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Who we are: We are ENEVA, a start-up dedicated to Spanish Gourmet Product expansion. We offer market researches, visits with importers, distributors and retailers among other import-export services. In this moment, and for the following months we will be working with the Indian Market.

“We believe that Spain (as a brand) has a lot of potential to be in India directly competing with other brands, such as, France and Italy�.!


Product Index: Vichy Catalan  –  Mineral  Sparkling  Water………..……………3-­‐4   Vichy  Catalan  –  Mineral  Sparkling  Canned  Water……..…….5   Vichy  Catalan  –  Les  Creus  Diamant  Mineral  Water………….6   Vichy  Catalan  –  Font  D’or  Mineral  Water………………………..7   Vichy  Catalan  –  Lambda  Juices  &  Nectars……………………….8   Vichy  Catalan  –  Lambda  Real  Organic  Juices……………………9   Aceites  del  Mediterraneo  Extra  Virgin  Olive  Oil………….…10   Thuelma  Extra  Virgin  Olive  Oil………………………………………11   Cota  585  –  Tempranillo  Exportación……………………………..12   Talleri  –  Bitxia  Txakoli……………………………………………………13   Angulas  Aguinaga………………………………………………………….14   Conservas  Emperatriz……………………………………………………15  


Mineral Sparkling Water Vichy Catalan is a legendary brand among Spanish mineral waters. It genuine flavor and undisputed mineral and medicinal properties have earned it an excellent reputation among consumers and gastronomy professionals. You can expect to find it in the finest hospitality and catering establishments throughout the world. Recent scientific studies have shown that a regular daily intake of Vichy Catalan with meals helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This proof enables Vichy Catalan to be at the forefront of the healthcare scene in the mineral water sector and backs other scientific studies showing its effectiveness for digestion, thanks to its sodium bicarbonate content, intestinal motility, in preventing tooth decay and strengthening bone structure. It has even been found to have antidepressant effects due to its lithium, content.


Mineral Sparkling Water Vichy Catalan Sparkling Water:! Inspired by the stained glass windows of the Vichy Catalan Spa Hotel, where the brands initials are engraved, the brand new edition of the Vichy Catalan 1881 bottle takes us all the way back to our art nouveau origins. With this image of Catalan art nouveau we want Vichy Catalan consumers to enjoy something that could previously only be seen in the spa, its great stained glass window, an enduring symbol of Catalan art nouveau in a bygone era. Vitrall 1881 is the union of the nature and art. A true reflection of Vichy Catalan purity and style.


Mineral Sparkling Water Vichy Catalan Sparkling Mineral Canned Water! Young people might like to change their appearance, but they don´t change inside, they´re still genuine. That´s why Vichy Catalan has a new look. Inside, it´s the same Vichy Catalan, but now in a can, It´s the healthiest soft drink around. And for people wanting that little bit extra, traditional Vichy Catalan is now available in lemon flavor. Just for a change, but without losing the essence of their favorite drink. Want to be amaze everyone wherever you go? The new Vicht Catalan can is sure to be a hit. You only have to see its Protective Lid, a completely new feature making the Vichy Catalan can the trendiest one around. Safety Seal! Always Sterilized! Always Recyclable!


Natural Mineral Water LES CREUS DIAMANT ! Les Creus is natural mineral water coming from the snow that melts over the granite of the Pyrenees mountain range at an elevation of 2000 metres. Its spring is located in Maรงanet de Cabrenys (Girona), from which the finest-tasting and purest water flows. A changeless, invincible, authentic and perfect water, like a precious stone. Les Creus has unique properties and mineralogical strength that give it special power. The details of a diamond are the shape of its perfection. And that s how Les Creus Diamant has been conceived, a water that caresses each and every detail. With its newly designed label in the shape of a diamond, we ve achieved maximum visual expression, and we transmit the excellence that characterises this exceptional water.


Natural Mineral Water Font dĘźOr Mineral Water! Hydration is life. Water is the life-giving fluid upon which the health of our body largely depends. Cells are made of it and it is involved in many of their functions. When we are born, the proportion of water in our organism is around 80%.

“Font d'Or, hydration is health “ Not all waters are the same and their mineral composition varies according to their place of origin. It is better to choose a water that can be trusted, such as Font d'Or. This comes with the guarantee that its composition is always the same because it is collected from just one spring, at an altitude of 1.000 meters in the Montseny-Guilleries massif. Its mineral content provides an excellent sodium-potassium and sodium-calcium ratio and activates the biophysiological mechanisms for healthy hydration and maintenance of our body's water balance.


Juices & Nectars: Lambda sin fruit juices and nectars are natural, with no added sugar We are specialists at extracting the best from each fruit, even their most locked-in properties: from those that are the most pleasurable, such as the flavour and aroma, to those that are most nutritious for our bodies.We discover the secret so that the juices and nectars awaken in us the best sensations. And without forgetting your health. So you can enjoy. And take care of yourself.

“Lamda juices and nectars, with no added sugar� Lamda juices and nectars offer a variety with no added sugar as an excellent option for balancing our diet. They are especially suited for people who are at a greater risk of diabetes, obesity or tooth decay and who avoid any products made with sugar. As well as for those who are simply overweight and want to avoid sugar in their drinks and, finally, for those for whom good nutrition is a part of their healthy lifestyle


Juices & Nectars: Real ORGANIC juices ! Lambda ORGANIC are real biological juices made using only fruit grown in ecologically integrated systems, which makes them legally apt for inclusion under the ORGANIC denomination. This fruit is grown and ripened in soil that has been tended with great respect, health and cleanliness, with no chemicals, and only natural fertilizers. Their origin, which is entirely ecological, makes these juices different and healthier in biological terms.

“We are what we eat� For all those consumers who appreciate and are looking for natural, healthy, pleasurable alternatives in the food they consume every day, Lambda ORGANIC offers them the legally contrasted guarantee that they are consuming pure fruit juice that contains no contaminating elements. Lambda ORGANIC is the healthy energy we need day by day, and is now the real alternative.


Olive Oil: Aceites del Mediterraneo ! Reina MarĂ­n is one of the few companies dedicated to Gourmet product. Their oils come from Arbequina olives produced in their olive groves and pressed in oil mill. This brand is synonym of the Mediterranean diet, a healthy product for connoisseurs who enjoy the sun and the scent of Andalusia countryside. They have Integrated Production Agriculture; this ensures the resources and mechanisms of natural agricultural production, ensuring long-term sustainable agriculture, combining environmental protection and agricultural productivity and quality of the final production. More info:

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Olive Oil: Thuelma Extra Virgin Oil ! With the brand name Thuelma Oliva as the original brand name used from the very beginning of the company, we continue offering the best of our experience in this juice that is fit for the most discerning palates. Our extra virgin olive oil Thuelma Oliva tends towards green tones and it has a fruity, fresh and fragrant smell, whilst its flavor has a slightly bitter touch, with an intense flavor of the actual olive itself that leaves an exquisite taste in the mouth and offers a prolonged aftertaste. Those that know about it value it as ideal for dressing salads and hors d oeuvres, particularly for seasoning and cooking typically Mediterranean dishes. More Info:

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Wine: TEMPRANILLO EXPORTACION ! COTA 585 Tempranillo Exportaci贸n, (Limited production) Very tannic, but mature and pleasant, perfectly compensated with an enormous unity. Aromatic complexity where the characteristics of the great wines can recognized, high extract, high concentration of balsamic and mineral traces, mature fruits and violets. Intense purple with border blackberries, with clear spice aromas. An elegant and lasting finish. More INFO:

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Wine: Bitxia Txakoli ! The spirit of innovation and research of this winery leads us to face new challenges, and this is the main reason why the bodega makes different wines. Thus, lovers of wine will shortly be able to taste and appreciate 6 types of txakolis . The tasting notes of each wine have been developed by renowned sommelier I単aki Suarez by Restaurant Patxi Larrocha. The winery was inaugurated on May, 2012 and has 1,300 sqm distributed over two floors and with a capacity of 300,000 liters. But Talleri is not just a winery; it is a meeting place where the tradition of txakoli-making in Bizkaia, the most modern trends in enology, and research and development in wine-making has come together. More INFO:

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Seafood: La Gula del Norte & Krissia (Angulas Aguinaga)! Description: We present you with the assortment of La Gula del Norte, a delicious product to please yourself as the whim takes you. La Gula del Norte means a new and delightful way of eating fish. It is prepared from the best part of fish that is given the shape, colour, taste and texture of baby eel. For all these reasons, La Gula del Norte is a very healthy and nutritious food with all the benefits of fish, namely no cholesterol and high protein content. La Gula del Norte adds refinement to your dishes. You can use it to prepare easy and tasty recipes, with touch of originality and sophistication at the same time. This versatile product will help you prepare delicious salads, scrambled eggs, appetizers, fish dishes, or the very wellknown traditional preparation. More INFO:

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Seafood: Emperatriz Preserved FOOD! Description: Since 1961 we have been growers and producers of modern quality food. A family orientated company with a large experience in the food industry and retail. Emperatriz has two specialized work lines: preserved vegetable and preserved fish, with 3 factories in Spain, more than 100 direct employees and more the 500 indirect employees. Due to its high quality the company s turnover is 16 million â‚Ź for year. More Info:

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