkson, Herb Kelly, Larry Kendall, Erin R. Kuzz, Marie MacCormack, John Madden, The Honourable Steven W. Mahoney, P.C., Danielle Martin, Deirdre McMurdy, Neil A. McOstrich, Dennis Mills, Lisa Murray, N. Jane Pepino, C.M.,Q.C., Stephen Pugh, Larry Rooney, Merle Rosenhek, Allen Ruben, Q.C., Walter Shanly, Michael G. Sherrard, Emree Siaroff, Ken Silver, Michael Simon, Michael Smith, Norman J. Stewart, Rick Van Heukelom, Sam Wakim, Q.C., Bob Weese

Volunteer Profile Heather McAllister

Heather McAllister first heard about Eva’s Initiatives from a coworker at CIBC, Gavin Clingbine. Gavin was raising money for Eva’s by running the Boston Marathon. To make her donation, Heather went to Eva’s website. She liked Eva’s holistic approach to dealing with the issues faced by homeless youth. She talked about getting involved as a volunteer with Gavin, who recommended that she volunteer on a committee to learn more about Eva’s.

Justin Trudeau, Angel, Eva’s Phoenix grad and Premier, Dalton McGuinty

Heather became a member of the Spring Auction committee. “There is a lot of fun being a volunteer at Eva’s. I was really taken by the auction committee volunteers. I cannot say enough about them. They knock my socks off. Many of the committee members are long-time volunteers and have such passion for the organization, especially those with a personal connection to Eva Smith.” In the four years that Heather has been involved with the spring auction she has seen the event grow from raising $77,000 to a record $129,000 in 2008. One of Heather’s many achievements as a volunteer was working with Gavin and Eva’s Development Department to write a funding proposal to CIBC. Heather helped launch a new funding partnership that continues to this day. CIBC is the lead funder of the National Initiative’s Innovation Awards.

Emcee Bill Davis

Heather continues to volunteer as the co-chair of Eva’s two major fundraising events – the Home for Life Auction and Taste Matters. Eva’s relies on the caring and commitment of people like Heather. To join Eva’s volunteer team contact Lesley 416-977-4497 x141 or

Friends, Buzz Hargrove and Bob White

News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Fall 2008 ~ 5

lETTER OF ThANkS Hi, my name is Ellie. I went through a very dismal period in my life when I thought that I didn’t have anything to offer to anyone and I was incapable of being loved. I had a horrible relationship with my parents. I rebelled endlessly and every conversation with them erupted in a very verbal and sometimes even physical confrontation. I felt that they didn’t appreciate me and would only belittle me when I made a mistake. I tried to compensate for the lack of nurturing at home by seeking out anyone that would give me some of their time. This brought me much heartache because my vulnerability invited many people that took advantage of me. I was stuck in a hole that I couldn’t crawl out of, without anyone offering me a hand.

Rudy Ovjcak from Canadian Tire Foundation for Families accepting an original painting by Ellie. Canadian Tire Foundation for Families is the lead private funder for Eva’s Family Reconnect Program.

I spent many nights crying, not wanting to leave my bed the next day. At school, I would be very tired and isolated. I couldn’t relate to my peers because I didn’t think anyone would understand or even want to listen. My grades suffered, and like a vicious cycle, it brought on more criticism from my parents. This continued for months until I hit rock bottom. I realized that I needed to do something for myself before it was too late. So I started to research all the counselling agencies within Toronto, hoping to find someone that would be willing to take my case. I made several phone calls to agencies and shelters within Toronto. Most of the time I was added to the agency’s waiting list because they didn’t have enough counselors available to take me, or I was cast aside because my case didn’t warrant enough “priority”. I was very angry and disappointed. It’s very discouraging when your last option fails on you. Just when I was about to give up I received a call from Sondra Marcon of the Family Reconnect Program at Eva’s Initiatives. She was kind and understanding. She didn’t try to reduce what I wanted to say into simple clichés and she didn’t offer me the familiar “I’ll give you a call when I can find someone”. She understood the urgency in my words and offered to meet with me right away. So, what began as a simple meeting blossomed into something much more. Sondra opened doors for me, offered me opportunities that I would otherwise never dream of. She offered me advice that my peers couldn’t give and guidance that my parents failed to provide. People started to notice changes in me. My personality wasn’t as intense as before. I am able to relax now because I exert less pressure on myself. I have more self-confidence because I know I have many things that I can offer to others. I stood up for myself when I felt I was being treated unjustly. Moreover, I can finally talk to my parents now. After many sessions learning communication strategies and avoiding confrontations, I can now clearly express myself to my parents. My relationship with them strengthened and they started to take me more seriously. I’m currently a university bound high school student. Following my passion for art, last year I participated in the Delisle Youth Gallery, exhibiting my first ink piece to the general public. I also excelled in my studies and concluded the year with an above 90% average in school. I want to express my sincere thanks to Sondra and Eva’s Initiatives. Without them, the last two years would have been a very difficult journey. They did more than I would have ever imagined and never once did I feel like I wasn’t their priority. I’m very content with my life right now and I don’t anticipate that to change anytime soon. Thank you for everything,

Ellie YOUTh SUccEEDING IN EMPlOYMENT PROGRAM (YSEP) 2008 GRADUATION On September 18, 2008, the YSEP program celebrated the success of the youth in this year’s program. The turnout was wonderful and included youth, staff and, excitingly, a number of employers including the Bargains Group, LGBT Hotline and Harbourfront Community Centre. One youth was hired to assist in setting up the event and thanks to Virgin Mobil, we were able to present a number of awards of Distinction to the youth. 6 ~ News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Fall 2008

Focus on our Friends

a look at one individual and one organization committed to Eva’s. Emree Siaroff joined Eva’s Board in 2001 as a Director. He has served as President, Vice-President, Chair of the Human Resources Committee, Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee and currently holds the position of Secretary. Emree and his wife, Krista Wylie, are both donors and volunteers. I was introduced to Eva’s through an organization, BoardMatch, which helps place volunteers on the Boards of Directors of charitable organizations. At that time, I was looking for a way to tangibly give back to my community and found the Eva’s model of service delivery quite intriguing. I am committed to Eva’s because it provides a holistic approach to at-risk youth – from emergency shelter focused on Harm Reduction to medium-term accommodations focused on Family Reconnect to long-term solutions with a focus on finding meaningful work and a home of your own. The organization is truly looking for solutions and is not afraid to break ground in doing so.

A Fine Wine and Gourmet Food Event for Eva’s

November 12, 2008 The Design Exchange

Thank you to our sponsors: Presenting Sponsor

I’ve been asked how I’ve been able to balance family, work and other commitments along with my responsibilities to Eva’s. The secret is to make the organization part of your life. My family is also involved with Eva’s and therefore my time at Eva’s is important to all of us. My employer is also committed to the organization through both my time and its funds. In my opinion, the organization’s biggest challenge is its size. We are on a cusp where we are no longer a small local charity but certainly not as large as a hospital or other national cause. To this end, we need to raise big funds without big awareness. Our challenge is to let the people of Toronto and across the country know who we are and what great things we do. People need to be aware of our biggest accomplishments. Family Reconnect, Harm Reduction, The Print Shop are just a few of the things we do that are unique, real and tangible.

VIP Reception Sponsor

At RBC we believe that if Canada is to remain healthy and prosperous, businesses must be engaged in building capacity and sustainability, employment and employability within our communities. Our support of Eva’s Initiatives is just one example of how we support these beliefs through our support of the community. RBC has been partnering with Eva’s Initiatives since 1998 with donations totalling more than $270,000. Our donations have been directed to supporting young people in building their self-esteem, establishing solid life skills and developing opportunities they can build on for future career possibilities. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we focus on programs that enable youth to move past any barriers and achieve success in their own lives. RBC continues to support Eva’s Initiatives because it provides fundamental services that work to achieve long-term results in ending youth homelessness. Eva’s continues to look into the future to build on new ideas and create innovative programs that will help young people for many years to come.

- Gayle Longley

News and Updates from Eva’s Initiatives ~ Spring 2008 ~ 7

Print Shop News

Eva’s Satellite – New Home

Print Shop first investee of Social Venture Partners Formed in November 2007, SVP Toronto is a unique partnership that brings together a broad group of professionals to invest time and money in the most pressing challenges facing the city. It is based on a proven “venture partnership” model that has attracted more than 2,000 partners in 20 cities across North America. The partners believe that by pooling their money, time and expertise, they can maximize their positive impact on Toronto. SVP Toronto is a fund at Tides Canada Foundation and a chapter of Social Venture Partners International. In June Social Venture Partners Toronto, an affiliate of Social Venture Partners International, announced it would grant Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop $75,000 over three years. The Print Shop is an innovative social enterprise that offers homeless and at-risk youth a practical way to secure work in the commercial printing field. Eva’s Phoenix was selected from a group of four not-for-profit organizations that made presentations to the partners of SVP Toronto on May 14. The ongoing grant is subject to certain milestones, and funding will be targeted to capacity-building initiatives that enable Eva’s to grow and strengthen its operations. The partners of SVP Toronto will also work closely with Eva’s in providing skilled volunteers to support the Print Shop with sales and marketing initiatives and overall business strategy.

Despite years of delays and false starts and a mountain of forms, permits, drawings, and more permits we are finally able to report that Eva’s Satellite will open by the end of this year. Eva’s Satellite will soon be housed in a new purpose-built facility that will allow for 24 hour service delivery, including harm reduction programming and individual counselling. The new facility will house 33 youth in double rooms and one private room for special needs, such as illness or detox.

“In selecting our first investee, SVP’s aim was to help build the capacity of an organization that’s helping lift people out of poverty in an innovative, sustainable way,” said Kathryn Wortsman, the founding chair of Social Venture Partners Toronto. “Eva’s Phoenix made a compelling presentation showing how SVP Toronto could help them make a difference.”

At Eva’s Satellite, youth take the first crucial steps toward rebuilding their lives by receiving counselling, life skills and healthy recreation programs. Eva’s Satellite offers innovative programming to respond to the needs of youth who actively use drugs and alcohol.

Holiday Card Sales support youth

Eva’s Satellite staff are working hard to prepare for the new programming and counselling demands, with input from youth and community partners.

Order by Nov 23rd.

Through the Phoenix Print Shop’s Design Competition, at-risk youth artists from across Canada submitted their design for holiday cards. Winners received prizes based on a sustainable transit theme! Our 2008 goal is to sell 50,000 cards. You can help and there are prizes for top number of customer referrals: • 1st prize: $200 Hudson Bay Company Gift Certificate • 2nd and 3rd prize $100 Hudson Bay Company Gift Certificate Purchasing cards is quick and secure: • on-line card viewing and purchasing: • See if your organization will commit to a group order (details below) • spread the word via your company, organization or personal contacts For guaranteed delivery by December 5th ORDER DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 23rd For Group Orders (200+ cards) please contact 416-364-4716 x256 or Every card sold directly supports the youth artist, as well as Foundations of Print Program. They are creative, quality designs and they are 100% environmentally responsible.

Eva’s Initiatives • 215 Spadina Ave. Suite 370 Toronto, ON M5T 2C7 416-977-4497 Charitable registration #: 132239013 RR0001

For more information or to make a donation, please contact us at, 416-977-4497 or


but it doesn’t need to be. please give. now, more than ever, we need your help. on line call 416-977-4497 mail #370 – 21...

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